Sunday, 26 February 2012

Image 52 - Week 8 .. The Process...and #Roxette's Listen to Your Heart..

 How it works for me.., from start to finish.. and tunes..

Alone with a thought.. and a phone..
No editing, no drafts and no idea...; no photos., just a title.. and from that title comes.., a ‘mess’ of thought that hopefully provides me with ‘an end’ and point to the whole effort..; so this is how it goes.. In one sitting, I  basically waffle on with nothing more than a whole bunch of spontaneity and perhaps a photograph or two until I magically, for me.,  get there.. an' hey presto., it's taking shape already..; miracles never cease..
I sense a path., of sorts..; a path to a decision., maybe.? A path that takes me up hill, down hill, through soft trails and muddy puddles., by obvious  and stunning beauty., until the horizon shows itself to me with such clarity... I could see for miles in all directions today, but it's the one direction that spoke to me.. The stunning 360 views of countryside and coast line were/are  obviously (duh), beautiful and yet it was the horizon that drew my attention the most.. and that 'line' lies beyond the cliffs edge.. 

The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony..; so, yes, I took a walk today., like the Bitter Sweet video., shot in one take (?) and without stopping..; just a long walk.  Got home to take my left NB off only to discover a bloody  middle toe..; that’s how far I walked..; I didn’t expect to see anyone I know as I took in several hours of rambling to Old Harry and beyond.. and back., but yep., I was spotted by a radio voice and personality I know having a sunny breakfast .  and hey, there’s the link I could run with.. A tune I like and a radio presenter..
 Geez., the light was perfect today.. and while clinging to Old Harry's Rocks, the old wobbly feeling hit my legs as I tested my courage to peer over the edge..  Love the feeling when adrenaline kicks in and the way my breath changes when faced directly with an edge.. 4 dogs have apparently run off the cliff ;( this year alone .. I have no clue how high the cliffs are, but they're high.. man..

Closer to seeing clearer..
.. and what is a proper job anyway..? My gently combative and totally unqualified thoughts are  that it’s a job someone else wants you to do.. So., should we chose our paths because of peer pressure, or chose it because our hearts indicate that it’s our path..? Hmm., paths..? Why do others seem to know what’s best for us.?  Is it about power, insecurities, or simple envy.? Yep., I’m walking my way.. and hopeful that I’ll bump into people using a similar satellite navigation system., occasionally.. and who appear to hold a  calendar that  honours, respects and simply works...

The Plan.. , topics, currencies.. and another escape from Alcatraz with nothing but a tennis racket..

Yes., I have a plan, I have a topic, I’m all over currencies and am looking for a tennis court..
Ahh ok, so here goes.; I have a story for you..I went to bed, tired and thoroughly exhausted  the other night and immediately fell asleep, only to hit a dream straight away .; I know this because the dream woke me up.., but why..? Well, I dreamed my cell phone bloody rang.. I heard it ring actually in my dream and that in turn woke me up and instinctively reaching for my phone totally confused I was able to see this all happened within five minutes of me going to bed...!!! True..
No wonder I hate phones so much.. Impersonal little buggars..

Freedom., or..
walking the edge...?
Dreams and shadows..

A dream for me would be to sit on a full property length (or should that be ‘width’.?) tropical  veranda overlooking a lagoon, naturally fringed by the whitest of sands, warmest of oceans and endless sunrises and sunsets ..  Balmy evenings, palm trees and wooden window shutters,  over sized ceiling fans..; multiple doors opening up onto the covered veranda would complete the image I have of a ‘creative office’ that could offer me a simple watering hole to share with friends who find adventure a place to travel to.; oh shoot., I’ve had that too.. So are dreams things ‘we’ want and aim for, or perhaps haven’t had, or are they simply things we do when asleep..?  
Crossing the international date line numerous times has provided me with an eye for alternatives the local Co op and Tesco can’t possibly..; it’s that simple. So my background is one that began a lifetime before  there was a ‘social media’., well before I knew of Photoshop and long before megapixels.; it started when people crossed oceans in dug out canoes., when propellers powered Pan Am and BOAC and when it was considered ok to place a child in the overhead cargo net. It began close to the edge of Lake Victoria..Yep., I have a background and travelled that background.., dude..; back to today's path, horizon and a Bittersweet Symphony.., oh.. and the whole edge gig..

This.., or that way.., or simply on edge..?

 I'm not finding my way this week.., unless that's exactly how it's meant to be..; yet I'm doggedly determined to find an image I've taken that shares just where my day has gone.. and.. perhaps with all this confusion of which 'path' I'm inspired to take.. I guess I just have to accept that this is how it is .. and me is..

.. comfortable and at home... with my tennis racket.. and on a veranda ...

With this weeks Image 52, I'm inspired to simply share the path I've walked today..  while being reminded to listen to your heart....

Thanks go to The Verve., Roxette, Old Harry, an edge, horizon and the potential tennis racket..

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Image 52 - Week 7... Dancing Trees.. and freeways..

I think of a room where you can’t open a window..

How it feels..
  ... where the roads are clear, unobstructed and move with ease..

not a hope...

How it once was ..and now is..

and the process..; beginning to look good
 .. and a view to create to..

So, here goes with a new seven.. and a total sense of reality.., but now I've just received an e-mail that changes 'things'...; what you might call a monkey wrench in the works (or should that be simply  'a wrench?')., however., all's good as it's positively a positive monkey.. An invitation to  ......., is always a fun thing to receive, especially when it's  another creative project (or two) full of opportunity and endeavour..

One spare shirt, a carrier bag.. and how to travel light., unless of course, you happen to be travelling for a couple of weeks when perhaps an extra shirt might be required.. Ahh, the lure of natural vitamin D and a day with an extra couple of hours in it..; sigh..

I love the sailing clip (and tune) in Brosnan's Thomas Crown Affair... Wow, that was pretty random.., but hey, oh yes., now where were we..? Hmm., yes..; writing, rambling and posting photos that may 'go' somewhere.., but how do I know where this thing ever goes..?
Love Lucian Freud's stuff..; the texture totally gets me.. The size works too..

"Now that I know what I want, I don't have to hold on to it quite so much.." -Lucian Freud
I prefer the sounds a 6 cylinder makes as opposed to a 4.., enjoy the sparkle a clean car offers up in the daylight.. and I weighed myself yesterday..

A couple of six hour round trip commutes was the order of the past week.. Different roads, a different geography and many different trees..; the trees danced to the tune of the wind, the traffic came to a grinding halt and the time flew by.. an' I'm here, in the now.. 
I guess the journey I've taken during week 7, as shown by the above pics has taken me down a long corridor of sorts.., to a window I can't seem to open, but the view is potentially and wildly fun..

 I sat at a long oval table during the past week., making sure I faced the window, naturally.. and as far from the phone as I could..; it rang of course..

Vaulted ceilings and rooms full of natural light rock.. as do blank canvas' and frames full of signed colour.., but you can keep your coffee..
Back to 7.., the grass.. and opening that window..

Yes, this is mean of me and perhaps confusing to read..; I suspect it doesn't make any sense really to follow.., even possibly kinda crazy., but to me.. and the one or two that understand and know my voice, this is probably pretty clear..? Intonation is everything when added to pace and besides., I could study and turn out Grisham or Brown type words with the whole beginning, middle and end.. With character arcs and grippingly well written and qualified pages.., but those wouldn't be 'thoughts', nor would they be now..; so., let me find a photograph to bring this week to an end point and one that proved my week's journey to find inspiration.. 'Windows', light and 'seeing'..

progress and support..

It's about me maintaining the art of balance while progressing ., as well as understanding the fine lines 'we' walk..; placing my trust in others and not being afraid to hold on. I don't have a view of tomorrow, because it's not 'built' yet,  but the view right now., without windows, is pretty darn wild dude..

Bring on the 8.., 'cause this one is done baby..


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Image 52 - Week 6... Chaos ... and waking to the news that Whitney is dead..

Plain ole aethestics... and say it as it is..

Goatees, cuff links and mirrors...

So., this week I trimmed my goatee, woke to learn that Whitney died.. and I took some photographs... Not wanting this to sound 'cruel', uncaring, or cold., but it's how life is.., is it not..? oh.. and the washing machine is on doing it's thing.. 

I have no clue who Whitney Houston is., or was, in private.. however, more than a decade., or two ago, she provided me with a tune that rode the airwaves at the same time as my marraige break down, so naturally this news has reminded me of 'one moment in time'.. and as kinda sad as it is, to be honest, I just wanna move on., ok..? I recognise the importance of her life, acknowledge the break down of my marraige, so let's move onto the here and now..; my goatee for instance.. Ok., that's now been mentioned and recognised too,  so we can move on from that also. 
The reason I've mentioned three sorta unrelated things, is that they're part of me and represent the ole journey to this point.. and the funny thing is., out of those 'deep real life' things., the whiskers are the only thing to survive.., so far..; people die, marraiges fail, hair falls out, but the whiskers live on.. Weirdly superficial eh.? 

I also watched over a shoulder and took a few snaps of a film shoot during the past week..; love, love the whole energy, vibe and generosity that being around a creative  team, offers me.. ; 
The usual understated styling of a goattee..
thanks to director LK for a totally fun day.. 

Hmm, as I think about it., I attended a 'creative' networking event too where I listened briefly to a few 'talkers', witnessed the beginnings of a new comedic double act, watched a couple of movies, chatted about a new project and then rolled up the banner and left...

Later in the week, I sheepishly walked into a boardroom  a 'bit' tardy to the sight of pure professionalism..., which filled me with pride and inspiration., oh and a table full of water bottles before later tucking into and enjoying,  a Hallmark bowl of hot celery soup., albeit a tad salty., apparently.., although it was ok for me..; I couldn't understand why, when ordering a chicken salad, I got ham in it.., but hey.., it satisfied a headache.., but I really do need to keep my dark glasses with me so I can focus more clearly.., no matter how ridiculously uncool it seems to be to wear them in this light..

Not sure how descriptive I can get, but it's been bloody cold this week..and yet, despite the cold, stuff happened.. World wide stuff, like Whitney joining the Eternal Band.., local stuff like my goatee and meetings that I was late for.. ; life eh.! Some graffiti artist turned down a few thousand dollars as payment for a commission  he worked on only several years ago and is now $200 million better off as a result of his gamble.. and a 22 year old former  (?) Iceland employee is about to drive around in an AM DB9 worth more than her former council house.. and to think I've got to find an image that spoke to me  this week to include in my Image 52.. ;)


Fashion statement..

Two long sleeved cotton t-shirts, one being a turtle neck  under a cashmere sweater, a snood, light fleece and heavy duty fleece, gloves, beanie and it's time to get out of bed to put my coat on and head out for today's adventure..; don't ask me how I bent down to tie my boots up.., but I'm ready to attack the day..; a new day eh..? 

Some guy didn't shake hands this week and it makes front page news as did the money woes of Matt's mum.. and apparently men can fix baldness with a scalp tattoo..! Silent movie The Artist is the odds-on favourite to win a BAFTA later today.. and hey.. did I mention that it is bloody cold..? I couldn't care less whether 'Apprentice' lovers Zoe and Glenn split or not.. and it's still cold.. So., how does the front page news really affect us on a cold, frigid day..? NOT one lil' ole bit.!!

I learned how an iphone shot video was done.. and impressive as it is, I still marvel at just how the 'star' of the show knew where the darn camera was..; I also witnessed Whizz splashing around in the cold atlantic seas without a shiver and wondered 'how' she could do that., but put it all down to the stunning image of the day's sun setting behind her..?
Coffee with friends...

.. and today, it's still cold..; did I mention that..? Oh geez., Valentine's Day is around the corner.. and another cold day to look forward to.. and why would someone 'wrap' a perfectly good Range Rover with a totally tasteless Louis Vutton print, including gaudy pink stripe.? 

This week it's about 'stuff' .. and how we look at it all.. and does it really affect us..? Of course, I'm still planning on waking up tomorrow morning and hitting a new day, but I guess then there will be new stuff to read and deal with.. and this past week will become a mere thing of memories...;it'll have  all but gone..except we now have images to help us.... I know what Whitney looks like, I know what Matt's mum looks like..; I know what a tacky Range Rover looks like and I know how cute Whizz is when she splashes about in the cold waters just before a stunning sunset.. I know too how much I overact and all because of an image..

I can take images all day, everyday and they mean something to me..; just like a pop song, I remember the what's and the where's..; it's jus' a load of  plain ole aesthetics.. , or is it..?

Moments that have impacted my life have got me this far and these are the ones that are now part of mine..; people., things who (that) have left their mark, whether in a positive way, or just as a result of a passing moment..

A stranger's eyes...
Thank you for impacting mine.. and whether you're a stranger, or friend.; whether you're young, or an unknown (to me) pop star.,  I appreciate and never take for granted, a single moment..... and that's me saying it as it is.., jus' 'one moment in time'...

Week 6..; done deal...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Image 52 - Week 5.. Wine Tasting and keystones..


Us, we...,

contrasts and learning stuff...

You can keep cold feet,
sniffling noses and streaming eyes,
layers, artificial heat and condensation
You can keep the wind that bites your soul..

You can keep this morning light and
darkness of night..
You can keep idle words
and empty promises., cold showers and..

You can keep the nightmare too,
 the dream
you can live, so give..

It ain't happenin'

I simply can’t write, find an image and complete Week 5’s assignment.., sorry; It’s far too difficult. My mind just won’t go to any place other than where it’s currently at and that’s a place totally ruled by a root. The computer keys resting on my lap have a bloody mind of their own right now and are proving there really is a difference between a heartfelt contribution and one written by the  ‘head’.. I’m trying to over-rule the heart and make this an easy effort, but this ole heart is proving to be far stronger than this ole head and this is NOT what the head wants me to write, read or post, so this week's 52 could be a very short week for me.. 
Should I attempt to be unnaturally dishonest., or instinctively honest..? My head can complete one task if it’s a case of a simple mathematical addition, while my heart will ultimately take over and ride this ole head to the ground if it’s a matter of indifferent ‘eyes’..

I’m feeling contrasts this week..; dark, LIGHT.- wet, DRY, cold, WARM - truth, LIES - manufactured, INSTINCT - me, US. - you, WE..- HEAD, HEART..

To one, who thus for kindred hearts must roam,
And seek abroad, the love denied at home."

You know when you look into a pair of eyes and there is that ‘something’ you can’t quite put your finger on, but.., they’re hiding that ‘something’; they’re unable to retain and exchange a simple gaze., they’ve lost that smiling thing..; they’ve simply switched off., packed up and gone on vacation.? Hmm., well, I’ve seen those eyes.. and not in the mirror.

Grouse, Burns or Cadillac Margaritas and Thoreau.?

Obvious contrasts could be as uncomfortable as an obvious  event to enjoy
., or Level 42 .; to romantically embrace the best highway or maintain a safe distance.; hmm,  challenge, or not to challenge., to push, or not to push.?
there..; same thing., but.

"Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind."
I need to get my teeth cleaned.. and some natural vitamin D..; 'contrasts.. and the human mind', me thinks.. and how can we judge someones creative work..(?), isn't it all kinda a subjective thing.? What is red.. and how much is enough.? How can one debate politics against what is a personal opinion and what's the deal with conspiracy theories.? Is life a science project.?.. and is there a place to go., or do we stay.? Why do we have doppelgangers and experience déjà vu.? and why is cold cold to one and not another.? Where did 'round' come from.. and why do some sighted people see something another sighted person doesn't.? and how do we gage 'obvious'.? Why is it that some music easily dates while other stuff is deemed 'classic' from exactly the same era.? and how can basic standards be so different and why are ethics also different..? How can wine really, truly be judged when our tastebuds can't possibly be the same.? OK., now really, how did Heaven 17 ever sell a record.? and have you ever been there.?


further contrast

to ponder.
I discovered I had a new 'secret' (but now, not so secret) reader today.. and wasn't prepared for how that made me feel..; I guess IT is all about contrasts, but phew, my insides kinda took a moment to think of a suitable response... On the one hand I'm here, publicly writing and yet, in private, I prefer my 'journey' to be faceless., anonymous.., of understated movements., invisible, yet.., it seems, that ain't a happenin'. My instincts are to observe the bloody movements rather than to be the darn 'mover' and no matter how hard I try, I provide a contrast..

So., I sat between two new 'voices' today and learned something..; on the right was someone needing help with how to spell 'paint' and 'gate', which humbled and stopped me in my tracks.., while on the left, I was asked 'what I did.?'.. Two people waiting on  an answer of contrasts... and one that I was going to offer up...

  Keystone or Headstone
The central wedge-shaped stone of an arch that locks its parts together. Also called headstone. The central supporting element of a whole.

Three men, a beach spade, one vehicle, acknowledging the female form and a day at the beach..
I think this is where it's supposed to go..

.. and it's how long..?

.. no kidding.., but actually, I'm a leg guy..

Children and their rides uh., tut..

Have you ever been deleted..? and how do you write that sound you make when all you mean to say as you 'curl' your mouth upside down, roll your tongue and blurt out.. "bleuurk"., "blurck", "blaakk" ?; like I care.. It's like sitting watching someone play what they think is a great poker hand., only.. it ain't.., not even close and I don't even play poker..!!.. and save it ?, when what (?, when what!!) it really needs is a total renovation anyway.. 'Contrasts' eh.. and why not acknowledge and feed the heart., or the root., instead of always reaching for a band-aid..? "It's all a bunch of balloons anyway.."

I gotta hydrate more..; more water..

See., I know I'm not smart.. and can admit it..; it's just how it is.., but the red tapers 'think' they know and yet, consistently prove they don't..

Whine with that sir..? oops, what I meant to write  is/was ',whine'..; oh damn it.; my fingers keep typing 'whine'..

Yep., it's how the mind works.., really.; isn't it.? We think one thing, get distracted, procrastinate, attack, think., then come back to the original thought and while in between.., we jus' 'say' stuff..(?). We write, or chat  an edited version of our thoughts, most times., don't we.(? ), I think, with a shrug of my shoulders.; so perhaps I'm the only person then, shrugging mentioned lean shoulders again.., dang it.; I have to start editing more.!

I recall working an event in a 'black' museum, (that naturally honoured black history and) surrounded by lots of great memorabilia the event honoured several hundred black dignitaries. Being one of only a couple of 'caucasion' attendees, I was approached (kinda naturally when you think about it) and asked, 'this must be strange.?", and said with a glint and half cocked know it all smile., to which I simply lent in to the ear, smiled and responded quietly., "when you think I'm probably the only person here actually born in Africa., no..". It gained the appropriate reaction..; I love contrasts..

The Hunter - Free

If we simply drive the avenue (as 'we' do) then how can we acknowledge one another with a polite and smiley 'hi'.?  I certainly don't see any chunky sweaters, just a singular walk under the blackest of skies,  under the umbrella of century old branches making it even darker and all while wrapped against the frigid elements; all I do feel is a resigned alienation from nature, from people, from light and colour. Walking round an island with seals barking, yachts rocking , hushed sounds of laughter and that always seductive high tide that provided me with the most stunning reflections and awe inspiring sounds of distant waves crashing onto a pacific beach.. an' all while under the clearest of skies, interrupted by the  most magical backdrop of sparkling, shooting stars,  while in virtual constant sight of a ferry crossing, and basic activity.; contrasts..

So to finish., I must find an image that offers me a contrast  and finality to this weeks junky thoughts.. and here it is..
Color.., light, freedom and nature..

.. in complete contrast to the guy at the top of this weeks blog.. and in my humble opinion, it's contrasts that make the world go round and a better  (more interesting) place to live..