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Another Week 20 - #Newport Folk Festival., #Camping Equipment., #Economy in General.. and



dark clouds man

Corripe Cervisiam

 Air Conditioner

It looks like I've been bitten/stung/bitten on my right foot...; I came across a wasps nest while out and about and now have something of a souvenir..; infact I've come across three nests, squirted some stuff over them, and found a rocks or two to leave.. and while 'doing that', the Red Arrows flew over, obviously training/practicing/rehearsing.
Taking in a 360, I saw a lone microlight buzzing around too.. - later on, I sat out until 11.30ish enjoying great conversation, fun company and 'a' glass of vino.., or two.. A star, a plane and cool cloud formations made up the evening/night around the outdoor furniture.. and for other distractions, the 'tunes' worked their magic too.. It's good to laugh

Edge of Darkness

I sent off an e-mail, had a great fantabulous, groovy kinda dream and at some point, scratched my nose.. I also used my windscreen wipers, navigation unit and drove over/across/round a few round-about thingies..  I drove on a grid system which brought back some very happy memories.. I turned on a sprinkler, which was exciting..

 At some point, I sat out with a cup/mug of tea.., ate some rice..  and walked to the bottom field..; I even used my left indicator and later read, what in my opinion was., some selfish social crap..

I learned that., as yet., I'm still excluded (south of the road to hell).. and that someone else (north of the road to hell)., has invited me (again) to enjoy a far greater responsibility.. and that just plain weirdZ me out man.. I guess in some  many eyes., I'm Trouble., with a capital big assed T., while in others, I seem to be a kinda ok.. The jury's still out on that one though... At some point I'll probably lose some sleep, but then again., let me just think about that for a moment.. Ok, I've thought about it.. and zzzzzzz..

 The Surrey with the fringe on the top

 Ahh., that's better.. I sat in on a Fringe performance that rocked but sadly missed one that I wanted to check out because of not being able to be in two places at once.;  effing bummer I say dude. There's a big difference between balloons & quality.. Variety rocks and keeps the interest moving forward., in my book.. and thanks go to those with a vision for culture.. It's always pretty damn cool to be involved in change, progress..  and a book with interesting pages to read.., but hey., change isn't for everyone..

I found a name I really really like.. and a letter that totally works for me..  Some letters appear strong (to me) and also appear as though they're going somewhere..  whereas.., some simply don't..

Staying small., blending in

Apparently I have requests.. and stories.. I also know someone who is showing tremendously inspiring dignity and strength.. Man., there's some weird sh*t out there.., but thankfully there's always a hesitation to dream about..

Finding a secluded spot in the outside world
I'm looking for a door number 45., , letting the universe drive & i saw Gok Wan holding hands while I had a Peroni.. Ziggy played guitar too..

'k, I'm a rollin' an' tumblin'.. an' getting this show on the road.., baby..; lots to do., so little time to do it all.., and the bowl of mixed cereal's got me stretching..

"Putting your phone away and paying attention to those talking to you

There’s “an APP for that and it's called “RESPECT”.."

REI Gearmail

Another jet plane., another airport and another laundry load on another windy day..; another flying visit in     and out of a tired coastal resort place thingy do da.. & another choc' cookie..

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#Why men fall in love.. -  

 Fun again in the sun
The house is better for having two toothbrushes
The washing line is aesthetically more pleasing with lingerie hanging on it
Two table settings work better than one
Bathrooms are more fun 
There are other colors out there 'than black' for furniture
TV's really don't need to be that big
Art (other than car and sporting shit) on the walls is actually cool 
Fresh flowers on the dinning table work
Spooning rocks
Airplane seats are more comfortable 
Your Facebook photographs are way cooler
Sunbathing becomes more interesting
The weekends last longer
The day requires some form of multi-tasking in order to get through it
Watching sports 24/7 ends up being too much
There's always chocolate around
The home smells better
We need muses
Sex is more fun

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The 18th tee
19th Hole

Real Madrid this., Barcelona that..; budget this., punctuality that and open drawers.. Thunder, lightening and Wildlife .., clothes pegs and car keys..
music stands & bass pedals


Ex animo


I'm aligned

After Midnight
JJ Cale

Thanks this week go/goes to George - Piccolino - JJ Cale - Nexus 7 - Dilbert - The Belfry - Lido Village and Driving Instructors

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