Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Another Week 4 - # Sir Alex Retires., Word Class and Semantic Shift - Une Nouvelle Semaine.,

Parole Diverse., Nachrichten



Celebrate., good times.., come on

Wrong Words


Yeah., I know.. there are lots of things better than clean teeth maybe., unless your teeth are so clean that you notice the great squeaky clean feeling at just that particular moment..; or maybe you don't have that feeling., get that feeling., or even care about that feeling..

Cramped UK homes are smallest


Western Europe


Just 46 square metres for a one bed.. and "new three-bedroom homes are squeezed even further., with the average 8 square metres short of minimum space requirements"..
New homes in the UK are now 15% smaller than in Ireland and 80% smaller than Denmark.


Sunset views and no running water



 Damp towels

Kingston upon Hull

 Things I don't get

 University humor, university literary contributions or university views

but.. often., the architecture is fantastic
Why all the words


Fresh misty mornings and
the sounds that accompany them
New buds waiting for their time and
gentle, distant tweet tweets

What I'm really saying is.., please don't cry, try..; I wonder what she's doing.? Notes here, notes there.. and too many notes..
and there's nothing wrong with that either

3 Day Spectacular

Galleries rock., brush strokes rock.. and words rock flow.. I haven't got the hang of grammar yet, but hey, the difference between knowing your crap.. and knowing you're crap., is knowing your crap dude..

Today's color

Looking out & down on a blue roof., opening mail and reliving a wall of photographs as the toaster does it's thing.. Honey.. The phone's charged and all I need to do now, is decide which laces to tie.. Got it.

Type O's

"Does anyone know"


Max Wall., Max Miller, George Formby, Arthur Askey., Benny Hill., The Shadows.. Seaside towns, chewing gum, pier rides and dated soundtracks all for a new and younger breed.. 
"Who're they mummy.?"
I'd love a broom, tin of paint., a hammer and a few nails.., not to mention a pair of sharp shears..; they're far better than a blunt pair., so I'm told - Kaa-ching

Today's not the day to jump

The modern shoestring (string and shoe holes) was first invented in England in 1790 (first recorded date March 27). Before shoestrings, shoes were commonly fastened with buckles.

 Chart of the Germanic family of languages


of the

English Language

Germanic invaders entered Britain on the east and south coasts in the 5th century.


"Have you got the right stamp on your document? Then you can't come through. You haven't even got a document? No problem. Just go over there and they'll give you one to fill in. Hey, now where are you going? You can't just go over there to get the document; first you have to have a document with a stamp on it. In the good old days, they used to call this kind of thing Catch 22. Nowadays? Oh, nowadays they just call it 'normal operating procedure'. It's the way of the world. But this weekend you may finally start to square a circle."

I prefer movies to films., beaches to seasides., boardwalks to proms..; I prefer oceans to seas.., band-aids to plasters and dinner to tea.. I prefer used to secondhand, cookies to biscuits., chips to crisps., fries to chips... and the sun to rain.., but I lurve choice.. .



A mid morning, mid week Tesco conversation I overheard between two young guys..

Guy 1: "So., whatya gettin'..?"

Guy 2: "A bottle of vodka mate..; gotta get my head in   gear.!" 


I woke up on a Wednesday morning and it felt like a Saturday..; back to the gloves.. and yeah for bottles of water..

John Terry is in the news again.. Have I mentioned pasties..?, and I had to close (shh) a window..

I didn't realise just how yellow fake tan is., but I'm seeing a lot of it around and around baby.. "know whut I mean., innit.."

Ok., polystyrene containers filled with chips, fries., chips are out in force., as are.. low flying seagulls., aloominum foil wrapped sandwiches.. and sitting in cars reading The Sun while taking in your "seaside" visit..; it's all happening by the "seaside".. AND then there is Jack Jones on another last tour.., oh and That'll Be The Day.., along with yet another newbee., mr. Rocky Horror's lil very ole show..


Taking a moment to think about it


 Kerb Appeal is at it again


I'm the one person

I can't run from

I just coughed.. an' I know I'm not the only person who thinks that water tastes., just like water., but seriously, it tastes just like water.. I'm on a new lil black book.. and has anybody been into one of these SPORTS DIRECT.COM places..? They're like the world has been turned upside down after an earth shattering earthquake, shaken around a bit, then left for people to go in and try to shop..; NO space to move, ONE mirror., saving on the lighting bill... and utter chaos and 'you' wonder why Newcastle United are in a mess.. Of course I can chose to put on my leather soled shoes and skinny jeans and try to ignore this stuff.., or there again., NOT...

I think the wind just blow this guy out of his deckchair






for another week




Thanks this week go/goes to - Hula Hoopers - Cousins - Cherries - Taurians - Sketchers - Patagonia - Film Works L.A. - Cinco De Mayo and funny stuff everywhere 




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