Thursday, 12 November 2015

Another Week 66 - Country Walking, Christmas Markets, Magnum

what's on your grocery list

There are places
& there are
places and people
This is a place
tweed and cords
pints and secondhand smoke
charity shops and rain
coffee shops and benches
and ill placed fences

sez wha.?

Social media politicians
social media religious leaders
vintage social media literary geniuses
are all bringing it

''the first draft of anything is shit''
so 'draft' again

puh leez

''that deaf dumb and blind kid'' and English style envy..; I can live without long ass'd sentences., Strictly and pies.., but I can't live without colour., light or truth..- can't live with rudeness, while we're on the subject.., or unpunctuality.., or loudness.., or repetitive sh*t..; but bring out the open windows, fresh air and a gloveless day.. an' I'm all in.., baby..

Tea Bags

Wandering  my local 185k inhabited place., it's the foil and tupperware I notice., along with a lot of 'sitting down' type action..; people sit down a lot here.. FACT.. 
.. but., I guess, if you don't sit down, you'll keep spilling all your tea..  
When I walk round the corner,, the one dude screams like he's in some kind of major pain.; then I realize, it's one of the kaHzillion 'homes' around these here parts.. It's either a case of the screams.,, the scooters or Amy Whitehouse..

and really., what's the borish deal with those squareish yellow type things with big eyes.. I saw a whole bunch of clouds.., surfer dudes and even a helicopter..; truly edge of the seat stuff.. I took someone's photo.. and opened a door.. I was also so long in the hospital that the car park's barrier was 'up' giving me a free day.. 
Totally edge of the seat stuff..

Foot Care

While I didn't snowboard, I did cause quite a splash.; I also walked over 1,001 hidden horse chestnuts which, if you've never placed your foot repeatedly over a mile's worth of horse chestnuts, you won't get what the experience is like..  However, I could throw in the avenue that gets me to the ocean and you'd get to enjoy just how much fun treading a mile of saturated leaves offers up.. 
The hidden treasures of rooted paths., conkered paths and twisted ankles are there for the taking

How can a washing machine take so long.. and wanting something that I don't really want. 

Do we really like damp towels and 9x9s... do we really like rooms with an after thought 'window' in them., just because it means (?) another room.. and why wouldn't we make sure there's a heater.. where it should be.. Wardrobes.., closets and cereal.., man.. and why does the inside of my right ear itch.. and then again., why do I get a shiver down my spine..

Here's to spring

I think I'm going to survive without Downton..; some links don't need sharing.. and even the trees look kinda sad..
what goes up., must come down
spinning wheel got to go round
City Calling
Happy Birthday

Northern Iceland
What time's dinner.. and what time's early for dinner.. I think 5.45pm is way early.. At some point the mirror should tell ya what I could.. that those skinny jeans ain't happenin'., which., as we know, is tough to take.. and more so because they're everywhere., man.., but geesh., dude.., hang 'em up.. and walk away.. 
call me crazy
I love to see
people happy and succeeding
Life is a journey
a competition


''we were running against the wind''

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Another Week 65 - The All Blacks, iOS, Bad Company, Halloween and

from roof to coffee shop

Intro  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— —————7——9—————12——11—————9—————12——14——————9—————9—————7———————————————— —————7——7——————0———0—————7——————0———0——————7—————7—————7———————7———————— —————0——0—————10———9—————0—————10——12——————0—————0—————0———————7———————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————5———————— 
 Verse  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————————————————————————7—/—9——9——————————————————————————————— ———7—/—9——9———————7—/—9——9———————5—/—7——7———————7—/—9——9———————————————— ———5—/—7——7———————5—/—7——7——————————————————————5—/—7——7————————————————   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————————————————————————7—/—9——9———————9—————7————————————————— ———7—/—9——9———————7—/—9——9———————5—/—7——7———————7—————5—————7——————————— ———5—/—7——7———————5—/—7——7——————————————————————————————————5——————————— 

Where am I

L.A.., 4200 miles in Nevada., that snake somewhere in Joshua Tree's park.. and Pen-y-ghentSeriously (!)., brogues and green wellies., man..

from sunshine to rain 
colour to brown
light to dark

all there's left is tea.., the M25 and wet leaves.. I've been struggling to tie my right mid boot up correctly the last couple of days and hey., also., one of these days someone's going to get this whole Fringe idea kinda gig down., but until then, thank goodness for a local beach hut..

I just remembered something I'd forgotten
why do some folk write the way they do..
if you're able., please please check out Monument Valley
but stock up on water., baby

I just finished off a pack of cookies., bleh.. and hey, take the toll road if it crops up.. To the three couples who all tied the west coast knot.; congrats and to the evening walkers who answered an island request, thank you..

sometimes you've just gotta stand in the middle of the road with your mouth open
and there comes a time when you've gotta ride the 66., baby

do it
but do it without sugar

for friends who say what they mean
mean what they say
do what they say
turn up

that's a whole lotta rock an' roll

Did I mention tea.?, not the dinner kinda tea, but the tea kinda tea.. So., even the skinny funky hairstyled long striding dude's dating..; I gotta get a photo of that guy somehow..

It's so good to be back., cough.., really., erm, sincerely..; it's almost as good as having your head drilled without anɪsˈθɛtɪk .. and while we're at it., indigestion..

We can edit photos
we can edit a sentence
but what we see., we see

- documentary -
provides a factual report on a particular subject

Yep., we're lucky ass'd folk.. Surrounded by style, food courts and fountains..; now, where are my gloves
Vapor thingies., laddered tights., pint glasses., pies., pasties., chips, cheese sandwiches and ice-creams., 70's radio and closed windows.. Artificial heat., Big Issues., fence panels., betting shops., damp towels., 'austerity'., amateur political experts., buses and narrow spaces.. Dialects and 'Strictly'., ''yes Lord Sugar., no sir..'' and make-up.. Brown., anoraks., the premier league and fireworks.. - There's always Media City and walking poles., man

if you're ever gonna write a pop song., sing the thing.. baby
and if you're ever gonna stick something in the square
change it up


if you're going to own a dog., pick up after it.. especially when it's on the end of a bloody leash.. 
a regular Garden's meanderer
BoscVegas and that corner
Super duper man
I saw a zipliner
a pair of shorts
overheard a cuss'r
giving it a real go

I also witnessed an attempted mugging (in the park by the stream) by some Richard Head.; the muggee stood up from his seated position only to tower over the piece of sh*t by a good foot.; things changed in a moment.. and saw another dude casually walk out of Tescos with three boxes of donuts under his arm.. After an hour's worth of looking for 'a uniform'., I basically gave up..; sorry., but, there'll always be the canyon, hwy 1 south at sunset and 'those' roads.. man..

wind the windows down and cruise it

gettin' back in the saddle
finding my pace
drinking one glass at time

later dude
'cause I'm

but make sure you

hit that tambourine

I dunno guv'..; honest guv'

at some point

''Bad Company till the day I die''

and the cold wind blows

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Another Week 64 - Lands End to John O'Groats, Adventure, Translators and Film..

The In Crowd

And I know what the 'In' crowd knows
I think

From a comfortable and anti-social sociable distance.. I mean, who writes this stuff.., ''whilst.!''..? - I'm so sad for the One Direction dude who split from his girlfriend.., cough, splutter..- 'Kanye' and Glast'., choke.. I just received a welcome surprise., thankyou..

Role models - and I see that Stevie G's 'heat map' offered less than 60 seconds of intense halfway line action.. 'SkurrTul's' a gonna too..  - streaming a bit of Radio Caroline is leaving this ole boat a rockin'.. I still couldn't tell ya one artist, painting or piece of Russ' hangings.. I've got bass in my head after Motorhead and Girlschool.. Amateur hour..

Revolution's Never Going To
I'm feeling a road trip.. ''let me put you in the picture'' ., 

Apotheosis - eyebrows, blueberries and Canon..; I've completed a 'traffic awareness course', 'cause I'm fast., baby.. apparently, by 6 miles an hour over a length of road that amounts to a mere  ONE hundred meters..!
body confidence
The clock.; don't forget..  jeremy paxman and campaigns.. My mouth's dry and my toes are cold.., man.. A bird just flew by the window & basic instruction manuals are so interesting.; I'm completely gripped, fascinated and yawn., on the edge of my seat.. Enthusiastic teachers are worth their weight in gold..

Time Warp

.. somewhere over the rainbow.. and it's only a matter of time., apparently.. I don't get the whole TV gig thing..; i guess it's all kinda white noise to me.. The Poldark deal is best left for those who sit and watch..; I'm heading to the gym where I can scratch my head, refasten my shoe laces.., pull my socks up.. and stuff.. It's funny how some productions can take you back in time and transport ya, while others simply look, sound, written and acted leaving you under no illusion they are being produced in the here and now..
''Aha., this is my Graceland''

Sad Cafe
''I saw the lamp light from your window''

You know., I just can't go there.; I guess I've just shut the blinds on that part.., but what is it about certain tunes., certain times..!

Historic Places

.. and streets full of row after row of terrace houses., two up two down.., wheelie bins by the front doors., 6x8 box rooms., if you're lucky.. and galley kitchens..; cool baby..

an ageing population
desire to be Prime Minister

Rough times in north Ayrshire

I didn't realise just how many social media politicians and social media spiritual leaders I know



A.N. Other

in collaboration

A.N.  Ordinary Guy

This 'road to hell' trip north took twice as long as the last one south..

Be calm

It's only another one



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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Another Week 63 - Social Media Politicians


Coffee Shops





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Friday, 20 March 2015

Another Week 62 - Eclipses., X-T1 + 50-140mm f2.8 WR OIS glass

Suspension Bridges
for friends

TV commercials., Bolton and Superdrug means ''places., rolling aND ACTION..; cut, places..''., but not before the Toll.. All great fun and double decker crew catering in a car park.. One way systems and 'with your long blond hair and ya eyes of blue..'
The dog chewed my shoes., 'something tells me you're the devil's daughter'.. and a visit to NEXT to check out bulbs.. I vacummed my car., shook my head and picked up a basket of goodies from Sainsbury's..

Back passes

There's an airport to throw £2.50 at.., 'where have all the good times gone.' ..; pasties., pasties and multi stories.. Hollywood Boulevard and how to make a giant choc' chip cookie - rambling, random and distracting thoughts..
Babies, acting and the Chelsea FC game against PSV.. The 50's and 60's whole English language deal thing certainly isn't a Spring like day.. Oh em gee.!

8 shillings

Clarkson's an absolutely total Richard.. while 10 year old kids should be encouraged to be 10.. 'All the old places look different now..' - Innovators and competition

Spring Dawn
'sunshine of your love'

opening your eyes to a sunrise has got to be it
behind the electric gates are rabbits
pheasants and the Isley Brothers
The gardeners are here
I ended up flat on my back
the mat's chewed
Movie time and another airport

Trolls' Path

Some wordy edited social media posts make me wanna throw up.. - Well., I'm trying my best to watch Comic Relief., but man.., English humour is an oxymoron..

Sitting on a sofa made for three
shirt tucked in
the suburbs


1,000 Time Good Night's opening '10/15' minutes or so are about as tense as I've seen.. Trial by speed camera.. and what's with Madonna.., the singer type person.

City of Night

not all those who wander

the old guitarist

Wear it Right

There are many different types of lapels.., but above all., get your suit tailored.. - Apparently ''shedding' seaside resort image'' means possibly eating your aluminium wrapped cheese sandwiches out of your plastic tuperware container while sitting in your parked car., or while sitting on a bench.. in between rolling up your cigarette unless of course, you've got your hands full of the 'world's best fish and chips.!'..; pasties count too, as does ice cream.. The main thing is that you've got some kind of food, cigarette or alcohol based receptacle in your hands.. Sticks, frames or coin collectives can add to the creative image but only if you have some kind of fence., or scaffolding pieces of metal about your person.. CCTV's, poles, signs 'not to' frame the image and impression perfectly and are ALL welcome

''Cast your mind back ten years
To the girl who's next to me in school
If I put me hand upon her leg
She hit me with a rule
*Though tomorrow won't be long
You're gonna have to play it cool
You get fascinated by her
She could set the place on fire
**Run and get the fire brigade
Get the fire brigade
See the buildings start to really burn
Get the fire brigade
Get the fire brigade
If you jump you've got to wait your turn
Friends all seem to laugh
I fear I'm apt to make a compromise
Try to reassure myself
My head must need some exercise
Half past ten in the morning
She just took me by surprise
True she set the place on fire
You get fascinated by her
The lights across the street throw a rainbow
I'd love you all to meet her
I'll be there, I'll be there
Notice that my eyes have been
A misty place since Saturday
Brings a feeling we might lead
The fire engines anyway''

Fire Brigade
The Move

Things to do
For March, we have Swans and a scones walk
April has the annual Duck Race
and several Bowling opening days
May's got even more bowling opening days.; contact Peter or Maureen for details
June however has a Twilight walk (for women)
a tea dance

Creative Flockers Unite
thanks to


Shame shame shame on you
If you can't dance too
Shirley and Company

The eclipse happened., apparently, although I couldn't be sure.. My gloves are being worn intermittently., my hamstring's still tight and narcissism.., again


I love every moment
24 hours a day

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Another Week 61 - Yoga Pants, People and Stuff

You know how it is

The ground seems permanently damp, the air., 'biting'.. The cracks in the pavement have been repaired so many times that I'm not really sure what part is original stock., baby..; nothing is smooth. The new creative center of the nation, the one where artists are apparently flocking to in their droves crumbles around the graffiti painted walls.; the empty high street units and the now faded and sad facade prop up the chipped framework of a once glorious painting .. 

The gutters are filled with several seasons (and more) of debris., rusty padlocks keep the rotten., leaning and once proud huts safe.. Chipped., broken and daubed concrete tenaciously hold onto a history long gone.. Pier posters grasp a 'comedic' past with the firmest of grips.. Teeth gritted., rounded shoulders braced and white waters crashing against stories of yesteryear.. Grey..

Music stands remain derelict looking and empty while fountains splutter out of a green murkiness.; streams wash cans, bottles and deflated balls to where tattered blue flags fly proudly above battalions of blue bins.. Amusements, well penny slots, play a soundtrack reminding us of teddy-boys, mods and winkle pickers lamely attempting to seduce those who brave the elements looking for that all important shelter.. Scaffolding abounds., metal fence panels too, signs not to do this, not to go there feed our hearts with reminders of how to live (or not) our days.

From where nature caresses man..; south of the boardwalk there is an horizon where magically the sky meets the ocean., north is where paint peels.; south of the lights there is the sound of nature, north the sound of anger.. To the south, nature's air., to the north, fries and vinegar.., pies and second-hand smoke.. - you can leave your footprints in either..

Navigate the path., avoid the beaten up traffic cones., the crunched up cigarette packs., the empty crisp bags.; narrowly missing the chewing gum and shrug at the cider can.. Tesco receipts and dog faeces.; a pair of shoes looking as though someone just stepped out of them and walked away remain neatly hugging the kerb.. The odd well worn wet glove, a child's sock and the striped beanie.. The flapping caution tape., the conifer cones., the broken steps, broken glass., broken hearts..

Moss growing out of the sides of buildings., branches growing out of the side of buildings., dank alleyways and running rust.. A red bread tray hanging over West Cliff's, or should that be East Cliff's cliff (?).; it's one of them there 'st's cliff..; how did it get there.! I can get into London's Tate and the National Gallery for free., I can see an original Picasso., an original Matisse., and the original brush strokes laid down by Van Gogh., one of Russell's artists after I've paid., and I'm lost.. The cost of parochial culture..

Missing letters where huge investments are made .. and not a primary color in sight.. Billy Fury's 'Halfway to Paradise' proves to be the very odd 'hip' musical choice for the tuneless merry-go-round. From red sunrises to puddles in an hour.. and my left Salomon GTX Mid is full of blood (?).. 19 miles can do that..

From creative to square., from digital to 'traditional'.  Stairs from here to stairs for there.. The sun shone today and the caps were out in force., carefully placed on the ground infront of the crossed legs.. Am I supposed to walk on the left., or the right.., stand still in the middle., or... find someone to follow..  Max's old house, Bob's old house., Greensleeves and Mantovani's old house... Mary Shelley's old house..  Skerryvore (old)., Gazza's care home.. and hiviz jackets..

Broken branches., flashing lights and caution.; benches., windowless shelters and ferret walking. Cigarette butts and carved out messages.. Union Jacks, candy rock and toilets.. Fixation, routine and Primark..  - ''Now it's a mighty long way down the dusty trail and the sun burns hot on the cold steel rails.''

Man of Steel -  There's something about cobbles and holding onto something to let go of.., but man o man., Tarot Card Reading is on at 10.00 am tomorrow if you're local and interested..; it's in the listing., but be quick, this is why the creatives are flocking.. Finance a heavy gold frame and use it to mount your faded Woolworth's greeting card in...  '' Mr Blue Sky.''

Big brown eyes.., incessant...; phone boxes., remember them (?)., in all forms of order, occupy pavement space. The town's got gates man., barriers and grates too., bus shelters., CCTV's., broken clocks and if you look high enough., barbed wire..; am I wrong.?

''l love the sound of breaking glass
Especially when I'm lonely
l need the noises of destruction
When there's nothing new

Oh, nothing new, sound of breaking glass''
Nick Lowe 

Walking by the aftermath of a recent car crash doesn't help, although the company did.. Climbing concrete stairs in the rain's way more fun that coffee shop cubicles..- Local Organisation.. , soap operas, drama and
'back off  boogaloo'




Thanks this week go/goes to - A whole bunch of people.. and stuff