Sunday, 14 September 2014

Another Week 51 - New Life., new beginnings, Invictus Games and Tuscany

summer's over
old.., it was then
but this is the
'right now'

Was Koss ALWAYS in the groove

I 'got a' Free Hug in town from a sign waving person wearing Angel wings.. and she gave a great hug too, complete with smile..  I felt as though I was going to get blown off a ledge while visiting a Cove.. and I took in an 'atmospheric' bar showing a live televised football match..
I still haven't had a beer since before Christmas.. and since I was sick; well I've had one now.. but it still didn't 'work', so it looks like no more.. ; I was there on Monday night to see and listen to the hugely gifted., horribly talented and warmly humble RQT., and where a handful of guest musicians tore up Mr. Big during Mr. Q's break..

Hmm., I visited an old building in the hope that I would be able to check out a Chained library only to find it closed for winter.., but I will return.., if just to climb the 600 year old spiral staircase..


I meandered along a bloody cold, windy and modern bridge that stood over a broken (flooded) river.. The wind coming off that darn water made the tears rolling down my cheeks almost freeze up.., man..

I think I trapped, or tweaked a nerve in my right elbow somehow and I''l be #*^+ed if I can raise my right arm over my head or bend the thing behind my neck.. and as I like to wash my hair, neck AND clean my teeth, it's made the whole process pretty effing awkward.. and a tad painful to be honest "wit ya.".; I guess the only fortunate deal is that I don't have too much hair to spend any great lengths of time washing.., but do like to keep my teeth tidy..


The odd cider is all fine and dandy, but geez man., I don't need a second..  AND 'dimple' it dude -  Moving,; change is in the air.. There's water everywhere & nowhere man.. and London's calling..

 Perfect Grammah

Exclamation mark.., spring flowers, sunflowers and breaking up with the whole social media routine.., Qashqais.., interviews and moves, sound editing movies and The Monuments Men in the National Portrait Gallery.. and let's not forget moments in The British Library..; then it's back to Big Issues, charity stores and betting shops..

I just added a few words to a sentence after I'd punctuated it, man.. and didn't bother editing it, so., the comma is in the wrong place., but then again, they often are.. I guess if this social media thing was for a degree, I'd have failed., but as it's not.., judge me..

Garment Bags

I sought out a supervisor in M&S., a tree came crashing down.. and an MG was hit..; there's sand., people are strange and It's Raining Again.. I can see a branch on a garage roof, I had some alterations done.. and I'm traveling again., but this time all business casual like., dude..
 The Yellow Brick Road
The world's smaller than you'd think., pressure.., choices and decisions., romance and courage...  I love Gore-Tex..

I've forgotten, it all seems like a dream., but oh yes., last night's dream.. had Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger and Paul Giamatti in it.. and I think there's a story, a movie, a script somewhere in there.. and I remember it clearly.. Geez, I'd better jump on that one., fast., man..; the whole yacht scene, North Africa, sweat, fez'.. not to mention the great drunk scene by Giamatti.., which was very clever by the way.. Intrigue, thrill, romance and mystery..- I'm on it baby..
I've got so many clothes..; there's a uniform for this., there's a uniform for that.. This society demands a jacket for this., the correct amount of buttons for that and to be accepted, you have to wear these shoes, those socks, that pocket handkerchief.. an' all I wanna do, is wear my jeans.. man..

Twas a sunny assed day the other day..; I was walking with my dark Oakley's on., prescription.. and two young dudes walked by me in the opposite direction.. As they got to within a stride of me., one (the short one with the Bieber fringe) looked at me and..."are you blind.!"., before giggling with squeaky bravado to his buddy.. I ignored him, but couldn't help noticing the almost empty bottle of cheap vino he was carrying., or how he slurred his words or tried with drunk concentration to keep his eyes open at 12.30pm while in the public Gardens..  I'm not sure how old he was., but couldn't have been more than 20..

It's done.. man

... and no pics., but there is a sloth commercial..,
a whole bunch of new stuff.. and.., I'm back on it..



 John Schneider


Jeremy Cowart

Canon, Fuji and Experia moments
to follow

maybe., eventually

Thanks this week go/goes to  - Neal - Gary Medel - Paul Kossof - Manuel Sanchez - Lizzy Yarnold - Rightmove - Directors - Aliens - sofas and parks