Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Another Week 16 - # De Rosa Planet., Moschino., San Francisco, Make-A-Wish.. and

The Swan


It's good to talk movie locations with the guy in charge.. and it's good to talk commercials with the guy in charge.. and thanks big time for keeping me in the loop sir.. - I'm 'in' and ready to rock an' roll man.. Sitting outside on the steps in the warm dying sun while everyone takes a shower, proves creatively inspiring dude.. Dunno the how's., or the why's., but I'm one lucky Moph Uker.. The Satay worked it's magic and so did the bungee..; everything was where it should have been..

19th Century

The suite and upgrade was a cool eye opener., but man., those elevators sure were dark & tiny.. and I managed to get out of town., eventually.. I've just discovered that I'm into Regency..; I guess that was one of the reasons I ended up walking the wide boardwalk dude., but can someone tell me why there was a lifeguard there.. There was space, wide roads, a way in and The Kinks..

I just downloaded an app making me somewhat hip., cool & trendy..- OMG - NOT T.. Saluting and stilts are all well and good., but crashing on the finishing line while high fiving isn't..

I dreamed of having some loose change in my hand.., the gravel's up to it's usual  early morning sounds of activity.. My fav'  Levi's are shot.. and now for the next pair that have been on the go in readiness for this sad, sad day.. - Ok, I've got rid of the sleep in my eye.. I need to pump out the daily five crunches and two push ups in the gym thing deal....

Tried explaining the taste of water..and what's so wrong about staying in bed.. Damn that guilt man.. Laguna is a rockin' and the ferry is a crossing..  and without vitamin D., we'd be without vitamin D...


& research..- I plugged in a vacuum and took it all the way to the end of it's cord.; I wonder if there's a 'sit on' vacuum somewhere.. Putting the chairs back was easy.., but now I've come down a set of stairs, I've got to go back up another set..

I took some homemade caffeine down to the guy servicing the pool.. and despite not making the best stuff around., he drank it..  I came back, opened a few e-mails, completed a few documents, popped a couple of choc' chip cookies and inhaled a glass of l'eau minérale..

I think there must be a tyrannosaur wandering around outside by the sounds of it..  and I'm putting together some lyrics on some black and whites.. Fenders rock.. and so do competitive medals achieved for excellence.. 


Influences, titles

sked ules


The Eiffel Suites at the five-star Plaza Athenee Paris
The Penthouse Suite of the Corinthia Hotel in London
Ritz-Carlton Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore
The Oriental Suite (presidential) at the Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco
 The Pangu 7-Star Hotel in Beijing, China
Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India
Hotel Salto Chico, in Patagonia
The Presidential Suite (top floor)  in Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
Five-star Trump Hotel Chicago., with luxury rooms overlooking the Wrigley Building Clock Tower
The Penthouse and Planetarium Suites at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria
The five-star Samling Hotel in Lake District, UK, looks onto Lake Windermere

I'm not sure if it's the charger, or the car thingy, but I couldn't charge my phone on route today, so I've dropped it off and left it with the Orange guys who have proved to be a lifesaver.. The begging on bended knee  may have helped, but I do love life when customer service works it's magic.. Thanks guys..

German engineering helped me while in the great parking lot circulating London this morning.. I passed signs for Wembley, Heathrow and a few stately  homes..  I put it down to heading out fifteen minutes later than I planned and hoped.. and man, that fifteen minutes proves to be a matter of rolling the wheels ., or parking them.. I crawled alongside a black van carrying a dozen passengers who were all leaning against the glass drooling while listening to Chris Evans tell me how he wasn't going to Le Mans but his car was..; geez, that guy can talk..

I'm now listening to someone tell someone how they'd 'Like to', while the person sat next to me is chewing her nails.. I can also hear someone talking of 'the old days'.. and someone else chatting about Milan..

In at 10
A Harley just went round the round-about..  and the window's open making the traffic noise coming from it, kinda loud baby,, I've also got some fluff (and smudge) on my glasses which reminds me about the stone chip on the windscreen..

I'm not sure if I talk to myself, but the woman next to me sure does.. AND hums too.. Uh oh, she's banging her glasses case together now  and beginning to tut.. and sigh.; she's  needing some attention..


SO., I've got a long weekend ahead keeping an eye on some bike riders while also getting in some new coastal towns, villages and maybe cities.., not to mention a stately home or two, a National Trust property, Royal residence., a few hills .., winding country lanes and one or two rest areas.. There will be a stop here.. and stop there.. and lunch here, break there.. and dinner will no doubt be enjoyed with a little 'refreshment' of some kind.. The clips are checked, the batteries charged and the gas tank ready to rock 'n' roll., baby..
The roadside hedges better beware,  'cause I'm on my way

I unraveled the longest garden hose I've ever unraveled today.. and man, those 'knots' at the beginning worked out my arms..and four hours later I coiled it back up..

Been There

Done That


Thanks this week go/goes to John Nash - CC - Alcatraz - Campagnolo - Mumford - Orange and Ghosts

Monday, 17 June 2013

Another Week 15 - Angelina Jolie., Man of Steel., U.S. Open.. and Today's Couleur



Veuve Clicquot

What Men Really really Want

So this week, I've been moving around a bit from where I've been able  to read a few new road signs.; I like new roads -  I was invited to wear an actual white coat (complete with badge) and checked out a lab with lots of microscopes, chips, lights and boxes..; not to mention THAT machine..

I was also invited to check out a creative film maker's contribution to the arts while the designer gave a totally enthusiastic, passionate and fun explanation before having to leave for his flight to Singapore.. I wasn't really into the tracheotomy so I had to turn away, but there again so did the others.. I just admitted I couldn't first before putting someone in the position of having to pick me up off the floor.. Loved getting a glimpse of something before it's official release.. and playing with the pole/boom proved fun and had my full interest. The invitation is open for me to return and get to know the process more intimately and that's something I'm up for..

There was an issue with a car.. and I'd recommend not leaving yours parked under a tree for a few days in the baking sun.. What could only be the results of a flying rhino., or elephant leaving it's daily souvenirs, has stained the paintwork on the hood causing a few cracks..

A cultural visit to drop off  some transport before the big ride south where I could take in a new resort also filled some time..

(from Greek ὀξύμωρον, "sharp dull")

I guess I'm a
 mournful optimist
who possess'
a lil
mad wisdom


There is also the bit about new coasts., new faces and an exchange I'm going to have to think about before.. In the middle of this stuff was a visit with THE micro manager who drains every desire known from a living thing with a heartbeat.. Infact, I think I've even seen a blade of grass take in a deep sigh before keeling over.


Life happens when I'm around JM - the wheels go round and around.. and speaking of wheels.., I'm using them more for this read which makes it more difficult trying to write.. Oops., that bump caught me totally by surprise..

I've got a night here and there and a current distant view of a field.. I've just had crackers, cucumber, lettuce, avocado.., smoked cheese and a flap jack square deal  type gig thingy all washed down by a glass or two of plain water.. I used a knife, fork and sat at the kitchen island in on., the right hand seat.., chair, wooden stool..

There's this dude I know who came off his road bike while still attached to it and has broken his collar bone.. ; thanks to a plate and a few screws he'll be back on his bike within two shakes of a dogs tail.. Still training on his workout bike too.. 

An interior decorator's stopped by to correct something.. and the boiler dude came and went after spending a few hours with his head stuck in a cupboard while relocating a pipe.. An extra bike materialized and a Director's flying in after a whirlwind gig in the Ukraine.. The girls are out on a golf course somewhere and have no idea the dog is asleep..

I'm right on the healthy money with my BMI, but I'll hit the gym for the second time today to try and tighten up the blue belt..  I've got to work on an e-mail or two, come to terms with stiff keyboard keys and edit, edit, edit..
I've been keeping an eye on a US fashion photographer who's been turning out some amazing and consistently fantastic images reminding me of the cool beach assignment I enjoyed with him and his team.. Juggling batteries around while waist high in crashing waves along with a tide that's on it's energetic ride in was fun, fuN, fuN .. man... The sunset rooftop was a little more civilised, but those waves, rocks and model trouper were cause for a truly memorable deal.. Nice work dude..

Today's couleur


'S funny here, 'coz it's a case of an Arts Festival full of the usual stuff and a couple of artists doing a similar type installation to the previous two they've already done., but hey, as one of them is on the team., it ain't coming as a huge surprise....  There's even talk of trying to bring in the same ole bird to reprise an annual flyby.. Same thing different day.. A change of vision, or at least one wouldn't be a ride in the wrong lane.. ; but all exciting stuff for those who're excited..

At some point I woke up

I wish I could share the view with you that I have right now.. , cause I can see for miles and miles and miles across sunny rolling meadows; I can just about make out one roof.. in all directions..; the ground's dry and the dude with the long assed dreadlocks is doin' his thang with the petrol strimmer man - Groovin'


I'm thinkin' 'bout it





it'll have to wait for another week

because THIS one's

finished baby



Strange Days


It's a rollercoaster ride baby



Thanks this week go/goes to - BMI - The Eagle - Time - Escalators - Trains - Faith, Justin Rose and Rollerblades





Thursday, 13 June 2013

Another Week 21 - Royal Baby., Aloha., Hola., Places and


Banana Boat

Daylight come and he wan' go home
Day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day-ay-ay-o

Simon Templar
The Saint


Pull up a chair and let me talk to you..

Somewhere out there


Oh., and make sure both ends of your cell phone cord are plugged in when you need to charge your phone

Is there an e-mail length etiquette
I don't know if I can get there
I heard a new sound

The Stone's version of Little Red Rooster was the first song I ever learned all the way through
Route 66 from Chicago to LA is under my skin baby

Late nights., sunny mornings

"Finding the right work is like discovering your own soul in the world"
Sir Thomas Moore


I revealed a lot..; I recently sent a note and revealed a lot.. I had no clue what I was writing.. I didn't edit it.., nor did I go back and read it.. and sometimes I wonder how these words just appear along a line that becomes more commonly known as 'a sentence'.. I have no clue.., seriously.. It seemed that my fingers just moved and expressed something my insides were feeling and needed to share.. I wrote a note.. I said some THING..  There was a fear.. and yet a sense of freedom when I hit the 'send' button.. I can now move without restraints.. It's truly freeing.. Scary (at the time) as that fiery furnace that lies deep beneath us.., but as freeing as that place above us.. I simply wrote a note.. I'm happy I've written it.. It doesn't change the world., although it is now out there in the universe.. and will become part of it.. and it's become part of it because it's also been read.. It's been read as it was written..., I believe.. I'm happy I've written that note.. I'd have handwritten the note to make it warmer., but technology tested me and also rewarded me with it's immediacy.. I love words.., I love them because everyone of them is written.. and written with letters making up those words.. and letters that have been thought out, considered and then put down for someone to read.. Mine appear instinctive., but I put some letters out there for someone to read.. and they read them.. I know how I was feeling when I wrote them.. and the deal is to then try to make them read as I felt them.. I think they were.. and that's what's cool about letters., words., sentences.. and stuff..
There is no reward and it wasn't done for reward.. It was done because I was feeling selfish.. I tried to consider the reader, but let any control over the words I'd written 'go'.. It was going to be up to the reader to determine what those few words meant.. I can now 'go away' and contribute to a situation without fear now.. I made a step towards tomorrow and broke a chink of yesterday's chain.. Tomorrow isn't written yet of course.., but the right now is.. I can look forward to tomorrow's voice much better., because it knows where it now stands with me.
 In the end., I wrote about a shift, a light., a colour that moved..; I wrote about a moment.. and I wrote about a hesitancy.. I wrote about a sneeze., laughter and double doors.. and as a result, I now know about grades.. It's good to learn that Unforgiven is beautiful... and it's cool to share three things.., but the game's now on baby..

Two halves


Jack Vettriano's, “Dance Me to the End of Love.”

If you know you're in the wrong place., how do you know where the right place is..?  I feel like it's thataway.. ., or maybe thataway.. I've got some new Yahoo page thingy going on.. Sometimes tech' change takes a moment to digest after the living with the old.. The hills are exhausting around the 9 mile marker..

Broken Wings

This is the deal.. After going for twenty or so years 'somewhere else' dude., I'm now being asked for loose change everyday.. Today, well in about 15 minutes actually,  I was asked three times by three different people 'all' within 150 leisurely meters.. I had to move on in the end as it was all becoming too draining for me; the third one didn't recognize me from the last time he asked me the same question and shared exactly the same story of how he had run out of petrol and he needed a pound for gas to get him home to another 'city'.. This time I asked him about his car and where it was parked and offered up an enthusiastic "hey sure, let's go man..; you can take me to your car and I'll put some gas in it for you so you can get home.."  He 'umned and argh', telling me he had a brand new Ford Fiesta before shrugging his surprised shoulders, turned away and walked off shaking his head..  and I was only trying help the guy.. Ahh., hmm., maybe he didn't actually have a car.. - Truth..

Question Marks

Showcasing .. and watching the world spin round and around.. I'm content 'staying on my own path and sticking to my own plan'. . I've opened and shut the window so many times that even it's confused.. You can only watch a tree being blown around for so long

I seem to be governed by a green light coming on before I can function.. I wonder if I should write properly.. Today I'm not into distance and time difference.. and I've just moved something back forth so many times, that I've just now noticed..

I dreamed of chasing a baseball down in an agricultural field.; the dirty ragged brown ball turned into two butterflies that flew off just as I got to it/them, but I had still had to catch them both; two friends got one, I managed to gently envelop the other in my two hands feeling it flutter around my cupped palms.. - What does that mean.?


I can't go there., I'm here.. and here IS there..

People actually enjoy shutting their windows

 Haha., I read some funny stuff man.. Mine's just plain weird., unless you're on THE 'list' of private receivers., but man, there's some funny sh*t going down out there.. Facebook and minds eh..!

Talking Heads may have sang about it best.., a couple of different times..; "we'll take that ride.." - inflictions..

People are sleeping

While friends are hitting the gas pedal., sharing inspirations and putting together respectful cards for a warm memory.. Muses are working their magic and putting in some overtime.. and this time., time differences are working as they should.. Artists are working and paint is flying.., subjects are dancing and I'm filling a bag.. 

Patience and Gas Pedals 

I've taken a couple of wheelie bins down a gravel drive., waited for the electronic gates to open and fed a Lab'.. I've said 'hello'., pushed up, crunched out and tapped my feet.. - I've laughed., watched a rope swing dance around in the wind and eaten breakfast.. There has been a tech' glitch., a new and different car seat to sit in..,  mirrors to think about, dishwashers to empty and guitars to strap on and air out.., man..


Things To Do Places To Go

Thanks this week go/goes to 1:11 - Natalie Holt - Mr.Mister -

Jack Vettriano - Bourbon Creams - Yellow Fields and Gravel Drives

Friday, 7 June 2013

Another Week 14 - Roland Garros., Wild Onion., Moral Codes., Paul Gaugain and a

Dangerous Age

It's Written

Like Jupiter and Mars
I really did just see a Long Cool Woman In  A Black Dress

"there's not enough time"

 The Horizon
There's a corner I approach regularly when  where  when I'm able to see everything

Things I've Heard
.. and 'yes'  we are lucky.. and yes., I DO know

"ow d'ya ge'(t) bak up thur then.?"

"you still need to put some shoes on my love."

"sorry darlin'"

"yeah,, yeh., cheers my love."

"a pint of Carlsberg shandy.."

"saaf end mate., saaf end.."

"awright my love., awright..?"

"Chardonay please.".. "in a wine glass.?"

"ba'(t) an' bawl." (as in 'bat and ball')

Reserved Traditions. & Trash


Your high level of openness suggests that you are imaginative, creative, and comfortable with variety and change. But you can also tend towards individualistic behavior and impractical thinking.

New Beginnings

“sweet home” for the blues
Robert Johnson 

How many footsteps does it take to get there..?  I'm energized.; there's an Art District to visit.. 18th and Halstead..

Thata way >

and space

Awakening to 12 cylinders, planes and motorbikes.. A plane landing without wings, slides & lamb.. Windy City conversations, dreams, goals., intentions.. and should I..? I should.. Will I..?, if but maybe sorta kinda., YES..; in a heartbeat.. I can't get a handle on nights.., days.., sleep.. and time..

at the gate 

Is there ever a right time.? and When is that right time..? Is it when the right time
wrong., or right..?

 Closing the windows and reaching for the umbrellas again; it's that all too familiar sound you don't hear on clear days..
From flip flop to drip drop
when will it all stop

Open Window

It's Not

It's not a day for Coppertone
it's not a day for shorts
It's not a day for a BBQ
it's not a day for a walk

It's not a day for sitting outside
it's not a day for driving with the roof down
It's not a day for a sandwich
it's not a day for the beach

It's not a day for horizons
it's not a day to for a terrace
It's not a day  for swede shoes
it's not a day for smart phones

It's not a day for note pads and pens
it's not a day for plein air
It's not a day for Oakley's
and it's not a day for freedom

but it is a day to dream


So., this is my deal..; cosy fires are great when you know you can hear another voice.., but they're not all that when there's a 30' inch screen staring back atcha... It's people man.., people maketh the fire..


Staring, jus' staring.. I caught myself staring off into a corner..; it was just a corner.., but "I saw her standing there".. The Jam., Clampdown (Live at Fridays) & Joe..

Songwriters: LYNCH/ SHUMAN 

 Sha La La La Lee
Small Faces

Secrets and Process
Palette knife

for another week

Moo., snare drum., guitar..; rift..., bass.., vocals., message.. Steady As She Goes..


Vincent Willem van Gogh
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin
Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse
Joan Miró i Ferrà
 Marc Zaharovich Chagall
Gerhard Richter

Thanks this week go/goes to Men At Work - INXS - The Windy City - OMD - Kiev - Flip Flops - Island Records - Me - 1:11 - The Passenger and Adventurers

Another Week 13 - Rafa Nadal., Charles 'Teenie' Harris., Post Impressionism., Arles and Crowd Sourcing

Paris in 1886

Time Waits For No One
Jagger/Richards, Mick Taylor

Well., that was a restless one.. , Struthio camelus.. and time baby., tymMeh..- I didn't know swans had a song, bit I guess they do..

"Time waits for no one.. and it won't wait for me.." and now I've got that tune repeating in my head.. and all before coffee.., wine., or or ponderments.. Charlie just knows where his cymbals area at.. Bah..

The day is what the day is.. and how soon is a day..  Trust isn't something you can buy.. I am the little red rooster..

I'm surrounded by cameras..; which one to strap on.. It comes from keeping promises..  "My my  my.. , oh my.."- "jus' groovin' around..; you know I'm smilin' baby.."

Come and visit..; we can go to the same coffee shop you have back home.. and/or walk aimlessly while trying to look interested in the same ole stuff., man.. Where's the culture.., the variety.. Yep, let's just opt for a mug of something.. : It's safe enough..- hey but., safe is ok.. You don't fall off edges when you're being safe..  

"Memphis for a ride."
"I just don't seem to drink you off my mind."

Knitting.., scarves and old dreams.. Looking for people who colour outside of the lines.. and question.. Behind the scenes is where it's at.. Stale traditions and I need me some artwork..

I love it when I stretch my toes backwards/upwards..; it seems to breath new life into my shins and calves.. Now where's that washing machine (?), I've got to check out that photograph.. Ringo, Def Leppard., Kid Rock., Nickleback and Sheryl Crow know about photographs..

Not everybody makes me smile
I'm still a seeker

Family - Burlesque '72

fan clubs



Floating Docks

My body feels heavy man.. I'm thinkin' fruit., sunshine, heat, water.. and shorts..,  and even though I'm not on the guest list., I am standing in the road.. Nepal.. ooo., it's on the line..



how original is original anymore





Ten Things We've Learned

other people have passions
subjectivity rocks
creativity is a life's work
naivety is to be embraced
spirituality is spiritual
so what
it's ok., really
Art is emotionally moving
Listening is cool
you are you just the way you are and the way you are is
up there with the sun, moon and stars

Milk shakes, sundaes and floss.. I don't like mirrors because I can see myself., and the image I see isn't how I feel.; the two don't jive.., or tango..

Where do we stand with milk floats., milk crates., milk bottles.. and milk men..? Incidentally, I haven't seen a milk woman.. FYI..; dunno why, but I just haven't.

I watched someone walk, but their mind didn't look (to me) as though it was along for the ride.. The desire looked more like fine weather duty.

the forecast is

Looking for a bookstore., Venus.. and  

hasta luego

I like being mentioned

Thanks this week go/goes to Garrigues. J - The Dodgers - Trending Now - Bill Wyman - Kenny Kravitz - Jack White and LA Galaxy