Friday, 30 January 2015

Another Week 60 - Winter Storm Watch, Chris Laudani, Jose Mujica

Where time stands still..., the light you can't see.. and

of the

The stranger I met
A conversation I had
An appointment
The sky at 4
The perfect parking space I found
The perfect e-mail.; thankyou
A pleasant surprise
I saw 'a cute pair of jeans' out walking

to be

I got my sight
My boots work
my gloves
four season walking socks
base layers
hot water

Technology that works
What's On

Distinguished luminaries who's marketing language incorporates such inspiring and respected words as 'bacon sarnies'  to be found atcha local Business Networking Breakfast .. We do have an actual 'lobster and burger' night to look forward to on the local Events Calendar.. A wedding open day also adds to the difficult 'what to do today ?' question.. Snow White on Ice.?, hmm.., nope.. Thankyou though.. How 'bout 'Birdwatch'..? Looks like another adventurous day  out to see if I can be first in line to press the old crossing lights.. and watch them change.. , although there's also the very mobile coffee shop routine..

performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason
a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices

an' which team would you choose to be on

Routine City
Tradition United

Today I'm Grateful for

nail clippers
Fresh air
Canon glass
Oakley high definition optics
and my belt

your song

Isn't it funny
that feeling inside

Reginald Kenneth Dwight

''Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe''

It can be that (toothbrush kinda) simple

Middle English

tourist boards
and their oft outdated promotional photos

Led Zeppelin IV
shaving gel
This is the thing - My stomach's growling., or sounding like an ice flow., Valenine's Day.. and Facebook goes down., occasionally.., apparently..

Sword of Truth

SO far I've charged my laptop, my phone and my camera batteries.., e-mailed, texted and called/received, lemon showered., waterpik'd., cerealed w/berries., read a couple of online news thingies., caught up on the sports and respectful honourings., marvelled at the social media posts I've mused over., accomplished 200 sit-up crunch deal type do das and digested a bottle + of aqua.; no coffee, no tea.; searched my wardrobe for anything dark, laundered and layerable.., moistened the ole skin., thought of those I don't see, places I'm not at., wondered about this and wondered about that., tied my boot laces., put a note in ma pocket., cleaned my dark glasses and made sure a spare cleaning cloth is ready for the day's journey too.. The sky's checked, the ground's checked.; no headwear needed., gloves checked.., debit/credit cards checked., pen, notepad checked.. Hmm., 'time' difference check.. The trees are a rockin'.., the road's a swishin'... & the day beckons - Sounds and sights baby
Most of ya'll will be asleep (by now) and those who aren't will be working., unless you're in a coffee shop., driving to one., or simply not. 
I'm awake and not in a coffee shop

Single digits - I dreamed last night of an old black briefcase I once owned (an' may even still be around) ... and dreamed I placed two laptops, one in each of the dividers before a journey.. 

The Girl
in the
Striped Top

In order to achieve THE 6 sunshine hours, daily AVERAGE (!), over the six winter months (October-March) we're supposed to have., and during which time the days are actually (and in reality) ONLY showing about 6 hours of yer actual daylight., certainly for November, December and January, dude, means.. I would have to be enjoying all day EVERYday sunshine..! Just one thing., It ain't happening babe..; not even close.. SO., how  DO the weather folk come up with that one..? I suspect the local tourist board/office/council (allegedly) fudge the numbers., a little.. jus' to satisfy the intended and hoped for visitors .. - Just a thought I'd always thought about when returning home., soaked through, frostbitten and windswept
I suppose the sun shines ABOVE the solid bank of grey clouds (somewhere) though..


Another day
another dollar
another ....



a single rose

Thanks this week go/goes to Billie Breland - Alfred Ajani - Hu Huiyuan - Lauren Fern Watt - Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington and Kathy Beitz

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Another Week 59 - Superbowl, Windows 10, Hubble Space Telescope, Flickr and

1 degree
feels like

It sounds like a train's running through the leafless trees
One of those suckers must have strong roots


Paths we take.; some of us go right, some take a left.. for some of us, straight on. Some of us walk, some.. a car.. Some of us run, some don't.. Some of us take a bus, the bus makes lots of stops, or none.. Some prefer a train., a bike.., some have to use a wheelchair.. There are scooters, Boris bikes., planes, trucks.. an' all going places, all going at different speeds., but the majority all get there.. 
What day is it.. ; I know it's a weekday and not Friday., and I know it's not yesterday., but..
Bradshaw's Guide
Miles, Art
wheelie bins

What do we know.. other than we leave footprints in the sand.. I know written words, brush strokes and images speak to my instincts.. and a world without music (too) feels like (I imagine) a life without love.. a life without love would mean a life without even the basics of a hug.. Footprints..; I gotta leave footprints man.. - Imagine a life without oceans, without horizons and without nature.. Brrr., I can't..
Who mailed the first letter
Casual delete
warm July
This trip is all mine
light and shade
There's Led Zep's 'whole lotta love (live, '74 ish)', there's tequila, there's roK and there's roll.; there's a 10 on the volume control and there's sunshine, horizons and there's an ''oh yeah.. uh''... 
The correct mix around a Sunday table full of food totally works for me man.. as does a good ole relaxed bit of conversation ..; innocent miracles of life only add to the equation..
I don't sleep with 'window coverings' because I love to wake up to natural light (as soon as there is any).,  aNd I get to see any starry starry night skies when I finally crash..., an' whenever possible... So I wake up this morning to a 'pinkish' sunrise and my immediate thought goes something like this.., ''mmmm ;) ''..., 'cause I kinda like how the sky  can make me smile  (from the insides) when it looks like that... I then make it to the window and look out to see cars covered in ice frost which then reminds me just how much I'm going to look forward to my eventual shower.(!).. and the multiple layers I'm gonna walk around in today.. Now., by the time it gets to 10 am..., the frost has now been replaced by grey clouds and sky AND rain.. The interior lights are ON and I can't tell you just how excited I am by the way the day's looking..- The week.. and how a moment can alter a mood.. I guess it just goes to show how fragile sensitive fragile I am..

wine in boxes

every year an 'average' of 750,00 ice-creams are bought on the seven miles of this seafront
Sadly there are no souvenirs left to brag about of The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Hendrix (YES., Mr. James M. Hendrix)., The Stones., Joy Division.. or Marvin Gaye's visits here to The Gardens..
., but thank God for Russell-Cotes, Obscura Cafe .,  Ludo Lounge and S & D Leisure. . - 
U  guys roK
for the 185,0o0

''The Value of Arts and Culture
People and Society''


''critically represent an investment in our quality of life''

''enriching our emotional world''

Gone Hiking
casey lyons

Niche - ''An art film is "intended to be a serious artistic work, often experimental and not designed for mass appeal"; they are "made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit", and they contain "unconventional or highly symbolic content"'..


what do your eyes say



for another few days

at least


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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Another Week 58 - Scenes and moments in a life., Libraries., Artists and Primary Colours

Go big
stay home

Gotta love the peeling paint., rusty padlocks and faded glory., almost as much as an empty zip line.. Once you get to the other end, the whole turn around and walk back INTO the wind and flying sand that stings like (I imagine)  a wet frigid winter's weekend in Siberia..
1.5 mill for a penguin enclosure., a couple of pieces of metal and I'll still be navigating through chip and vinegar smells inhaling undesired secondhand smoke and dodging lines of open blue bins.. The same puddle that is now haunting me continues to  sit right there

yep., the sounds of boards clattering off the now broken step reminds me that the Pavilion's ocean view deck (?) sadly ain't all that from any of the four sides..


ice cream

Have you ever wondered why arms seem extra long in winter.? Oversized gloved hands hanging down to the knees., Shoulders hunched upto the ears... Long sleeved coats hiding bunched up hands.. Sleeves being wiped across noses, occasionally polite handkerchiefs stifling sneezes., noses red, cheeks red., then a spit from the person infront flying agonisingly close to your stride..  and 'hi, my name's ------' as I have to quickly decide how to respond to the extended hand.. ''I'm sorry, but I may have a cold I don't wish to pass on to you.'', sounds pretty darn feeble.., but..
I'm not sure why, but maybe you can wear that t-shirt., but at 8 degrees not including the wind chill coming off the water which probably lowers that balmy number to an even more seductive 6 ish, I need my layers.. man..; I'm not that 'hard'...
That WD40 should do the padlock trick., and having a dog does mean 'picking up' after you.. Walking in a straight line, especially at the beach must be more difficult that I thought.. and certainly way harder than suddenly changing direction.. Signs, signs, signs.. Toilets 100 meters., amusements., ding-a-ling goes the train., ripped jeans.. and tiny dogs..; better check that runners watch AGAIN because I'm sure that last stride must have taken at least 15 minutes..- oops, check it again dude.. Phone text, eyes down.. The Walk is obviously where it's happening.., or maybe I just missed it., or I'm too early., or maybe it's next weekend., no, next month..; wrong season., wrong decade.., buh., buh,,, BUT, isn't this where it all goes down baby.. The fountains up and running., the Commodore's trying and the washing's being blown around in the cold damp air.., but yes, the fountain's working it's magic.. Ahh., The Walk.. and it's Bandstand.. I guess it's safe to walk through it's brown coloured excuse..- Community

Sights of those sitting on wet ground in doorways, cans of beer
a new 5* hotel casting it's center's shadow

A silver  street performer sans mask and taking his smoking break stands a handful of feet opposite the stationary gold one. Surreal.. No one laughs, no smiles.. There's a strong feeling of dank depression in the air.. The old stone clad surroundings are long weather stained  and the mix match architecture causes me a great deal of confusion. Where am I, what time am I in and who signed off on this. 

Winter Life

death, blue anoraks and instinctive inspiration
I'm good if I need to place a bet 
I'm good too if I'm into brown
I'm good if I want a tattoo, a piercing
I'm good if I want a phone
I'm good if I need a coffee and I'm good if I want to walk up a hill
but what I'm not good for is any culture
I can get a new pair of glasses
I can marvel at the number of patchwork'd surface repairs
but I can't find me any art worthy of the word


Patagonia., promenades.. and A surf shop.. Blue flags and mobile/archaic 'facilities'.. Car parks where ya can actually open yer car door and git oot without taking a chunk outta the car next doah.. Did I mention chips.. I wonder if I can get just the one more flat roofed bedroom up there.., or infact squeeze another wheelie bin onto the path.. Kerb appeal., what's that.
Hmm., maybe I could scratch off., or spray paint over that street sign as seems to be the fashion.; no.., but maybe I could leave a sofa outside and someone MAY take it.., or not.. Maybe I could kick some sand., but I can't wander art galleries, I can't take in colour or sculptures.; I can't take in modernist stuff, impressionist stuff., I can't take in Plein Air. or expressionist stuff. Where's the pop art, photographic art., I can't take in studios and I can't take in an art walk.. I can take in brown, but I can't take in culture.. I have no clue how it feels to be suffocated., but man., I can't breath..

The Town's Brown

Please mister., can I have some more

''please sir I want some more.''
''WHAT., what., WHAT..!'' 

This is Dickensian .., the Riviera and home of the blue flag boy..
Now, go git yerself an ice cream and put some money in the amusement arcade machine..; the one with the pennies in it.., just like the old days.. and soon we'll have the dodgems working to the sounds of  that 'teddyboy' music; that rock 'n' roll stuff you still like .. ''rock around the clock'' dude.., you young teddy boy.. Arthur Askey..  2015 1963., box rooms and back to the future Marty..


The home of noir and black night
people who make
and to those

Rock on dude

shame on y'all


''thank you for the
those endless days,
those sacred days you
gave me
I'm thinking of the
I won't forget a single
day, believe me''
ray davies
The Kinks

KaliphorNknee Eye A


taking the blue train

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Another Week 57 - Getaways, Galleries, Culture



Misty for me - Frosty mornings and crunchy grass., wet wellies and dogs eating bones.. Prying open car doors, toast and early pics.. Two pairs of socks., gloves and a warmed up buff.. Tea., underfloor heating and agas.. Dishwashers, big ass'd heavy curtains and a hot shower.. How my day Sunday began

Christmas sweaters

A lil bit of music., planes going somewhere and memories of an event.. I must plug in the tech' machines for charging purposes..  And about August.., I'm there.. baby.. - The fire's NOT lit an' the tree ain't on but the daytime room oozes a festive spirit.. Baubles, candles, cards and distant murmurings.. and it's how my day's looking., so far..
I like this chair 
Footsteps and Thoughts
Where have all the chocolates gone.? Puzzles., cushions and lists .. Muswell Hill., movies & friends.. - New beginnings, great memories and the adventures continue.. - Balderdash, red vino., roaring log fires and side splitting laughter is where the day's frosty beginnings progressed to evening.. Why are fire flames so hypnotic., calming.. and warm..

I dragged the two bare Christmas trees (one at a time) a few hundred yards across gardens, down paths and into a field., immediately after one of the two black Labs dragged me round same said field on the end of a lead.. One minute it's the holidays., the next., it isn't.. - Where have all the mince pies., Christmas cakes and nutcrackers gone..

''scenes from my life''

Today I experienced rudeness (after I politely asked ''excuse me'') and was neither expecting it., or prepared for the response..; I was shocked.. - It's now dark and., I'm listening to Richard Bona - Eyando - Manyaka O Brasil.. after taking in Amos Lee's Jesus., as recorded on the Transatlantic Sessions.. - 'people' hide., and Nivea ain't the same as Banana Boat.. Underground parking is way more sociable when the weather's 'ropey'..

Time stood still

Transfer News
Charlie Brown

 Kitchen Islands - 1950's jazz albums., thankyou cards and ginger beer - Watch The Theory of Everything., because I said so. 


sometimes it's simply ''cause'

Maybe it's the weather
Maybe it's the day
Maybe it's the shower
Maybe it's where you left the key

It's just ''cause'


Leaving fresh footprints


To journeys
new adventures


Eat That Toad

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