Wednesday, 4 September 2013

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Embracing The Same Cause

Ocean View
I'm your boogie man


So., what do you do.?

The End of Summer
Ninth Month

School of Rock - I suppose I'm going to have to get the ironing board out.. and surf the crowds.. , although I'm hoping the cliff is a more sociable route 'cause man, getting stuck behind someone who wants a portion of chips

"stimulated by differing values and perceptions" - Yes please.. Packed lunches., God of Fire., extraterrestrial humanoid species & an et-powered delta wing strategic bomber.. I'm off to take in Spock.., or some noisy ass'd thing..; I'm all lotioned up so beam me up when you're ready..


I just saw some guy stuff a double mattress into the back of his Beemer using nothing but brute force..; it's one hell of an air bag for sure.. The little silver thing with four wheels in each corner is on it's way.. and people are definitely on the move. I guess that's my cue for today's observations..

The Rascals
on a __nday afternoon

Sitting in on (?) a comfy  beach lounger for the final day I got to see a Vampire., a couple of other noisy buzzy things scream overhead,  a cutie in a black bikini climb over a wall  an' all while eating an ice cream and a choc' button., or two..

Part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history when you die

Dead End Street
The Kinks

I don't like the word 'stupid'., but love how a Corona looks when pulled out of a fridge and 'rests' in the sunlight.. There's just something about certain colours that 'elevates' them above other colors... Red wine is fortunately 'red'.. while green is sadly, green.., but Blue is  happily blue and yellow is like a ray of sunshine..; brrownN is unhappily brown.. and there you have it.. Could you imagine the horizon being brown.?., it's bad enough when it's grey.., but fortunately it's more commonly shades of blue.. - Burgers & beer


The games people play

If people decided not to kill each other, go to war and/or hurt each other., 'life' and world news would be amazingly fantastic.., wouldn't it (?).; imagine simply being able to travel, knock on new doors and visit freely, smile and speak to strangers without fear or suspicion.. Who decides to 'war'.?, 'cause I certainly don't - I'd chose a smile and to share everyday of the week.., so just WHO decides and WHY..! I don't get it at all., man..
 All the dough spent on war ships., bombers, fighter planes, weapons, militaries  and shit would make for one hell of a party and or carnival for the peeps of this world.. Imagine the new levels of an education we could enjoy, the much improved standard of school equipment, the standard of health care equipment and it's 'archaic structures'..; imagine the extra influx of cash being plowed into research for cures, to help the less fortunate.... Imagine the positives..- So WHY again do we have wars..?

Wouldn't it be pretty cool to just 'be', to naturally and instinctively support, encourage, share and 'live'..

Why is that some people appear compelled to end innocence..

I much prefer how my brain is wired
despite how my writings read


Art, music, color, smiles and people who leave their 'personal door' open

I always feel much more comfortable shaking someone's hand, offering a hug and certainly RECEIVING one to being punched out or having a leg blown off..; jus' sayin'

Dogs bark
cats meow
people frown

Tassles., mirrors and toothbrushes..; plugs are great aren't they.. Travel, chocolate, vino and friends.. I vote for that stuff all the time..; oh., and people who actually do the crap they say they're going to do..

PCH & Dover

There's a moment (surely.?) when you've finished with your chewing gum and you decide., make a conscious decision and "hey, I'm just going to spit it out on the sidewalk"..., or you've finished your 'snack' and decide "hey, I'm just going to throw this and leave it right here., on the sidewalk"...., or when you've filled your car ashtray and decide to simply open your car door and 'empty it's contents' right there., on the street..; isn't there (?)., 'cause why else would you do that.. Why else would you leave your lunch wrappings blowing around on the beach and why would you walk by a trash can on the street and ignore it.. And just how do those car parts and mattress' get left by the road side..

Open windows rock.. and so does not wearing socks..; bah, I just had a thought about gloves - I don't like gloves, except those see-thru ones I wear at the gas station when filling my tank up.. I always end up grabbing more than I need., but they just come out of the container..; but I do like those ones.. I like having the choice of wearing shorts and not freezing my ass off if I do decide to wear 'em.. I also like being able to see stuff.. Cardboard boxes work.. and so do forks.. The last few steps are usually the most tiring ones., but they can also be the most exciting ones to cover.. Steps are cool.. I can live out of a suitcase.. and do.., but I can't live without art.. man.. - Vermeer died when he was 43 in 1675., but I can still get to see and enjoy his brush strokes..; thank you Johannes., Jan or Johan.. Light rocks

Plastic Bags

Spam spam., spam.. and not the kind ya eat., which is also just as bad and irritating..  I wonder how many foil wrapped cheese sandwiches I'm going to see today.. and just how many flasks poking out of backpacks or resting by a pair of feet.. AND here's to The Wishing Well.. It's not midnight, but it is after midnight.. Do bree doo

Judging and Impressions

19th Nervous Breakdown., Paperback Writer and Levis.. I'm exhausted..; I dreamed of stepping into tar, getting trapped by machinery and showers who's taps/faucets were too high to turn on.. and I remembered a telephone conversation from many years ago.. - What does it all mean.?

Oh dear

Oh gawd., 'Strictly's' been announced
that's it

I'm outta here


Summer Sunsets


Thanks this week go/goes to The Red Arrows - Gaga - Queen - Washing Machines - The Rascals - Juke Box Jury - The Wishing Well and Undiscovered Streets

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