Monday, 29 July 2013

Another Week 20 - #Newport Folk Festival., #Camping Equipment., #Economy in General.. and



dark clouds man

Corripe Cervisiam

 Air Conditioner

It looks like I've been bitten/stung/bitten on my right foot...; I came across a wasps nest while out and about and now have something of a souvenir..; infact I've come across three nests, squirted some stuff over them, and found a rocks or two to leave.. and while 'doing that', the Red Arrows flew over, obviously training/practicing/rehearsing.
Taking in a 360, I saw a lone microlight buzzing around too.. - later on, I sat out until 11.30ish enjoying great conversation, fun company and 'a' glass of vino.., or two.. A star, a plane and cool cloud formations made up the evening/night around the outdoor furniture.. and for other distractions, the 'tunes' worked their magic too.. It's good to laugh

Edge of Darkness

I sent off an e-mail, had a great fantabulous, groovy kinda dream and at some point, scratched my nose.. I also used my windscreen wipers, navigation unit and drove over/across/round a few round-about thingies..  I drove on a grid system which brought back some very happy memories.. I turned on a sprinkler, which was exciting..

 At some point, I sat out with a cup/mug of tea.., ate some rice..  and walked to the bottom field..; I even used my left indicator and later read, what in my opinion was., some selfish social crap..

I learned that., as yet., I'm still excluded (south of the road to hell).. and that someone else (north of the road to hell)., has invited me (again) to enjoy a far greater responsibility.. and that just plain weirdZ me out man.. I guess in some  many eyes., I'm Trouble., with a capital big assed T., while in others, I seem to be a kinda ok.. The jury's still out on that one though... At some point I'll probably lose some sleep, but then again., let me just think about that for a moment.. Ok, I've thought about it.. and zzzzzzz..

 The Surrey with the fringe on the top

 Ahh., that's better.. I sat in on a Fringe performance that rocked but sadly missed one that I wanted to check out because of not being able to be in two places at once.;  effing bummer I say dude. There's a big difference between balloons & quality.. Variety rocks and keeps the interest moving forward., in my book.. and thanks go to those with a vision for culture.. It's always pretty damn cool to be involved in change, progress..  and a book with interesting pages to read.., but hey., change isn't for everyone..

I found a name I really really like.. and a letter that totally works for me..  Some letters appear strong (to me) and also appear as though they're going somewhere..  whereas.., some simply don't..

Staying small., blending in

Apparently I have requests.. and stories.. I also know someone who is showing tremendously inspiring dignity and strength.. Man., there's some weird sh*t out there.., but thankfully there's always a hesitation to dream about..

Finding a secluded spot in the outside world
I'm looking for a door number 45., , letting the universe drive & i saw Gok Wan holding hands while I had a Peroni.. Ziggy played guitar too..

'k, I'm a rollin' an' tumblin'.. an' getting this show on the road.., baby..; lots to do., so little time to do it all.., and the bowl of mixed cereal's got me stretching..

"Putting your phone away and paying attention to those talking to you

There’s “an APP for that and it's called “RESPECT”.."

REI Gearmail

Another jet plane., another airport and another laundry load on another windy day..; another flying visit in     and out of a tired coastal resort place thingy do da.. & another choc' cookie..

select your age



#Why men fall in love.. -  

 Fun again in the sun
The house is better for having two toothbrushes
The washing line is aesthetically more pleasing with lingerie hanging on it
Two table settings work better than one
Bathrooms are more fun 
There are other colors out there 'than black' for furniture
TV's really don't need to be that big
Art (other than car and sporting shit) on the walls is actually cool 
Fresh flowers on the dinning table work
Spooning rocks
Airplane seats are more comfortable 
Your Facebook photographs are way cooler
Sunbathing becomes more interesting
The weekends last longer
The day requires some form of multi-tasking in order to get through it
Watching sports 24/7 ends up being too much
There's always chocolate around
The home smells better
We need muses
Sex is more fun

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The 18th tee
19th Hole

Real Madrid this., Barcelona that..; budget this., punctuality that and open drawers.. Thunder, lightening and Wildlife .., clothes pegs and car keys..
music stands & bass pedals


Ex animo


I'm aligned

After Midnight
JJ Cale

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Another Week 19 - #Darwin Awards - Chris Froome., #Lewis Hamilton and #AlonsoFerrari..

Horatio, 1st Viscount

29 September 1758 -
21 October 1805 (aged 47)

Nelson country

I drove across some train tracks this week.., sat in heavy traffic on the road to hell and been invited to 4 BBQ's .. I've also had four additional dinners outdoors .. and dangled my feet in a pool that registered 21 degrees..I'm looking at a couple of medals, hit a few tennis balls and listened to Planet Rock.. I've been given exit info and enjoyed a honey whiskey.. I've been around runners., stretchers and driven on a newly graveled road at 20 mph with absolutely NO side effects., or loss of a windscreen..

There are still leaves on the trees
The two new cast iron radiators were bloody heavy.. man.., but I managed to drag their sorry asses into the garage..; the RS has gone .. and I bought some new lemon shower gel.. , a couple of cards and a bottle of spray stuff..

It's a good idea to work out which way the sprinkler is facing before...

Busy with thoughts

I stopped at a new different motorway service thingy to try and wake myself up.. ; I also walked through a low tide in order to take a closer look at a wreck.. There were a handful of kids crabbing.. and the quadruped went for a swim.. The two cars following me had a coming together but I was untroubled, unscathed and continued on my way oblivious..

There was  a cool looking vapor trail crossing the sunset last night while I enjoyed dinner and vino outside and I have 'this' friend who made it onto a (positive, exciting and very proud) list in the Sunday  Times last weekend..; infact Da friend came in at numbero fourO..

Just had a 40g 9 bar original., scratched my right knee., watched the gates open and close and walked up a slight hill - There's a breeze today too.., not to mention the butterfly that just flew in through the open door..

I don't have a funky ringtone..

Paper shredders are a cool thing..., as are ride on lawn mowers...The pool temp. is now up to 24 and a bit.., in new money.. and I have absolutely NO clue why I popped open a can of Coke 'cause I'm now urgh....


I've made plans baby..  and had a good chat about 'stuff' the other evening.. I was asked the kind of questions I love getting my teeth into.., or something like that.. Life up HE AH is so different ; the wardrobe, life's uniform, opinion., dreams, style., sense of reason., choice of cocktail and whole response offers up a completely novel direction.. AND there's no sign of an amusement arcade in sight..  I guess if you supply  offer fish and chips, amusement arcades and rehab houses., there's a pretty good chance that your general attendee is not only NOT coming in for cultural reasons.., but they're probably going to leave their daily souvenirs scattered all over the sand..BUT., I could be wrong and totally way off the mark., as is my total lack of qualification on the subject.. A mere three hour flying visit this time proved my inexperienced case., sadly.. Rock The Big Issue and ice cream dude..

Something's are a long way from home

Walking Back To Happiness

Just read a script., checked in on some lyrics and turned a page or two of musical notes.. and did this while actually doing what people regard as multi-tasking..; I aktually looked out of the study window.. & as a bona fide man, I consider that to be quite an achievement.

My feet are hot., but given the opposite, I can live with that.. It'll only be another day week month or so when 'things' get back to inconsistently normal.; the leaves will start to change, and the healthy and very cute soft skin will be hidden away for another 9 months.. SO, for right NOW., the roses are looking healthy and the bottled beer is stocked and cold..


I walked through a lot of stiles., squeeze stiles and kissing gates.; I also came across some old village stocks.., strangely enough, in an old English village.. GO figure eh..  I also stumbled by some rusted out old fishing gear too..

Wasps., hedgehogs and rabbits..,
dunes., wrecks.. and fishing boats..
Coastal cottages.,
Bricks and stone
Bricks an' stone

C'est la chose

Distanced.. Aspects of the English language is dated.., old chap..- Tweed.. Deary me.. There's a Bright Golden Haze On The Meadow..  I sat under the midnight blue sky last night with a glass bottle of 'the ole' red stuff., watched a plane fly low in the distance and eventually the stars begin to do their thang.. The music did it's thing, the fleece did it's thing., the candles did their thing and the gently nostalgic chat did it's thing.. and before I knew it, it was a new day.., but not before huge thanks too to Hilary Lister for completing the evening..

There's a place for us., somewhere a place..

Zero in the fast lane

Back In Control
 and looking

Barefoot in the boardroom., the Open., why Detroit is in debt and Moyes says "no".. The phone's plugged in and charging up a storm.., in a teacup.. and the sunrise has risen.. A la Johnny Rotten.. John Lydon..

The man who smiled
Life in transit., the race to create green energy.. and "phew., that was close".. Early starts.., Skype and sharing.. I saw into a wardrobe/closet and the two sides of a face that revealed a story.. I enjoyed a smile., a moment in Fiji  and checking the pool temperature out..

13 days to go

A Bee reading

Birthdays., photo shoots.... and lunches.. - 13 days., birds of prey.. and card readers... - I  came across.. and discovered, exactly what a library chair is and now love those little suckers..

Sausage rolls., Pimms & Painters.. Sprinklers, Pilates, and potted plants.

Cracked iPhone glass., excited voices and cars wrapped with red ribbon..

The Test., The Open and my right foot..

Oreo's., Magnums and Vegas baby Vegas.

Walk This Way






The left window

"Special mention to anyone who's taken an ocean front Real Estate photo in the last day or so.. and who knows something about  time zones, hemispheres., chandeliers and clawfooted bath tubs ."

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another Week 18 - Evite., Carrington., Crop Circles., Don McCullin and

Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic

6-4 7-5 6-4

Le Chateau
straight and narrow

"Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe"



Pageant of the Masters
Sawdust Art & Craft Festival
OC Fair
Coach House
House of Blues
Tiki Bar
Mouldoon's Irish Pub
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Mission San Juan Capistrano
The Gypsy Den

 Your high level of extraversion suggests that you experience positive emotions from social situations and activities, so are likely to seek them out and thrive in them.

Wild Thing
 The Troggs

You value getting along with others, so are considerate, friendly, and willing to compromise your interests for the benefit of the group around you. As a result you tend to be very popular.

Flip Flops

BBQ's., 500's and today.. I could be half asleep, but both my eyes are open..  I literally made a bed..  Sat behind a Vimto drinking moaner.. and still got there.. Made it from one place to the next & don't need socks.. I keep waking up with a song in my head and the sun has got his hat on..  I saw a new barn where an old one stood before.. The road is long.. and Magical Mystery Tours rock.. man..

Elle Macpherson at 49
Not fighting the age, but embracing it

I just forgot that I had earphones in.., until I tried walking away..; those suckers can cause your ears to hurt when they reach their full wireage..  (?)  - I just watched five sets that caused my palms to sweat a little.. and my phone hasn't rung..

I've got a ceiling above me.., a floor below me.. and a permanently packed suitcase always ready to rock and roll beside me..- Tickets are a done deal.. I need  want a backpack..

I just yawned and my eyes watered..  an' I wonder why I've not seen any chewing gum on the ground while I've been away only to see it on my return.. while being distracted from the Big Issue sellers., who, incidentally, I haven't seen while on my travels either.. I've also noticed the cider/Carlsberg., large plastic bottle filled with 'something' drinkers congregating around the Gardens' benches and the empty cans left in other places.. Shame really when I think about it.. I've gone a few weeks not seeing that stuff only to fly in for two short days and hey presto, it's all around.., just as it was before.. Even the patchwork tarmac is more in evidence here too.. I guess that's down to the folk who make the local decisions.., or not as it may be..
The local land of rehab houses and care homes, roots and mankinis, muggings and summer road works just in time for the tourist filled streets.. Oddly located cafe, strangely designed 'ice cream shacks' an' all obviously approved by a very creative local council., but nothing equates to the gawd awful little 'park' (?) like area newly built complete with empty discarded beer cans on full display under the Pier approach...
Amazing balls.., spectacular visionaries and the like..


That was a big ass'd bird..  I met a former President recently.. and didn't know I actually know him really well..; he kept that pretty low key, which is why I totally respect the dude.. Personalities first.., titles (and position) a distant second.., in my book.. The man's the man..

I can see a picture on the wall that I did many moons ago.. I think it could actually be the oldest piece of art that I'm responsible for still in existence.. and it's pretty damn good, even though I say so myself.. Kudos to the old geezer..

Crispian St Peters

The sounds coming from outside confirm that I'm close to a typically English coastal place thingy.. Patagonia stuff rocks.. an' I'm kinda thinking Sony Xperia Z., but there again, what do I know.. What I DO know (though) is that I'll need a larger pocket somewhere about my person..

"Every day I look at the world from my window
But chilly, chilly is the evening time"


 I don't have the patience to sit through a movie.. and I LOVE movies..; the same with TV.. Life's funny.. I do think I'll go clean my teeth.. and turn out the light..


Easy way to slice a melon.., "it was only a shirt.." and Sixty Years of Road Trips.. 

 Where have all the flowers gone..?  Links and You CANNOT be serious.. man... - Garbage., geeks & ghosts. Confirmation e-mail, the Walker Brothers and  f8#k this for a game of soldiers..

Pink Dolphin

 A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen
mask over his mouth and nose. A young student nurse appears and
gives him a partial sponge bath.

"Nurse,"' he mumbles from behind the mask, "are my testicles black?"

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only
here to wash your upper body and feet."

He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, please check for me. Are my
testicles black?"

Concerned that he might elevate his blood pressure and heart rate
from worrying about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment
and pulls back the covers.
She raises his gown, holds his manhood in one hand and his testicles
gently in the other.

She looks very closely and says, "There's nothing wrong with them,
Sir. They look fine."

The man slowly pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her, and says
very slowly, "Thank you very much. That was wonderful. Now listen
very, very closely:

Are - my - test - results - back?"

Peace, Love and Drums..
I need to see a painting
By anyone
I have a short list
Livin' in a box
7.57 am



18 an' out
I've gotta move my ass


Get this show on the road
'cause I'm feeling


When The Levee Breaks

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Another Week 17 - iPhone 5., Samsung Galaxy S4., Tour de France., The Lions and Wimbledon Men's Final Day Tickets..

 That's  This is what they look like

4th July
Harbor Parades

c'est l'affaire

There's a fly buzzing around in the lamp shade.. and the biggest spider evah, was in the shower.., but now flushed down the drain..; sorry Mr. (Boris The) Spider..
I've been tootling around in the veggie patch... and discovered that twisting a rubber band around the hose pipe helps eliminate the drips that were soaking my shoes.. I learned too that not only turning off the tap is needed, but I should've let the water out of the hose before removing it from the tap connector thingy dobreedo, 'cause that wet stuff gets ya wet..

I took in Brancaster., burgered in the Jolly Sailor., the Fens and a windmill without the sails.., before checking out a grid system that brought back happy memories.. Even the light's different.. There's a lime green flying machine parked now.. and those seats are way cool, but also a wee bit on the low side for my taste and as they're fixed., they would need unfixing..

I heard a new word today..; my handwriting is deteriorating.. and I haven't seen the gardeners at all.. I woke up today and it's the first time I've ever woken up today.. today.. - I made a mistake., I think., and hey, mistakes can be made, but I feel good about it..

At the Grid

This has been a long and really enjoyable visit.. I managed to wear my shorts.. and park on the roof of Debenhams.. A bottle of champagne was opened and I was introduced to another cell phone..

People are getting older by the day..; well, those who're getting older certainly are..

I'm thirsty but don't want to move from the cool view I've got right now.. : Hmm, water or stay..; that is the question..  I just had another thought.. "Champions."
Mediocre is only mediocre to those who have an experience and knowledge of other stuff  'cause otherwise the other stuff appears to rock.. I can see one area of mediocrity.. and the more I write mediocre the more it looks wrong ..

 TVR Night

I'm ready for a taco and Corona with a margarita chaser.., or I would be if it didn't feel like November in the UK.. My mind's also at a memorial I've missed and a letter, an e-mail I can't seem to open..

Deeply Flawed Protagonist

All Day & All of The Night

 Ray Davies

The Kinks



Chords for "Sunny Afternoon"

                            "Sunny Afternoon"
                              (Ray Davies)


        Dm  /C   /B  /Bb  A   /G   /F  /E       [2X]
        / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

             Dm             C
        The taxman's taken all my dough
             F              C
        And left me in my stately home
        A      /G   /F    /E    Dm
        Lazin' on a sunny afternoon
        And I can't sail my yacht
              F           C
        He's taken everything I've got
        A         /G        /F     /E   Dm
        All I've got's this sunny afternoon
Kitchen Moment
 Well, I'm back., for a brief moment before flying out again..
Fortunate., lucky.. and plain ole blessed
I looked out of the left hand window again.. , popped a beer and know 'we' have four seasons.. One long assed  cold dark one that's otherwise known as Winter..; one best known as Spring, while one best known as Fall ,Autumn, Fall/Autumn. The fourth is a combination of the above.. and in any ONE day there may be a Winter's morning., a Fall afternoon and a Spring evening.. "We" may get lucky and get ONE whole hour of summer., but mostly the forth season is a combo deal.... I didn't notice anyone I know wandering in the drizzle  either..

I saw strawberries virtually growing before my very eyes..; I tied some vines/grapes..; drank some too as it happens.. I broke a branch, an angel and A glass.. THAT'S 3 things; oops.., I hadn't thought about the three (!) thingy jobbies.. The angel went in the bedroom., the glass in the dishwasher and the branch., in the garden.. BAM..

I had a chicken sandwich for my lunch..; my cases got written on .. and I don't like that..  My coat's still hanging there.. and the world's still spinning round and round

Back for a Day

It looks like I'm going to a new coast, traveling on new roads and visiting new fields as the adventure continues going from here to there... I didn't see ONE beach hut being used.. , but I did see a very cool pic..

Elvis Presley

I've got a cough.. and an itch on my left collar bone.. and I laughed at My Key., or is that Mikey..; Mikey.. I've been asked about my Elvis caricature, so here goes..; you've gotta shut your eyes and just imagine cause it's a totally visual impression.... Ok, ready.?  "uhh uhh poke., a poke salad.. Uh a poke salad annie... Veevuh., a veevuh., a VeeVuhh Los Vagush baby..; thank you very mush..".. - It's one of those alcohol induced moments that only comes out when I'm er.., er.. demanding center stage and/or attention..

I'm done with this one


Keep The Windows Open and the Patio Furniture out
the air's good for ya

Hmm., why do they put braille dots on the keypads of the drive-up ATM

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