Monday, 5 August 2013

Another Week 23 - Miley Cyrus., Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Byrne


& Nighthawks

I'm proud., excited.. and "YEAH" frank enough to admit that I've never seen even as much as 5 minutes of Dr. Who., infact I've probably never even got further than the first  ' couple of bars' of the bloody intro; I simply don't get it.. Of course I know about the famous blue box.. and the Daleks., but the whole corn indifferent scripts and who plays the 12th Time Lord is of as much interest  to me as how tarmac is made.., or dentistry - Yep., I'd sooner watch paint dry..; infact, I'd really and truly  watch paint dry..; there's actual texture, colour and movement to paint.

badda bing badda boom

I had a 22 hour day yesterday.. and then even woke up while in da two hours baby.. I'll be ok today, but tomorrow I'm going to need 'an extra' hour.. What's the whole deal with defrosting muffins..? and gatherings..; oh.. and I eventually put some honey on my defrosted muffin ., so to speak..

What a Performance

.. and trousers with elasticated waistbands.. ; who wears 'em..! "The one-piece wooden clothes-peg was invented by the Shaker community in the 1700s. A later version was patented by Jérémie Victor Opdebec.".. & DOTS

Better Deal

Pasadena or Portsmouth .. I've tweaked a bone, muscle or tendon (or whatever we have that can be tweaked) in my hand.. I thought of a painting this morning., I thought of the Art Institute of Chicago & travelers who smile warmly and hug with depth..

Stylishly Understated

Before I Go
Despite being here., I'm not really..
I'm really where I dream., really
Where I dream is here., but in my dreams., I'm not
I'm always somewhere hot


Pretty Vegas
This is the ride
This is the show

Elegantly Wasted

Look at all that shines
Baby's down on the world and she knows it
If your spirit's running
Why don't we make it in the rain like we used to
We run
We hide
We wait and we want
The good life
Aw sure
You're right
This ain't, the good life
Ah, elegantly wasted
Ah, elegantly wasted


15 Minutes Before Lunch

Legacy., feet., lending a hand and spontaneity..

Distincitve distinctions
and garment bags

So., today it's Will's place in Stratford., Anne's place and some literary culture..The hound's been fed., the razor's worked it's magic and words are just words., unless they're heard, read or/and spoken.. I'm looking for rivers, places to park and unknown roads..

Blue shirts., black recaros and 20" rims
cereal, juice and a banana
batteries., bag and cards
keys., glasses and phone
Thinking of you., time and balance


Southern Californian Sunsets


That's Poetic

Off in search of adventure

.. and shaking off the cobwebs


Thanks this week go/goes to Diana Krall - Magnums - Pizzas - George Clooney - Barcelona - Playwrights and The Savoy

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