Monday, 29 August 2016

Another Week 72 - Ibrahimovic., Stephen Colbert., Woodstock and


I guess walking the street now means doing so with your head down and your thumbs  working overtime.; no wonder we don't smile., or acknowledge one another.., no wonder we miss out on stuff., and no wonder we keep bumping into each other with aggressive reactions being the outcome..; the whole distraction from the middle of texting., or 'gaming'., or pokee thingy mon.. is killing instinctive facial communications and causing far too much idle aggression.., in my opinion.., baby..
I wore shorts.. I got wet.., I got cold..; I wore shorts.. I've also been drinking far too much Pepsi Max..
I had a dream last night.. and Woody Harrelson was in it..; I mean., WHY..! 

so., I just picked up the new '16 by the sea 'program'.. and wait for it..; I'll offer NO more than titles for ya to make yer own mind up on the diverse quality and never to be missed crap stuff infamous generous offerings.. First off., we have .., but (there is SO much more and) not just excluded to
sea of freaks
walk the plank
icarus beach patrol
jellish by thingumajig
highly strung's urban astronaut
getting out of the box
the critically acclaimed and eccentric 'the ball'
there's a submercycle, a storm in a teacup and an
installation that explores nature and social networks.,
he market

and all brought to you by yellow buses, a couple of bars
'foreign' printers
I can't wait
it's mostly free

By now., the come down from the olympics has set in., but fortunately for me., there are local paths to digest.. I've gotta plug in and charge my stuff., man.. I've managed to drive with my windows open., yeah.. Beach hugs rock... and the new season's under way as the old one draws to a close..; man, those leaves.!

jus' dunno about apple..; I guess the logo, the branding work., however.. I saw a few planes fly over a few hundred thousand excited folk.. and why do people 'wander' (and suddenly stop., or change direction) on crowded paths (?).; it's already difficult and trying enough without any added (and unnecessary.?) frustrations.. It's ok., it's ok., I'm calm.. Ohmm..


Farage and Trump are making news..; well, I suppose now that the two ronnies., morecambe and wise., smith and jones., bob hope., martin and lewis., tommy cooper., carry on and mike yarwood are no more., we've gotta have someone something to marvel at..

There are places I remember

all my life

does anybody know the way., there's got to be a way

vitamin d., b12 and choc' digestives., clean laundry.., garmin., old tunes., new tunes., Taylor Swift's alleged (smile*) new boobs..

If ya wanna take in some aunt mary., some african bush, some blue sky blond., some chicago black., some fruity juice., some indian hay., some magic smoke., some northern lights*., some zig zag man., some ganja., or some plain ole cannibis., marijuana., or hemp.., then take a walk along the boardwalk, stay close to the pier.. where 'everyone' hangs out., or take that leisurely holiday stroll you've always wanted to take in through the Gardens, where, among other things, you can get orft on a little hip bandstand rock., or play wid yer old balls on the grey lil putting place (that smells of 'relief'), thingy., man..; ya can smell it, see it smoked openly.. and right where 'that' bench is, ya can even get to see indiscreet handshakes, followed by hands disappearing into pockets, followed by more 'handshakes'... Some of that crap is pretty darn pungent., some of it ain't., but unless that stuff's an earl grey bag in a pipe, I'm not mistaken.. Any day of the week., any week of da year., man.. Good thing 'we' have a plethora of rehab houses, centers, projects, clinics to satisfy the demand.. 
Jus' listen for.. and 'go' towards the loud ass'd intimidating boom boom chakka chak

music., chinkin' of beer bottles and groovin' out group of 'understated' lookers ..



until then

have yourselves a wee bit of fun

Thanks this week go/goes to Vintage News - opinion - human rights campaigners - avocados and National Geographic

Monday, 1 August 2016

Another Week 71 - Melania Trump, Oil prices, veterans, eco safeguards and

Once., but now I love the horizon..


delusions of grandeur - hmm (?)., America's 'not' great (.?) and you need The Donald (he who builds walls) to actually make it great .; erm..! - scratches head

if lush means something to do with vegetation., then cool.; if it means anything else., duh

The town should be renamed
Landfill Site

Some people really do get off on stuff


Let me talk about t-shirts..
I  take a hike along the 'prom'., yuck..; I loathe that cheesy word. It conjures up 'an immediate dated image'
anyway., back to the hike.;
there are Santa Monica ones., there are Surf City ones.; there are California ones., Malibu ones.; there are SF ones and Huntington Beach ones..
 There are L.A. ones

I'm not sure how many ones have actually come from those places as I can buy them in the town's department stores..; yes., department stores.., NOT the 't-shirt' souvenir type stores, but yer aKtual high street stores..
Now then..; I don't see ANY erm., 'local' ones.; not a one., not a single one.., but man., you can see da west coast ones.
And it ain't to do with logos., or branding., or design.., it's to do with the town's image., or lack of.. 
One can see 'Don't f*ck with me' ones though., or sh*g me ones..; you can see 'it won't suck itself' ones., even nice tits ones..; you can see drinking ones and fart ones.., but you won't see any Bomo., or Sobo ones..
I wonder why..
The Prom with its cheese sandwiches., chips and beer
Put the kettle on love and make us another tea.. and load the sugar up while you're at it..; I'm off for a smoke..


Apparently there's a digital revolution going on., athough all I see are table tennis tables., candle jars and a hole where a balloon should be.. Ahh., sigh, those beautification peeps sure know how to party on.., dude..
If you're able to
check out those frisky

.. they got my feet tapping along with a two hour smile.., but give that damn pony-tailed Elton John type piano playing wannabee, geezer, ego a miss, or those tedious Titanic jokes and yawning set will have you reaching for the bucket.. black is black, I want my baby back.. Paint it Black.., Back in Black., Black Night., Black Magic Woman.. and Black's Wonderful Life come to mind., but that lowercase black certainly doesn't.. Same Ole same ole summerlive.,
sadly..  Square time is like those terrible old black and white movies that have been colourized.., poorly..


lifestyle.. , or prefer an understated energy...

it's all a case of having a faith



we can be the change in the world we want,
but sadly we 'pledge' by posting about it from coffee shops
or a park bench somewhere
or with an ice-scream in our hand
or sipping a glass of something white and chilled
or from our free WiFi zones
or walking some foreign street

turning up for the glory lap

'I'll tell you what I want., what I really really want..''


I'm all out

Thanks this week go/goes to Carmine McDaniel -  Corporal Patrick Ray - Jose Figueroa - Darci Gillen Dawson - Prince Harry -  Sgt. Steve Wick and Caleb Francis