Monday, 30 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 18... Sa-Wad-Dee.., ain't no sunshine ..

.. 'cause it's the middle of Spring..; hmm., 's'not good enough..

thanks to D. W...
.. so., cover your eyes.. and listen to the end of April...

I just don't know, but I guess people want to really rest it out with a pot of tea, or decoratively placed inflatable things.. and why.. (?).; probably., I suspect., because of how instinctively inviting the alternative isn't..

It's just another abstract kinda day..

..or maybe it's simply me and just my imagination..; you see, my papa was a rolling stone.., so fiddely dee, fiddely dum.., look out baby 'cause here I.. ; geez., you know that all this is is basically a temptation or two.., or., I wonder, if it's all nothing but a simple superstition.., however, I'm thinking that Nina knows, 'cause she's feeling good..
contrasts., colour and shape... 
Yep., it's about da music baby.. and my inspiration is coming from a bunch of lyrics.; from raindrops keep falling on my head, to going to California where there's an L.A. woman who's not called Gloria, or Layla.. and neither does she have green eyes, but on a perfect day when I'm a sharp dressed man in my cheap sunglasses, she's simply irresistible.. ; oh well..

Other than the music, it's about shape  shape,   contrast and the purest of primary Colours.. and how THOSE 2 cees and an ESS continually inspire me., as always..; red and yellow yellow because they make me think of sunrises, sunsets, sunflowers and the colour of heat..; hot, hot, hot baby. Midnight blue because it reminds me of a clear night-time sky.. So what does that tell ya other than I love being able to take in the outdoors from morning, 'till the end of the day..- thanks Ray and The Kinks..
.. oh.. and I love day-time moons too..
But.., of course.. is that red, 'Simply' red..? IS that yellow a Coldplay yellow and is THAT sunrise an Eagles Tequila sunrise.. OR ., is THE sunflower., Paul Weller's Sunflower.. and finally, is that Midnight blue., ELO's..? Colour AND music..; coincidence or inspiration..?.

Then there are sounds
 the sounds of magic and of being in another place
Manet kinda works too.., as does Byron, but
 crossing the International Dateline..
 waking up in a room filled with sunrise and
sleeping to the sounds of the waves distantly and hypnotically crashing
Watching dolphins play, whales migrate and
paddling by while seals laze on the bell 
Ferries travelling back and forth in the dying evening light
A cocktail on a deck. A boardwalk I can ride;
gas stations without lines and Aisles I know
Mountains, desert and beach., all in a day.. and
glass, light and space
Galleries, performances and escalators with views 
The midnight hour and last harbour ride
The first flight and island alleyways
Parking, barbecues and s'mores
The 1, 55, 215.. and 405
first Thursdays and eyes that smile
Yes., when and reasons
Garment bags, growing families, mansions and a grotto
 Words, legs and open windows..
Square feet, lbs., lots and tips
Greetings, salutations and even permutations
subterranean and enough inspiration to fill the ole cranium..

 .. ahh, I'm seeing how this thing works..; I'm looking through a few pics and along with them comes flooding back, the memory of a moment which is now causing this miserable old face to break into the biggest, cheesiest smile..evah.. and to think it's all because I carry a simple lil' camera around..
I'm forever motivated by the indifferent 'street' inspired images I collect.. , by the indifferent words I write and by the experiences I'm., er.., experiencing.. and in the words of Michael Wolff., "I've met me a lot..; I mean I've seen myself for 'a number of years'." .., "but I don't know what I look like to other people.., so I have to package myself authentically..".. "I have three muscles.., first one is curiosity"..; "second is appreciation of how joyful what you see walking down the street can be".., while the third being, whole, which is greater than the sum of the parts, and knowing that certain things have certain textures, colour.. and am obsessively interested in everything..".. "and that gets expressed more through my eyes".. - thank you Michael..

Geez., I passionately love texture.., great vocals and integrity..

"I crossed a bridge I've never crossed before today
I walked a road I've never walked before
I learned that Lucas is already talking at 17 months 
and I could see for miles and still not have a view"

I dreamt the same dream three times this morning.! Second time was to remember the first one...; while the third time was to tell someone so they could remember it for me..
I knew it was this morning 'cause as I was dreaming the third one, I could also hear it raining... and woke up immediately after it finished.. I dream best in the mornings incidentally..

Pardon..; oh I should go 'where'.., to the what.. 'bell'..? Oh., NOT the bell, but to... Yep., probably..

Seriously.., for real..? But, but, the grammar, the spelling..! and why do the 'locals' repeat themselves.., repeat themselves.. and why do the 'locals' repeat themselves., innit..? and hey, could you pass me a boiled sweet (!) please..

Inspiration..? Hmm, well for me it's in everything I see, hear.. and come to think of it., notice..  A squirrel fell out of a tree near the tennis courts in the saturated middle gardens virtually within a stride or two of me.. and almost within my unbroken stride, I saw it thud to the ground, shake it's stunned self off., look at me as if to say.., "duh., that was pretty stoopid uh.?"., then jump off almost in the same movement while checking me out.. and all I was trying to do was eat an M&S cheese sandwich in the rain.. That tiny accident prone squirrel reminded me about balance, nature and time..
The moment also kinda reminded me just how quickly something can happen that has the potential to change  and impact your day.. 

.. an' seriously what's the big deal with potatoes..?

Yep., lean back...; put your foot out there and hey, it's pretty easy 'innit'., on land..!

or you could lean forward., put your foot out there and brace yourself..; innit..

Ahh., inspiration to try something new can come in any second and at any age, shape or size..; an' while I've just been open and inspired this week., I can't help being motivated by the thought of.. spring somewhere else..

Yes, it's an ocean.; yes, there's a sky.. and yes, that's a pier..; yes there are waves and YES there's a beach, but truly, ..they're different..

Domo arigato
 お 疲 れ 様 

.. and thanks (this week) must go to Danika W for the great pic I've sadly butchered during editing but yet correctly shows me in the thoughtful mood I approve of..; I just shaved a year and couple of lines off, if you must know.. Thanks also go to the memories... and a library of street  motivated pics I've drawn on..; to Michael Wolff's great and truly inspirational Intel video that JD 'introduced' me to and from where I 'got' a few words.... Thanks also goes/go (?) to a couple of people who'll remain nameless, but whose grammar and spelling  proved mine ain't so bad after all.. and finally, I'd like to thank David Ruffin, The Temptations.., Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Ray Charles.., Bill Withers, The Mansion, Balboa Pier and Monkey Mia.. and of course, the rain on my window..; oh and the cheap red I'm enjoying..
.. and if you're lucky enough to have been forgotten this time, have no fear, I'll unintentionally no doubt, embarrass you next time., or the next.. and doesn't the spelling of 'embarrass' look wrong to you..?

JD's influence has already been mentioned, which brings me to Lisa M., Sandra W..; Bobbi.. Mel, Rebecca, KU, Ms. Baur.. ; traveling Jenn., Jazmine, Ess  and a whole bunch of painters., artists, writers, designers, performers and musios who all believe..

Don't think however., that you Dann G, Ray N, Peter L., Brock M., the 7 C's., Erin. Greg/Laurie LaR, James F and Ruthie H..., Liz., Raven Rave., Nancy W., Faith, Nina De., Carolin, Christina B, Steph an' Jon, Julie., Kristen, Teri M and Tawny feel you are beyond escape this week, 'cause you've had every moment of breathing influence on my week too.. and I'd like to acknowledge your roles.; thanks guys..; any inspiration I've gained wouldn't be the same without the thoughts of you that occupy every part of my soul...

Long live rock and roll..., eyes that sparkle.. 


Mr. Charles' - you don't know me.. 



Thursday, 26 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 17.. Breakfasts, a new day.. and Pep Guardiola..

honesty can suck sometimes., but.. "g'morning., your car has been found.".

One Weetabix., some Sugar Frosties and a handful of berries sprinkled on top accompanied by none fat milk and OJ., is all I need.., until the water.. an' I've already completed 10 sets of 10 sit-ups alternating with just 5 sets of 10 push-ups .. and I can get my 'old' day movin'..; it's that simple..

There was a time when at 10.20 am you'd have already completed an hour and a half's worth of work., at least, whereas now, you're posting, liking or responding to something on Facebook.. and trying to convince us all that there simply isn't enough time in the day..
Excuse me, but I have to take an hour's break from my two introductory paragraphs AND heading, while I take a coffee shop break, check my phone and text someone to see what they're doing.. ; phew.., it's looking like I need another break now...

Ok, I've had a stretch and yawned a couple of times, looked out of the window, seen a puddle or two and am left wondering how I can better inflict the levels of sarcasm I'm trying to convey...; oops, hang on, I'd better add those two 'friends' ( I have no clue about., but) I just met last night; after all, I may need a light bulb at some point.. , oh and while I'm at it, I've got another 50 likes to add to the list of 1500 I've never looked at.. Shoot, I'll be back in another hour after I've signed onto my Twitter account, left a handful of witty (?) anecdotes.., checked up on some daily and trending news I can plagiarise and socially arranged my evening out..

Coffee time..; geez,  I have no clue when I'm going to find the time to do my laundry, or grocery shop.., damn it..! These apps on my touch screen 'roid are great aren't they..! I can chat, play games, keep up with the world soccer scores, even find out where the nearest public bathrooms are..
Amazon..; I need to buy a battery..: Oh shoot, before I forget, I also must research cheap flights and the exchange rates.. and pick up a couple of bottles of red..

Not again..
 Oh great, now a Facebook event invitation I have to respond to.. ; time for tea.. and a sandwich.. Hmm and while we're at it, I see the Tate has an interesting gig going on..- Abstract Expressionism meets Minimalism..; did someone mention work..?  
Can you believe it, now I've lost my signal., for a split second..; what am I going to do now.; sniffle, sniff..! ..Tops up the tea and reaches for the cookie jar..

.. and back to the ole Twitter account because someone I don't know and haven't met responded to my plagiarised tweet.. and now I have to engage in a 140-character limit (?) conversation., unless of course I post a Twitpic or use an additional content hosting site which will allow me to leave a longer piece of  literary fop..

To think my morning's not even half over yet and I'm exhausted with satisfying my online social network.. Just not sure when I'll actually get back to work because it's creeping ever closer to lunch and that means heading back out to that coffee shop.., for another hour.. and besides., it's raining and I can't find the inspiration... All I can say is that it's a good thing I managed to get my crunches in this morning..; I'm shattered with all this thinking.. It's no wonder my clients are chasing me for an update on their project.. and to think., I haven't even had time to say 'hi' to my neighbour yet..
Aha, time to procrastinate..; sorry.., but I'll get back to you in a minute.. Thank goodness for Caller I.D. I say...; I'm far too busy to want to talk to you..; more tea please..

That's jus' plain weird honestly.., but you've been warned..

 Otis Redding - Sittin' on...

But hold on., now I need something, so I'm going to have to make that particular call..; another bum on the seat will inflate my commission., so.. "Oh hi., just wondering how you are..?"..- "Yep., I know.., it's been a while, but I was just thinking of you and wondering how you've been..; oh and hey, what are you doing on Saturday night..?".. - "There's a great new (fill in the blanks), that I thought you'd really enjoy.".. - "and I sincerely .., oh and yes, the tickets (?), the tickets are so much to you.."  ..- "but, but, it would be great to see you too.." - "yeh, later.."

Now, where was I..? Ahh, more tea bags, caffeine and .. enamel staining liquids.. and get that butter knife filled.. Geez, I'm actually going to have to pick up some more tea bags and milk.., but let me take this important call first..- "yes, yep.., busy., swamped and chasing dead-lines dude...; infact I haven't stopped all day so far.."

No, no., I don't watch TV..; of course I haven't got time for that stuff., but that Reality show is hilarious.., oh and that girl on the Apprentice is nuts.. and while I'm at it.., that goal was fantastic, but there's no way that John Terry should be allowed to lift the trophy if they win; he gave up that right., in my opinion, but as I said, I didn't watch it.... and just in case you weren't aware of it.., Britain is in the throws of a double dip recession..; NOoo..!! Thank goodness for those experienced and uber qualified experts.., 'cause I had NO idea.. I just thought those empty high street shops were being displayed how they're meant to be.. derelict.. and ready for Damien Hirst to make another 10 mil.. ; but no, NO, I don't watch any TV.. and of course I don't play games on the computer either..; me..(?), never.. I simply don't have time for that stuff..

Wind burn excuses..
Lunch time.. and the day's running away from me..;   I've now got wind burn and I haven't even touched on the adventure I had when I booked a ticket and didn't know where I was going until I paid for it.. I made it by the skin of my teeth which all added to the anticipation..  and I got to see the light..

Now., what has all this got to do with inspiration and my Week 17..? It's kinda easy really..; well, to me.. and..

..yep, sure.., I've rambled on with my feeble attempts at written sarcasm and my guess is the one or two readers who stop by and are hanging in upto this point have no idea what this has got to do with inspiration.., but.., my inspiration this week is simply about integrity, sincerity and that all exciting deal., truth.. I'm inspired this week by truth..; having heard, what I think to be, a fist full of excuses., I've come to the conclusion that it's inspiring to tell the truth and be honest from the moment you wake up and with the first things you do, to the last thing, for example, hitting the 'post' button.. and revealing oneself.. and I've attempted to do that with this weeks images that, to me, tell a truthful story....

.. and finally., I have to say that I've also been inspired this week by the written words of a talented and extremely creative stranger who consistently posts obviously courageous, alive and funny Facebook headlines when in truth, she appears to have a tougher challenge to deal with.. Unknowingly, she causes me to smile and wince (jus' a little) when I read the very public honesty with which she shares her days, cats and lucky pants.. , but hey, I'm a mere guy an' I wince baby.., but thank you...; cut...

The black hole's not quite what you'd expect it to be..., in all honesty... an' I got to see it this past week..; honest.

Now, I really must go..; I've got to cut my nails, trim my whiskers and floss..; truth.. 

Oh crap.., I just had a thought.;  am I repeating myself here..?

My thanks this week go to Susan Tedeschi., Grace Potter.., Alana Davis., Ingrid Michaelson..,  Sara Bareilles., Erin McCarley., Colbie Caillat., Dressy Bessy., Adelle., Missy Higgins., Psapp and Jango for providing me with the background distraction..

Monday, 23 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 16.. All our yesterdays.. , Shinji Kagawa.. and tomorrow..

and I've got nothing but rain for ya this week..; rain, rain, rain.. and choices..

Left., or right..?

that and Brook Benton's Rainy Night in Georgia.. and "Here Comes The Rain Again" by The Eurythmics.., "November Rain" and Guns N' Roses.. and then again "Purple Rain" by Prince.., The Beatles' Rain.. Clapton's Let it Rain..; One Rainy Wish by Hendrix.. and Zeppelin's The Rain Song.. When it finally gets to Monday, I suspect it'll be a Stormy one.., but when Friday comes around, the eagle's going to fly.., apparently..

The L.A.Times Festival of Books no doubt enjoyed their normally great weekend .. and I #*@^ing missed it.., but if you get chance to ever check it out, do so 'cause it's a fun couple of days.. and it's a totally free festival baby.. 

Missed the kick off to the Ensenadas too., geez..; come to think of it, I've missed a great weekend, but I have managed to change drenched clothes, which tested the contents of my wardrobe more than once or twice.. Hence the rainy blues.. and 'those' dark clouds.

I'm trying to work out how I can better my written sarcasm.. and take in some of Manet's work next week to celebrate his April 30th's passing, while enjoying some much needed culture..; I was also reminded this past week that a piece of my work hangs in a friend's home..  Thanks 'J'..
Then I remembered something about choices..; I'll come back to the whole choices deal later.., but first..

I was standing next to a Mum on the boardwalk/prom', a couple of feet from the sand.. and watched as she bent down to her buggy sized toddler and (heard her) say.., "we'll go to the beach ONE day when it's sunny"..! Now., is it just me., or..?

Gimme some of that inspiring shelter Mick..
I thought of a Stones song as I looked for some shelter from the rain... and found something from all our yesterday's..

I also overheard the following question.. "What you've got to do, is hit the backspace."... and the response., hmm., "and what's a backspace..?"

.. and really., is all that tacky stuff necessary to have a good time, or to celebrate.? and what does 'inactive' mean (?) 'cause I'd like to delete it's ass if that's ok..

Choices.. and simply liking to drive with the darn window open.., but having the luxury of not wanting to basically freeze to death, or get soaked.., or have some nasty heating blasting out of the vents..   and when will I be okay to leave my gloves behind..? I think I've been wearing them since last September.., almost 8 months.!! Yep, choices..; I'd just like them.., but.. HARK, I do have them..; thanks 'L'..

and if it's gotta be that difficult..; why.?

Missed NBFF celebrating Earth Day in the Upper Bay too..; drat.. and will miss NBFF's fantastic week long celebration that starts middle of next week.. I just hope I don't miss my birthday.. 
Hang on., I need to pencil that one in before I forget.. Ok..; done..

How people's choices affect others.. and make your mind up already will ya..

Oh and yes.., well, no really..; oops, nearly let the cat outta the bag.. Such is the way my fingers work when they don't think..

Frumpy too..; I've been reminded of da frump baby.. and surely there is a choice.. and what is it with all these butt cracks..?  I mean, I know and can feel it, so why can't the other butt cracks..?

Left or right..?
A rainy day choice of whether to go left., or right.. and is the view, really the same..? There are almost identical puddles either side..; the paths appear to be the same.. The end result appears to be the same.., but one path leads you to the left, while the right one, leads you er.. right..!! 
How do we know which is the 'right' path..? Choices eh..!

Well only if you understand it is on a public path..; but it's a choice.., I guess..
I have absolutely no clue what this week's Image is about other than choices.. and the choices we have to make every day.. and the ones I've made this past week have included deciding to delete a few Facebookers and hovering over a couple more.. 
Choices have also been whether to stay indoors., or to get wet..; I choose wet everyday 'cause I have a feeling that I'm going to be a long time dead.. and who knows then..? 

Looks like I'm going to be late posting week 16 as it's 11.55.., unless I chose to hit the post button right now, unedited and unspellchecked..; now there's a word..'unspellchecked'..

So that's my effort done..; I've made the decision based on the choice I have..; blues rather than pop., man..  Oh., and right rather than left..

Ready for action and without a choice..., or.

I was introduced to Diane Schuur this week also.. ; well NOT actually introduced introduced, but simply the kind of listening introduction that one gets to do when tuning into YouTube..

Thanks this week go to the two people who had a choice and decided to return the favour ...; thanks also goes to Buddy Guy, a pair of dry Levis, a set of great windscreen wipers., my faded Addidas baseball cap.., the plumber... and Mandy...

.. and I'm late posting...; it's 12.33 a.m.... and unedited., unchecked..., but who's reading about choices anyway..!
It's just a simple seat and view that I chose to enjoy..

So., did I tell you that I love your smile, nervous chatter.. and the way I feel when I think of you..

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 15... and Balotelli surely has to go..; he's even disrupting me..

Quiet incentive.. 

from the bridge..

.. and isn’t a Brazilian Blow Dry an oxymoron..?

Hair Removal on Full Legs and Two ‘Other’ Areas.! Thanks this week already goes to Groupon for these pieces of inspirational imagery..; ‘full’ legs (uh) and two ‘other’ areas uh., and why send this to me..?

 I started my day today with the worst kind of hangover evah.. ; not an alcohol induced hangover, but the kind that comes from a lousy night's sleep.- Hah., 'sleep' uh.!!...; infact I can't remember sleeping, but I guess I must have because the dreams I dreamt added to the whole restlessness I struggled with.. Tossed and turned all night, got too hot, too cold., lost my duvet and couldn't relax at all.. I'm totally exhausted now... and why is the pillow never right when you're restless..? And since I had an experience as a child of a night monster placing my right leg back into bed as I slept, I don't like my leg hanging out from under the bed covers..., so there..!

It all started when I bought an island.., a tropical one, similar to Irriki, as I'd been there and played on it as a kid when it was home to the District Commissioner., although mine has three separate and quite private white sandy beaches, a bay.., a hill from which to enjoy the view of the whole island and fringed on three sides by a coral reef allowing one entrance by the Pacific Ocean to the reclusive piece of paradise I intend living on... and after buying it, I then have to develop a water treatment thingy.. and install some solar energy for the power gig, thing, do da....., but first..

There was also the little matter of a Spanish holiday I was on with old friends and an ex..!
On the morning we were supposed to be returning home., I was late in waking and looking across the courtyard towards their room, I found the curtains drawn and while I didn't really want to leave that morning.., as my unpacked and empty suitcase proved., the thought that they'd leave without at least letting me know, kinda shocked me for a moment.. .. and stood looking at.. and trying to figure out why they'd leave.., I noticed a blackbird, trapped and flapping around between the floor to ceiling glass and drapes just before the neutral curtains were pulled back revealing my friends calmly packed and sat around..; I, on the other hand, had just a face-cloth to hide my erm, toned modesty.. - There ain't any pics of this by the way as this all happened in the moment I was asleep last night..: Back to the island and what kept me awake....

I think I'll buy to scuttle., an old fishing boat and a yacht to create the third reef.. the thought that I could provide a deeper, artificial reef for the potential of some additional marine life and for visiting friends to enjoy while snorkeling, also kept me awake..

I watched U2's Glastonbury concert this week.., thanks to YouTube and I've tried to stay with an iPlayer movie for more than a moment., but so far, not so good..; oh and I've developed this pain just behind my left knee and an itchy right forearm..

London's  Groupon is offering me an online accountancy course for 59 smackeroos., but sadly I'll have to decline this excitingly enticing deal.. and of course,  stunning opportunity.. Back to my island.. and oh shoot, perhaps I should take the course..
I've gotta brush up on my adverbs..; now where is Groupon with that whole gig when ya need that one..?
I walked across a bridge this week.., just after seeing a miniature steam train roll by tootin' an' a whistlin'... and after last weeks Image, when I saw a guy walk on water, this time, I saw one walk in the air..

 .. an' isn't Suarez (allegedly) a cheat..(?); who cares about the National and what they're wearing., but Shackalackaboomboom (?) for a name., rocks..

Hmm., I wonder what Skyping is like on a theatre sized screen..?

The vision of an island wouldn't be complete without a beach bar where a perfectly shaken and made Cadillac Margarita on the rocks, with salt and in a tumbler would be the house special everyday.., unless of course, you'd prefer one of those chilled bottles of beer pulled from an ice chest. 
Expect the sounds of the Pacific to fill your ears, 'cause there ain't gonna be no disco musak going down in Ole Shep's Bar.., dude..; jus' sayin' if you're wanting to get on the guest list..  No shoes required baby..

Thing is.., is there a funnier movie to watch than Wedding Crashers..? and why does Ferris still stand up..?  and who rocks more than Billy Mack..?

Moments before it hit the goal..
An F150 truck growled past me yesterday.. and if it's flying., I can see the balloon..,  but the best sight from yesterday was seeing a mum in goal on the beach with her hubby (?) and son..

I read 'power' being used, (in my opinion) as an inappropriate verb.., but hey, there again, I'll read all this stuff at some point and think the same..

Geez, deafness sucks..; I'm not sure how many times that point's been repeated in an attempt to get through, but I've lost count.. and the moment's long  gone and now lost all importance.. Senses uh.. and how can someone's new car choice have anything to do with anyone else..? 

Unsolicited bulk messages and spam, spam, spam = delete, delete, delete.. Does any of that s*#t actually get through and work..? and can I dispose of phone messages without having to go through and listen to them..? Hmm, if gas prices do go up to 7.20  per gallon this summer in the UK, as is forecast., that will equate to about $11.47 in real money as of the exchange rates today..
"ALMOST half of all Britons are “seriously considering” moving overseas, an exclusive survey for The Sun has found"... 48%., according to The Sun's pollsters..!! Yeah, hell yes.., I know it's The Sun.., but imagine for one second if this poll proved to be only a little out and it was a mere 25%.!! Someone's definitely not happy with the ole flask and cheese sandwiches and that's fer sure..

Yep., it's a blogged and opinionated bash this time..,  unless I can find something to smile about.., which may lead me to donkeys.. and J.T., Santiago, I'm fine, thanks.. Two smiles as a result the Southern Hemisphere has on me..; which brings me back to my island., somewhere south and west of the International Dateline and Equator , close-ish to 168E 17S...

 and 'why' exactly..!

Ahh., sigh.., it's come together again.. and what a fluke again.., but in truth it was all about the longitude and southern hemisphere deal..; something clicked, no pun intended.. and my mind went to that place.. It started with me suggesting Balotelli should go.. and it's ended with me being honest..  
Truth... and 'why' exactly..!, as my pic and caption above indicates..; well..because we get found out in the end and I found something that made me smile.., honest..

Dark glasses, hoodie and a jeep..: Who'd a figured that out all these years later...; THE journey..

As close as it gets to the longitude., dude..
. and where it starts., it may well finish..

The End

Thanks and inspiration this week goes to several decades and a basket of old pics, along with the realisation that I have a past.. and that past is shown and shared in truth.., pure truth..  and nothing but the truth..

'Til 16 guys and gals.., au revoir..

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 14.. Grrr., Red Wine and

Throwing it around..!

Ohmm.., ohmm..
SO., what's a little inexpensive French red wine splashed all over the place anyway.? It stains, of course.. and requires cleaning up, but with a lot of soda water and patient dabbing, there are worse things going on to worry about...; I heard the Titanic went down...

.stylin'.., for someone.; jus' not me..
I've liked the word 'exemplary' this week.., seen a lot of pink, purple and wacky checks, stripes and watched the tide roll in..

Hmm., even walked up and down a few stairs, including those that smell.. ; I got drenched at some point too.. and all for what..?

Easter, spring and indifference.. I actually intended putting together a 'dirty, trashy' kinda blog this week, complete with pics of said stuff, but in all truth, I can't.., or can I ? Sure, there's a mountain of chewing gum left on the sidewalks, discarded trash left by the road and patched up tarmac seemingly with every stride I took.; I'm not sure why the smokers have to throw their empty packs to the ground, nor why the drinkers have to leave their beer cans and bottles for me to notice.., but in truth the trash is mostly made up of crushed cigarette packs, beer cans and chewing gum.., which proves who the folk are who don't really care and take little pride in where they live.. I guess I notice just where the trash bins are and can make it to one of them when I've finished with my choc', or blown my nose, or drank my coke.., but hey.., instead., I'm going to share with you the adventure I've had looking for a shirt..; I think I could climb Everest, or complete a record breaking marathon with no training whatsoever before I find a bloody shirt I like.. I don't want a darn rainbow striped shirt, nor a button down one..;  I don't want a spring one.., or a skinny one..  
Prints are also a no no..
and I don't want a flowery one with a funky collar, I just want a casual long sleeved white shirt without a structured collar  (that I can wear with my jeans) with perhaps a faint/faded blue stripe or even, dare I say it., a faded blue 'check', but that's predominantly white ... I want to be able to wear it tucked in, or out and with a t-shirt under or not..; just a bloody shirt.. I don't want it to look like it's been starched and I don't want it to feel like a packet of crisps.. and I don't want a short sleeved one.. I just want a shirt without those nasty cheap buttons everywhere, pockets everywhere and those awfully shaped collars..; just a shirt.., that's all..!

Some people use a public restroom...
See., it's good to moan..; no it's not., yes it is.. I could look the other way (duh), of course.., but then surely I'd be choosing to ignore the obvious.. and then perhaps, accepting (?) the way it is.. and I simply refuse to condone trash ignorantly strewn around, chewing gum spat out, or pink, purple striped shirts and sweaters, no matter how soft the sweater is..; so what's a guy to do.? .. whine, moan and whine some more about it..; yep.. it's all about a shirt guys.. an effing SHIRT..and because I can't find one, I'm seeing chewing gum, empty beer cans and crushed cigarette packs..!! Oh and don't get me onto the subject of the guy changing into his swimming trunks right in front of the packed holiday weekend beach bar.. His old and obviously faded grey boxer briefs were doing nothing to contain his solidly  'rotund' physique.. and this is while I'm walking by after seeing rows of bloody striped shirts..!! 

They all managed to look the other way.., but I simply couldn't..
Not my kind of day.. and you'd say something like, "look the other way then".. and I'd say something like.., " I bloody tried"..

Switching off, stepping back.. and conscious decisions..; how old is old.. and when does a friend become more of an acquaintance.? 
Doing things one wants to do is selfish (?), or focused.. and would I ever have gone into that place otherwise.. and do I need to now..? 

There is a point to all this (?)., I'm hoping.., although as it looks right now, I'm admittedly clutching at straws and for an image that will bring it together for what I hope will be a reason to publish the week's flashbulb moment and moment of inspiration..  
Whine, wine, trashy shirts and trash..; hmm., where's the epiphany ..?

More wrong stuff..
Tea and sandwiches too..; flasks, silver foil everywhere.. and while it's 5 o'clock somewhere., here it seems to be always lunch time.., well unless it's tea time.. and what's tea time anyway..?

Bus Stations, job centres and airports..; been there too, but I haven't been to Memphis.. 

Did I mention my stiff back..? or that I overheard some guy this evening ask his buddy as they walked the beach.."and where in the world could you see and have this.?" as he pointed west towards the rocks...; so I turned to look at what he was pointing at as I passed him and thought., "hmm, you've obviously not traveled much or far.."  

A gate to.... a story..

Shirts.. and is it really all about a shirt.., or is it about Easter and making peace with my 'whines'.., so I'm kinda thinking that this weeks 52 isn't about the moans as much as it's about understanding I can mop up the wine using some soda water... and holy cow, epiphany moment guys..; it's there, right there.. 

I started this blog referring to red wine being spilled and ending it with a pic of a guy appearing to walk on water while fishing.. and all over the Easter weekend.. 
If that were a sign, I'd say to heck with the whole shirt deal and focus on the signs  that are all about us..

So, as it's Easter and I was thinking of a guy who walked on water and had a few fish handy, I saw this guy and thought.., "hmm., what's this guy got in his bucket.?"..

So, proving my own adventurous journey is a spiritual one, I'm once again reminded of the signs I see in my everyday walk of life.. and this week, it seems what's important isn't a shirt, discarded cigarette pack or crushed beer can, it basically comes down to some red vino, a gate to somewhere and a guy who appears to be walking on water..; now, where have I heard that one before..?

"There you will see him, just as he told you."

Thank you to the United Kingdom, United States., California, Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Cream, The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony,  Galaxy Chocolate, The Midnight Rambler, Sandbanks, The Dolphin Center., Bournemouth Gardens Annual Easter Duck Race., the Mayor, Elvis., Coke Cola and cheap French wine for this weeks inspirations....