Saturday, 3 August 2013

Another Week 22 - The Golden Gate Bridge., Cuba., Weight Watchers and

Don't Stop Believin'.. - don't stop..

Make yourself invisible to mosquitoes
and remember., it's 6.47 am somewhere 


The Royal Penthouse Suite
of the
President Wilson hotel
Geneva, Switzerland

"we built this city on rock an' roll"

Summertime and looking for shadows

45 minutes of Observations

'Yeh Wayne., that's what I've been waiting fer., fer free (three) hours mate.."

"well., I've got me dog dude."
..."an' I'll call me bruvver.."

White see-thru sun dresses., straps and a Carlsberg
Dodgy looks, wet tables.. and 8.40 am meetings

Bus Stations are places to find pies, the look of confusion and lots of stains

Traveling on the right side of the bus is different to traveling on the left

Two 'old girls' in conversation (strangers), were overheard.. - "Is your hair naturally curly.?"

"Ohh, I belong to the gardening group.."
"Oh., I do too.."

Sleepeezee is on the move

There are cash machines 'here'., blue rinses and lots of people with their arms folded

A white Morris Traveller  on a trailer

A multi-coloured Rhino

Horse boxes are on the move and choc' digestives are melting

The guy in the UNIPart van had to reverse while the two Europcar guys filled their tanks

If you're bald., or have a combover and eat crisps, the chances are you've ridden a bus

Baby it's gonna rain

.. the laundry's dry., the ink's dry and I'm not gonna cry., sigh. I'm hydrated., worked out and downloaded.. This gig's movin' on.. and the field's lush..

Apples & Pears
Lemons, Mangos
You know how great fruit looks when fresh..; it's healthy and good for us.. I love me some fruit.. It fills a basket, blends in cocktails; it's crunchy, soft, juicy and tingles.. It can smell fun, cool and seductive.. It evokes warm memories., it's colorful. You can peel away layers and find surprises under them.. Fruit's part of the daily diet that fuels us.. It's firm and usually grows in 'handfuls' offering us just the right amounts of balance.
BUT., if left, it can go bad., bruise., wrinkly., bitter., unhealthy to eat and ultimately not very nice.; it begins to look terrible and even grows moldy..- There is a 'sell-by-date'.. a time to throw the bad away..
It can help keep you young forever., or at it's worse., offer an upset stomach..
Fruit just has it's time and no matter how good it is for you, if it's left uneaten for an amount of time, it's simply not good to keep in the basket., no matter how much you don't want to throw it out..
 I always feel terrible when it's that time.. and it's that time...
 There are people a lot like fruit too.., sadly

A Passionately Eager Learner

I don't know everything and I don't have all the answers
I just know the stuff I know

Peace., space and style

.. and so begins a new day and chapter..; my heart's racing, pumping.. and it's 11.00 am, I'm waiting .. and the sound of a fan blowing/spinning calms me..


 "Powerful but sultry.
This woman has subtle charms and is deeply passionate."



The Meaning of Life
pace & balance



It's an American Thing at the Staley-Wise Gallery 

Proof that I'm not totally crazy.?

This Day
saddened & disappointed


Sometimes there are just times.. and this is just a time when it's a sometime.. and sometimes you've just gotta take a step back, take in a deep breath, close your eyes.. and let it go..; it's gone..- bye dee bye - This Day..
Emotional decisions made

Initiatives in romance, friendships., making decisions and destiny
"If I don't get some shelter Lord, I'm gonna fade away"

"Don't you think there's a place for you in between the sheets ?"

"Didya hear about the Midnight Rambler "

"I saw her today at the reception"

C. 1550


"Piece Of Jesus' Cross Found ? Archaeologists Discover 'Holy Thing' In Balatlar Church In Turkey"

Beauty and local consideration

....'king incredible man

No ties., brown shoes.. an' Let It Bleed man..


Not rock., but rock

NOT at all interested
maybe just a little

switching off


Bits from this week's


Wasting words is not my style

Thanks this week go/goes to 1969 -Roger Federer - Edinburgh Fringe Festival -
Riley Keough - Scott Phillips - Kate Hudson - Sgt. Dominick Licari - Ellen DeGeneres and Ben Friberg

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