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 Beverly Hills
Moorea & Bora Bora

Now What

Me and the ball machine
play serious
for keeps

SO., this is the deal..; I drag the ball machine up to the tennis court., take time to set the thing up..; balls are flying everywhere so the special care I'm taking to get the balls landing in just the right place is taking 'a few minutes'.. Finally I'm satisfied that I've got the machine set up correctly..; The balls are landing consistently deep, nice and low and with top spin, set up for about 90 mph and landing just inside the base line.. I take the ball carrier thingy and go to the end of the court in order to collect all the balls.. which I then empty into le  la  the machine..- 'k, I'm ready for working up a sweat and looking forward to an hour or so hitting with a ball machine..;  everything's perfect, the sun's out, there's no wind, so I hit the 'on' button and run to the other end of the court.. I'm ready.; I can see the machine feeding the ball into the 'shooter' thingy  (even with my eyes) and POW/POP., the first (!) ball comes over, into the body, so I quickly take evasive action and move one step to my right in order to block it using my backhand (against my body) and ... my effing right foot failed me.. ; I turned my ankle over, hearing it crack, then fold and collapse.; I'm on the court, laid out on my back wondering what the eff just happened...- I'm alone., my phone's nowhere close., not even in the same city as me.., duh.. I'm using the damn ball machine for crying out loud ! So I manage to drag myself back to the fridge where I found a couple of ice packs, limped to the sofa where I've elevated my swelling ankle.. and that's my tennis experience today.. DONE and with an ankle looking like a bloody tennis ball.!
I just never go over, or turn my ankle over.., nevah., but the damn ball machine just beat me up man.. AND on the first fecking ball..
I can move my toes, but man, the ankle is soft and puffy., bruised ALready and with a sharp pain on the top of the boney bit.., so it's a case of  ice, ice baby.. and U2's Elevation..  I've got to  'somehow' put the damn machine and ball away too, which means I've got to return to the scene of the crime., baby..


My dancing days will have to wait ... at least a day or so.. and certainly no pirouettes.. trampolining or leaping around on stage for a while either.. I'm ok for synchronized swimming with the team... and opening a bottle of vino del plonko., but certainly no moon walking...or 007 Bond like stunts..- I've strapped the leg to the chandelier and am now lying as near vertical as is possible.. which leaves sleeping looking like a luxury tonight.. ARGH.., no covers, no covers..; just originals..

Limp Seeker v Lip Syncher

Social culling.. and wondering how many.. I sat out with people until the light disappeared, enjoyed company, conversation and cheeses before crunching home with the quadruped under the stars..
The sky's blue., a wasp/bee or little flying thingy keeps on flying into the window, but I'm not letting the little sucker in.. The shadows are long., four rabbits are a hopping., the silver/grey Carrera S is full of morning dew.. and I'm still wondering.. There's a 'coo-ing' coming from that tree and I'm still wondering.. My stomach just growled and if I don't move., that'll make me wonder some more.. I yawned.., stretched my left leg out., scratched the back of my head.. and wondered some more.. I wonder if I'm wondering too much..; hmm., let me think about that one.
The road is long
but I need to know

Art Institutes


Spontaneous question - WHY.? and come on Oakley., play the game..- "Have pub beer gardens now become smoking gardens?" ( and Australian wine's getting cheaper..
Sheds, showers and scones... Clean up on aisle 12.. & easels..; the real stuff.. and there's too cutesy.. too., jus' too.. TOO damn much...

& First Class
 $29.... Temecula wine country


da beach baby, beach baby, beach..

Do doot, do do do doot

I'm hopping., which makes me think of Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010), which then made me think of Easy Rider and now Karen Black (July 1, 1939 – August 8, 2013) and then there's Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967).., then Hip Hop and HOP (the movie).; Danny and the Juniors went to the hop., rabbits.. and frogs., which then made me think of  frogs legs.. which brought me right back to square one and my ankle.. I can't get a way from it.., fortunately..

Ceilings and height.., space, room and Va va voom..; ceiling heights just made me think of someone..

10:00 a.m. daily until September 8 @ Discovery Science Center
Laguna Art Museum Summer 2013 Exhibits
Irvine Fine Arts Center Presents Wall Painting 2013
Free Fridays at the LBMA
2013 California-Pacific Triennial
Gems of the Medici
Mexico at the Hour of Combat Photo Exhibition
OC Fair 2013
3rd Annual DREAM Art Exhibit
Asian Garden Night Market
SoCo's Farmers' Market
Summer Sun and Art Fest

dark installations
film noir
balloons and flags
A couple of days of Vvvoooming
fish and chips
deck chairs
a merry-go-round
and WH Smiths

Repetitively Uninspiring
Uninspiringly (?) Repetitive

Standing Still, stationary museums.. and how many times can you see the same thing before it becomes the same thing man..
Feed the birds locals.. and where is Nana Mouskouri..: Let's watch the SChanook go round in circles too.; wee, gasp.., look, it's going round in circles.. shhoosh.. Look boss., da plane da plane.. Gasp.. Is that a tank baby.? NO., no NOT a Vulcan..; holy cow An actual VULCAN.. Yippdeedee. The excitement levels are going through the roof..

Submit an event

and what is it

Grade 3.. Ho Van Thanh and Picasso.. The Cavern and Whiskey...; it's 7 and the machines are out.. and the advantage is..?  Selectivity, Hartlepool and the Desert.. - Every Rose has it's Thorn.. and I was just totally shocked., surprised..; genuinely.. and I love that..- thanks


When I make a left, I 'do' a few curves, a little dip and pass The Swan before I hit my first give way sign.. I've got 3 choices and a decision to make., left, right or straight on.. Life uh.. I've got two things to do which means taking two of those roads.. and like life, they take me in different directions, but hopefully I'll get to the end of the day having completed two important things without screwing up stuff., man.. The third option is just something I'd like to do as opposed to having to do ..   Three things., three options and one decision.. 

If I drove on the other side of the car., I'd be able to put my left foot out first., which would help enormously.. Having to drive with the steering wheel on the right is a pain in the proverbial ankle.

Imagine marvelous images merging miraculously

.. and why do people do that.. ; do what.. DO that.. Isn't it much easier to do that., as opposed to that..  Slow is as slow as slow is.., but what is slow.. Geez., we're a strange  weird bunch.. The stuff that's out there proves why we have fish and chip shops and not tacos., amigos baby, ease on down the road., man.... 

"Yer., I yam.." - loosely translated, "yes, I am.."


Minds and who minds
well I mind 'cause my mind's a mind that minds

Workshops , truth

Can you tell the truth., share a thought and really see an observation... and I wonder what dogs think about when they look at you.. Do we know why we need flies.. and hey., if you really care., why isn't that enough.. Running is best left to those who want to get., or keep fit.., but it seems that running is also out there for those who simply like to go off in the other direction and keep a distance.. Goals, results & playing for extra time..


Midnight - Kodaline

24 an'
Cold Turkey

Christy Turlington

Thanks this week go/goes to Camille and Kennerly Kitt - Tim Lake - Mother's Market - Gregory Kloehn - Kodaline - Saddleback and Job 

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