Thursday, 29 August 2013

Another Week 28 - #Twerking, Gareth Bale, #Mulholland Drive, Mega Millions..


 The Right Eye

The young uns confirming local demographic


One Direction in any direction., small tiny rooms, small garages, tiny shower cubicles, little cars, small 'front' gardens, narrow lanes roads, tiny parking spaces.. and four seasons to fit in a closet..

Pictures Of Lily

I used to wake up in the morning
I always feel so bad
I got so sick of having sleepless night

Pete Townshend

Davis Clifton wrote it, the Jackson 5 sang about it and I'm doin' it.. There are walls and there are open spaces..- freedom

I'm tryin to sleep here

Wrecks of Dead Man's Curve

So., I saw the sign for Heathrow and for Gatwick but I decided to stay on the wet road to hell.. and you wanna know what I think..?.. Nah, didn't think so.., but the windscreen wipers were working up a storm., baby.. I eventually found my lights and stuck to the limit.., but man, the sounds coming from the speakers meant that '74 was just plain ole stinky pop..

Electric electricity

No more monkeys jumping on the bed..  I made good time and what proved to be a great last minute decision.; it's always good to get away.

Fear and Freedom
Fullerton Museum
Color IQ

I don't use wind/beach breakers thingies
"da voodoo veau, she'll put a spell on you"

Yeah, mine's a pint


I drank a 500ml regular Coke today., dinner was way too early..  and I saw a couple of ass cracks sunbathing..; there's nothing funnier than a beach full of.. wind breakers, the contents of a home and leather shoes on and around the sand..; by the time I got to the second round-about, the language changed.. noticeably., along with the style of graffiti on show and the 'casual placement' of trash..

Bus pass., bus pass.., anybody need a...

Garment Bags

I was asked "why"., but if it wasn't there, I wouldn't bloody notice it would I.!, duh.. I'm just sharing what's there..- I learned what Jelly Bean was today..  & I checked out a 5D Mark3..
Left yet another letter that will no doubt get me into even more heaps of trouble.., but what the guten tag..

What was Miley Cyrus thinking.. and yet hey, what are we all thinking..? At least I reply to notes.. It could've been a voltage problem.., however., we weeded the hedge.. and my chest's bruised.. I tried pedaling a mountain bike, but my foot's simply not up to it yet..; bugger..

Roll Over Beethoven

Mason Jars

I have to leave at 9.30 in order to get there for about 6 ish usually, but last night I did it in 2 and a quarter.., which just goes to show that when I do it, I do it.. an' Who gives a flying banana about reeds..

Leisure, pleasure and love

Fading Fast

That's the one to wait for..; "I am the walrus.."...and camera bags... - Does it really matter.?

Mushy peas too

Planes, sea-side trains & automobiles.., ice creams, chips and sugary drinks..; there are extra leads/cords/wires., speakers on poles, tents and a white picket style fence..; there are Skodas., uniforms and stages. There are henna tattoos, muffins and beer garden tent thingies..

Kerb Appeal

I've seen more steel fences and listened to more brass, walked by more overflowing trash cans and overheard..,

"where are your shoes Emma (?).. and you're going to need your hat young girl..!"..
"b', bu'., but mummy., I only want an ice-cream..!"
"shut up young girl, I don't want to hear it.. ; are you going to cause me problems today."


This must be the busiest Tesco's around.. judging by the number of bags I've seen.. and NO., NO, I don't want an effing Big Issue.., I just want to walk across the square..; no., NO I don't want a gym membership and NO, I don't want SKY.. Yes, YES I'm into giving blood and YES., YES I'm into your charity too.. ; thankyou for your Mickie Dees and Subway offers.. and for the what's on in town leaflet.. and NO, NO bloody NO I DON'T want a Big Issue., damn it.. NO, NO I don't have a spare 20p and NO, NO I don't smoke and therefore DON'T have a cigarette..; NO bloody NO, I don't have a light either and yes, YES I do like Guide Dogs.., but NO NO, I won't be going paint balling.. NO, I'm not interested in your tester and NO, I don't want a bubble gun.. and NO effing NO, I don't want a Big Issue..; no, I don't have any spare change and no, NO I don't smoke.. It's the large white building with a flag on it, over there.. Oh goodie, we've even got a beer thingy now - Oh, for phuk's sake.., look, I just want to walk over there..!. Please., PLEASE rain..!

Let It Be

The town's ALL about nine red planes., a whole lotta fencing.. and one long weekend full of oohs and ahhs leaving the remaining 51 for film noir., dark content and hotels with inadequate parking spaces.. : Look., no, NO I don't want a Big Issue and NO, I don't have any spare change. NO, I don't smoke either..!!

Too slow

Chery Cole's ass., Bruno Mars' height.., positive affirmations & doubters..


Thomas James
Kell’E Gallimore
Jelani Bruce
Anthony Biondi

More., more.; please sir, more


something like that


outta 'ere


Twerking bounces into Oxford dictionary

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Another Week 27 - #California, Car Deals, Zombie Invasion and Blaming The Tea Party..


My Name's Not Dave
but maybe
you've heard of
Rory Gallagher

The Meadow

Saying goodbye in the Meadow..; I drove along a country road today so I could say goodbye.. The feelings one gets are kinda odd really.. I felt a fear., a calmness, definitely an anxiety.; I wondered what I would say, how I would introduce myself, whether I would smile, laugh, wander, look around.. I certainly didn't want to be late, so I headed out early-ish in order to take in the 'views'.. I wanted to park up an take in the meadow. My wardrobe felt comfortable, if traditionally wrong.. I'm not sure what to expect really.., but this whole ride is weird man..- I just haven't done these sorta things very often, infact, not very often at all.. 
There has to be a word, a right kinda word.., but I can't think of one. One doesn't usually associate a memorial with colour and laughter, but man, this was full of it.. The music was turned up, there was applause an' I got to take a very lucky trip back in time.. There was the tall rock star musician and former pop idol vocalist who's voice contributed to Feeding the World and who 'Lay His Hat, wherever' and a lead guitarist who also laid his hat.,  'both' on the rainbow.. Saying goodbye to a box with someone you know in it.,  sucks man..

The stores are stocking different colours now.. and there are coats hanging from the rails.! I stopped by the bowling green..

A Teacher in red

I noticed someone today., standing in the sunlight.. . I used to know this cygnet from my past life, but man, this person grew up into a swan..: Holy toledo Batman.. and that's fer sure..; I noticed her standing in the sunlight (it wasn't difficult, believe me), as  a man notices a woman.., and I wondered.; her elegantly simple red dress gently moved in the summer breeze and her long flowing full bodied blonde locks bounced with a natural style while she kept her eyes hidden behind large dark glasses., but I knew I knew this woman., somehow, from somewhere.. Mesmerized by her slender height, her smooth and gentle tan, her elegantly toned bare arms.. it took me a moment or two for me to finally figure it out..- Saturday., yes Saturdays.! I was pleased I made the effort and scrambled over a bunch of chairs in my casual haste, pleased I eventually and gently touched her shoulder and pleased I distracted her., I was even more pleased I made the awkward., "excuse me, as strange as this may appear, I do believe I., well., hi, my name is...", 'cause her smile lit up and the teenage someone I knew a lifetime ago I learned, had became a woman.. There was a reason after all... My gawd, not only is this woman stunningly gorgeous.., but her heart radiated a total warmth..
.. and my faith in the fact there is someone here, beautifully understated and natural who actually brushes her hair and appears to know how to wear 'an appropriate wardrobe'., is finally restored.. YEAH and praise be..
Being selective rocks

 An early morning appointment took me along the local Sodom and Gomorrah street.; it wasn't that early, but at 9.30am under the perfect morning sun, I thought it was going to be an okay sort of walk but man o man., was I in for a ride.. The early morning stench coming from the bars from the night before adding to the 'fast' food (?)  heave/wrench type establishments made the walk almost unbearable.. Yuck, yuck, bloody yuck.. There's something kinda sad about seeing decay in the sunlight.. Faded signs, peeling paintwork, smashed windows, kicked and broken doors.. and overflowing trash cans become even clearer for those who dare to venture along the stained and littered street.... The four 'people' sat on the bench letting us all know how much their early morning bottle of cider was affecting them seemed a priority in life for them.. Rusted and bent bicycles chained and sorta propped to the green rusting fence also proved there was going to be no limo drive home for those riders.. The well worn doorways offered up further proof that the smokers lounge was at the gateway to a hell.. dude.. and across the street is a new multi-million dollar development in progress which the single lane in each direction street will divide..   If you've gotta have a drink in between your need for a tattoo and a pie, kebab or piercing.,  this is the place of choice.., but just for a heads up, the restaurant is closed due to a fire upstairs- tongue in cheek..; go figure Einstein.


I did however.., manage to get my day old new  but faulty charger replaced proving that customer service is alive an' well in the American styled tech' stores.. well .., not really well, but it can be found if you're up for an adventure and you have plenty of patience.. Now, if I was looking for somewhere to buy a can of Carlsberg, sit on a bird poop stained bench, eat a pork pie.. and roll up a cigarette, Sodom and Gomorrah street is the place to be., dude..; it comes complete with smells, odours and plenty of background noises to make a grown man heave, wrench and look for a brown paper bag.....

Fiction Factory~Feels like Heaven


Spider bites are itchy motruckers.. an' I've got two of 'em to scratch.. I'm not going to cut my finger nails today.. and I hate spilling the milk from my overly full cereal bowl..- It's funny how people react to letters.. and how can my ankle still be bruised.!

Life is much better with the windows open along with hot water and new socks.  A couple of new (coffee) invites always works the reason to make plans..

The fair's left., let's talk to the ocean

5 floors up and there's a rustling of paper, a question., the water bottle's empty and a towel is slung over the back of a chair.. The door onto the deck is open and I got my day wrong. There's a choice of things tonight..- an art exhibit, or the Quay and I'm right in the middle, logistically..

 License Plates

 I miss handwriting., my P.O.Box and the welcome sign.., but most of all I miss the sky..; oh shoot., the light., a cold beer, a well mixed margarita., the evening walk to the store, midnight reflections on the harbor., the public docks., the canal., the ferries., the yard., the big heavy gate., 100 blocks, 200 blocks, 300 blocks, precious stones and one way streets., the street sweeper., sounds of the waves., paintings .. and blue bowls..

Last minute invites away..  and listening to car doors being shut., Enterprise rentals being fully booked and an EIGHTY EIGHT. label..; seriously contemplating the whole social media ride and hurrying the laundry along the winding road..- I feel exhausted, but my teeth are clean..

Hey Little Girl


"It makes no sense"



Social., Earl Grey, honey and lemon.., wooden tables and fresh air..; I don't know what I want to listen to., but I know I'd listen to it over there..




27 man


it's a done deal






“If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart”







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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another Week 26 - #OneDirectionFan, Three Boys From Pasadena., Frances Bean Cobain., Ryan Reynolds..


42. Date someone exciting but completely wrong for you
High & Dry
Fitting in and futility
The Clown
Creative paths, rooted paths., a new season.; eat up L.A.,  resolute and resolutions.. People Are Strange Jim.. and Ray got it right.; internal bruising sucks & fear drains..  The future's where it's at, although so is living the day today.. Clean the teeth and tie the laces, shoulder the responsibility, ponder, meander, stride and observe while participating with instinct.. Shrug, doubt, contribute and offer.. Smile, question and move.. Pay it forward and check the screen to make sure it's green.. Point, fidget., shuffle sideways and gaze.., but my heart will beat and I'll feel alive.. all the while. Inspiration and motivation, style and empathy., white vans and elevator shafts., multiple floors., glass doors and mail.  Water., new card., that's not hard..  Educate, migrate., instigate.., just never be late.. Don't forget, don't bet., gamble or ramble. Lean, seem, other, mother, brother.., but no lover.. Fresh eggs., fresh legs., fresh air.. all beware.; tear, tear, fear., I'm seeking..

"I can't find my way home"

A Million Posibilities

Wenger defends Arsenal transfer policy after Aston Villa defeat.,
"Amish Mafia".. and  Jo Raquel Tejada's 72., allegedly.. - what do you really think of all those Facebook posts and headlines that you wake up to and read..!

My foot's still elevated.. and strapped.. (or should that be strapped and elevated ?).., making me extremely doubtful for the next home match.., although I did walk up a hill .. and along the boardwalk in the rain carrying a bottle of vino del plonko in a plastic bag now I think about it..   I'm kinda leaning towards the Xperia Z.. and a Fijian beach house..; one's fast and the other's laid back..

French Phones

.. and really., what is it with the whole tea gig... and dinner.. and medication..  and over-sized exhausts and filling one's garage up with crap.. and having to have coffee at a certain time.. and what's the deal with attempting to walk along the beach in those bloody great big red blocky high heel thingies.. Annnd., what's the deal with the bunch of questions., it's just a soapy bloodshot eye..

My feet are beginning to get cold

The meals on wheels dude just hit the elevator button and the wind's rustling up the trees..

Bass intro

"In this dirty old part of the city
Where the sun refuse to shine
People tell me there ain't no use in trying

"I've got to get out of town
This whole city just brings me down., yeah"
"You know it too"

It's twenty to twelve somewhere..

Missions., books and baseball caps.. De Niro's 70 dude., "A psychological warfare program centered on vomit could help save the marbled murrelet." - No kidding..'bro'  and while we're on it., let's not forget the (Bubo blakistoni)

Who's buying the Tesla Model S.., why we choke under pressure.. and a strange, pulsing star found
Why we say goodbye.,  let go..  and stare

"Yellow is the colour of my true love's" ankle

The light is definitely different.., so's the hair.., the walk.. and the fit..; why compromise a standard when what we think of as seeing the horizon is just the earth's curve hiding the fact that the view is actually infinite.. There is always more beyond the horizon for sure.., so I'm thinking far and beyond dude..


The excitement's
too much



¡Orale, güey!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Another Week 25 - #TaraReid., #WarningGraphicImages, #Lady Gaga,

 Beverly Hills
Moorea & Bora Bora

Now What

Me and the ball machine
play serious
for keeps

SO., this is the deal..; I drag the ball machine up to the tennis court., take time to set the thing up..; balls are flying everywhere so the special care I'm taking to get the balls landing in just the right place is taking 'a few minutes'.. Finally I'm satisfied that I've got the machine set up correctly..; The balls are landing consistently deep, nice and low and with top spin, set up for about 90 mph and landing just inside the base line.. I take the ball carrier thingy and go to the end of the court in order to collect all the balls.. which I then empty into le  la  the machine..- 'k, I'm ready for working up a sweat and looking forward to an hour or so hitting with a ball machine..;  everything's perfect, the sun's out, there's no wind, so I hit the 'on' button and run to the other end of the court.. I'm ready.; I can see the machine feeding the ball into the 'shooter' thingy  (even with my eyes) and POW/POP., the first (!) ball comes over, into the body, so I quickly take evasive action and move one step to my right in order to block it using my backhand (against my body) and ... my effing right foot failed me.. ; I turned my ankle over, hearing it crack, then fold and collapse.; I'm on the court, laid out on my back wondering what the eff just happened...- I'm alone., my phone's nowhere close., not even in the same city as me.., duh.. I'm using the damn ball machine for crying out loud ! So I manage to drag myself back to the fridge where I found a couple of ice packs, limped to the sofa where I've elevated my swelling ankle.. and that's my tennis experience today.. DONE and with an ankle looking like a bloody tennis ball.!
I just never go over, or turn my ankle over.., nevah., but the damn ball machine just beat me up man.. AND on the first fecking ball..
I can move my toes, but man, the ankle is soft and puffy., bruised ALready and with a sharp pain on the top of the boney bit.., so it's a case of  ice, ice baby.. and U2's Elevation..  I've got to  'somehow' put the damn machine and ball away too, which means I've got to return to the scene of the crime., baby..


My dancing days will have to wait ... at least a day or so.. and certainly no pirouettes.. trampolining or leaping around on stage for a while either.. I'm ok for synchronized swimming with the team... and opening a bottle of vino del plonko., but certainly no moon walking...or 007 Bond like stunts..- I've strapped the leg to the chandelier and am now lying as near vertical as is possible.. which leaves sleeping looking like a luxury tonight.. ARGH.., no covers, no covers..; just originals..

Limp Seeker v Lip Syncher

Social culling.. and wondering how many.. I sat out with people until the light disappeared, enjoyed company, conversation and cheeses before crunching home with the quadruped under the stars..
The sky's blue., a wasp/bee or little flying thingy keeps on flying into the window, but I'm not letting the little sucker in.. The shadows are long., four rabbits are a hopping., the silver/grey Carrera S is full of morning dew.. and I'm still wondering.. There's a 'coo-ing' coming from that tree and I'm still wondering.. My stomach just growled and if I don't move., that'll make me wonder some more.. I yawned.., stretched my left leg out., scratched the back of my head.. and wondered some more.. I wonder if I'm wondering too much..; hmm., let me think about that one.
The road is long
but I need to know

Art Institutes


Spontaneous question - WHY.? and come on Oakley., play the game..- "Have pub beer gardens now become smoking gardens?" ( and Australian wine's getting cheaper..
Sheds, showers and scones... Clean up on aisle 12.. & easels..; the real stuff.. and there's too cutesy.. too., jus' too.. TOO damn much...

& First Class
 $29.... Temecula wine country


da beach baby, beach baby, beach..

Do doot, do do do doot

I'm hopping., which makes me think of Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010), which then made me think of Easy Rider and now Karen Black (July 1, 1939 – August 8, 2013) and then there's Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967).., then Hip Hop and HOP (the movie).; Danny and the Juniors went to the hop., rabbits.. and frogs., which then made me think of  frogs legs.. which brought me right back to square one and my ankle.. I can't get a way from it.., fortunately..

Ceilings and height.., space, room and Va va voom..; ceiling heights just made me think of someone..

10:00 a.m. daily until September 8 @ Discovery Science Center
Laguna Art Museum Summer 2013 Exhibits
Irvine Fine Arts Center Presents Wall Painting 2013
Free Fridays at the LBMA
2013 California-Pacific Triennial
Gems of the Medici
Mexico at the Hour of Combat Photo Exhibition
OC Fair 2013
3rd Annual DREAM Art Exhibit
Asian Garden Night Market
SoCo's Farmers' Market
Summer Sun and Art Fest

dark installations
film noir
balloons and flags
A couple of days of Vvvoooming
fish and chips
deck chairs
a merry-go-round
and WH Smiths

Repetitively Uninspiring
Uninspiringly (?) Repetitive

Standing Still, stationary museums.. and how many times can you see the same thing before it becomes the same thing man..
Feed the birds locals.. and where is Nana Mouskouri..: Let's watch the SChanook go round in circles too.; wee, gasp.., look, it's going round in circles.. shhoosh.. Look boss., da plane da plane.. Gasp.. Is that a tank baby.? NO., no NOT a Vulcan..; holy cow An actual VULCAN.. Yippdeedee. The excitement levels are going through the roof..

Submit an event

and what is it

Grade 3.. Ho Van Thanh and Picasso.. The Cavern and Whiskey...; it's 7 and the machines are out.. and the advantage is..?  Selectivity, Hartlepool and the Desert.. - Every Rose has it's Thorn.. and I was just totally shocked., surprised..; genuinely.. and I love that..- thanks


When I make a left, I 'do' a few curves, a little dip and pass The Swan before I hit my first give way sign.. I've got 3 choices and a decision to make., left, right or straight on.. Life uh.. I've got two things to do which means taking two of those roads.. and like life, they take me in different directions, but hopefully I'll get to the end of the day having completed two important things without screwing up stuff., man.. The third option is just something I'd like to do as opposed to having to do ..   Three things., three options and one decision.. 

If I drove on the other side of the car., I'd be able to put my left foot out first., which would help enormously.. Having to drive with the steering wheel on the right is a pain in the proverbial ankle.

Imagine marvelous images merging miraculously

.. and why do people do that.. ; do what.. DO that.. Isn't it much easier to do that., as opposed to that..  Slow is as slow as slow is.., but what is slow.. Geez., we're a strange  weird bunch.. The stuff that's out there proves why we have fish and chip shops and not tacos., amigos baby, ease on down the road., man.... 

"Yer., I yam.." - loosely translated, "yes, I am.."


Minds and who minds
well I mind 'cause my mind's a mind that minds

Workshops , truth

Can you tell the truth., share a thought and really see an observation... and I wonder what dogs think about when they look at you.. Do we know why we need flies.. and hey., if you really care., why isn't that enough.. Running is best left to those who want to get., or keep fit.., but it seems that running is also out there for those who simply like to go off in the other direction and keep a distance.. Goals, results & playing for extra time..


Midnight - Kodaline

24 an'
Cold Turkey

Christy Turlington

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