Sunday, 27 October 2013

Another Week 42 - #cheapflights, #LouReed, #Halloween, #secretescapes, #Lists and #DrMartens

Three words to live by

Never Stop Learning


Survey the 'landscape"


Thinking takes a lot of thinking.. and reflecting takes a lot of looking at images but the thing that gets me is that despite looking, I still can't see..  I  guess it's back to wandering with my eyes wide shut

Reflecting and nostalgic thoughts mean fewer words
It's all in the head and heart this week..,

Scary uh..; the wind's are a blowin' as Robert Zimmerman wrote.., or didn't.. The leaves are a rustling.. an' life's moving on up.., as Primal screamed....


bed's just too big
when you're alone
and sometimes
mind's too full
when you're alone
night's too long
when you're alone
and sometimes
the sometimes are just too long

Pink Floyd

Rock of Ages

Edvard Munch’s The Scream was sold in New York for $119.9 million

I had a mild curry for dinner.., with nan bread.. and washed down with a beer of some kind..  I crunched the gravel, fed the quadruped and helped lift a big heavy assed radiator into position.. I posed The iconic Maxell tape advertisement dans the chair that Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy 'made famous'..

  Storm in a Teacup

John Lennon

So., I'm about a 6 hour 23 minute drive.. by car according to Google Maps..; apparently 384 ish miles.. from where I lay my hat to Paris..
386 miles to the Louvre Museum.., which is a 6 hour 25 minute drive.. From where I'm sitting right now.., it's a case of being just 350 miles and 5 hours 55 minutes to drive.. man.. - I could of course fly from where I am now to Paris and that would take a mere hour and 25 minutes..- I'm THAT close.. Just a sociable distance to check out some Art., grab a little dinner, a glass of vino (or two)., take a walk and hey., return.. Barcelona's only approximately a 1000 miles and 15 hour drive.. Carcassonne.. & Perpignan, 12 and a half to 13 heures drive..!
I've been waiting for a special reason to do the trip, but now figure I may as well jus' DO IT..


 I still have to write and notify 'cause that's how it was done in the school I went to.. 


I wonder if I can get my Facebook 'friends' down to about a dozen., or two
 I wonder if I can go cold turkey too..
 I wonder if I can be strong..
and I wonder if..
I'll ever fully understand


The gates opened today and I ventured forth..; I ventured fifth yesterday.. I scouted locations at some point .. and., I counted pumpkins at, another point..
It's spreading faster than wild fire.., and I've seriously no idea what's going down, but it looks as though I'm surrounded on all sides with just the narrowest of escape routes outta it.. Thank goodness for rural networks .. They do say it comes in three's.. ; let's hope there's not a fourth it..

 It's how I hang.; calm & unquestioned loyalty..


Perfect Day
Mr. Reed

< >

ee ah


keeping quiet
walking the journey alone

scratching an itch

Thanks this week go/goes to Velvet Underground - Isabella “Bella” Weems - Phil Lynott - Gary Moore - Ringo Starr - 3D Print - Buzzes and White

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Week 41 - #ladybugs, #Mistakes, #clocks, #RussellBrandvJeremyPaxman

voici la chose

The Latest Insight
A Man's Mind

Despite the cost of living., it still remains popular

It's just a fact.. and that's a fact.. and when it rains, you've just gotta shut the windows and when the windows are shut, all you've got is the air inside and artificial heat..; no outside sounds, NO fresh air.. an' it's that simple..

I've Decided
It's countryside, rural stuff, history, heritage, spring and autumn, otherwise it's Costa, Nero's., Debenham's, Tesco's and Big Issues.. It's a total no brainer when you think about it.. There's castles and shit., or there's faded beach huts., some of which, MAY be considered charming, but most are rotting, rusting, fading, peeling and gaudy.. There's the limiting and oftly biased Echo., or there's a Heritage guide & site.. There's sitting in Raleigh's seat or there's a Garden style bench (complete with accompanying empty 'cans') overlooking  a big assed balloon full of hot air.. There's fresh air, or there's a blast of stale alcohol.., fries, crisps, chips and/or pies (?) with that sir, or there's a tank of gas..- History .., or couldn't give a rats ass..., smiles, or frowns., "hello., good morning"., or "f*ck you, what you looking at.!" - Authenticity.. and air.. I have experience of the New Hebrides., but I wonder what the Outer Hebrides are like. The highlands, lochs, peace, tranquility and a lil' ole natural beauty or "NO (!), I don't want a Big Issue., or gym pass.; thankyou.."


check out
The Richie Quain Trio
+ guests 

There's this place dude.. and this place has the best kinda music played and performed by the best kinda musicians.. Monday evening at the Beacon you'd see and hear instruments being played like they're designed to be played and none of that programmed computer stuff  eeevuh but yer actual plugged in, miked up akTchewal instruments deal thingy.; there's even people who can sing, no less.. Guests of all shapes, sizes, age and sex and all with one great common denominator.; they're pretty damn good., people.. AND they're totally cool too.., so if you know it, go to it and support the local music; it's even free for f*ck's goodness sake.. These folk are out there and working it, but they make an effort to get together for 'us' fan type peoples man.. There's funk, blues, jazz., rocked out rock and depending on who's there, ya never quite know, but geez, don't all flock to the place though 'cause I don't wanna lose my table., OR worse, NOT even get in.

No wonder I'm not on the guest lists for dinner., or any lists other than the 'to be avoided, at all costs'.; I have frown lines too., but they're hard earned as a result of age and stress... and not for any other reason.; well, maybe because I listen intensely 'cause my left eye needs a little help .., unless you're inexperienced and use balloons..,  but my god, you should see how people react when they see 'em.., man.., dude.. I'm the devil.., apparently..  Boo., ARGH.. It'll soon be Christmas..

Daily Distractions

I can't drink Kronenbourg... and these darn pints are killing me..; just a little too much for moi.. It's how it's done here though..; pints, pints and more pints.. PINTS, PINTS and pints.. - pints, bloody pints.. Pints here, pints there, pints everywhere.. I can say 'no'.. though..

I wonder why we lean in when having our pics taken.. Geez., I hate 'off milk'.. I love lakes and water walks.. Paths alongside water really does rock dude.. If I can't see an horizon, then I need to see a silloooette of something.. 17 is ok, I can deal with 15 too, just as long as it's dry and not windy... I can probably push out 10 even, but from then on down, it's a slippery slope.. I'm much better around 19 to 29...

Faux Pas

Steve Gerrard is a hoot a minute.. 

Invitations & Choices.. and why they're important., 'cause without 'em., you're basically up the creek without a paddle and excluded.. When you're last to be picked on the school playground., or worse., you're NOT picked at ALL, it leaves an impression.. - Cliques.. and observing from beyond the gates.. is almost as obvious as the language one picks up.., man..

 Massive Attack

   I think today's probably just about the most dreary and most miserable day .., most grey and most., mostest since.., well.., since Noah.., or at least since the last one..; but it's all good when you think about it.. The light's on (for those wanting to actually see) and people will be drinking copious amounts of tea (Gwen Stefani) while remaining in their 'jammie dodgers' all effing day.. The TV's will be on.., the kettle, permanently hot.. and the blankets accompanying the sofa will mean that those tiny rooms looking out onto a picturesque wall will also be heated artificially with that heat causing whatever air there is, to be dry.., man.- put the kettle on dear.. and let's watch the afternoon sport on TV while reading the Sunday's..; fish, chips an' ice-cream darling..(?), or wouldya like more bread with that sugar..? "Ya what..?, you want more arteries clogged..?" - then let's fry that pan., man..


Tea., tea and more tea
or not to be 


 Warm Embrace

The clean, fresh smell of drying laundry
The full moon playing hide and seek
Racing, racing clouds
A smooth glass of vino rouge reminding me of a moment
Sheltering from the rain on a wet and windy beach
and friends who teach
Paintings that move; written words that emote
Memories to visit and tomorrow's adventures
to explore; looking for a new door
Footpaths to cover and stairs to descend
Backs to bend and
notes to send
All in a day, an' even today
James Alexander
or not

"I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out"
Oscar Wilde
Biggles, Rubert the Bear., Beano and Austin Powers... all live as a colloquial traveling pedlar.; a chapman.., "cheap", "common"... and as a lot of 'low' words., it became fashionable.., > dude <

There's history here
I'm just not sure where the future is
The towns are either dead or dying
like the castle ruins that once stood tall and strong

41 &

Sometimes your stuff's simply outta reach and outta your control

Have a great week
'cause my bags are packed

7 Seconds
Dido & Youssou N'Dour


I'm desperately disappointed


I guess I just travel and think differently 

Thanks this week go/goes to Robert Capra - Hannah Price -Steve McCurry - Wholly Joe's Chicago Eatery - Apple’s iPad mini and the Peninsula

Friday, 18 October 2013

Another Week 40 - #surf, #Rio, #LondonFilmFestival, Davion Navar Henry, #Hollywoodactressesover40 and #Malala



I was inspired to throw some paint onto a canvas & work it.. and it was fun., again.. Color and texture (as you now know) rocks man..  - Middle aged women can be like a fine wine even though 'they' rarely see themselves that way., thanks to social media.. I like fine vino.., but then again, I like rouge vino., period.. There's something that happens to the bottle when it ages.. It carries a maturity, the dust hides a story.. and it swirls around in the glass with a totally majestic and seductive grace about it..  and man, it's smooth when you have the right vino del plonko, it tastes like a million dollars.., whatever a million dollars tastes like.. Middle age..; graceful, mature, experienced and stunningly beautiful..

I've got an itch on my left clavicle.. The hills beat me up today.. I don't know what to do about tomorrow., but I do know that I need to explore a gallery again.. and soon..  I'm feeling sculpture and modern.., South America and Marsanne noir..

I've got several months before celebrating a birthday, but what the hell., I think I'll make it a party kinda weekend.., just incase.. I could've taken my gloves out today, but instead I wore a knee support... I'm ok in a straight flat line but if someone expects me to take avoiding action, it's bloody painful and slow to react.. and people expect stuff..

I still get off on Bittersweet Symphony..

Two Cousins
The Plague
 The evening started off with a bang., or fizzle..; turning your back on someone ain't cool baby., but sure as hell, I was on the receiving end of that rather lame and ignorant action.. Here's to all the folk who've had a back turned on them..; we rock man and much love and support to ya'll.. I thought a LOT in those moments and came to a careful but reluctant decision and one that would mean leaving via the spiral staircase that lead me to that point.. The sun was going down spectacularly in many ways.. SO I hobbled my sorry ass down the stairs and made a phone call searching for a support.. Two offered themselves and I was able to come to a another pretty damn difficult decision.. It's time to move on.. and I'll do so minus three.. NO more will 'they' hear the sound of my voice and no more will they share a space with me.. I'm far too weak to go through all that sh*t again.. and besides wearing a crisp white shirt with links rocks the place like a shooting star lighting up the dark skies.. My star rocked for that split second and then moved on..

Secret Messages and Earthquakes 

I saw Hendrix coming alive., a car being sprayed, poets poetically sharing their stories in a basement far from the feet and rain.. I sat on a blue bench and listened., watched a bottle of red being passed around angry men before the tall and young police officer displayed a local strength..  I spoke to artists., bought my fifth umbrella.. and learned  a little more about #Steampunks..
There was a young community team of dancers., very hot Thai street food.. and graffiti art ... I noticed a miniature 'bottle' left on a store front window proving that someone couldn't get through the day without a hit...
I wandered the Victorian street, listened to a miked up street vendor selling his stuff and was a willing participant to street magic.. I love and totally believe in magic.. Santa rocks.., but man, watching magic hands making stuff move and doing it right infront of yer very eyes, is a treat..; thanks Chris..; Thanks too to Mr. Cooper for your spoken words and thanks too to Peacocks for the umbrella at closing time..

Red, read

Under The Pier
The Morning Hug That Kissed

 There ain't no room for snobbery
and there ain't no space for bad 'tude'
and there ain't no time for late
but thankyou for the eyes that sparkled
the smile that smiled
and the walk with a beautiful surprise

 Tracks.., Sir Richard Branson and modern day

Costume Drama
Street Protests

'valley overgrown with spiky plants'

I'm so far removed from costume and drama
The time has gone and while there was obviously a place for it
It's now just dated and without a qualified colorist following every step.,
the costumed drama doesn't carry any weight other than being a minor spectacle
for a camera phone and parochial newspaper

dandy words
dandy highwaymen
Adam Ant
did we take him seriously

"17 people per hectare.  The Borough as a whole has an average population density of 35 persons per hectare.  This compares with an England and Wales average of 3.6 persons per hectare."

 Safety in the Rain

Where is the quality


Northern Lights and Husky Sledding.; I also got to the garden just in time to watch a car or 2 drive through.., which was strangely weird in a totally fun kind of way.. The Doors played it., Jim sang it and 'People are.." man.. I guess if all you've got is Primark., then Primark is all you've  got..
How do you get a hold of people


I remember sailing The Bay.., thanks to dr.; it was the weekend when I visited a vineyard, watched an NZ band and drove across the Bridge.. man. Just one of those days and weekends that you'll never forget
I got one of those cool Social Media surprises ..; a few friends ran a European Marathon.. and I woke up, reached for my glasses and was able to see.. I think I got bitten on of the top my head by a spider..; the trouble is., I can't see it.., 'cause I don't have eyes in the top of my head.., just incase you were wondering..


Language can be just plain ole weird man.. and 'People are Strange' - The Doors..; going back, is like., going back.
 and why are peeps afraid of honesty..?, why do they hide and the world's much clearer when I put my glasses on.. RayBans, Oakley's
I see performances going down everyday - people try..  and trying loses some ALL  some (!) degree of authenticity in my book.. It's funny man, but when I saw Percy at the cash point and checking out the fresh fruit he wasn't wearing his tight jeans while walking down the street and nor was his shirt slashed open and neither was he strutting.. I guess some folk know THE when, where and why.. Performances are for the stage, shopping is for the streets.. Kinda like Roger and Pete too..; I never see those guys coming out of the local stores doing the windmill, or swirling the mike around ...- Language uh.!


I was reminded of a cake.; I'm a piece of work.. , but hey.. Paradise, I'm discovering, is anywhere outside of a ten (ish) mile (ish) radius of two of the basic shapes in geometry..  My face goes all squishy when I stand upside down..; don't ask., but it rules out any horizontal dancing from now on..

 40 and done

but can anyone tell me why I missed out on  #38 ?

an' I don't need no pink Lamborghini

Thanks this week go/goes to PJC - KW - MM - AS - Walt Whitman - Richard MontaƱez - Paul Scholes - Rosie Hardy - Melissa Smith - Veneno Roadster - Sister Antonia Brenner and the L.A. Times

Friday, 11 October 2013

Another Week 39 - #BrandBeckham, #National Parks Open, #TJSmith, Obie the Dachshund, Banksy, #RomeoandJuliet..

Good Days



Fingers of Love
Crowded House

I struck a chord..  and the beat goes on.. ; it's today and today ain't yesterday no mow ah.., baby.., but it is a different time somewhere else., I guess..


 The light's different this morning..; oh., no it's not..; yes it is.-  Damn clouds.!

Ok, this is looking good..; I wasn't asked to buy a Big Issue., nor was I asked for 20p., or a cigarette.., or even a light.., however., I WAS asked for directions., and if there was a tea room nearby.., which was more than fine as I had absolutely no clue being that I was somewhere new and different..  A few miles outta town and the landscape changeZ D R amaticall EE baby.., that's dramatically for you and I.. Oh my GOD.., today was mighty fine... and all because I left town.. Man, that square mile or so around the square is da coal mine, the picket line and the job center all rolled into one .....; well, I lived today.. My eyes sparkled and the breath I sucked in went all the way to the back of BOTH my lungs..; even my toes felt alive and curled up..

To., too, but not two
literary stuff

So., I got my phone's navigation turned on and "told" it to take me somewhere; "take me somewhere., anywhere", I said to it..... and it certainly did just that.. Thank you Ms. Navigation unit.., you did good.. I hiked down a bloody big assed hill.. and THEN clambered down some rocks and cliffy type thingies until I touched the pebbles and watched the waves crash man.. I crunched along and sank into the pebbles, I saw caves with candles in 'em.., rocks and two guys swimming in the furious waves.. I saw army type dudes yelling 'stuff' as they jumped into the crashing tide and waves.. There were lots of cameras., couples., dogs.. and then I turned up.. and bumped into the 'direction' asking person who had earlier asked me where the tea rooms were.. I guess I gave the wrong directions., 'cause they sure as heck wasn't anything here other than the bush to hide behind.. The outdoors store must have done a killing with hiking boots, those cargo type pants, checked hoodies .. and scarves.. Nikon and Canon being the next most popular accessory to 'wear'..

It sure was a good day..

Getting Cultured

Imagination, missed opportunities., acting like a tourist and looking forward with faith..
Oh crap., sometimes the things that make us the most uncomfortable, are the one's that offer up the most growth.. Destiny, distraction and doing..

Oh good grief., not another good day; TWO of 'em baby.. Marathon days, lots of folk looking healthy, wearing colour., actually moving around and doing so withOUT a flask or cheese sandwich.. NObody sitting on a bench, but actually moving man.. Smiles., good noises, questions and not an angry person within earshot.. I saw people/strangers actually helping others.. There was cheering, support, encouragement., water bottles.. and volunteers.., applause.. There were people moving ALL over the ole place and even the security was pleasant..; they actually 'asked'.. and allowed photos.. Smiles and hugs are a good day.. There were fund raising causes.. and big assed medals proving one's achievements.. The proof of a different organization bringing it was also in strong and healthy evidence as I couldn't see any dark stuff poorly executed anywhere.. This was cheerEE man..: Yep, smiles are better than scarves..

Best day within half a stride of the pier so far., by a long way..

I celebrated a Diamond Wedding Anniversary.. ; there was 'a' glass of champagne, high tea with a view of the sunny, but chilly garden and ocean beyond.. There was a silver ball type thing and Tolkien.. There was chatter of the old days and of bringing back a memory I'd long forgotten..  I heard all about a female Spitfire pilot and flights purely for lunch, of drinks with foreign dignitaries and playtimes on tropical islands.. I learned about South Pacific Tuesday VIP golf rounds, Downton Abbey and a hotel.. There were African picnics, relatives and talk of Hong Kong and distant cocktails - I'm lucky..

Inflammation of the Prepatellar bursa

I've developed housemaids knee.., which in layman's terms is one sucky S.O.B.. The doc said it was probably as a result of all the moving I do with my camera.., but I think it's got more to do with keeping the house clean and tidy.. I'm now available for hire if you provide the duster..

There were conversations with a florist that got me thinking, new running shoes and chats that resulted in a parking ticket.; my first.., but it was worth it for the great conversation.. I hobbled, observed and ate a donut.. There was even a pretty special light... I read, scratched my head and figured out how to answer my phone..

There was a walk along a new beach, a ramble along a cliff that had slid, there were castles, hills and an art exhibition.. There were installations, sightings of James Marshall and of learning about GT6's.. and there was a roof.., signs.. and just how and why do we 'bump' into people we know in the weirdest of places..

There was a case of crashing an 1812 Sunday lunch and listening to live music., talk of studios and of recording, there was a new voice to hear., a new sound and laughter.. and I met someone born in the same hospital (and just a year apart) as I was.. and that takes some doing considering where I was born, but "jambo" dude.... All in all, quite a few days and not even a Big Issue, balloon or flask in site..  Even my license photo isn't quite THAT bad as it turns out., although...

Summertime Sadness
Lana Del Rey

A Romantic Poet
 "You know how you're kind know...sensitive? There's a good reason for that. Long, long ago, you were a romantic poet - the kind that made all the ladies swoon with your sexy sonnets.

 Even if you're not much of a poet now, you've still got a lot of creativity brewing in your soul. And you've got a strong ability to notice details and understand other people's emotions.

 If you ever have writer's block or just need some creative inspiration, try to harness some of that poet power in your soul's past."

'cause I don't have anything better to do with my time right now, than take free quizzes.; but I can deal with that

Faux pas


I guess I just enjoy nature
simple pleasures

John Lennon
said it

"Being honest may not get you many friends.,
but it'll always get you the right ones.."


poetic grammar

Thanks this week go/goes to R. Newton - Michael Palin - TJ Smith -David Bowie - John Lennon - Maria de Villota - Julianne Hough - Harrison Ford - Joe Bell and Nicole Kidman

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Another Week 37 - #photobombed, #Asiangianthornet, #Canon, #musicmondays, #10weeks, #Tropical Storm Karen






Chic, effortless and sexy



Chips, fries...., fries, chips..; crisps, chips., chips...., crisps..; queues., lines., lines elevators.. lifts...
Bed., Diet Coke, chips/fries., ice-cream, bread and inactivity does., in my unqualified opinion contribute towards keeping you soft in the places you check out in the mirror and would 'privately' (and secretly) love to see firm/tighten up..; but until then, could you please pass me another cake.., I need to sit down when I get out of bed ...
"go on., have another one.." - "You haven't got enough there.!"...- "want some more.?"  - tea, cake and fry-ups.. Beer.., sweets/candy., and would you like more sugar with that fork full..

Sizes and spreads..., portions and waist lines..; excuses and lifestyles.. Well, I walk a few miles every once in a while weekend but I'd never (no, no I wouldn't) sit down and have a cup of tea and 'no', I'd never have an ice-cream while sauntering along my few miles meters from the car park..; I pump those miles out man.. Smile for the camera.. and geez, why am I 'spreading out'.. I only had one diet coke today and only 7 this week and they ARE 'Diet'., after all.. Damn it, these benches are hard and uncomfortable..; they're not like my car seat..

Fish and chips today.. and how about I throw some more butter in the pan..; slap it on baby.. How many sugars do you take with that donut.., doughnut sir..

Somewhere there's a heaven
and somewhere the sand's warm under foot
somewhere the breeze is warm and pleasant
and somewhere there's a hug..

but today I'll probably stand on (and brutally murder) a simple slug innocently hidden away under the wet leaves covering the sodden path I'll be walking on, leaving it's broken body squeezed into the grips of my soles until I walk it into the carpet of some unsuspecting 'room'..


I know there's a sky up there., somewhere.. and even though it's hidden for most of the day., I just know it's there..; now., 'color'..(?), well there's wet dark red brick to spruce up any grey and dreary day.. and 'wet red'., as we all know, goes well with the dark greens, browns and patchwork style grey.. I'm forgetting what a primary color is now..- Light.., light is a thing you turn on with a switch, isn't it..; daytime light is now more or less a need for artificial thingy... "No More Light"., sang to Alice Cooper's School's Out..

How Far Can You See
have you been there 

Whine., or fact..; honesty., or ... Views from a window .. and the horizon from this point is approximately just 17 miles..; just 17 miles dude..  I much prefer seeing Catalina.. and those twinkling lights when the sun goes down behind it..or that 15 man.. The 15 is the one road you can see for miles and miles on.... and that energy..; the desert.., the desert at sunrise., the desert at sunset.. The desert sky., that desert sky is huge, massive and twinkles with a magic..; someone waves their wand over that scene for sure..- Now, where was I.(?), oh yes, slugs, Big Issue guys.., brown and grey..

Hemisphere's and Datelines

North, south.., east and west..; jetted, hovered, submerged and propelled.., sailed, floated and glided.. ; chugged., drove and rode.. Walked., ran and hobbled.., in bare feet, covered feet and done 'em all in dark glasses.. and I'm back to stepping on slugs and stubbing my toes  and walking into spiders., where I'd least expect to..- Color.., councils, chips and crisps..., man..

 Pass the foil
and let's spread the spread

There's a look to a palm tree that screams out atcha., "hey man.., cool, I'm here, you're here.. and guess what., you're not there" .. Cool and totally groovy how palm trees can do that to you... Those damn clever mothertruckers.., whereas a rotting, peeling and faded beach hut kinda screams, whimpers , yells.,  "you're effin' here.."

Wet feet, wet cash an' a dry belt..
who'd a figured that fresh air would be a luxury 

Oh hang on., let me shut the window..
Yep., yes, I think that's definitely 45 degrees.., uh, oh, hang on.., no, no, it's horizontal...., oh on, hang on, it's more like vertical now..; oh crap., sorry., it's back to being about 45 degrees..; just let me put the lights on and I'll be able to see better - damn it..., 10.45 am.. and artificial light, artificial heat., but I'll look the other way..



I just want a taco., baby



Manly man kinda stuff


work-out pants

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