Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Another Week 24 - #Downsizing, Costa Concordia, #Match.com, Sheelah Ryan, Charlie Sheen., #Dos Equis, #Android..


What's the Angle

 Looking Forward

In the absence of cricket, there is always the exciting contribution from the methodological Mr. David Gower, who'll keep you fully and amusingly entertained with his energetic delivery., not to mention his whole deal with being able to talk about the rain and weather for hours.. and hours.... and hours..- YAWN..

 Level of Expectation

A quick visit to the the dry cleaners., tied a shoe lace., drove into an underground car park and I've been invited out to dinner .... & shocked the pool..

'Most Interesting Man In The World'

Why are these on lists
Automotive Q-Ships

New Zealander building 3D-printed Aston Martin DB4

The Severn River, England

Opal Pool—Willamette National Forest, Oregon
Richard Cohen (Rick)
Thomas Hurley III
The Artist
Pepper Miller
Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
Divorce Hotel, The Hague, the Netherlands
Any nightclub, Ibiza, Spain



TV controls workings are confusing..; I just missed a movie I would have watched if I'd known.. AND could've worked the bloody thing out..; instead., I'm watching a romantic comedy about., guess what..(?).. Relationships..

What Happened to Ivy
I unlocked a stranger's dutch door today., ate a banana and can't find a key.. I also had a thought., but I've got to take care of Jack., so I'll research instead..


Lake Elsinore.. The Oakland Women's Rowing Club (Ladies of the Lake)... and 'moving' is better., but hey..I jus' prefer 'active'.., baby.. - Cupcakes..
Boundary walls, imagination.. and people are seasons..; we change., we 'rain'., we sunshine and we get dark.. There is new growth and there are warm sunny days..

I'll always respond.., but don't keep me hanging on., a la The Supremes baby.. I've got the beating of the alarm., but not the Aga... and the song works as does the paragraph.. Screw tops are the way to go, but if the drive needs a rake, I need one.. 

Doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do doo

- saxophone break -

Mr. Reed

Your the Week., Planned

Farmers Market
Festival of the Arts
 Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) 

Faux Real
Sturgis., are you ready
Sharing a memory
Kettle Chips

 Ease on Down the Road dude..

Man., people really do age quickly hee ah.. and what's with the whole ageist deal anyway..; I'm thinking of Chicago., of doors being closed and new ones being opened.. and tennis ball machines.., cables.. an' Laguna baby.. I guess my mind's somewhere else, but hey, what's new (?), righty right..

Here, there.. and everywhere
Suits., cutting boards and keyboards
I'm board and looking t'ward
something., anything.., anywhere
man..- inniT

A Summer Night in the Country

Who needs sprinklers..; what happened to summer in August.. and where did the night go.. There are things floating and flying around in the air.. and I've got a creepy crawly type gig going on on my neck.. and now it's going down my spine..

Yeah, I'm off to the bottle bank.; green, clear and brown ones.. I'm back from the bottle bank.. I'm going up the stairs.. I'm coming down the stairs... and I opened a door, opened a window and now I've closed a door.. - 'Not all those who wander are lost.'J. R. R. Tolkien
Did you know that Saturday is Saturday and time is a four letter word, whereas timing isn't.. I guess when my time is right, the timing will be too..

small realisation could change everything


an' out

tennis elbow sucks
big time 

Thanks this week go/goes to Hal Lasko - Jonathan Goldsmith - Rightmove - Max Hofmann - Wendy Frazier - Kim Basinger and Logan Stevenson

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