Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another Week 26 - #OneDirectionFan, Three Boys From Pasadena., Frances Bean Cobain., Ryan Reynolds..


42. Date someone exciting but completely wrong for you
High & Dry
Fitting in and futility
The Clown
Creative paths, rooted paths., a new season.; eat up L.A.,  resolute and resolutions.. People Are Strange Jim.. and Ray got it right.; internal bruising sucks & fear drains..  The future's where it's at, although so is living the day today.. Clean the teeth and tie the laces, shoulder the responsibility, ponder, meander, stride and observe while participating with instinct.. Shrug, doubt, contribute and offer.. Smile, question and move.. Pay it forward and check the screen to make sure it's green.. Point, fidget., shuffle sideways and gaze.., but my heart will beat and I'll feel alive.. all the while. Inspiration and motivation, style and empathy., white vans and elevator shafts., multiple floors., glass doors and mail.  Water., new card., that's not hard..  Educate, migrate., instigate.., just never be late.. Don't forget, don't bet., gamble or ramble. Lean, seem, other, mother, brother.., but no lover.. Fresh eggs., fresh legs., fresh air.. all beware.; tear, tear, fear., I'm seeking..

"I can't find my way home"

A Million Posibilities

Wenger defends Arsenal transfer policy after Aston Villa defeat.,
"Amish Mafia".. and  Jo Raquel Tejada's 72., allegedly.. - what do you really think of all those Facebook posts and headlines that you wake up to and read..!

My foot's still elevated.. and strapped.. (or should that be strapped and elevated ?).., making me extremely doubtful for the next home match.., although I did walk up a hill .. and along the boardwalk in the rain carrying a bottle of vino del plonko in a plastic bag now I think about it..   I'm kinda leaning towards the Xperia Z.. and a Fijian beach house..; one's fast and the other's laid back..

French Phones

.. and really., what is it with the whole tea gig... and dinner.. and medication..  and over-sized exhausts and filling one's garage up with crap.. and having to have coffee at a certain time.. and what's the deal with attempting to walk along the beach in those bloody great big red blocky high heel thingies.. Annnd., what's the deal with the bunch of questions., it's just a soapy bloodshot eye..

My feet are beginning to get cold

The meals on wheels dude just hit the elevator button and the wind's rustling up the trees..

Bass intro

"In this dirty old part of the city
Where the sun refuse to shine
People tell me there ain't no use in trying

"I've got to get out of town
This whole city just brings me down., yeah"
"You know it too"

It's twenty to twelve somewhere..

Missions., books and baseball caps.. De Niro's 70 dude., "A psychological warfare program centered on vomit could help save the marbled murrelet." - No kidding..'bro'  and while we're on it., let's not forget the (Bubo blakistoni)

Who's buying the Tesla Model S.., why we choke under pressure.. and a strange, pulsing star found
Why we say goodbye.,  let go..  and stare

"Yellow is the colour of my true love's" ankle

The light is definitely different.., so's the hair.., the walk.. and the fit..; why compromise a standard when what we think of as seeing the horizon is just the earth's curve hiding the fact that the view is actually infinite.. There is always more beyond the horizon for sure.., so I'm thinking far and beyond dude..


The excitement's
too much



¡Orale, güey!

Thanks this week go/goes to George Holtz - John L. Lenhart - Tammy - Louis Blake - Kodak - Harriet Cooper - Humbug and Taylor Swift

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