Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Another Week 56 - Dating buzzwords, Traffic, Tips and Fish...



I'm not very good at it.., don't do it infact.. and the reasons (?), well 'reasons'excuses are many..; I'm not sure I have a list., but there again., maybe there is a list now I think about it..; oh., an' I'm totally OK with it..
There are tons lots of folk people out and about.., wandering within their own world., full of distractions, stress, routines and preoccupied with thoughts of what's on that 'shopping list'.; they walk rush around with their heads seemingly stuck in their phones., their shoulders hunched up and frowns almost a permanent feature. There appears to be an ingrained defence mechanism of sorts., a lack of eye contact.. and this is BEFORE any form of effort.. Ahh, ''the street'.. and it's peculiar folk..' 

What do we know
I dunno why people walk with their hands in their pockets., or sound angry., or wear leather dress shoes., at the beach.. - Isn't communication great., when you have it.. A blast of second hand smoke when you're out an' about really sucks., man. A seagull actually flew into me AND connected. 
I just want to make it through the centre (?) center once in peace without being confronted by The (several) Big Issue guys, the charity 'teams'., the gym team., or the guys handing out club flyers..

SO whadda we truly know about someone we see (or pass by) only fleetingly in this ole world gig thingy., other than their height., hair (if they have any) and the clothes we can see they're wearing..?  Who am I other than a poor scribbler.?, what makes me tick.? and how does my heart beat.?
To some., perhaps I'm too old, too young., too short, too tall., too slim., too fat., too casual., too smart.. I chose the wrong words., my well worn frown lines may intimidate., my jaw not square enough., my smile not warm enough.. Maybe I don't stand correctly, walk correctly.. or something., but man., 'the insides'., the INsides.; how does my heart beat., what does make me tick..!
Oh look., a 'rambler'., an old guy.; an old guy who rambles on.. an' on.. an' on.. ''The autumn moonlight lights my way.. '' - What do we know about someone., unless., unless we stop, communicate.., ask and learn.. Open our minds., a bit of strength and a bit o'courage baby..
Judge an' impressions - Who are we (?).., the strangers we walk by (?)., the strangers who's voices we hear (?)., who's three words(ish) we hear as you pass us.., other than you're short, scruffy., tall, skinny..? You sound combative., you cuss a lot., nasty shoes.; ughh horrible hair, cute smile, warm voice., impatient basket case.. Why on earth did you chose those glasses., that coat.?, how generous.; wow, nice butt., smooth walk, great color/colour, fun laugh. Why are you two arguing about.. (?) nothing. Is it really that important..! - whadda we really know about a stranger., or even, EeVAn someone we kinda know..! 

in a bottle

Ahh., I've got it.; my skin's the wrong colour/color., my height's wrong., my weight's wrong.. Then again., perhaps my wardrobe (today) is wrong.. Wrong shaped glasses... THEN again., my voice is too deep., not deep enough., maybe I should ferooking cuss more., less.. I know I should walk heavier., be more clumsy... I should be more extroverted, louder.., but I'm sorta sociable., on a good day.. Yeah, I should develop a sense of humor/humour.. Maybe I should wear a lighter coloured wardrobe.., start smoking, or something.. Aha,  Botox, wax my eyebrows., my legs..! Go metro., develop chauvinistic tendances.., raise my voice., be less caring, grow some impatient bolas.. Learn to use some archaic, tedious colloquial style language.., lie.., eat fast foods..

Hmm., less compassionate.(?), too empathic..(?).; I should get my face tattoo'd., drink tea in coffee shops, visit coffee shops.., or wear brogues.. , long floppy scarves., get cool..

I write long e-mails.; perhaps I should write brief ones.. I'm too open, not open enough. I need to learn to like white wine., urgh..; whine, whine.. I could learn to like all those social media updates.., all those photos.., ALL those TV programs.. I could learn to dance, breath under water and eat a street vendor's hot dog.. I could become biased., short fused and not care.

Yes, yes, it's the wrong kind of dog., my nails are too short, not short enough.; I should bite them., wear jewelry., shave., or not..
I'm going to learn to spit in public., wear my trousers  loW.. , play phone games and walk around with ear phones permanently attached to my head ears
I can forget how to use the washing machine if that helps; I can forget how to use the vacuum too... Infact I can learn to forget anything domestic, including  shopping carts and aisles.. I'll leave my clothes where they fall and even leave the toilet seat up.., not to mention squeezing the toothpaste in the middle and 'forgetting' to put the cap back on...- All of these I can learn to do. I could be taught how to fall asleep on the sofa and show little to no interest in how your day's been.., as I expect dinner to be made for me..
It may take a bit of practise, but hey...

Yep., maybe my wrists are too tiny, my ears too 'normal'.
so what do we know about the stranger
the acquaintance,
or the person we met and basically know.,
but yet., don't
I knew someone once.. but obviously my manly (sic) vibe and intimidating aura proved to be some scary ass'd sh*t for the chick., man.., that., or my beliefs weren't strong enough, or I was way too weird., too short., too old, spoke with fork tongue kemo sabe.; I blame the wingtips., the English tweed..., or Californian flip flops..., or my shorts which must show off a lousy pair of legs.. Ahh., I should wax my legs., maybe.., or be less supportive., less available.. ''Hmm., me wonders if picking my nose will help..''
I need me to lose the passion I have for culture, art., images and colour/color.. Geez, I guess travel's the next thing to cross off my list too.., or maybe it's not enough travel., or I've been to the wrong places; It's probably the comb-over., beer gut and shape of my big toe., my accent/dialogue and eye colour color..
I knew it..; more mystery., more or less.., yes, less.. I should grow my toe nails.., pick my finger nails, chew the darn things..; pick my teeth - Ahh, hmm, my job/career isn't right., my home (?) .; bu., but., buT.., maybe 'we' just simply do not make the effort we should to find out how the heart actually beats BEFORE the whole visual judgement thing.. -  Dang., I'm totally guilty as above charged .., but man when the shoe's on the other foot...


I'll simply be

'turn up'
an' have a lil
that she sees beyond


and the whole
stranger thing

Thanks this week go/goes to Addie Fausett - Matt Tribe - Gunner Robinson - Merrill Fie - Veronika Scott - Alan Eustace - Lillian Weber and darkness