Thursday, 29 August 2013

Another Week 28 - #Twerking, Gareth Bale, #Mulholland Drive, Mega Millions..


 The Right Eye

The young uns confirming local demographic


One Direction in any direction., small tiny rooms, small garages, tiny shower cubicles, little cars, small 'front' gardens, narrow lanes roads, tiny parking spaces.. and four seasons to fit in a closet..

Pictures Of Lily

I used to wake up in the morning
I always feel so bad
I got so sick of having sleepless night

Pete Townshend

Davis Clifton wrote it, the Jackson 5 sang about it and I'm doin' it.. There are walls and there are open spaces..- freedom

I'm tryin to sleep here

Wrecks of Dead Man's Curve

So., I saw the sign for Heathrow and for Gatwick but I decided to stay on the wet road to hell.. and you wanna know what I think..?.. Nah, didn't think so.., but the windscreen wipers were working up a storm., baby.. I eventually found my lights and stuck to the limit.., but man, the sounds coming from the speakers meant that '74 was just plain ole stinky pop..

Electric electricity

No more monkeys jumping on the bed..  I made good time and what proved to be a great last minute decision.; it's always good to get away.

Fear and Freedom
Fullerton Museum
Color IQ

I don't use wind/beach breakers thingies
"da voodoo veau, she'll put a spell on you"

Yeah, mine's a pint


I drank a 500ml regular Coke today., dinner was way too early..  and I saw a couple of ass cracks sunbathing..; there's nothing funnier than a beach full of.. wind breakers, the contents of a home and leather shoes on and around the sand..; by the time I got to the second round-about, the language changed.. noticeably., along with the style of graffiti on show and the 'casual placement' of trash..

Bus pass., bus pass.., anybody need a...

Garment Bags

I was asked "why"., but if it wasn't there, I wouldn't bloody notice it would I.!, duh.. I'm just sharing what's there..- I learned what Jelly Bean was today..  & I checked out a 5D Mark3..
Left yet another letter that will no doubt get me into even more heaps of trouble.., but what the guten tag..

What was Miley Cyrus thinking.. and yet hey, what are we all thinking..? At least I reply to notes.. It could've been a voltage problem.., however., we weeded the hedge.. and my chest's bruised.. I tried pedaling a mountain bike, but my foot's simply not up to it yet..; bugger..

Roll Over Beethoven

Mason Jars

I have to leave at 9.30 in order to get there for about 6 ish usually, but last night I did it in 2 and a quarter.., which just goes to show that when I do it, I do it.. an' Who gives a flying banana about reeds..

Leisure, pleasure and love

Fading Fast

That's the one to wait for..; "I am the walrus.."...and camera bags... - Does it really matter.?

Mushy peas too

Planes, sea-side trains & automobiles.., ice creams, chips and sugary drinks..; there are extra leads/cords/wires., speakers on poles, tents and a white picket style fence..; there are Skodas., uniforms and stages. There are henna tattoos, muffins and beer garden tent thingies..

Kerb Appeal

I've seen more steel fences and listened to more brass, walked by more overflowing trash cans and overheard..,

"where are your shoes Emma (?).. and you're going to need your hat young girl..!"..
"b', bu'., but mummy., I only want an ice-cream..!"
"shut up young girl, I don't want to hear it.. ; are you going to cause me problems today."


This must be the busiest Tesco's around.. judging by the number of bags I've seen.. and NO., NO, I don't want an effing Big Issue.., I just want to walk across the square..; no., NO I don't want a gym membership and NO, I don't want SKY.. Yes, YES I'm into giving blood and YES., YES I'm into your charity too.. ; thankyou for your Mickie Dees and Subway offers.. and for the what's on in town leaflet.. and NO, NO bloody NO I DON'T want a Big Issue., damn it.. NO, NO I don't have a spare 20p and NO, NO I don't smoke and therefore DON'T have a cigarette..; NO bloody NO, I don't have a light either and yes, YES I do like Guide Dogs.., but NO NO, I won't be going paint balling.. NO, I'm not interested in your tester and NO, I don't want a bubble gun.. and NO effing NO, I don't want a Big Issue..; no, I don't have any spare change and no, NO I don't smoke.. It's the large white building with a flag on it, over there.. Oh goodie, we've even got a beer thingy now - Oh, for phuk's sake.., look, I just want to walk over there..!. Please., PLEASE rain..!

Let It Be

The town's ALL about nine red planes., a whole lotta fencing.. and one long weekend full of oohs and ahhs leaving the remaining 51 for film noir., dark content and hotels with inadequate parking spaces.. : Look., no, NO I don't want a Big Issue and NO, I don't have any spare change. NO, I don't smoke either..!!

Too slow

Chery Cole's ass., Bruno Mars' height.., positive affirmations & doubters..


Thomas James
Kell’E Gallimore
Jelani Bruce
Anthony Biondi

More., more.; please sir, more


something like that


outta 'ere


Twerking bounces into Oxford dictionary

Thanks this week go/goes to Simon Hennessey - Tom Donhou - T4 - T5 -  Jake Owen - Jason Knight - Dean Zimmer - Fabian Oefner - Dennis Komsa - Paul Ieti - Cheap Flights and Kayla Smith

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