Monday, 23 January 2012

Image 52 - Week 4. The Legacy., a million., or integrity.?

For some, blogs could be a way of sharing a family story., of travel, the latest consumer goods or political rant among other things.. and 'perhaps', for me , this  week's Image 52 blog will be about revealing.; perhaps it won't read that way,  but it's coming from 'that place', so this week I'm going to start testing my library for simple candids... and bring it right down to basics...

Jus' a lil friend

GOALS, choices , and reasons.


I’ve heard all the ‘thoughts’, seen the ‘looks’, met suspicion in the eye 
Love my friends and how they see me.
and seriously, who really cares.(?), I know I’m private to some, even, ‘funnily enough’ to me,. a little mysterious and yet here I am revealing aspects of myself for the zillion international followers stopping by Image 52 to follow this awful  showing of grammar and over-the-top punctuation..; however, it’s about my journey and for that, I don’t consider myself as being ‘that’ private or mysterious, however, I am selective in who I share stuff with, so be warned..
On here.!”, I hear you mumble., but in actual fact, there are only two friends reading this stuff; hi guys ;) ! 

Ahh, maybe someone will stop by and, accidentally read from time to time, but then they're most likely going to be strangers who have no clue as to the sound of my voice and other than a tiny pic, of which could be anyone incidentally, I’m a total unknown average kinda person.... Do I have an accent, even the use of both legs.? How tall am I, and what do I eat for breakfast.?    Who knows and who cares.., so, this is going to get kinda personal ., I just hope  I can find one or two inspirational images to share with you and  ones of which paint a picture of a life that I think can be inspiring and especially after the last week's contribution full of anger.; no sales, no travel blog, no posting pics of ‘things’., just a personal and reflective view of a life.. and of one totally average caricature.. You know what (?), I’m comfortable with that., ‘cause I’m choosing and am still selective an’ in charge.. 

An event's first impression and mine
 Goals.. and what are goals..? For some they hope they are something their team scores in.; ‘in’ (?)., . For others they maybe a destination of sorts, a parachute jump or learning a new language, even a great marguee 'logo'. to park in your drive. ; what happens when you’ve scored, have no desire to jump out of a plane and been to paradise.? New goals I suspect.., which brings me to ‘me’ and my goals.. Number one goal.. and my list contains a search for quality and depth..; quality in people., actions., sounds and images.. Other goals are to locate and embrace integrity, sincerity.., trust.. Ahh, not the goals you may find exciting, romantic or financially rewarding..; for you it maybe that new job, shiny car, holiday destination., or a pair of white gloves providing a level of hospitality, but for me, ‘done that and have the t-shirt’ to prove it.., although (me thinks), there are obviously more places to see.., but really, that moment (or place) may never come, so it’s a case of finding a closer goal for me.., a person of their word.. Deep stuff eh., no s*#t.. 

Depth, quality and style..?
Images to indicate and prove this..? Gotta love this weeks search for inspiration H.., but hey, I’m on it this time.

Hey., kinda off the subject, but I just remembered that I put up a fence many years ago and quite by accident, saw it recently, still standing too.. A wall eh..! Imagine me responsible for putting up a wall AND it’s still there.. Ahh., analogies.
Fact and true story and lends itself to remind me that I need to stop by occasionally in order to see whether the ole walls need fixing., or addressing..

This is heavy  and intense dude..

.. and it did judging by the real estate
I used to drive to a P.O. Box and regularly pick up a blue envelope which eventually seduced me with suggestions of a new beginning.. I wish I were still picking up that blue envelope.. Damned if you do., damned if you don’t.., but that grass man., was greener..; so the goal, the goal is to instinctively journey forward and seek new adventures.., new blue envelopes., new P.O. Boxes..
This.., or..
 I saw daily signs, have experienced a fantastic and surreal journey., so far and am proud to claim a balance., inspite of those 'experiences'. 

this.... and this IS different by the way..
Choices..; I've made my decisions based on those choices, but I've looked for and 'ridden' them in order to make my decision. Would we make the same ones again..? Absolutely.; I'm here to share, which means I have to divulge 
images that mean something to me and ones I've managed to keep hidden and outta site man..; but now it's time to slowly show another world.. and one that may act as inspiration for someone.

I stood while enjoying my commute on the ferry one day trying to offer up a distance to a couple obviously argueing and then looked around my paradise and was again reminded of the choices we have., to stay or to go, to look or to ignore.; people fight even in paradise and they are faced with the same choices.., but one thing that's quite apparent, is my commute at the moment was by far superior and more memorable to any other I used to take.. and I embraced that everytime.. 
Even in paradise.

and here were two people fighting... when all around the moment., time lost for ever .

Balance., awareness., goals..

Yep., I suppose you could question my goals, but hey.., do you have that cap or lanyard (?), 'cause I do.. 

I am trying to go somewhere with this, but not sure yet, so hang in there baby..

Keeping it casual and low key for this image
Fun effort and memory that started a line/queue and attempts by other visitors to replicate something I created., means it must have been inspiring to a coach full of camera carriers.., yet all it was was a moment infront of a lifesize photograph. Strange where inspiration comes from and when..

 This week 4's effort could go on and on without finding a suitable ending, but I have a feeling it will only open the door to further revealing stuff...
I'm thinking of wrapping this thing up and saving all this poor grammar from becoming overload, but not before I find the missing piece that represents what I've been trying to find..

Inspiration can come from an international leader., a shiny new car, a standard  and quality of event, a destination as I've shared above .; perhaps from a friend or seeing how it shouldn't be done in public., but when the ^#t lady sings., it all comes down to something really quite personal.. and what's personal and inspirational to me is., or was... this gate and entrance to privacy... and which stood less than 100 paces from a harbour I love.

Home., first impressions.. and without a dog..

Home.. home, is my inspiration this week.. and with that.., I'm breaking  it down to basics, keeping it simple and going to retreat to my place.. As 'they' say., 'home is where the heart is'.. and I heart home..

Stairway to Simplicity..

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned".

1. Maya Angelou

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Image 52 - Week 3... Simon Cowell and the distraction of Reality TV..

Image 52 - Week 3.  Striped Shirts..

The whole ageism deal.. . and
what does a word actually mean.?

What does a word really., truly really mean..(?)


 "The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase these things with money." (1)


.. and when I think of a striped shirt I immediately have an image of the wearer ‘exuding’ a certain (not good) style; tailored, perhaps a little on the too tight side, starched and trying to make an obvious statement for any 'potential observers' of being hip, cool and trendy but really resulting in a more Austin Powers type persona.... Jus' where does the thought of a striped shirt come into all this..? Well, they frustrate me, irritate me.. and geez, I’m angry.. AND they make me think of age and middle age..; so now we have striped shirts, age and anger.. and I'm getting carried away with punctuation  too and going totally over the top with it..

I’ve had to wait a whole #@*kin' week before attacking this blog, although I’m sure I could have ‘stored’ something clean, upbeat and 'phoney', but here  I am hustling, while full of anger.; who’d a thunk it.. and then in the middle of it all, we had black Monday.. Now,  that was a Monday that definitely came to bite me in the ‘asp’.., but what is/was 'Black Monday'.. and who cares.!

Yep., this week provided me with a blip that overshadowed what SHould have been a fun introductory moment with a new colleague on a FAB new venture and a ‘thoroughly looked forward to' third blog; But., but something happened to my ‘voice’ and the words I used this week. Bad, bad.; the something wasn’t good at all and it's continuing to this point.., which means this contribution may well reflect that experience as I come to terms with it while also publicly admitting to a huge failing and perhaps attempted sabotage.? I need to work on that as I'm not too sure yet, but think it's a success kinda deal issue gig thingy..

A battle of light and dark. -  good verses evil
The search for an inspiring image will be an interesting one for a different reason this time out.. Okay, so I had an angry day, in fact let’s be honest, an angry ‘week’, which is, I quickly want to add, kinda rare, but it came out. I've taken photos all week and they're all dark, yet I haven’t found out how I can best document frustration or anger, but will do what I can to leave an image of a week that indicated best, my mood change. Storm clouds and sense of darkness perhaps (?). Hey, by the time I’ve finished this, I may be able to find something that’s positively changed da ole mood for the better.; it’s definitely my writing that can usually ‘go to this place’, unlike the pics I seem to gravitate to which seem to be ones that offer up an erm., more pleasing moment..  , for me..

Do you really wanna know (?); well this occasion was one when I verbally jumped on a couple of valued and much respected friends, leaving them open mouthed, totally undeserving of the rant and me, ashamed and drained..; strange where this comes from to me..; it all seems so petty now which leaves me feeling quite rightly., ‘ugly’.., yet here I am., now., having to think of my written words, when usually, they just spew out.. and with that, this will be a week to look back on when the end of the year comes round and I read it back..; you can shred a laptop, can't you..?


How does submitting Gil Scott Heron into my on-line radio station bring up Ripple and !!! the Beat Goes On..? Can’t live without this effing technology now, but I can tell ya, it’s sometimes really ‘frustrating’..; ahh, ‘call waiting’ isn’t on my favourites list either.. and why do we need to keep checking our cell phones when we know there isn’t a call, text or message.. Must be ‘that’ socially intrusive media site we’re addicted to.. It's an actual conversation I need.

More dark clouds., but with a twist..

“and so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually”

Hmm., now I can see where my blogs go.; they go where my mind goes.. I write, get distracted, go off on a tangent and write some more and none of it makes any sense other than that’s how ‘the’ mind goes.(?), or more precisely, how my mind goes.. 

Contradictions, contrasts, confusion and questions.., but still lots of dark clouds.. however., I'm., I'm.., yep I'm...

 ACT 3

Yep., I’m getting a focus... Are you kidding me, there's no focus here...; I’m thinking ‘slippers’.. Slippers have taken me to a place of emotional comfort.. Without them, you’re usually ‘outdoors, or on a strange ‘floor’.. Slippers bring it all back, so I’m thinking ‘slippers..; now where are my slippers.?

I’m weird and fully expecting a knock on the door from a group of white coats with a handful of belts any second now..

But pretty soon, everything's different.

Perhaps some calm after the storm
Ahh., slippers..; yep,  I could have left them at the Mansion,  in the Grotto (sigh) maybe, the compound or on the yacht with Buzz,; possibly the red carpet hidden amongst all the cameras and stars that are seen during Sunday daylight hours,  the many  Green Rooms I've been privileged to wander., maybe onstage somewhere behind the giant shiny statue., perhaps in Vegas, on PCH or the island, beach or ferry, but all I know is that they're not here.. Perhaps this is why I'm angry..; I've left my slippers on the other side of the world and I'm here with my bare feet.., exposed and feeling the chill and every stone I walk on..

Ahh, the  final calming image of the stones is bringing a sense of peace  and resolution to my tired, combative mind..; maybe I've turned a corner thanks to a couple of wet rocks, 'Harry', a shared table and a pair of gifted art ears.. That's it..; art., art, paint, texture... and finally a smile..
Had to stop, look.. and see the light..; the sign is there for all to see

The light shines on what it's supposed to and  I'm  now reminded that it's there., in the right place..; I've just got to open my eyes after the storm.. ; there's a rainbow, I've heard, which means there's 'gonna' be a pot of gold that needs finding..

 ACT 4 

 Writing a blog, public as it is, is worse than talking to yourself isn't it..? I'm laying gazing at the ceiling while my keyboard answers my mind with this rambling drivel.. Yep, white coats, belts .. and I can hear them coming.., but not before I share some 'white' paint, some texture and the sense of being alive..;

... ready to create again..
 alive with the memory of a moment of where my slippers are.., the memory of texture and blank walls.. I have another blank canvas here to attack and all it needs is for me to start throwing some paint on it to give it life..

No bold typed message this week, just  a desire to paint again..; there's an unqualified artist (of sorts) in the house ready to leave a FAB new signature for all to see.. Let's do this damn thing..

But., can I sleep first..?

1 Plautus- 2 Jimi Hendrix - 3 Bill Watterson

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Image 52 - Week 2. Pulitzer Prize

Paper Cup Noses..

“For the love of God, folks, don't try this at home.” (1)

Oh puhleeze..; I’m not chasing a Pulitzer., or infact, kudos of any kind. All it’s about (really) is committing to something I sincerely believe in AND that I’m going to finish.., hopefully.. However, to finish, means there’s got to be something to start.. So is the real issue in finishing., or is it starting..(?); now there’s a question I need to answer., although here I am on week 2 and that kinda means I’ve started.. 

Hmm., liking this gig already..

Here goes with my second effort and at some point soon I’ll hopefully find a suitable image that acts as something of an inspiration for.., erm.. moi.. and at this point of writing, I have no clue which photograph, or (shh), where it may be.., but before I’ve finished this scribble, I’ll have a pic’ posted which will satisfy me..; just keep your fingers crossed though..

“I always wanted to be an explorer, but - it seemed I was doomed to be nothing more than a very silly person.” (2) 

Aha., I caught a cold this past week..; I’m on the third-ish (?) day of it and hey, it’s going the way colds often go., achy, sniffly, dull and I’m so ready to be done with it already.. Hmm., how on earth can that prove to be an inspiration.? Well, I don’t know yet., infact I have no clue what so ever., but stay with me and I’m sure I can find a link..
Ok., light bulb moment., here’s a link; ‘colds’ and in particular, MY cold is making me think of far away places and ‘home’. Home for me is now a place far from the one I currently find myself in; my home, or rather heart, beats for a beach community in a completely different time zone, complete with different accents, different cultures and certainly a different energy, but more than that, my cold thoughts... (hmm., that didn't sound very good., but you get my drift..), anyway, have brought up ‘faces’ and conversations I’ve had and miss.; yep., this is where having my cold is taking me and perhaps this contribution to Image 52 will come from having caught a cold and thinking of far away places.. 

To you it may be an 'indifferent' photograph., but to me it represents the journey I  took to see my first Van Gogh..

Duh., is this stuff seriously for real.?

See how this thing works..; having a cold has naturally reduced my ‘resources’, my strength and energy., therefore ‘pushing’ me to those places of trust, strength and that other great private place, ‘nostalgia’ and this very public place of a blog.. ; geez, I love contrasts..
The images I’m now going over, include those from a ‘place’ I call 'home.'., so how on earth can I find a pic that would act as something inspirational to me from all the ones I’ve got..? Am I supposed to go out and take a new one., or can I cheat ( a little) and find one from my personal library.? I do have a cold and I’m ‘here’ right now.. Perhaps I can take a quick peek and check for something from ‘home’ that acts as something deeply personal and at the same time, inspirational .. and that I’m willing to share. I’m definitely loving this already. Well, who’s reading this other than me anyway..?

"I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning., and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again." (3) 

Just incase you’re intrigued., I haven’t had a break, or taken time to take a breath and reread this effort., yet..; it’s how it’s coming from my insides, directly to my fingers and I’m simply blurting out my thoughts as fast as my fingers can type despite the fact that the keys on this darn keyboard keep moving about.. and it’s how it’ll stay.., although I’m sure I’ll regret it when I hit the post button..  
If ‘we’ always hit the edit button of life though, how on earth will we ever share with those strangers something of who we truly are.? I really should censor my thoughts at some point, but for now I’m satisfied that no one is reading this.. Onwards my good man, find a picture already will ya..

I think I'm getting closer with my selection..; perhaps if I look skywards, I may find the inspiration I'm looking for....

Hmm., find a tune to hum., sing., scat to.. ; aha, songs to come later, but for now, I'm back in time., to a dock.. and this dock.., is.., showing me the way to a moment in time...

"I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
" (4)

The early hours of a distant harbor morning spoke to me..

There., I've found it., my piece of inspiration comes complete with a warm  and deeply personal memory for me..; again, my image, in it's simplicity, spoke to me.. No matter how dark it may appear to be, there's always a light shining to show the way.. and that is my week 2 contribution for Image 52.; have yourself a great week and hey., for my friends., I love and miss you., over and out..

"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears." (5)

Quotes ;  (1) David Letterman - (2) Michael Palin - (3) Oscar Wilde - (4)  Otis Redding - (5) Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, 6 January 2012

IMAGE 52 - Week 1. An Ocean Moment

The title's a work in progress

"The Answer to the Great Question…Of Life, the Universe and Everything…Is…42" (1)

Hmm., the beginning of a new year and new project.
‘Oh dear’., me thinks with an internal smile and er, erm., words and sentiments to that effect.; Image 52 will now grant me the opportunity to capture a ‘something’ and post it on here in the hope that it acts as a piece of inspirational art.; wow., such  a responsibility, when all I know is that  it will allow me to share a simple moment that spoke to me and more than likely changed my mood and certainly satisfies my need to ‘climb a new mountain’..; this particular personal mountain is to reveal ‘ little more of a daily moment that meant something to me. A moment that will offer the likely ‘one’ follower/reader to learn more about the ramblings of an enthusiastic arts supporter. Sounds kinda dangerous to me.., sounds kinda fun.; so let’s see how this thing develops.

Well., hi...; I’m me and me is just a regular, average wannabee and passionate life fan. I wander the day armed with a compact digital camera, notepad and often, but not always, my functioning mind.. and all in search for what maybe a new moment that will positively affect my way of thinking, which is where IMAGE 52 comes in and kinda offers me the chance to satisfy that particular instinctive trait I possess.. How can I profess to keeping ‘it’ simple when I admit to these complexities.?
Now., also., I should reveal, the usual doubts arise., can I find the correct shape and size ‘canvas’, or subject to begin with.., what color do I look for and just WHAT will the subject be anyway..? In truth, my personality doesn’t naturally work that way, the way of planning my ‘creativity’ is kind of a no no with me, so I have no clue when I step outside whether I’ll find something that inspires me, all I do know is that I will experience a second that will affect me in some way... and that’s how I approach my ‘art’..; open to the moment., however, to accompany that sense of excitement, is the all too familiar anxiety that has reared up.., ’doubts’.. You see, I also know I’m not qualified., never have been infact.; I’m just more qualified than I have been, but accept that I’m not going to be., ever qualified.. Wow.. and this is supposed to be a creative thing.. Do others torture themselves before throwing paint onto their canvas’.?

Perhaps I need to lighten up and just ‘do it’., but as laid back as I believe I am, I also take this ‘life’ gig kinda seriously.; I’m a deep soul, so when my finger finally leaves the shutter and I put my lil’ ole camera back in it’s pouch I know that I actually felt the subject.,  truly felt it, otherwise, what's the point.? I know that my insides chose that particular thing to shoot.. and I hopefully have a moment saved for ‘my’ memory.. Isn’t that what ‘documenting’ is.? and besides, I was asked, invited to put my name to this project and I like the whole idea of seeing whether I have a ‘character arc’ that proves itself over the coming year..

Ahh., the image., the image..?  So, what have I taken that represents my thoughts so far.? Dang it.., now my  mind is hitting all sides of my brain, bouncing off the insides of my head..; like a pair of eyes blindfolded and thrust into a darkened room, I feel unable to focus, to see.. and that’s where the whole self doubt comes into play AGAIN., damn it.. I hope this means I’m an artist of sorts, but there again, do other artists have doubts.? To me, they just seem to pick up a brush, a pen and make the thing ‘dance’ with a mere balletic, definitely romantic piece of instinctive and seductive act, while I clumsily stumble with fears about revealing the very thing I love.., ‘life’; bah., it’s how I see it.. and I see a sunrise, the gulls are waking for a new day, the sounds coming from the road indicates a new day for the commuters and here I am warming up my mind.
I feel the ocean  today.; to me it’s wild, furious and dark., mysterious, cold, calm, warm, silent.., it roars, it crashes and yet, despite it all, it’s full of contrasts which is totally seductive and inviting to me..; so that’s where I’m going to make my start.. I’m going to share a ‘pic’ of the ocean..  The ocean speaks to me., it speaks loudly, passionately and no matter where I am around an ocean, I can see an horizon., a place where the earth meets the sky., no matter where I am around an ocean, I feel nature is telling me something..; probably telling me to stop this rambling on here, but hopefully reminding me to take a breath, enjoy the journey and take in the moment.

Live the balance dude. 

'But I don't want to go among mad people,' remarked Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat, 'we're all mad here. You're mad.' 'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice. 'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here..' (2)

Life and it’s routines throw up a similar daily repetition and like the ocean it can appear the same, but when I look closely., more closely, I never see the same ocean and never have the same minute.., so it’s going to be the ocean; yep., I’ve decided.., BUT., how can I make a statement and leave a moment when there are so many types of ocean moments..? Bah., this is tough already.. ;) I saw and tried walking in a strangers sandy footprints while walking the beach yesterday thinking about this and after a handful of steps, couldn’t keep up with them..; they (the strangers footprints) made me think that while there are similar ‘prints’ in life., we all have our own path to follow and so I gave up trying to keep up with a stranger who’s similar footprints didn’t fit my own journey and continued onwards creating a new adventure.. and this starting point, the first of my contributions is going to be the ocean.. and as familiar as the ocean is to everyone, it's personal to me..

S'cuse me., but hey..

“A day without sunshine is like, you know., night.” (3) 

Phew..; I’m sooo going to need to go back, read and edit this thing before publishing and that’s another darn thing I’m not good at..; I love rambling, telling stories.; I have so many to tell, but once I’ve reread my scribbling, I know I'll edit and edit and before I know it, I’ll have lost the instinctive thoughts that have inspired me in the first place. ..AND besides, I'm so NOT a writer., damn it.. ; ok now, where’s that image..?

Oh.. and hi., welcome and let’s see where this ride takes us..; please excuse the questionable grammar you’ll see, any spelling errors and consider this an instinctive rambling that accompanies a photo that simply inspires me to keep it simple, enjoy the ride and all while maintaining the balance..
"There's no retirement for an artist, 
it's your way of living so there's no end to it." (4)

 Quotes: (1) Douglas Noel Adams - (2) Lewis Carroll - (3) Steve Martin - (4) Henry Moore