Monday, 30 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 31.. Auteur Theory., Michael Phelps, Guor Marial and Team GB..

Sometimes this is how it begins..

"Yep., I know the ocean's there somewhere..; I think I can hear it.."

A word., a line and a past

Baywatch, Benidorm with a lack of tone

 So., someone I sat next to answered her phone exactly with an abrupt, 'so.,didya want  me.!'

20% of the entire world's CCTV cameras are in the UK

I'm sat in the middle of two people greeting one another on just the third day of summer and this is how it went.. - "it's too hot., innit.?"
"can't complain."
"no., no..; can't complain., but phew.., it's hot innit.!"..

I just made myself laugh.., but everything's ok., I'm better now..

Oh and hey., I didn't win the lotto this week.., but I did take my socks off at the beach.. and now I think of it., I have a question for ya..

I'm definitely noticing more and more punctuation do das when I look around..

Instead of performing for rivals, focus on developing your own talents..

something to look forward to
Then it grows into this..
The local 'thing' has shown it's hand for the Fall and will, as expected, be showing dark, weird stuff again, for the most part..- no great surprises there and I'm sure the paying masses will be overjoyed with the calendar of highly fun events.; I jus' dunno where the color, life and 'soul' is, but that kinda energy obviously ain't coming from that triangular library.. - I did try ., once upon a time., to bring fun, color and energy to the masses, but hey, we still have Coronation Street on the TV with dialogue to match..: Pass the salt an' vinegar please.., I wanna sprinkle them over my cheese, onion and cucumber crisps and make believe I'm in an Arteur film..- tut, 'some people' and their agendas.. For some, they won't do unless they get paid, while for others, being paid allows a title to be exploited. Both are exposed to me as being a none starter as neither satisfies the community I'd love to see improved..
Passion and belief
Same set-up., same act., same place - 2012
 There's a place for everything, but sadly., not everything's in this place.. variety is dead., long live Auteur theory., Bruce Forsyth and Brass Bands..

Do ya know.?, I went to school with girls., grew up with them.; even married one., but at no time what-so-ever did I evah experience any teachings that suggested 'no' means 'yes'..; so when did this thing happen.. and is it a secret learning..; was it part of gym class., or.. maybe it happens when the two's go to the bathroom together..? 

I managed to breath today thanks to two people, a BBQ, a baseball cap and a pair of binoculars.. 

Oh crap., I forgot to pick up some multi-vitamins today.. and yet another phone call came in bringing news of yet another death.. Old people seem to get this news a lot.. and it spreads like a wild fire .. - they also look out of windows a lot, sit down and discuss in minute detail, every little piece of information.. Watching the world go by, waiting for the end, really is a sad deal..

Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity..
For the customer service 'rep' who took my emergency dental call ten days ago, HELLO, I'm still here and on hold...; you did a great job on me. I believed you, 100%..; yep, you totally had me and took me hook, line and sinker.. NO question.. and shame on you, but, BUT., BUT.. , the truth of the matter is.., you've lied to me.., sadly..  I wish there were another less offensive word to describe you, but.., only you and I know this for a fact however.. and I'm quite sure you couldn't actually in truth, give a damn,  but as long as I know.., that means someone out there knows... and you did a bad, bad thing.. and sorry, but NOT respecting you for it.. In the meantime.., when you get a moment.., I'd certainly appreciate you actually getting off your ass...

Hands up anyone who knows the importance of a calendar and commitment..; yeah, thought so..
"So., which one are ya gonna use dude..?" - "I dunno man; they all look the same to me."

How can you see out., or, see in when the curtains are closed? and hey., 1 billion people got to see an extravaganza broadcast from London..; We have the very rare global opportunity to show the world in a few hours a way forward, that we're leaders with a vision and what do we do., we.. "now come see and enjoy our chimneys, take advantage of our NHS" (I'm still waiting, by the way) and get to experience the quirky confusion we're all living under.. We have Benny Hill tunes being played where the Guards normally parade their shiny shoes, even a Mr.Bean fart noise being heard globally and it's all part of our glorious past acknowledged for those visitors we hope will be seduced by a B rapper.. and as for the future ?, well, I have no clue as there doesn't seem to be an exciting vision to share..; but hey., that past totally rocks., man.. We brought to the world smoking chimneys and an Industrial Revolution.. Viva La Revolution., long live the revolution - 
Proudly 2012..
P.S. Hasn't the USA put men on the moon.?

I'm totally inspired now.. and a nice 82 million quid well spent

Other than that., the women's road race was fantastically excitedly attacked by the Dutch team who showed us/me they wanted to win Gold., real bad.. Kudos to the courageous and superbly talented Lizzie Armitstead for keeping my palms sweaty til the end..

Dragonflies and blueberries

quintessential.,  brogues, kippers and Morris Dancers
Tea., sandwiches and  airing public laundry..

I tried to find some colour, so I went into an Art Store and looked through their paints..

So hey., if I pack my lunch, towel and beach ball into a bag along with my sun lotion., where am I likely to be going.; Hmm., tough question.., uh.? Here's a clue.; close to the water..
So., given where it appears I'm going.., why would I need to then start struggling with changing in and out of 'my' speedos in plain view of the world.! 
Ahh., another British past-time.. 
keepin' clear
 The good ole knotted hankie was evident this past weekend.., along with the rolled up trousers, socks and brown sandals/shoes; gotta love it when, walking down the boardwalk., someone yells out, "so, where're ya going girl.?".. to which the response screamed back was., "the bog., for a slash"..- THE Riviera.. and style..
Of course., I could turn the other cheek., blind eye., or simply share my truthful observations and experiences of a culture.. 
Am I really being negative sharing the truth.? I know it kinda reads that way., but hey, I'm seeing this stuff.., EVERYday..!

"Opening my eyes to High Definition"
I've been forced to end my faithfully long and very sexy affair with RayBan and will now begin a new one with Oakley..; thanks to RayBan for being so fantastic to me over the years., but wrap around frames don't seem to be your bag as much as they are with Oakley and now I have sun damaged my eyes, apparently, those curves have proved a little more seductive to me.. and besides, they are the ones who seem confident of satisfying my progressive prescription needs.. Bells and whistles too..

Oh puh-leeze.., yet another brass band.. 
The audience

31's a done deal

I think I'll go into the big city tomorrow and take in the atmosphere five giant rings offers up

If all you want is a Penguin biscuit., you can get one of those from Tesco., but it you want to see a Gold Medal, go to the Olympics..

Thanks this week go/goes to Marianne Vos - Hammadou Djibo Issaka - Yun Chol Om - Hype - Specsavers - Vision Express - Flip-Flops - Jada Pinkett Smith - Madhura Nagendra - Dana Vollmer - Helen Glover - Heather Stanning .. and beach volleyball hand signals..


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 30.. The Olympic Velodrome., Eton Dorney...: I See a Red Door and I Want It Painted Black..

This week's musings of

Young love., old love - there's not a great distance between them..

Honesty and Vision
The Curve., Instagram., Wine and Sunsets

I'm in a quandary..; the sunshine and current effort to prove that summer has finally 'hit' is bringing out of the closet, plenty of soft lily white skin.. and a whole lotta red, sunburned skin to observe.. an' all I can say is that I wouldn't be seen dead walking around without my shirt on, but geez, not everyone has that consideration.. and phew., please take a shower.., please, PLEASE..

and guys., please give up the speedos..; they're like bad milk..
yuck and past their sell-by-date..

A KFC box to call out from..
 I also wonder why, when ya bring your 'stuff' and 'lunch boxes' to the beach, you can't take it away with ya.. Trash, trash, trash.. I've seen the usual empty coke bottles, left shoes, as opposed to right one's ?!..; someone's half eaten lunch, fish and chip boxes and augmented boobs..; the augmented boobs weren't left at the beach by the way., but they were pretty darned trashy..  I wonder if the new owners of them think 'we' look 'cause they think they're the 'bees knees', 'cause sadly, I look and wonder 'WTF'..


Today's headlines indicate that the beach volleyballers (Olympic style), are going to cover up..; heavens forbid.. I'm outraged.., OUTraged I tell ya.. I love watching those handsignals..
Ooh., scary ball..!

Tom Cruise's son debuts his Mohawk... and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for that..; THAT was actually a headline..!

.. and if it's peace and quiet you want on that beach., Venice Beach, Ca gets just 16,000,000 annual visitors..

Bejing's '08 Olympic venues are already in a shambles and all this after pouring billions into them.. - Nooo., who'd a figured that one.. I certainly didn't see that one coming at all..


I overheard a dad (?) shout out to his toddler son (as he was playing in the ocean).., "don't get too wet".. - I'm still trying to work that one out too..

I followed an overly tanned middle aged couple, both carrying a few extra pounds, along the busy boardwalk, who were obviously in the middle, beginning or end of a loud and very obvious cussing match..; he said, "you can effing nag me all you want, I'm still not going bi*ch."
she responded, "I will effing nag you, all I effing want Richard- Head."
Him., "effing nag away you effing C-word"
She., "you're an effing loser and I'm effing going then male hensucker."..
I had no idea what they were arguing about and I suspect, neither did they.., but this went on back and forth for several minutes to the total 'entertainment' of the hundreds of holidaymakers in earshot..

More Brass Bands and Deck Chairs..
and despite the signs, watched ball games being played where they apparently shouldn't have been.., while I heard Chuck Berry's 'Roll Over.. some ole composer' still being played for the amusement rides..

Prime location was awarded to the guy who carves out the exciting names, words and phrases  for us all to hang on the shed door..., unless you want a belt buckle to offend people with, in which case, you can purchase one of those.. -  fab, groovy, far out man, innit.

"Ere, 'ave ya got any taa oos., innit..?"
I heard "taa oos" being pronounced all day long before the green light went on and I realised that the word was infact tattoos..

While the stream runs, it seems the popular usage is for your trash needs rather than the ten strides it takes to reach the overflowing rusting green ones planted picturesquely next to the relaxing bird stained benches provided.. - but none of this is noticed because the sun is shining and "I want an ice cream"..
Do Not Disturb..; it's hot..

Two days of sun and baking temps reaching highs of around a whopping 72 and I'm hearing "oh, sigh, this is too hot"..

Lots of books and Kindles being used.. - lots of sliced white breaded sandwiches wrapped in silver foil .. and lots of baggy/saggy bikini bottoms as years and years of effort to contain said butt have finally given up on their owners.., although., although I did actually get to see a perfect butt., a rare slender 10+ and dressed in a simple, plain black Brazilian cut bikini.. I wasn't really looking or taking much notice, but.., but.., that butt had it going on..
No., not this one., but I was looking..
 Have you ever noticed those people carrying a fistful of melting ice creams back to their families, who always seem to be miles and miles away..? I've seen more blatant licks.. and sorry, but I don't want one now..

Text, text, text.. solitary walkers heads down, frowns in the house.. and fingers dancing across their touch screen phones and hey "hi., g'morning., I'm an actual real life person.; nice to see you".. "w-wh-what.?"

..and I know that top looks great on Kate Moss, duh, but you may want to go a size bigger.. For an unbiased opinion, I am available for all your dressing room consultancy needs and requirements..
Did you know that Byron, William Blake and Will Shakespeare are all dead.. and Austin Powers isn't real..? Oh shoot, maybe it's me, I'm wrong.. and they aren't..

Character arcs and development
Originality and when it's not..- I accept that I'm not.., so

Start Me Up
-The Rolling Stones-

I know there's a smile there somewhere..
yep., I'm on the look out for smiles 
along the coast's miles and miles
and positive sounding words.. and birds

.. and really, I truly couldn't give a flying effing f*#k if you cuss or not, but please just be aware that there are children on the putting course and families on the crowded beach.. and we can all hear you..; thank you

it's 2012 (I think), not 1962.. an' I'm marching forward, ONWARDS, waking up to new days, reading new news, getting fatter, older., not going backwards.; NOT, NO., NEVER - it ain't happened, evah.., well 'cept for Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future.., oh and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button..., but not to anyone I know.., although.., now I think about it., I do know 'one or two' folk who live in another time...

- But shh., I won't tell -

Now off to handle an envelope..

30 out..

Elegantly artistic peace..

Thanks this week go/goes to Sally Ride - Jon Lord - Felix Baumgartner - Steph Houghton - Insomniacs - Great Looking Female Butts Everywhere - Black t-shirts - Coat Hangers - Zambesi Express - The Stones - Beth Feeback.. and Factor 15 ...

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 29.. Bradley Wiggins' Whiskers, Sean Yates, Edgar Degas.., and Barack Obama's briefs..

Headline News

Gary Barlow's hair
Le Tour de France 2012
5 funky cars you can't get in the U.S.
 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Holden Ute SS
Ford Ranger
 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Toyota Alphard

Prepared for a beach lunch in the rain

A Pair of  Trainers and an Open Road..

I just looked at a map for my directions and what was once a direct line, is now a zig-zag and series of ‘squiddles’.. an’ all I want to do is get there..

I'd like mornings if they started later., although I do like private conversations and city lights..

So, I broke a tooth., not that you'd know of course, but I do.; #27, 2nd molar.. and my tongue feels as though it's been ripped to shreds..- if you only knew the hoops I'm jumping through to get it fixed, you'd know I've become quite the athlete..

.. and as simple as I know it is, I just can't get the hang of this parking lot thing and paying a small mortgage in order to leave my car for an hour..

I was also in the company of a real life Olympic Torch being shown round.. and can you believe it, I actually didn't take a pic.. The poor guy was posing enough with it so I took pity on him inspite of the fact that it would have only been one more pic..; there are times whenya gotta leave it alone.. an' I could see it in his eyes, so.., I left it..

I saw a sign today

A bunch of street dancers, performers..  and a rather lame rendition of 'Is This The Way To Amarillo" got me moving on.; now, if it had been "Avenues and Alleyways" I may have stayed for another 3 minutes and 10 seconds.., if not just for the distraction of the cute girl in a tutu.. I got stopped by 11 solicitors trying to get me to join the gym, go 'clubbing', take dance lessons, do a survey and interviewed by two German students for a project they were working on, as well as turning down the chance to carry an Argos catalogue for the remainder of the day., but the second Lifeboat thingy was a little much..; I'm not really into making sandcastles in the rain, but hey, good luck to them..
I was so pissed off getting soaked to the skin for the third successive day on my walk that I gave in and bought the cheapest, nastiest rain jacket I could find, paid for it and asked the cashier to cut the bloody tags off so I could wear the damn thing and headed out to the ..., bloody sunshine.. It naturally didn't rain for the rest of the day while I stubbornly refused to take my new jacket off.. I became sure that if I took it off, the heavens would open up, so for the good of the people, I kept it on and fried.. 

Why are folk rude.? and do you actually think of other people when you decide to suddenly stop in the middle of the crowded road.., or worse, inconsiderately take up the WHOLE sidewalk for your parking requirements..
Yep, I said something, but as you may gather, 'it' was naturally my fault and I was the one being extremely unreasonable.. I'm still in wonderment just how these three ignorant guys managed to navigate their scrappy truck into this position.
an' ignorant..
It may look like a road to you, but to me buddy., this is a path.. and you did ask if there was a problem, so don't look amazed when I answer you with a resounding YES.!

Geez, I'm not good with having to reach behind a cupboard to retrieve something and come up with a handful of fluff..

Thanks to Seasick Steve for 'Walkin' Man"..

At least this ole boy was dancing..

A family that naps.., together..
A wedding born under a dark cloud..
It's just the middle of summer..

I'm jaded., but the images are out there, so I can either chose to ignore them, or 'exercise' my finger.. an' I simply can't look the other way and ignore the real moments..

Just do it..

29's done and now onto 30

Simon Templar

Thanks this week go/goes to Bradley Wiggins -  Pinarello Dogma 2 - Audi R8 - Jessica Biel - Guor Marial - Mariel Zagunis - Go Outdoors - REI - Primark - William Blake - The Saint.. and metal tables everywhere..

Friday, 13 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 28.. Today's Hot Topics., The Dark Knight Rises and Winter's Not My Season, but Saturday's looking good.....

If you're up for it., then hey., the door's open and I'm around..

Walking through life armed with a plastic bag and style....

The Great Motorways of Life..

Taking a ride
it's just a fleeting moment..
Driving through the seasons is kinda like living the Notting Hill movie scene where Hugh Grant’s character walks the market.. and hey., Ain’t No Sunshine baby.; I drove the M1 and M25 during which, I should have introduced myself to the other drivers who accompanied me for miles and miles and miles at various times, ‘cause I felt as though I was getting to recognise one or two of ‘em., along with the distraction of an endless river of brake lights and intermittent wipers doing their thang..;  so why do drivers think that all that lane hopping is going to take off hours, when in truth, you may be lucky to shave off a whole minute or two., at the most.. and if you're real, real lucky, maybe as much as five whole minutes..-  Ahh, 'life' and those minutes., eh.., so I tend to look and find a lane and car (with clean windows) to follow that seems to be able to drive smoothly and not ON their brake lights.. and then I can then sit back, observe, think and create.., innit..

Oh.. and hey, all I’m aware of is that the night turns into morning by simply getting lighter.., so when’s this ‘sunrise’ thing supposed to happen..!

Creatively creating..

Walking in the rain

I’m also wondering, without getting either wet, or frozen, how to enjoy driving with my window actually open. I know it’s just a very  basic desire, but not being able to enjoy some fresh air is kinda a downer really and more so now I understand and totally get that it appears to be a luxury;  I’m now familiar with Evonne Elliman again..and keeping my finger on the seek button, I attempted, with a vengeance, to find a radio station that provided me with something other than the Bay City Rollers’, Bye Bye Baby.. and Jackie Wilson. In the end, I started writing my own lyrics (and tune) and feel I have another new album ready to record..- I also believe I have the beginning of a new Shades of Grey, but my effort is a little different.; based on rejection, I’m tentatively calling it Not Getting Any.. It’s a work in progress and while sat on the motorway waiting for the wheels of life to go round, I’m able to record my creative thoughts..., or I should say, basic thoughts..

My horoscope for the day indicated that I should approach the road from the right

I also completed a painting inspired by a colour and shape I drove by.., but the thing I'm most looking forward to attacking, is the idea for another new project .. You just gotta love those drives when your mind is bouncing all over the place and full of ideas.. 
.. Three hours just flew by..


Funny thing about drivers..; they all have their idiosyncrasies, as indeed, I do too.., however, I try to be a little more discreet when and how and where I chose to pick my nose.. and what I do with it’s contents., not to mention how I squiddle (?) my ears.. I’m not huge on applying my makeup while driving either, however, it does appear as though that’s a popular motorway past-time. Business commuters have a different routine., with the whole banned phone usage thing not really applicable from my vantage point.., but hey, actually reading your Kindle is far out man..

My Shades of Grey

Today is Wednesday and not Thursday
nor is it Tuesday, jus’ Wednesday
I’ve hit the keys and pedals too
now it’s a case of finding a new direction
and that’s not S Club Juniors
it’s mine

So rock 'n roll...

So now I've got this new tune on constant rewind.. and thanks to Jack White for doin' Little Willie John's "I'm Shakin" and come to think of it., thanks to for the pure rock 'n roll Beth Hart brings to it all..

Friday 13th and bring it on man.. while Saturday's Bastille Day always reminds me of my days in Vanuatu and that Greasy Pole..

I came across an inland waterway completely by surprise this past week..; jus' don't ask.., but hey, I saw it with my own eyes.. and right by Coachway too.. 

Oh geez., now I've had another thought.. and dunno why, but now I have a General De Gaulle experience..; probably because of the whole Greasy Pole deal.., which now brings this funky mind round to the Duke of Kent.. and that whole island experience.. "Hmm., so this is how the mind works eh.?"

I've driven through a quaint and very old English village that was obviously in readiness for the visit of the Olympic flame.; there were No Parking orange bollard thingies everywhere, as well as Union Jacks, bunting and empty streets.. I was kinda worried at one point as I drove through the deserted village that I might be the only person alive that was actually driving these roads..; perhaps everyone was 'getting' ready and infront of their mirrors doing their hair and stuff.., but it appeared as though I was all alone driving through life...
A couple of wrong turns due to ignoring my satellite navigation a few times, I came across the same roundabout, for the third time as I back pedalled in my attempt to leave this place..; a blind and very sharp left got me back on track and the tiny and undulating, twisting country roads took me through dark clouds, blue skies, thunder, blinding sunshine and from temperatures that ranged from 14 to 22 all in the space of a journey..  I had to come to a complete stop once on the narrow roads as I had to share the moment with a wide load that caused me to retract my mirrors, such was the space I was allowed..

I didn't see Ronnie either
However., however., the stones suddenly and completely out of nowhere, jumped out at me once I rounded the uphill bend and there standing in that familiar circle to my right was Stonehenge..  NO, not Mick, Keith or Charlie, but the Stonehenge stones.., Hmm, I know that sight, so I took the right turn at the dip, before driving into the dusty coach filled car park where I was immediately directed to take my parking place in the adjoining field.
This was the third time I can recall seeing them, although the second was by accident as I was flying down the country roads in my little go-kart at the time at sunset., a very long time ago.; I didn't stop then.. and the first.?, well, when I was in school, I think.. This time was different., I'm going to remember it., if just for the many foreign accents I heard.. and actual people - ola.., by the way..
The 360 views were/are breathtaking (FYI), as was the cloud activity.. I definitely lucked out weather wise..
Dude, I swear I think he's looking at us..

The sound of the long dry grass under the car kinda spoke to me too.. Ok, that was plain weird., but really, driving onto a field seemed like an adventure too..; look, I've told ya that I don't need or require much to entertain me. Now, it's a darned field..

... How did they get those stones out there..?

Direction - I think I'm 'finding' IT..; shape, open space, air and a big sky..; cliffs are cool to visit., but I need a 360 and a middle from where I can see that effing horizon of life..- I know I've told you this, but I found that this week.. I found a middle from where I could see the journey.. It's got to be about the circle of life..; thanks Elton.. Yep., I know there's a middle.., an island and a strip.., anyway..

I took photos, wandered the green grass of an English countryside while taking in a few deep breaths, checked for messages and found that I had a great one., from afar, which was full of the kind of writing and intrigue I love.. Sharing a life brings us all closer and that's where I'm at baby.. Kudos to vulnerability and the enormous  strength and courage it requires to share it.. It proves (to me) a sense of trust..; thank you..-  twas a good day..; so good that I actually made a call.. and from that call I saw another English thing., a hidden waterway complete with canal barges, bike paths and lakes.. and this just a spit from my first market in a long ass'd time.. The best looking fruit and veg' stand in a while too.. 
Feminine vulnerability rocks (for me) when you get to enjoy it.. It sucks when some clown/loser takes advantage of that gift, but to me, it's like looking into, really looking into, a Masters Painting..; it just moves ya.. and I love brush strokes..- they tell a story.. 
Do we really look and see what's going on.?
I've gotta a bloody dry cough..; not sure why, or how, but I have one.. I'm remembering dreams a lot these days, even though I'm not sleeping great.. I was also met by a site that shook me when the ole man opened the door this past week.. At some point while I've been adventuring, he fell, collapsed, fainted, blacked out, tripped., or something while out in the rain.. Fortunately a good samaritan made the call, but cuts, stitches, bruises and swellings make him look as though he took on the gang and lost; 20 minutes for an emergency ambulance seems far too long to me.. - I'm thankful for the diminutive and unassuming great guy who's constant inspiration is evident by the life resume he's managed to put together.. 
and hey., 
he also happens to be my dad..

I guess it's all about changing the channel.., so just change the thing..

So there..

Week 28's deal is done.


Thanks this week go/goes to Nerina Pallot - Beth Hart and Jack White - Stonehenge and 360 - Nature valley - Plumb - Gas Pumps and Milk Chocolate Digestives - Tegan and Sara - Amanda Marshall - KT Tunstall for Girl and the Ghost - London 2012, 14 days to go - Henry David Thoreau.. and the Mistakes for getting me this far..

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 27.. #Roger Federer., Facts and Opinions..

Openness .. and are you prepared to be..?

On the road., with respect..

hs - Listed As Missing

What is it about the west..? Artists understand the North light., surfers understand the waves.., the east has it's, erm,  'charms'., but the west man., the west gets my juices flowing.. and just where does the Pacific Ocean end and the Atlantic begin..? I figure the world keeps spinning and there isn't a 'wall' preventing oceans from mingling.., so just where does it all begin and end..?

Speaks for itself.

Records broken

I set my navigation thingy and listened to this unknown female give me road directions to my destination., turning right I headed east to take in some west.  I used my windscreen wipers, which were in top form, as they needed to be..; after all, it is summer.; traffic rolled along without delay and the roundabouts ended up being something of a fun trip to race around..
New roads, signs and a sense of open country allowed me a smile. I love not knowing where I'm going. The whole newness gig, rocks.

Days after sitting on a long tedious, but necessary bus ride while having to listen to an extremely apologetic guy endlessly chat to his wife on the phone and suggest she give his dinner to the dog, the neighbours dog., or any ole stray she came across, he gave up trying to humour her and simply told her he was going to be late.; obviously she wasn't happy, but he simply got stuck into his bag full of candies and calmly sat back quietly watching 'something' on his iphone.
I sat across from an 'eastern' overweight guy who actually took his shoes and socks off, put them in the little ' thingy' in the back of the seats, while his wife removed her 'face' covering  and revealed a nose ring in her rather chubby nose, an' after all this, I thought her eyes had me totally mesmerised..; I learnt a lesson there..
The lady sat behind me couldn't care about the crowded bus who heard her telephone chat and she simply dialled what appeared to be everybody she knew.. and shared a bunch of personal info with those who could hear the conversation and then made the same old excuses about not being able to make it for the meal over the weekend.; she was 'tired' .! I've heard that one before and from someone who'd always let 'us' know that in 'two weeks time', she was going to be 'tired'.  I now know about her medical situation, what she thinks of her husbands mother and what movie she wants to see..; but it was her take on Christian Grey and the whole 50 Shades of.. and that whole kitchen table deal that I found most interesting.

Networkers, tired folk and excuses really cause my eyebrows to move in spasmodic doubt. 

I washed a black car., vacuumed it and set the drivers seat in readiness for a 'trip'. The English countryside, in my opinion,  is far more interesting and throws up a greater sense of  tradition and intrigue, which is kinda odd when I think of it, as I'm a total ocean sorta guy..
I guess the seaside is, in my lame opinion pretty dated with it's peeling paint and shabby facade still playing the same ole dated soundtrack of it's once romantically glorious past., for those who actually notice.. It appears as though once one moves inland one becomes immediately aware of progress.. and the light seems to match the scenery much better.. I suspect that my eyes and senses instinctively expect the coast to have at least one 'occasionally' clear day where the light is pure, clean and offers up the distant horizon for me to enjoy.
It seems that edges are proudly trimmed and doors are happy to be shared with a warmer openness than the suspicion a square meter of sand is protectively held onto by it's faded and well used windbreakers..

Emotional journey and search for an MIA

Sometimes., well, quite a lot of times really.., I get seduced into a debate that comes about when one person tries to share an opinion and attempts to convince me that infact, it's a fact..; Roger Federer won Wimbledon - fact.; Nadal got knocked out early - fact.. Whether Nadal would have beaten Rodg' is not even open to debate, 'cause he didn't - fact..When Nadal has achieved the records that Rodg' has, the record books will be rewritten., other wise the facts speak for themselves.. Federer is the joint king of men's singles tennis with that other member of tennis royalty., Pistol Pete Sampras - my opinion..; however Rodg's 24 career Grand Slam tournament finals, including a men's record ten in a row speak for themselves and is a fact. I suppose I just prefer to see a single handed back hand and someone who's actually able to venture to the net at some point during a match..

Summer's requiring a visit from some some unlikely Super Heroes in order to kick start it

Just another busy day at the beach.
 The English summer., sucks..- my opinion.. The UK weather and climate is consistently inconsistent..- fact.. For those who've tried to convince me of their love for the four seasons, it would be fine if the four seasons were equally divided., however., they're not - fact.. and staying indoors chugging endless mugs of tea while wearing chunky sweaters  and finding the time to post regular updates on various social websites in July., isn't offering up any natural vitamin D - opinion.

I walked through one or two show homes today.. Very tastefully decorated - my opinion.., but poorly designed with the apparent demand of having extra small rooms along with walls an' windows in weird places.. The love for what seems to be, a case of throwing a wall (or two) in simply to satisfy the criteria of an extra room leaves me with the conclusion that many architects, must be coming to the end of their working day, or the kettle has boiled causing a huge distraction and terrible lines being drawn on their computers..- my opinion..

Yeah, I'm late this week., but really, it was an attempt to offer you a much improved read.; I just failed with the whole intended improved read., but have provided a late submission.. Besides., when I'm on the road., I can turn technology 'off', unlike those cell phones I see being checked every second for new social media postings.. and this past week., I was happy to do so.. There were thousands of simple white crosses that demanded my respect. I came across an actual namesake and the results of reading that name on the wall., spoke to me in a way that I can never dream of being able to put into words and share with you.. There for the grace of God..
I also saw a word and heard an accent.., an accent that actually approached me and ended up chatting openly and with energy and natural infliction for several memorable minutes..; the sounds of that accent and sight of that eagle along with a star and stripe reminded me of sacrifices one makes in order to make a difference... and there was that name too..; not to mention the lone duck..

I watched a romantic comedy at some point over the past week and may have required a tissue at some point of the 120 paqe scripted effort.. The smiles provided me with another question - I wonder why.? But hey, I much prefer my viewing choice to the dark, flash, bang scary ones.. and again., it's only an opinion..; mine.

In readiness for..
 I moved a table and couple of chairs in readiness for a celebration, mixed.. and threw some pool products into said pool, but the water temperature read 16 and that's just not warm enough for me..

Peace., calm and a moment..
 Funny watching a dog dream.. I hit some tennis balls and visited a new embankment where I watched a number of rowers., rowing.. I couldn't get to the Olympic Torch run despite intending to., but that military cemetery man..

Pissaro had his birthday and I can't find a basic radio station to interest my tastes while driving.. Chirpy Chirpy  Cheep Cheep doesn't quite cut it., nor does the 1974 Terry Jacks tune, Seasons in the Sun..; of which we ain't got.. and as far as Cliff's Summer Holidays., you can go to that 'hot place' and stick it where the sun don't shine.., baby..

I wonder why bus stations appear to be depressing, damp, dark and angry places.. and I wonder why my observations of a place full of smokers who eat white bread sandwiches out of silver foil, pasties and tend to sit down much more with sodas seems to be the norm'..- my opinion and only a very generally pompous observation..- or is that one a fact..? I don't seem to see bananas, fruit or water in those hands, but I do walk through a whole lotta second hand smoke while stepping over crumpled cigarette butts.. Shame on you. and besides, have you costed out a banana.? 

Local summer style.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Men's Doubles Final at Wimbledon when I saw two guys play and win with a smile and great attitude, while humbly accepting their fantastic achievement. Well done and huge congrats to Jonathan Marray and Frederik Nielsen on their great, great win..
The first half of a bottle of red goes down well, but that whole second half really plays with your typing.. and I can assure you., I wouldn't be driving now.., but I am ready to start singing.., or hitting the gym and turning up the volume of ACDC's live show in order to get me pumped up..
Which means I'm done with this weeks 52..; but I'm onto the next one almost immediately.. - see ya soon.
Jus' a busy lil' bee this week..
 and really., tune in to hear John Terry full of alleged excuses as he tries to duck and weave his way outta alleged trouble..; clown - my opinion..

Unedited, unchecked.. but instinctive and besides., my eyes are blurry..

27., out

Thanks this week goes/go to Marc Bolan and We love to Boogie - The American War Cemetery - Sainsburys's cheap Cab' - Satellite Navigation Units - ACDC's 'The Jack' - Street Photography - Art -Silverstone and the British Grand Prix -  Centre Court's Roof - 75 degrees - Depeche Mode.. and to sight, 'cause without it, I wouldn't have been able to see this week's adventure...