Friday, 8 February 2013

Image 52 - Week 52.. Last One., Argo and Courage.., an' now you know..

'cause it's all an adventure anyway

The Final One

it's all personal
a reveal 

Take Courage

I wandered the coast today on the way to where I was going., a long time ago., or at least, many weeks ago and totally wrote this final effort in my head.., then.. Infact this is actually somewhere around weeks 32-37, but I’m sure I’ll ‘tweak’ it over the coming weeks when the time is right and certainly just before I sign off for the last time.."maybe the last time., I don't know..., oh no.."

If I can just remember where my mind was at that late morning in Fall..

So., Image 52 fell into my lap last year and without any plan or specific ideas, I jumped.. and now..?, well I know exactly what it’s all about of course and have known from an early part of this reveal.., but you probably have no idea.., so let me share where my mind has been..

Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be an inspirational blog and one offering up Images for you to consider inspiring., however..I’ve treated it as a selfish project with one very clear journey..; “hmm., clear you say.!” - “but of course, I say”.. Yeah., yeah.; I know you're shaking your head., totally bewildered., but really.., it's very, very simple..

I start at the very beginning when I meet someone, or more importantly, when I introduce myself to a stranger.. and through the course of the introduction, I’m present and show up.. I’m totally happy to reveal myself, which, in most cases totally turns people off, however, if you’re one of my closest friends, you’d know that I’m always there..; so, I did this for myself, to show I had some courage and enable me to look back and know I actually turned up, was present and shared stuff with ya'll.. and that, to me, is inspiring in a person.. Now, perhaps to you, it’s wacky, weird and confusing., but, what I’ve done for the past year has been to show how a person (perhaps a stranger), or piece of music, lyric and/or image has influenced my thought and year as a whole.. and simply attempted to share that by injecting some humour, sarcasm, anger, frustration, frankness and every emotion known to me.. I’m sure, that to perhaps one of the few readers , according to my blog stats, who’s stopped by, they’ve understood and hopefully got that.. and if just one person understands, then I’ve shared my journey with that one person.. and that’s inspiring to me.., perhaps inspired them., you too..

SO, I’ve shared things, moments, famous names.. and the not so famous., people I know and people I don't., but people, who at that precise moment have impacted my thought.. and I’ve simply responded by including them.. They may have come into my thoughts as a result of a negative moment, or more likely, I’ve been moved by them..
I’ve shared the mundane routines that ‘we’ all deal with and the wonderful high’s too.; there's been birthdays, a summer, fireworks, rain and so on, but through it all, every word has come from that place before it gets edited by the brain and shared by the fingers..; the place that beats with a passion for the simplicity of life.. and like me, with an instinctive rhythm ..; my heart.. and the le truth..

Yep, it’s probably read like a wacky, high and troubled piece of confusing ramblings., which at times, it was.., kinda like me., yet I’ve shared the year because I’ve been inspired to.. and perhaps you may be inspired to turn up, show up and be present too.

It's been about personal
choices and contrasts., passion, setting a pace and sharing a voice..
For me on a journey

In truth., I've enjoyed the whole 52 gig.. and can't imagine going cold turkey.. I'm sure I need to 'fine tune' and up the quality quite a bit., but who knows.., perhaps by the time this posts, I'll have a clearer idea of how to do that.. 

Ahh, the journey., the personal journey of comparisons., of highs, good fortune and from where I walked on my personal moon, where I climbed mountains and experienced the desert's powerful energy.; where I raced, wrote and read.., where I painted, photographed., learned and understood.. and where I learned to 'think' as an individual who has a voice.. I met the future, the tomorrow, I understood the need for solutions, answers and improvement, of teamwork, collaborations and of open doors; I can't lose that.., I can't go back to All Our Yesterdays where balloons deflate, color fades and paint peels.., nor where the mind slows and actions are met with suspicion.., where doors are closed., attitudes hide behind walls and high hedge rows.., from where canvas' divide strangers on the sand.. and where chewing gum lines the streets.., nor where organs, TV soaps and roads show little change.; yep, it's been a personal journey of courage, challenge and reveal.. and done so with nothing more than an honesty.. and courage


 The Rolling Stones

"Well this could be the last time
This could be the last time
Maybe the last time
I don't know. oh no. oh no"


and what ya don't know, you don't know.. and what you don't know., ain't worth knowing anyway..

Courage to say what you mean, mean what you say., do what you mean, mean what you do., turn up, notice and notice when you turn up..; courage to share and courage to 'be'.. A year of courage, a year of journeying.. and a year of reveal..



Thank you

  Image 52
 Week 52

To those I Know., I just know.., but.. Special thanks go/goes to those friends who are thought of with every breathing minute of my day, who're loved., missed and..

Hey guys.,

It's Margarita time

and as always
with minimal editing

Happy New Year

for those
Courage to share
courage to reveal
courage to turn up
courage to follow your instincts


Make sense now.?

Leaving footprints

Thanks this final week go/goes to courage., those I've seen, photo'd, walked by, overheard, observed - The tunes, paintings and moments that have impacted my year - an' ALL the other stuff too..

Image 52 - Week 51.. F Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby., James Dean., Led Zeppelin.., scrambled eggs.. and

a lil' music

just a staircase to go up., or down

Europe's Final Countdown is on


there's a party going on that I'm honoured and extremely proud to have been invited to

See ya at the bar

Well., you can get sand between your toes and that can be irritating

There's the Oscar ceremony, a red carpet to walk.. and memories to retrace.. an' all around the corner. It's that time..

Local color
I thought I had a 101 dollars, but it was just my bank statement saying "lol"..


Sometimes going somewhere requires a little effort... and sometimes you've just got to clear the way.. Sometimes you've just got to try and be better prepared.. and sometimes it's as it is.., deal with it.. Take a look, assess it.. and then act.. It may only be a little snow in the way..

Travelling pods

.. but once cleared, there is a view for us all to enjoy..; jus' do it.. Merci

If I cough once more., someone's going to pay for it.. and if the world runs out of red vino plonko., someone's going to pay for it.. and if I don't get my new passport back, someone's going to pay for it.. and if the clocks chime for midnight and my good luck changes, I need to talk to my fairy god mother..

It's funny being around university humor..; I just don't get it.. It's funny being around a humor that's repeating itself.. and not very well either.., but what's not funny is walking against the wind when it bites through all the layers you've got on..

"If you're blue and you don't know 
Where to go to, why don't you go 
Where fashion sits? Puttin' on the Ritz.."

1., 2..., 3..

When you walk there., you're still here and here ain't there.. and when you're happy, you enjoy the music., but when you're sad, you understand the lyrics..

Wild Thing

.. and Valentine's Day for singles is what exactly..? Apparently Mourinho is still special.. and I've got a lot to be grateful for..

"and so castles made of sand
fall in the sea


It appears to be an us v's them deal now.., but why., seriously? Why can't we all work together., collaborate on making it all work., on solutions., answers to make our communities better, to improve, to pay it forward using whatever talents we have.. Why, why., why can't we do that..? Why can't we encourage each other to climb our own personal mountains..? and why do we meet a stranger and instinctively treat them with utter suspicion..!  There are people who should be ashamed of themselves.. and those fences they've built around their houses only keep people away while those inside separated from the outside.. Us v's them., oh to be a visionary..; kudos to those who embrace their kettles.. and who fill their flasks..; shame on you..

it's that simple

"made up my mind to make a new start,
Going to California with an aching in my heart

Someone told me there's a girl out there
with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair

Took my chances on a big jet plane
Never let them tell you 
that we're all the same"

Robert Plant, James Patrick Page


 The Penultimate image

It's now that close

done and out

The Facilitator 

 We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police

Thanks this week go/goes to The Olster - Floss - Chichen Itza, Mexico - Film Works L.A. - Karma - The Happy Birthday song - the Dalai Lama -Dennis Stock and Mr. O'Neill

Image 52 - Week 50.. SAF., The Daily Pilot., Expedia., Prophets and Facebook

Hyding in the Park

Complicated Simplicity

Sharing obvious and very public observations that are evident for everybody to see and biasedly defend is proving to be quite a hazardous past-time from what I see and read.., it appears; almost as much as settling for what is.. 
But.. and after all, where would we be now without 'the Mac', or that smartphone in your hand., or the electric windows in your air conditioned vehicle.; hey, in order to 'make a day of it'.., I too can ignore the dreary aspects of a location that I probably spend more time in 'there' than the supporters who decide to venture in only occasionally and then to lend their supportive presence to what is usually a 'tied, tried and tired' event.. Walk the streets dude..
We simply become distanced from that everyday thing when we remain close to the teabag we squeeze..; Prisouns and what really is a considered sentence..? Hanging out with routine only allows us to stay closer to safety while gradually distancing us from the Big Issue Vendors and broken/boarded up windows of everyday life..

The light, the light
Top Gun and Ice Man..
So., I got a pack of choc' digestives., took in some local art., learned a new word.. an' all before the lights and umbrellas..
Hi-De-Hi. went off the air in '88., but I heard the catchphrase repeated 25 years later for all the 'excited' cold and wet attendees either munching on hot dogs or lighting one up ..; Harry did his bit and honestly, would I., could I..?
The five event staff including the clipboarder, stood in a huddle around the tree in readiness for the official part of the official thing.. and all while looking over the barriers that hid the fallen baubles and trash that could quite easily have been picked  up to offer a slicker presentation for those of us taller than the three foot barrier separating us from the creative masterpiece and fine object d'art.. I guess it's just a different standard.. and with chewing gum stuck to the pavements and sodden diapers blowing around., why bother with little things like trash and fallen decorations on an official turn out.. and where exactly were you., 'cause I didn't see you..  Ahh, that fishbowl is indeed a comfortable size., for goldfish.., but if you want Koi., build a pond.. 

No., I don't think they've noticed yet dude

.. and I'm wrong..?
Perhaps the photos are somewhat manipulated (?), NO., nope,  they're as they are.! Sure, sure., harsh words., but true ones.. nonetheless..; there aren't enough hours in the day for me to satisfy my journey.. and certainly never enough spare ones to repeatedly stop by the plug socket..

But you'd be wrong

You could say that some certain places are motivated by a credit card, an image and shiny stuff., but when you've had experience of both, one could safely ascertain that other places appear to be inspired by wing-tips, floppy scarves, cheese sandwiches, tea and button down collared shirts..; hmm, no comparison you may offer,  but really, how can one debate a personal opinion.? The I.D. is simply a reflection of an opinion, observation and extreme naivety.., often made out of inexperience.. Speaking from experience., I prefer the actions to be ones that prove a proactivity, forward thinking., action committing originality.. and a language based on "yes, lets get this thing done."..; tea, excuses and indifference can wait for the rap party...

Hospitality and lights..; have you ever stopped and really looked at a brush stroke and marveled that it was painted on that canvas over one hundred years ago with nothing more than north light to lighten up the room/studio.?, often by a poor artist grounding their own paints.. and here we are, years and years later left speachless by the story, journey and probably in reality, just looking and thinking., "hmm, that's a pretty picture".., or worse., "I don't like it"..!

It's this simple., really

We see what we want to see.. and for most, we don't take that moment to look..; it's dark, it's town and besides, the fire's on..

Through the trash can

It's the view that's someone's proud to maintain
Real., or not real.?

So now it's down to being in development..; ideas are great and KU., nice, nice.., nice... I'm groovin' now..

If it's not there, in plain sight, it's usually a lot closer.. and if it's not that close, just reach inside and you can feel it beating against the insides of your chest..

50's finito


outta hee ah

It's just a piece of driftwood.., or is it.?

Thanks this week go/goes to the North Light - Magicians - Bosses Undercover - Hot Honey and Lemon - Sogno di Vino - Leicester Car Parks and Chievely Services

Image 52 - Week 49 .. Fergie Time., #Les 3 Vallees., The London Eye.. and

On-set, behind the scenes TV stuff

Requiring a spirtual guidance

Personal opinions and nothing more.. and should we voice them.?


The Bigger Picture
is longer than
30 seconds

.. and that fishbowl is indeed a comfortable size., for goldfish.., but if you want Koi., build a pond..

I like jeans., I wear jeans and I need a new pair of jeans.. and I've been looking for a pair of jeans.. Now, here's where the problem lies.; I like Levis and my favourite old pair are now pretty thin, fraying and ready to give up the ghost on me.. They're nicely and naturally faded.; they just look and feel great., however...
They're 529's., low rise straight., made in Mexico, W32 L32 and fit as perfect as a pair of jeans should fit.., me., but.. and here's the big but..; trying to find a new pair that aren't slim, skinny, tapered, loose, baggy., pre torn, pre washed, indigo, pre creased., relaxed., hangin off one's ass or whatevah is like trying to find a miracle. I just want a pair of low rise straight Levis W32 :32., but nope.. they're all skinny, tapered crap thingies..
I also have a pair of great Animal's., W32 L32 SY122's.., again nice and lose through the thigh and hang over the shoe fantastically.. They too are worn evenly, but now kinda thin., but can I find anything loose than hangs over the shoe and boot that's also loose through the thigh..? NO .,no I bloody can't.. I'm over 18 and really think the skinny crap that's turned up and fits like a pair of tights, is as bad as a pair of speedos on a middle aged outta shape dude.. HELP.., pretty please..

Look no indigo, no fancy schmanzy rear stitched pockets that end somewhere at the back of the knee.., no funky stitched or nasty creases.. , no extra buttons, flaps or cuffs, just a pair of regular 529's, made in Mexico that I can wear with a total "yeah man., I've got it going on"., in an understated kinda attitude action deal gig thing..

Woof woof

Now., this language deal..; what's with this..? It seems like the whole rap, hip hop 'style' has made it to the UK and with a Midlands/Manchester/Liverpudlian/West Country/Geordie accent no less.. and when you hear that stuff spoken by a couple of young dudes or dudettes with a dialect and short cropped hair, you have to wonder..,'cause man, it sounds not only out there., but's as corny as a roll up cigarette and can of Stella...

Cropped hair and weathered skin that looks like a photo on the front cover of a National Geographic taken of a tribe in the Mongolian desert  adds to the whole current local style, so these jeans I'm after, are really an important purchase.., but.., I can't find them..

I've just seen a locally made video that's totally ripped off it's shots, script and idea from another.., far better acted and produced original.., but can't comment on it because it seems I'd only be doing so as a cynic.. and not as someone with first hand knowledge.., sadly.. ; but I guess a dreary bit of plagiarism needs supporting no matter how poorly it's been done.. I'd love to share the original though, but a deep breath and a few days will allow me the luxury of 'forgetting'. There has to be a standard set and maintained, surely, before being signed off on though (?).. It's how it's done here though..; don't crtitique 'cause it's deemed combative and being a poor sport is not what it's all 'boot man.. I just don't get the intended comparisons though.., I mean, here's the choice for ya.. Hawaii v Skegness.., Fiji v Fleetwood and Brazil v Bognor., so which would you chose.. and consider for a dream visit..? Why compare and why not simply put your own best foot forward rather than set yourself up for an obvious fall.. and fail.? and if all you've got is a faded bit of peeling tea room, Tescos and an audience with 79 year old Joan Collins., promote it., proudly..

Listening to coughing, watching sleeves and the back of hands being used to wipe a nose is draining me.. as much as being forced to take in the whole flask mentality..

Salmon,  red vino and Honey & Lemon Lockets are one a heck of a concoction, but I'm in and up for it.. "Raindrops keep falling on my head.."

I've got a couple of TV pilots coming up that I need to catch up with.., not to mention another visit to Somerset House, the Tate and the National Gallery.. Several revolutions of the Eye in London allowed me the fortunate experience of seeing a Director do his stuff while standing front and center for the comedic proposal that was rejected.. I just hope my reaction was one of natural shock otherwise it'll be on the cutting room floor.. I understand the dynamic station platform contribution I made with my very own prop is all over the one pilot which is going to cause a few days worth of hiding behind dark glasses in order to deal with the embarresment of my debut as an SA..

I was also very., extremely lucky to have been around the lights being set up for an interview that I was able to shoot a few stills for..  It was a personal thrill, huge honour and yet another check mark I can make on my bucket list.. Meeting someone who's iconic work you're well aware of and followed is a treat beyond any senses I'm able to share in a few written words.., but the feeling I'm left with will stay for a long, long time.. - thanks you multi award nominated CC..

A photog.

This whole seven degrees of separation and Kevin Bacon jobby is unbelievable, but now I can say I've been as close as one can get without hearing her voice to Ms. BB and her cigar.. Geez., I'm one lucky motrucker.. 

Oh yes., videos., originality.. and events..; did anyone see that lightshow, sound and wild annual thingy from Louisiana..?, or where you caught up with brewing the contents from that kettle..? I know the whole organ and balloon deal is huge, but I kinda think Beyonce blew it out of the stadium.., That's just me and my opinion though..

Kinda sad to see Mario Balotelli go., NOT.. Phew, sometimes I wish I were better able to describe the way my skin crawls when faced with not being able to ignore certain obvious behaviors.. Nasty, nasty., nasty..

Skin's crawling

Oh yeah., I just had a thought.., thanks to the Southern Hemisphere..; very cool..

"Does anybody know the way to Block Buster"

I've developed a choc' digestive addiction, while the back of my fleece is becoming worn as a result of the camera I wear across my shoulder and that flaps around the small of my back .. and let's not mention the sounds of an out of control helicopter landing that my laptops' been making..

What is it with chips., roots and English TV..? and why Dallas.., but at least the days are getting longer..

I left my roaming selection switched on my ageing HTC.. and boy do I have a bill this month.., but kudos to my provider for their great and hugely satisfactory response.; I guess it pays to just ask, come clean and keep your fingers crossed.. Thank you.. 

Oh yes, I've shaken off the flu virus I had for three weeks, but feel as though 'something's' happening to my throat AGAIN.. I guess I'm not dealing with this lovely coastal winter temperature and damp air..

I'm not sure how original The Fortunes are, but hey., along with the Antique Fair, the Pavilion is going to be a rockin' 

"you've got your troubles" 

Huge thanks to Matt Damon for standing in for Jimmy Kimmel and good luck to Jimmy Kimmel in his new time slot.; très
There are times when it's just a case of taking a deep breath


Week 49's done and dusted

Mas Tequila and Susan Tedeschi baby

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