Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Another Week 67 - Debt, Winter Watch, Trump, Siri and

Plastic rain bonnets

I fell in love with a season
a moment.;
the moment's gone.,
there's a new season..

Today's one of those kind of days.; some days, I simply don't get.. and today is one of those days I just don't get.. Hmm..(?), dunno why., just..

Well., maybe it's how you write.., maybe it's what you write.., or basically, it's just how you see life..; ok, ok, I know.., who understands my view..! I get it, I get it., but man., dudette.., you guys are 'out there'..  - what's a guy to do., when there's nothing but a ''ball of confusion., of yeah, that's what the world is today..''
This is just a load of ole distracted thoughts., distracted bits of what's going on., but I seriously think that what's going on 'out there' is how you see 'real' .. and if that's real, I'm bewildered.., man.. - There's the ole political take., there's the ole spiritual take.., there's the ole literary/artistic take., the ole travel take.., there's the ole life take.., but the reality of it all is that there's always Bali from £429.. and that's a fact..; another fact is ... perhaps I just need to walk.., baby..

Sometimes life is just a bunch of coconuts

  • Today

    Squally, showery rain will soon clear eastwards, then a generally windy and unsettled day, with sunny spells and blustery showers, heavy with hail and thunder. Feeling much colder than of late, with gales in places.
  • Tonight

    Any showers easing to leave a mostly dry night, with clear spells. It will be a chilly night for many. Rain perhaps reaching the far west by dawn.
  • .. that all we're missing is a little frost and snow and we've got four seasons in one day..
  • Maybe its the opinions., maybe its the view.., or the facts..; maybe its the words I use., or the look I'm saddled with.. Maybe its the images I take..; maybe it's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..,man
    Maybe I should like that post., that link.; perhaps I should leave a blah comment in reaction to yours.. Perhaps I should read a different newspaper.., but who reads an actual newspaper these days..; well, ok, people do., but., I don't.. I get my news from here, there and everywhere..

what's Hugh Grant doing these days
  • How 'bout those years., baby..; at some point isn't it simply 'time'.., time to turn the page.., or pick up a different/new book.. Isn't it just time to understand  and accept that the year is still throwing up the four seasons.. and summer is short and still open to being extremely changeable.. Isn't it time to understand that 'hipster' it ain't., packed full of culture., it ain't..
    So., ok, you accept that and that's why you dig it..; you dig the rehab, you dig the care., you dig the occasional street violence (of varying degree)., you dig the uninspiring shopping.., you dig the two galleries.. and you dig the aesthetically questionable  changes.. Now, even the Hilton's view of the Gardens will be obscured by the back end of a building housing a white elephant.. You dig the wind., you dig the drab., you dig the faded and you dig sitting in a coffee shop..; you dig this and you dig that., 'cause you dig everything., man.. and you dig it because you're a real nowhere man.., sitting in his nowhere land

  • How do we improve., how do we change.., do we want to..; do we want to stay as we are.. and grow old.. sitting in the same chair.., surrounded by familiarity., similarity.. Ok, so you changed your chair., but placed the new one in exactly the same place as the old one.. Arghh., grrr..
    Hmm., the view from the brand new 5* Hilton's Sky Bar.. and from those 'Luxury Living' apartments is beginning to look pretty dang awesome..; soon they, the folks., will be able to look at the roof., AND the back of a building.., which, let's face it., according to the local authorities., is far better than the view of The Gardens..., apparently.. 

    Same ole song., 

  • same ole tune., 
  • same ole sentence.. 
  • same ole fan base..
  • same ole

  • I cut my neck while shaving today.. I ran my razor a milly distance over new skin and BLAM., a nick..  That's real., baby.; contemporary can also apply to life (?), can't it. You've gotta be quick to see blue sky here.. 

Seriously man.., this is where it's AT if you want a pub singer.. Perhaps the business men (and women.; phew)., the agreeable council and the events team don't think about 'the people'.. Just take a walk dude.. walk the town., breath in the space, watch people..; take in how they walk, where they walk, when they walk.; listen to da walkers., baby.. Watch and listen and when you've done all that, make yer decisions., plan your gig..; ''if you build it, he will come..'' . Have faith and make your decision based on conviction, strength., confidence..; believe in the talents, qualification and experience you should have surrounded yourself with.. and if the team ain't right, fix it..

aren't some people really cute
really beautiful
really fun

until you get to know them


When I Google 'paradise', I've yet to see images., or descriptions of this place, anywhere., baby..

Now., is that a fact, or is that an opinion

It's a Wonderful Life


Thanks this week go/goes to - Pearl Jam - Andrew Wall - Cori Slachert - Ludivane - Paul Betlyn - Josiah Duncan - Lazaro Nolasco and the truth