Saturday, 31 March 2012

Image 52 - Week 13... going Back to the Future.. and The Red Devils..

The Flux Capacitor.., M1 and 70mph..  and making peace..

It's been a funky week for this lil' ole white boy..; I first programmed the mind machine to go back to the 80's..; I've already done the 90's, but the 80's were next.. I had no idea I was eventually going all the way back to Henry Street, the rail crossing... and way, way before the skin tight lime green flares, navy pin-striped Oxford Bags and white platforms were items found in my wardrobe...
The Lake..
 Emotionally driven with the sight that greeted me, I parked, paid my one pound for a couple of hours and walked the 2.5 mile scenic path round the lake; I seem to remember it as being a dark and scary place, but it was infact quiet, calming and really, quite honestly., pretty scenic.. The 130 acre reservoir with distant clear views of the Pennines brought back some weird stuff  but man it was freaky, surreal and definitely played games with my insides.. Heck guys, even the old Ice Cream truck selling 99's was parked in the same darn place.., but phew, at least it was a modern one 'cause that would have been too freaky deaky..
From where the Alice sailed..
The rowing club that's been in continuous existence since 1872.. and looks it, was still there too.. .. 
It was here that I remember walking (head down) into a lamp post on the way to ride the dodgems.. and this was at a time when England won the World Cup.; I'd set my time machine way back to the 60's man..; or, dare I say it, there may have even been a 50's moment.. NO., couldn't have..; damn that flux capacitor and 70mph.. I went back seven decades and all I intended ever doing was knocking a bloody door..!!

Ok, I know I need to take in a writing class because I jump around a bit, or maybe that's what folk call editing.. an' I don't do any on here..; what's the deal anyway with all this beginning, middle and s&*t..? 

Art easels, plein air.. and..

the light’s changed and along with it was the sight of my first plein air painter (this year.!) working from the sand with the island in full view..; yep, I had to stop, just for a moment though simply to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and to take it all in.. You can’t be sure these days whether it was just my imagination., or those were real paint brushes.. and with the smell of linseed oil.. and French ultramarine filling my senses., I hit the brakes hard..
thoughts of light and friends..
I wonder why when driving with the window open and arm resting on the door, music cranked up.., that one drives faster.. ? It seems the foot gets heavier man.. and somewhere in the middle of nowhere I hit all the right notes and am lyric perfect too.. ; I'm just hoping I don't have a nasty surprise photo landing on my mat proving I may have exceeded the speed limit by a mere mile per hour.. once or twice.. Those cameras are everywhere..

Back to the time machine..

I left the M62 at the correct exit.. and was met by a roundabout I hadn't been on since Moses parted the sea.. AND a first moment hit me..; I've never thought about this roundabout at all, period, never., ever, NEVER.., ever since I left it at the end of the 70's and probably never thought it about it during my long haired perm years either, ten years before.., BUT at about 11.00am on Thursday morning, 2012, I had a moment.. ; it's now got traffic lights on it, but this roundabout offered me a moment. I ran out of petrol in my J registered 1970 Daytona Yellow MG when I was about 17.; I managed to push my tiny sports car to what was then a grassy central reservation where I wondered what I was going to do next..; pre cell phones and miles away from civilisation I managed to get my dad to come to my much embarrassed rescue.. I mean, how the heck did it all go down (?), I was miles from anything.. First ff fluxing stop.. and the memory of running out of gas..; I've never run out of gas since..

I was now on a surface I hadn't been on in years and certainly way before blogging was even a creative thought and before Zuckerberg was even born...  and here I was relying on a satellite navigation unit to get me around. I was lost in mid street., then I turned a corner and suddenly wasn't.; technology was helping me, then my memory kicked in while on mid roundabout.. and I was lost again.. Surreal stuff.. My eyes darting all over the place as I drove, window down with even the radio tunes being old school.. and the caller didn't recognise The Stylistics as being the answer to win her radio prize..; I was screaming "it's the Stylistics, it's the bloody Stylistics"., alas, she proved that she lived in a more modern era than the old guy driving..

I had to stop at a set of lights, first car and wondered where the devil I was and looked over into the car alongside and felt I was in a foreign land.. My mind and emotions were all over the place and before I knew it, the lights turned to green and I had to move from my frozen moment.. 'They'd' now put a set of lights and roundabout where there was originally a simply yield...; I remembered racing from the yield in the brown VW Storm I had at that time and feeling the front wheel drive car getting lighter under acceleration as it took off under the heavy right foot I walked with for most of my youth.. I also remember the hill from which I learned to do my first hill start in the Triumph Toledo I was eventually to pass my drivers test (first time) in on that Wednesday, November 21st.. Geez., what the eff..!!

I turned onto a familiar road with the same pub guarding it's entrance, but from the strange dual carriageway  I had been on for a few minutes only to find my heart beating a little faster in anticipation of the next mile.. and there it was..; I drove by  to find some things haven't changed.., well except for the old soccer pitch I remember scoring a few goals on that now had floodlights on it.. At that time, the only thing it used to have on it other than young soccer players, was a herd of cows that grazed on it to keep the surface 'trimmed'.. Wow., floodlights eh..?

Some of the buildings looked kinda sad.., lots more roundabouts and speed bumps..; more and more sign posts and those strange windows and frontal dressings that people think positively affect the kerb appeal of their homes... The same pubs and a total mixture of some things not having changed a bit, while other things have been altered for all time.. Not all of it good, but more than likely having to be changed due to the growth from tiny village to large village.. Even our old shop had been reverted to a home, along with it's new third floor.. I noticed some legs sunbathing from the tiny terraced door that opened directly onto the sidewalk, just a meter from the strange road I was driving on.. and thought.."hmm., yep., the UK"..

Turning around I noticed The Globe was still there.. and so to was the Village Hall I rehearsed in for my part in Arsenic and Old Lace.. Scary stuff man..

Without missing a beat I was off and outta there.., only to be met with traffic lights that confused me, but yet also made total sense.. I made my right turn and thought this hill surely was longer and much steeper when I was a kid than it now appeared..; holy cow, I remember a friend's tree house built in that tree too., I thought...

On with the journey..

 Yep, I had to stop for the train crossing and noticed the woman walking under the tracks where I recall getting buzzed to the sounds and vibrations of trains gently rolling over the top of my head.. ; I had to park somewhere just to have that experience again.. and did.., although now the ten meter long or so subway was littered with broken bottles and a lifetime of garbage..; again, I remember it as being dark and kinda scary, but in reality was well lit as it was only the width of a single train track... Funny how time plays romantic games with your memory.. and now, as a man, the things that would scare me as a kid, proved to be no more than a simple subway..

On the other side of the tracks lay my old primary school, much bigger now to accommodate it's 400 kids and extended, but the original building with hall entrance and two classrooms stood to remind me of where I learned to tell the time and where I played the good old British Bulldogs (?) game in the play ground.. Yep, this was proving to be a trip to another world and another life.. 
I had to go in, but as an old geezer, were they going to let me in..? I excitedly approached the admin' office and asked the question and was met with a hesitant and extremely suspicious 'yes'.., however, using a simple family name, the doors were immediately opened for me along with a 'just a minute, I have to go let someone know you're here'.. and I was introduced to two teachers who had been taught by my uncle and aunt (and my Aunt's in her mid 90's now).., way back when.. Emotional and weird...  A moment in the old hall, now changed into a couple of classrooms reminded me of a primary school play I was in and the lines I purposely forgot..; but how the heck could I remember this stuff.., I was only about 5 or 6 and this is before The Beatles had a number one hit..!!

Yes, I've finally discovered that I've got a past..; I swear I've often wondered if infact I did.. and here it was.., in living colour and on a sunny day, 2012..

Hah., and there was my grandparents old home., for sale and of all moments, the current home owner opening the door..; was this a sign..? Across the road was the hall where I attended Sunday School and next door was where my Grandfather operated out of a tiny, dark little shop as the local village cobbler..; tons of memories and then there were the fire lighter sticks my grandmother let me play pick up sticks with and the tiny handled glass she left on the window ledge for me when I used to race into her kitchen for a drink and piece of freshly made Parkin.. Hmm, and the dark coal cellar they had that I never went down..
The fish and chip shop I used to stop in on every Friday night after my Boys Brigade meetings was still a fish and chip shop, although now a Chinese Fish and Chip shop.. which brings me up to the car park and lake.. and the window I used to sleep behind..

Yep., this week is about nostalgia, trips back and for making peace perhaps before I move forward again.. Some thing's never change of course, while other things aren't quite as I remember them; distance and size is different as is the the way of life I've been exposed to.. 
'I've' understood more of that after my journey through time. and have simply moved on.. and am happy with that.. I guess I've been inspired this week as a result of going back and inspired to continue with the forward motion instinctive to my personality trait. It's been good to knock on a door and the particular door I knocked on was a relatives I hadn't seen since I had that permed hair, yellow MG and ran out of gas..; older, wiser (?) and with family, I sat in a room that was usually reserved for visitors.. and which was once home to a favourite Uncle and Aunt and now home to a cousin.. The look on my cousins face as he opened the door, with a cell phone in one hand, was one of pure shock as his telephone conversation was obviously interrupted and yet, the smile and greeting was priceless.. 
The Flux Capacitor did it's thang and for that moment going back to the future was the best thing I've done in quite a while.. 

... Northern history..
The final part of my journey was when I set my mind back to the local town's soccer ground and the first game and ground I went to with my Father and grandfather.. I drove into the car park and again knocked on the club admins office door where I simply asked if it was ok to take a walk out onto the pitch, take some photos and enjoy another moment from my past.. The young admin' opened the door with a warm welcome and smile before escorting me to another time...
I was 'asked' and encouraged to leave the football club's night club there while celebrating my birthday a lifetime ago after  rather enthusiastically enjoying a cocktail or two ..., probably around my 18th., I think.. That Football ground held one or two memories for me also and yet I never got to walk through the corridors of English League Football before and here I was, walking out of the home tunnel with the green, green grass of home laying infront of me..

I've seen the world since those days... and perhaps I'm a little clearer with my path from spending the day walking in those old footprints...I'm around my own personal history at the moment and excited now to embark on a new future complete with the knowledge that I once ran out of gas in a yellow MG...

Hmm., I guess colour, sense of space and moments in time really are themes with my blog...; perhaps it's all about embracing one's past and the journey forward (?), but I'm inspired by stepping back to now turning another new page in the ongoing story of life...

Holy cow, I've no idea what pics to post that reflect the emotions I've lived while dealing with Image 52's Week 13.., but here goes..

.. choice to jump and freedom to fly....
I chose to jump and I choose to fly... an' I returned from the past to the here and now...

and if you got to this point of Week 13., thanks for reading..

Monday, 26 March 2012

Image 52 - Week 12.. A Day in the Life., or something like that..

Daffodils, time change and that extra evening hour..

Another season..

If I were a writer, I'd perhaps be staring at a blank piece of paper and looking at it without being able to make a start.., however, as I'm admittedly not, a writer,  I can just pull my trigger and carry on like this all day long until I feel as though I'm finding a way..; apart from basically understanding the differences between their and there, where and were, I've never professed, or claimed to be a writer so I can simply carry on with my journey.., but thanks for the pointer..; it really was intended purely as humour..

On my travels this time I sat across from an old guy dressed smartly in collar and tie and naturally travelling alone.. I couldn't help discreetly glancing at him from time to time wondering what his story was and noticing his lapel pin that seemed to indicate a military past, but more intriguing was his obviously old, dated and faded pocket map he referred to occasionally from his inside jacket pocket..    
A life in the day..
It was that piece of neatly folded paper he obviously treasured that held what I could only imagine as being the fascinating story I would have loved to learn more about.. I knew this guy had a story from the moment and way he retrieved his fallen glasses and the attentive manner in which he put them on again.. and I so wanted in on that story man., however,  sat in front of me was a distracting woman who coughed for most of the journey, but I suspect her cough had more to do with the racy book she was reading.;  I could just make out from the reflection in the coach window enough back to front words to know that one or to words indicated her reading preference and I came to the early conclusion that it wasn't a self help book., unless...
The woman behind me opened the most foul smelling crisps imaginable and all I could do to keep from throwing up as I heard her munch a flavour I certainly wasn't familiar with was try to read the back to front paperback in front of me...  I was also privy to the guy sitting next to the crisps letting us all know his phone call was to his girlfriend who he desperately wanted to see after getting home and changing his clothes.. Actually, the walk he wanted to go on sounded pretty good to me, however,  what he wanted to eat certainly didn't..

Other peoples lives..

I sat alone looking through the gap in the seats wondering what the three blond Scandinavian students were talking about.. I didn't understand a word of their conversation, but found them a little more interesting than the pair of head phones and the music coming from the young professional guy sitting in front of the military guy.. I won't mention what the woman was doing sat behind the old guy, but I just wish that every time I looked over, she didn't have to flick them on the floor.

So it was the travellers sat in front of me that proved I appeared to be sat in the right place to observe my fellow adventurers., but I'm going to have to ask the driver one of these days why we stop at that particular place for the 45 minute rest..

.. rules.., rules, rules..
At the long motorway stop the uniformed female driver reminded us again that the vent/roof window was our only access to cooler air after several disgruntled passengers complained of the heat. The driver certainly had a colourful way of describing what would happen if we ignored her directions; failing to follow her instructions would apparently result in the decapitation of  any stupid asshole following us.. I wasn't going to go anywhere near that bloody roof.
I wonder if it's how I sit, or my dark glasses, or more than likely my sideburns that keep people away, but hey, I got to sprawl out., as much as the tight seats allow.. I don't exactly need to have a stranger sit next to me, but then again I always wonder why my spare seat is always the last to get filled.. Hmm., I showered., my feet don't smell.. and apart from the fact that I sing out loud and out of tune while keeping my empty beer cans and tequila bottles neatly contained in their plastic and brown paper bags.., I'm kinda a considerate traveller...
I never know whether to use the foot rests only because when you take your feet off them, they flick up and make the worst sound and the little girl a couple of rows back seem to use this as an ongoing game of sorts. Her mother appeared to encourage the noise as I didn't hear her suggest stopping.. It was only for three hours, so I could deal with the rattle, crash, bang.. and besides her cute little song made me smile..; that was fun., but those darn crisps man.. Geez.., enough already..

Why do people throw trash out of their car windows..?

I didn't sleep much last night, but hey, when I did, I dreamt of preventing a night time break in by a burglar armed with a pair of scissors and the flash light he was using that ultimately woke me up..; I successfully subdued the guy while at the same time calling the police.. I calmly made my statement to the cute female police officer while surrounded by gathered family and friends before passing out completely drained from wrestling with the burglar.. and now, YOU., please tell me what that's all about..  

It looks like dreams and travelling have a common bond going on here.. Books, music and cute accents..; along with a little danger, all adding up to a life time of adventure..? Maybe and yet, it seems I adhere to the rules of how to open a window.., respect a past and am intrigued by life..? Yep., sounds like me, my journey.. and a life in the day..

Oh geez, the past week uh..? I've hit the road, travelled a few counties, from the coast to quite a bit of the English countryside and made it to a desk where I've made my very late start  to 'Week 12' watching the sun set., then rise across the farm and rolling fields., outside the study window... 

I bought some toothpaste and have eaten some choc' digestives.. Filled a pool, filled a gas tank and emptied a beer bottle., or two.. I've driven a strange embankment, woken to fog and know where the best shower in town is..

Isn't it inneresting.:. What is acceptable..?  Now if only I could work out how to load this weeks pics I'd be smokin'.. Maybe you can imagine the images for me..? Yeah, that would be great..; imagine..

It's the simple things.. and view..
I had my laptop cleaned last week and all my settings have changed, including new images and the routine I've been using up to this point is now out the window..; ahh, window AGAIN.. Hmm..! Anyway, I can't find a way to transfer my edited pics and my tech' abilities haven't worked it all out yet.. I know it's only a matter of hitting a simple button I haven't as yet, but I'm on it..; sorta..
The ole well worn laptop I use reminds me of a favourite battered old note pad and handed down fountain pen but is working much faster after it's treat, yet where did all my stuff go dude..? 

Tell me, am I the only untech' person left in this world who has to fumble around a computer in order to find things..?  I guess this is exactly the reason why moments mean something to me and why I live 'em.., 'cause it's a case of when I find stuff on here, I feel like I've just won the lotto.. It's like Disneyland, candy floss and meeting Diane Lane.. 

No idea whatsoever what this weeks inspiration is about.., other than I'm taking in a new place that's full of laughter and different accents.;  spring is opening it's windows to a new light.. and the daffodils, colour and new bloom are all showing themselves, the sun has a little heat in it, there is an extra hour in the day and hey.. I can hide my gloves and snood away in the back of the bottom drawer.. finally.. and perhaps., perhaps gently coax my shorts to front center..?

I'm gonna open that window and let the sunshine in..; if only I could work out the whole where did my pics go deal..!

Aha.., something's happening..

It's just a sign that Easter's round the corner.....
.. and for the unlikely person who's been sitting on the edge of your seat patiently waiting for my weekly scribblings, I'm sorry I'm late, it's just this clean and newly disorganized laptop that's confused my photo loading skills..; sadly for the other folk who wonder what all this is about, I'm back.., as confused as ever..  and looking forward to my choc' Easter Egg...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Image 52 - Week 11.. Can Seagulls fly up into the sky.?

12 Stones.. and a surprise..


Steps and the view of life they offer up...

I was prepared to walk along the beach in order to pick up my coach at the bus station.; not a bad early morning commute,  but Shep Snr. insisted on me having a ride in to town..; I accepted. At least my alarm didn’t need to be set quite so early as the ride was going to take just  10 minutes as opposed to the 50 minute walk .. and at 6.45 am, I wasn’t going to refuse.., however to back up a little to the day before..
I’ve been checking and rechecking my ticket for the couple of days I’ve had it. It’s a simple travel ticket really, but yet this one is reuniting me with an accent and warm art talent I’ve missed. This particular talent represents a group of artists and a geographical area that together will provide me with a link to a past that I’m excited to embrace..
Counting down the last 3.00pm to 4.00 pm hour (as I write this), I imagine the plane’s wheels touching down at some time during the hour.; I’ve been told I will get a call and look forward to it without taking it for granted of course.; the call will indicate and confirm a friends arrival after her long haul flight and the coach ticket will offer me the chance to catch up in person..

All changes saved..

It's just a door that's not been opened in a while..
 Some people dream of a lotto ticket, but for me, I’m happy with my coach ticket..


Have I mentioned that I’ve culled my Facebook page and reduced my ‘likes’, friends and groups.; no.? Well, I have..; numbers don’t do it for me as you may understand from the few weeks I’ve been ‘Image’ scribbling., so I’m getting back to the friends I know and regularly communicate with.. and I feel better for it too..; I’m sure I’ll have offended someone: Sorry to the fifty or so I’ve painstakingly removed., but all I can say is that it’s not been cruelly intended, it’s simply a case of ‘writerly’ writers socially communicating as opposed to being there as a ‘possible networking contact’.. I consider FB to be a social media site and not something for me to gain/gather ‘numbered’ respect...The first to go have been those who’ve recently ‘added’ me because of nothing more than a vision I’d been working towards..  A case of last in, first to go.. and as callous as that sounds, believe me, only a couple were a no brain'r.
I can operate psychologically with about 150, which actually still feels too many incidentally, but ‘we’ll’ see how that goes for now.. and as for all those groups ‘we’ accumulate, THAT had to change too... ;)

I  bet she’s going through customs now, or waiting for luggage, or looking for a phone to let family know she’s landed and in one piece.., but I bet she’s on UK soil for her first time..; surrounded by foreign accents.., the noises will be new and the information signs and language will all be confusing and alone, it’s a moment when you don’t know which way to turn..  Different fashions and a currency you’re not familiar with can be a daunting, yet exciting introduction for a newbie..
I couldn’t even work out how to use a payphone when I arrived back.. and it seemed that everybody walked faster and totally knew where they were going.. and tired, loaded up with luggage and disorientated, it’s a time to stop, take a deep breath, look around and accept that actually everything’s ok..

All changes saved.

Not the best conversationalist around...
Okay., the call just came in., she’s landed..; yeah..

 A few days have passed since I wrote the above and I've decided that I have a ton of material that's inspired me and that I'd like to share., however.. and despite all this good stuff.. I'm not sure I want to.. First off., I couldn't take pics of the very thing that worked for me.., thanks to the National Gallery rules.. 
Wandering through London's National Gallery filled me with emotion and inspiration and sadly., the rules state 'no photographs'., so you'll just have to take my word for it..; the time 'in there' was pretty darn inspirational.. A wall of several Van Gogh's was enough to bring tears to my eyes.. and as for the Sunflowers., well.. no pic would have done it justice., so there.., but to add oodles of Rembrandt's, Matisse's, Pissaro's, Manet's and Vermeer's and I fail miserably to add any photos that could do my inspirational Image 52  efforts any justice this week..

.. and besides.., my writing style doesn't work that way..; I need to just ramble and try to recall the events of the last week rather than document them as I go.. I will give it a good effort one of these weeks to formally throw my words into a beginning, middle and end.., but.., for now, if you guys haven't paid a visit to the National Gallery, then git your asses up to Trafalgar Square and do it.. NOW.. and when you do, I challenge you not to be moved at something in there AND it's free dude....; the gauntlet's thrown.. I saw a brush stroke filled with colour, passion and history and fortunately for me, there were seats dotted all around as any excited energy I had drained from my humble body at the sight of a few old canvas' hung under the most fantastic light my eyes have seen a canvas hung under...; just do it..

No comment..
I also climbed the Chapter House steps during the past week and can recommend those too.. 
They date back to the year of 1306 and I have no words to describe them or the room they lead to either other than it's full of light..; the kind of light that fills your whole body with love and sense of wonderment...
Wow., this week's Image is going really well so far..; nada.., but I'll find something to throw among the words that won't do my week any favours.. Stunning is a word that springs to mind, but then that word's only eight letters long and my soul can't accept a simple eight letter word good enough to describe how inspiring every minute of my past week has been.. Dang it..
The Bishop's Palace followed before a flying visit to the Jurassic Coast and getting lost for an hour or so on the fog filled country roads.. Ahh well, at least I drove by Monkey World and saw the entrance which will offer up laughter for many years to come... that and the mention of bread..

Did I mention a visit to my personal history too..; not quite as far back, but far enough.. and the size of that tree surprised me..; I planted it baby..

Oh drat, I was responsible for missing a ride too.. Normally I'd like to think I'm reliable for that kind of stuff, but if you ever take an important ride with me that requires you to be at a place at a certain time, beware, 'cause 1.45 is just a tad different to 1.15... and if it's supposed to be a 1.15 departure., turning up at 1.20 is going to cause you to miss your connection..; sorry guys..

I've also missed a bloody European city window, but have booked the Shep suite knowing I'm going to make up for it.. 
I am supposed to include pics with this blog aren't I..(?), so give me a few moments to see what I've taken this past week that I can share with you guys.. Perhaps I can form some kind of cohesive and inspirational story..; this should be fun., for me..

Well., I do..
Hmm., I also roamed a few acres of the 160 available to me on a local site that dates back to 1086 and are recorded in the Domesday Book.. Despite the house being 'apparently' closed, I still 'entered' it's open doors with the ready explanation that I was part of the formal wedding ceremony  I saw already in progress and despite wearing jeans, a fleece and walking shoes and 'forgetting' to shave that morning, I  couldn't help noticing that I didn't quite seem to fit the morning suits I saw being photographed on the gravel driveway infront of the imposing front door,  however I roamed the gardens and grounds while fully expecting to be 'escorted' to the exit at any time and yet, happily,  that didn't happen.. I couldn't help thinking of the movie 'Wedding Crashers' while I took in the River Piddle and all for the love of  this  week's Image 52..; the things we do for art, eh..

Sounds like I'm a lotta trouble eh.? I guess it's not how 'we' do it here..

Geez., I've gotta get my act together and find me some pics to attach before this week gets outta hand.. , but guys, it's been a real inspiring week and I haven't mentioned the live music I took in too.. and if I let you know about the love I felt from one hug, you'd be blown away.. holy cow, I even stopped to stare a cow out and only 'cause I've never done that before.. 

I see ya..
 Minutes and moments not to forget and hey, I can at least say I stopped to check out a field full of cows and stare one out.... Yep., I'm nuts., I know., but I'll eventually work out how I can live every minute.. 
Who knows just what goes through one's mind when you take your final breath, but I'm gonna make sure I have a bunch of crap to have to go through in the hope it takes an eternity.. and now I have a moment with a herd of cows...; do you.?

.. and how could I forget the Victory.. and all this without a clear sky or any colour.. I need me some more of this cultural stuff..; any takers..?
The week began with an accent bringing a past to life and ended with an accent leaving a heartful of hugs.. and inbetween it was filled with laughter, trust and warmth.; no pitches.., but a sense of a shared journey.;  surely the best kind to take.. and throw in some art and heavy gilded frames.. and you've got what it's all about man..

Simple really when you think about it..

Culture.. and the clear inspiration that can't be photographed but is felt and felt deeply.....; this week's Image 52 is etched for my soul to recall with every breath I take..

Every week we're getting older...

Are we being safe.., or are we going to cross that bridge..?

.. and thank you to the unknown child I overheard asking his Mum the question that offers up this weeks headline..

Monday, 5 March 2012

Image 52 - Week 10.. Hey, hey.. and seconds..

Rice paper., egg shells.. an'

Heated what..?

Let the Cream bring a little sunshine into your life..

“Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way”
Bonfire, Mars

perfectly proportioned... and very cute..; believe me..

Tavares sang it like it is... and it only takes a minute.. 

There's definitely something wrong in Chelsea's boardroom.; at a little longer than a second.., but only just., they're back on the market for a miracle.. and yet another dictorial sign of a desire for immediacy and change in a second...

Cheap flights..

Do you know I’ve seen a round trip to NY, including taxes for 299..; 390 to L.A.. 307 to S.F. and 398 to DIA..
45 bucks to S.A. from S.F by Greyhound and with gas about $4.30 (ish ?) a gallon in NB, or (?) the equivalent of a lot of POUNDS a #*!king gallon here.. and no two buck chuck anywhere to be seen in Tescos.., I’m feeling the Coppertone filling my nostrils..

Throw into the seductive mix ole Cesar Millan, ABC’s Good ole Mornin’ and Anderson Cooper and I’m thinkin’ sunrises, Taco Tuesdays and smooth surfaces baby..; but I can’t drive 55., Sammy.. Ouch..
Choices and the seconds it takes to make that final committed decision..

A split second.. and it's as black and white as that...
 I guess there's always the uber reliable M&S, tremendously exciting SD Leisure Carousel,   archaically ‘supportive’  and male dominated parochial councils along with high levels of colloquially driven customer service desks though to more than compensate... and with the ever protective cameras following our every move, we’ve got the historically popular and full calendar’d Bandstand to entertain us..; I say ‘Paint it Black’ and rock Mick... "long live, rock and roll".....

The fog stayed along the coast for most of the day today., sadly.. an' I couldn’t find a Coke for the much needed comfort sugar my body was gasping for; well, at least the belt was grateful.. Three projects in three different locations must have been what technology was designed for..; well, social stuff  and time differences too.. and research, ‘Googling’ and geez, so much more.. ET’s LB pics have got my mind thinking of the Convention Center and Grand Prix circuit..

The right side..
53% of my traffic is coming in from overseas..; 
danke.. and yo dude, muchos gracias..; I’m seeing the whole Ray, Jim and Perception thing all over again..

I visited an ATM earlier (shock, horror) and got pretty excited when I actually remembered my pin number.. ; the ‘associate’ almost called for medical assistance as I yelled out an obviously loud and very audible sigh of relief, but decided against it when I  explained it was the first time I’d actually ever seen what people call, money come from a machine I was standing at before... She took a step back and appeared to go for the red button at that point, but I was outta there in  a flash as I had chocolate on my mind..

Holy cow., I used to have hair.. and a lot of it..; I just found a bunch of ‘not so old’ ;) photographs..; oh ok, they were really old..; infact from the last bloody century.. and I kid you not..

I saw someone fall from a street lamp just a few yards from where I was standing and  only minutes from the midnight chimes that heralded 1999/2000 ; he, sadly, didn’t make it..; true and tragic.. He show-boated for the thousands of surrounding revellers on the Strip while shuffling along the lamp before  finally losing his grip and falling to his death..  Seconds..

I also witnessed a biker passing me on his Harley before locking, actually, his rear wheel and being catapulted through the air before landing in a heap many yards infront of his broken bike..  The truck I was in screeched to a halt behind his tumbling and crumpled body., but miraculously he actually stumbled to his feet in a totally shocked daze with nothing more than torn clothing and a nasty road rash for a souvenir... We found the culprit, a broken bolt ., then eventually loaded his bike onto a trailer and left him wondering what just happened....The whole thing took seconds and reminded me yet AGAIN how precious that second is.. 

Geez., where am I tonight..? I tried talking a kid from leaping off a pier too.. A pier you think.., but this pier had height on it’s side and a rip current flowing under it.. She  let go of the railing for a split second and jumped right infront of me.. and by the time I got to the other side of the pier, she was caught in the tide and swept a few hundred meters with bystanders screaming for her to ‘float’ it out.. Panicked, she was finally  brought in  alive and exhausted after several difficult minutes of what was a fading light rescue op' the courageous lifeguards

I intend to live forever - so far, it's looking good...

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think;
'Tis strange, the shortest letter which man uses
Instead of speech, may form a lasting link 
from Don Juan
Lord George B

Ok., who knows what the next second will bring.. and that’s why the now matters for me... and right now I’m having a memory of a linked walk that took in a Californian harbour evening and yet lives with me years later..
Funny how a second can have these effects... and yet my darn laundry is taking ages to dry.. and therefore driving me nuts.. I guess I’m ok taking a walk, but you can keep the whole laundry detergent process..

Does anybody remember Ian MacShane’s Lovejoy.. and is it dated TV.? I recall enjoying that..; there was also a female P.I., (maybe an insurance deal thingy.; I dunno) in a short lived TV run who drove a pale blue Sunbeam Alpine.(?) and who I thought of as being kinda cute., but I can’t remember what the program was or who she is/was.. 
Hmm., one of the problems of living this long I guess is that the whole  'loads a' seconds gig come flooding back.. ; Johnnie Walker still sounds great.. and where's Ferris Bueller when you need him .. ? and who's the Dr. anyway.?

I tried sniffing Coke once., but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose and the bubbles made my eyes water....

Do we know what the point of Linkedin is..? and why spend even a second with Twitter..?  and the thought of a Cadillac Margarita, on the rocks and with salt sounds like an idea.. and only took me a second to think of it.,  but there again, so does a Corona also... ; but wait a second, I've been there as well..; now, they're the kind of seconds I like to remember...
Moments spent with people, of fun., of places, a TV program..; even travelling a road.., but I don't see a second thought being wasted... I guess that says a lot about who I am and the seconds that speak to me..
Speakin' of which., I've gotta go grab me a new second to remember...

They're both mine and how I kinda  roll..., so  consider me in for seconds.. ; anytime...

Wow., life changing stuff eh.? and to think that these things take but a mere second’s thought.. and a second to last forever..; I like my seconds..

By the way., what day is it today.?

Today (whatever day it is) proved to have been a final day of sorts for me and while it took more than a difficult second, it actually only took a second to know it felt right.. and., can you believe., the phone rang immediately on 'leaving the building' with spectacular new news..; how and why does that stuff happen.. (?), but gotta hit the research button .. Thanks Cali., timing is everything..

Just another second from my foggy memory... 

I picked up a travel ticket for London earlier in order to play catch up with an accent I've missed greatly and am excitedly looking forward to hearing again.. It looks like Big Ben/Westminster Bridge this weekend  is the place where all the Waldo hide and seek action is going to be at..; cool..., but remember to pack warm 'cause a sunny forecast here doesn't mean warm, it just means  possibly dry.. and as we all know, that ;) can change in a second..
Anyway, if you see me pacing and looking lost somewhere round Parliament Square, stop by and say hi.. ; I don't bite.., much..
.. remember.., 10.20.. London..

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"
William Arthur Ward 


bueno adiĆ³s amigos.. y gracias..

Oh and YEAH.., I found my gloves baby.. Right where I forgot 'em.. ; cool an' groovy eh..