Thursday, 16 October 2014

Another Week 55 - Rembrandt, Black Submarine., Allan Law., Larry Heste


Huffpost Good News

Boredom - I suppose Mr. Woy Hodgson is putting a stunningly exciting team together hell bent on entertaining us with fast, high scoring creative football., but until then, I say he's probably just showing us how he can kill a game and bore the opposition ..

Deal or no deal

do you know the way to San Jose
I wonder., when people write stuff., like me I guess., whether it's actually them or it's simply written  for effect, acknowledgement, ego, recognition, likes., or whutevaH., 'cause man o'man., there are some real  wussies/wussys/whoosys/whoosies (?)  doozies out in them thur social media land hills..

How did violins get their shape
The Black Hole

I'm going upstairs
John Lee Hooker
Blues before sunrise

If you're going to do it., do it properly., or listen to da negativity.., man. Freshly picked and home made blackberry crumble rocks.  If it's not laundry., it's still dark.. 

Blues is blues


I looked in on What's On., but diddly squat, nada, zip's what's on..; that's what#'s on.. and when ya just wanna see some even a little bit of colour, all you've got is grey, grey... and more grey.. scale., man..; I'm actually starving for primary colors, smiles., enthusiastic voices and real instruments..
I was wondering., will the 'redeveloped Pier Approach' AND Horseshoe Common, a 'key town center regeneration site set to become a more vibrant place to live, work and visit' be able to cope with the bars and chewing gum splattered sidewalks.! The aim, apparently., is to 'make the area more attractive and encourage more residents, visitors and shoppers (?, what shoppers!) to this part of town'..; but surely this part of town is full of bars, clubs and fast food places., not to mention the 'gents ?' club.!
Yep, let's put a band-aid on it AGAIN .. and guess what., it'll miraculously turn into the place naive councillors  officials  investors  ?, hold their breaths for., fingers crossed..  This is basically like having what was once a great garden that flourished, bloomed ALL year round and leaving it ;( unattended for decades, only to think that all you need in order for it to grow as it once did is to plant new seeds.. Me thinks that you've gotta dig out and remove the old crap soil lost of all it's nutrients first.. and then think about what will grow in abundance before applying the correct base . Test for proper soil ph,; a very high or low soil ph may result in plant nutrient deficiency or toxicity for example. - know your N-P-K.. and deal with that crap first., otherwise what you'll have is just new old sh*t ontop of the new sh*t to have to deal with.. I wonder whether the mankini's, chewing gum, smashed windows and trash .. magically just go away., OR respect the new road surface.. aNd I wonder just how many of those decision making dudes and dudettes ACTUALLY use that road EVAH, if at all.. Use it man, then make the decisions that will have such a positive effect for us.. This isn't a rocket science..
Look., we've still  got folk who seem to like  enjoy smashing windows., throwing and leaving stuff, like empty beer containers mere inches from trash cans, people who seem to think nothing of throwing up the remnants of last night's partying and ALL this is gonna stop., baby..? CoOlio ..!
Money and good intentions ain't going to 'whip it''  up - Devo..
Shame, shame shame..- Shirley & Co..  - Shower songs
Now, onto lighter stuff., like the light., man.. It looks like Pete and Rog' are going to hit the road.. One has to have the interior lights on in order to see.., things..   I don't think spiders like heights.. 

 "Holy crap, I just fell off a 50 ft ladder'..
..."Oh my God, are you okay?"
...'Yeah it's a good thing I fell off the first step."

It's like a party at your house

I'm off to William Hill's to see what the odds are for the Pier zip.. and taking a spare £1.50 for a little flutter..

There's an island for sale
'Move Me A Mountain'
Jack White - Lazaretto

I got one of those plasters on one of my toes
someone rode down the zigzag on her bike in her shorts
strangers kept looking at my nose today
There were a lot of frowns around
One person smiled
I stopped to retie my right boot
There was scaffolding and puddles everywhere
I screened an unknown (to me) caller
I've got a funeral to go to

Have you got any idea

'cause it's obvious


Thanks this week go/goes to Gunther Holtorf - Anna Ortiz - Caitlin Prater-Haacke - Kwibi - B.J. Novak and Pep Guardiola

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Another Week 54 - St.Jean Pied de Port, Alex Ovechkin., Sign Language.


Letters., laundry an' crunches..


the Alphabet and a night time observation. Abba, Bono, Bowie, Barbra, Beatles, Cream, Celine, Doors, Doobies, Dusty, Eric and Elvis, just off the top of my head..
I just had a brain wave., then it waved back - This is NOT a forecast
Star Apartment Complex
Skid Row 
Michael Maltzan
Vaimali Hospital in need of a Doctor  
96 Buzz FM
ACP-EU approves billion vatu Pacific Coconut Factory
Tafea 2-1 Spirit

Who's Jose Enrique and who cares about his moustache..
So., really.., does ANYone really, truly like getting soaked when all you wanna do is get outside, take in the air, move your muscles, exercise, hike.. Yeah, yeh, I know we dress accordingly, those great boots, goretex, layer it up., baby., but truly, getting soaked is all fine and dandy if that's all you have planned, but what if you want to 'stop' off somewhere.? It's just plain uncomfortable.; all those wet layers no matter how dry proof they're supposed to be.. What am I supposed to do with my glasses.! rain rolls down onto the top of my socks,, soaking them and the 'waterproof boots' through ., from the inside.. squelch, squelch.. Then you've gotta put your wet hands in your pockets at some point or another, or take out the camera.. and not to mention the dressing I have right smack on my face that's NOT supposed to get wet.. 
UNLESS .. you drive..; yawn..

Soaps.. and the need for them.; is there.? Same story-lines., different decade..; maybe that's how real people actually live.. Man., that's a lot of 5.00 am rain..
Friends, Relatives an' Fashion Peeps
Wow dude., that was a few hours.; news is great when it's great news., but man oh man when it's not, the wind get's sucked right outta ya bones and trying to grab that next breath becomes really kinda tough.. I just don't get it.. , baby.. Hugs rock though

Deckchairs in the Autumn Sun
Chocolate cake, inspiration and moments wandering the sand.
Does anybody actually listen ? 
Moving.. and conversations are much more interesting when they're with someone.. 'Does anybody really know what time it is ?' ... 'Another day in the park..' - where am I ...
Sounds, more stories and cereal


Ok., so here's a thought.. and it's about 4 Non Blondes and the radio..; I don't need to listen to 'that' tune., baby.., anymore.   I THINK JAY KAY IS SITTING OPPOSITE ME.. and where are all the cuties.! Crisps, crumbs.. and scaffolding.. There's a feeling I get got when in Tescos..

Escalators and Carlsberg conversations

overheard., and I quote -

 'ah mate., I've got your vitamin C's.; do you want one.?

answer - 'sometimes you wish it were more than one-a-day.'

The horizon is a line where the sky meets the ocean., on a good day.. - originality and routine - old songs and new friends.. Coffee shops, yellow buses and wheelchairs.; there's no doubt that this is Retirement City, Arizona.. - I know there's  Art & culture here somewhere among the t-shirts and rust.. - Local VISIONARIES obviously thinking naively creatively ahead while (at the same time) recognising the foundation of it's locality; the zip-lines will no doubt be mighty long this winter.. and at £13.00 (?) a POP + 4 staff needed (two at each end), it will only be a matter of a dark cold frigid wet day in January when I fully expect to learn of the brainstormin' decision showing a welcome profit..The suits and white shirts make THE BEST decisions. - Variety, European/Art House/noir style is as cheerful, positive and welcome as rust and flames..; I'm so artistically pumped up and inspired enough.. to go light a fire and hit a piece of metal now.. Challenged - what ever happened to primary colors, light and smiles.; thanks for the hug C

Week's go by

I drove down a road to nostalgia
today was just the same as it ever was

A magical conversation with nature

until the next one

The Courage to Connect

Thanks this week go/goes to Terravision - French Lieutenant's Woman -  EE - Malala and Kailash Satyarthi - Lee Williams - El Hierro - Jaha Dukureh - Waterloo Sunset and Grover

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Another Week 53 - Autumnal Beauty., Blue Moon., Ben Affleck..


The Final Conference

Tainted Love

and coathangers

Tweed, red trousers and Englishisms.. Green wellies., ties and THAT language..  I can't even tell you.., but.. Nails on a chalkboard, cold tea and there's an age for spaghetti straps.. Old songs., old radio., old milk and old thoughts.. Thunder said it best..
Five floors ., full cars..  and crumbles.. University Challenge., Simon says.,  and let's be honest... Hot lemon and honey and a lifetime of coats, cold feet and artificial heat. Can you close the window please...

on Wednesday

I just wanna wake up
an' I'm supposed to be impressed

Road trippin'
Midnight in Harlem

Sometimes time needs to stand still long enough.. I'm thinking.. Going Down.. Turning it up.. Who is Roy Keane.. and why would 'we' read him..
Fires., Floods and family photos.. Who makes good jeans.., anybody.. Lord give me strength, a little courage and some relief., please.; thankyou. Amen.

Blue sky                                                                                                    Pompous (ness)
Light clear nights                                                                                                 rudeness
Fresh air                                                                                    long cold dark wet nights
Choice                                                                                                           dark mornings
Truth                                                                                                                    wine snobs
Trust                                                                                                      combative richards
Open windows                                                                                       me, myself and I's
Smiles                                                                                                                                bias
Enthusiastic conversation                                                                                         smoke
Patience                                                                                                          abrasive(ness)

Phony fake eccentric language is as funny, cute irritating as that place in Thailand.; Phuket.! Cute can sometimes cause me to wanna throw up., man..; sic., sick, sic..
Has anybody actually been there.?  Tweezers are cool.., but a warm bed isn't., man.. I like words like confidently., tentatively.., understated., calm., humble.. adventurous, generous.. and creative.; they conjure up images of people I like to hang out with.. as opposed to loud, heavy, inconsiderate, unreliable..
Vineyards, valleys, lakes, mountains and nature.; throw in the odd city not forgetting a beach, river, island and the ability to take in the moon, stars, sit outside., walk in peace, art, culture., traditional/contemporary architecture.; trees that never lose their leaves., , giant sunflowers., smooth olive skin, long legs and natural bouncy hair., Pure color, , , warm sand, history., stories., live music.... and a partridge in a pear tree..

'because life is more fun without walls'

does anybody care Jeremy.. I need me a gallery to wander in.. and one with some good sh*t in it.. A new road to experience..  Poverty, beach huts and a ball of confusion.. I'm going to miss out on a world of ALL those 80 something's who will be wandering the streets collecting their pensions, walking sticks in hand, struggling to get on and off buses..  covered in taOOHS.. - imagine the photo ops..
I need to find a new baseball cap, put a bag in my car and work out what's going on with the whole edit program thingy


At some point there will be a point to all this ride, life, journey do da.. Power & windows.; the dollar, euro and passports.. My dad went to Manchester United's first match after the Munich disaster.. ALL those years ago.. ; a lion jumped over us in Africa, there's a whole story about Kilimanjaro, I got a coral cut (on my right foot) when in Vanuatu., dolphins in Monkey Mia.. and today I'm going to check out rows and rows of faded beach huts..., tiny/narrow plastic front doors and people (more than likely) sitting down..- I'm sooo excited..- Yep..
'Is she getting over her hip..'
Old (er) people have the most trying conversations.. The countdown's on.. Charity stores, coffee shops and tattoo studios..; am I wrong here.. What to pack., when to go..
Today I'm going to sleep for about 50 minutes., apparently, hopefully.. and maybe that's why I'm researching that trip again.. Something's you've just gotta go do.., otherwise it'd simply suck.. and besides., who needs stuff.

 I missed my final meal time., the cut's been done and the lights turned out..; what's a hole in your nose and a few bandaids anyway.. There's always chocolate...
Wenger's shove and leadership qualities
Hodgson's really going to get me smiling at the way he's shaping the national side., but for all the wrong reasons..
What's on and where
I feel like crossing a border
The Beatles
.. and I'm singing (in my head) 'there are places I remember..'
Award winning journalism
Halley's comet
God only knows
anaesthetic rocks

If spring's weather is good
if Autumn's weather is good
there isn't a better time to visit ., enjoy and vacation

Well., don't you ever have any thoughts

for another week

Happy Birthday

Thanks this week go/goes to Billy Connolly - Kim - NHS - Grace - Wingers - 
San Gabriel Mountains - burgers and California stories

Monday, 6 October 2014

Another Week 52 - Camino de Santiago., Cyanide & Happiness., GeeKitt..

Seasons., hope.. and dreams
Hounds., darker nights and a lil bit of tree cutting
Absence., Firenze and a long weekend Euro driving


I broke my glasses, discovered that I needed to go under the knife and learned.. something... 
That light IS different.; better different
Streets are different..; better different
Roads are better
Art and culture is different
Style is better
Opinions are personal
facts are facts

high streets are sad - people are defensive - foreign roundabouts are funky., baby.. and I'm doin' rather than thinking.. The hills are alive with the sound of music., accents rock  and adventure is most certainly an adventure
Some folk obviously feel the need to control while others are comfortable
German cars
Toll Booths., French Sunflower fields., Italian tunnels and Chianti
Rooftop pools., daddy longlegs., trains, planes and automobiles
Tuscan villas., equestrian centers and picturesque detours
summer ski runs., mountains and euros
More anaesthetic., Gogglebox and rural life.., just isn't cricket.. but laughing is
Frasier was so well written
Media City
and economy
Late nights are late nights.. and leaves are falling all around..

Design and garages.; what's with size and how are we supposed to park a car AND open it's doors in these 'spaces'.. Minis aren't quite a Mini.. and really, what's with those funky hanging thingies that folk 'put' on their rear view mirrors. ! Man, they're distracting.., not to mention 'why' do some drivers seem to think that by putting the heater on full blast and maxing the ole 'blower' that it's actually PLEASANT in there..

Rant - It's a simple case of being back where the cans litter the street, Big Issue sales are taking up the peace and thought  trail., gaudy flashing neon signs and zip lines interrupt a pier legacy..; attempts to cover up a disease with a band-aid.; frump., college art and just plain weird fringe tries to distract., Pound rules... along with retirement routines.. Someone (?)'s REALLY missing the point, the boat and the natural amphitheater.. Doesn't ANYbody simply look, feel and geddit.., with expertise, authority and balance without just spasmodic throwing up and the odd freebie here and there.. Come on., pretty please.. You've gotta go get someone who's got an idea of how IT all works in there., man.., ease on down the road baby.. Son of a preacher man.. AXL.. I'm really., disappointed, frustrated, let down, bored., exasperated.. and shruggin' my shoulders, rolling my eyes and cussing like a mo..

fer real.. dude..

.. and who's Draclia

Pop, pop., pop

Waking up is hard to do., when you're tired.. and if all yeyboards were the same,, I wouldn't be making typo mistakes.. Shower pressure IS important.., tea isn't.. and why do you end up sliding when sitting up... and it's over a year now..


surprises and welcomed company makes me smile
from the insides

Fear & Effort

It's funny just how far far is when you make an effort
rainy drives and garment bags
Genesis., Toronto and time
How much is enough
My leg's itching and my back's bloody sore

You know what.?
I'm done for this one
my best to BB

seven days a week

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