Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another Week 7 - On This Day., Vintage., World Music., Art., Cannes Film Festival and..

Jupp Heynckes




Noticing the little things

7.00 am

If you've never left a brush stroke on a canvas, I urge you to do so
If you've never written a sentence for someone to read, I urge you to do so
If you've never photographed a moment, I urge you to do so
If you've never left your signature somewhere, I urge you to do so
So there
hjs, 2013

Beware of Mr. Baker

Go Placidly
I'm gonna die if I don't have another birthday

Did you know that Mr. David Beckham., he of Bend It Like Beckham fame, has retired..; YEP..; I'm shocked and the news took me totally by surprise.. Infact, I nearly spurted out my Corona.. I do hope I'll get some sleep tonight with all this breaking news going around..

A feather landed on me..; is that a sign of something.?  I unlocked a door.. and got through another Gillette SERIES GEL shaving thingy..

Shoes today., Vegas and Johnny Mac(Enroe)... Paintings, clean glasses and moments too...

Form conclusions too early
you'll miss out on a cool person



I guess if thinking outside of the box can be as varied as the box sizes., then ideas come in all shapes and sizes..?

The Tube

I wouldn't miss (Sugar's) The Apprentice (at all) if it were taken off the air right now.. England's summer of Tests.. and I'm not at all interested in any conversations/news that's weather related.. It's sunny, clear and chilly.. windy right now, but could be raining., or hail stoning snowing any minute.., so who gives a flying Bangkok..I'm opening the windows.., man..


The city of Montreal was founded by the French
Italian Wedding Soup
Wayside Inn
Library Park 
Benoît Régent 
Alvania annobonensis
Myōhōji Station
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Confidence weighting

Z (the letter).; zee or zed.., ballpark, booger.., condo., jackhammer., parking lot and public holidays..

uni-ball SigNO RT 0.7
it's how I roll


I walked by a stranger's car parked on the cliff top.. and now know she's called Caroline Carolyne Caroline and that she was calling (and speaking with) Max.. I also now know from another stranger that "when someone comes to the door., she barks.."

I noticed there are a lot of dark suited middle aged leather soled shoe wearing gents., with blue lanyards flooding the streets in town..

I'm not sure if I've told you., but if I haven't., there's a perfectly good reason why... 

To glove
or not to glove
that is the question

Minimizing unnecessary noise - I can't seem to work those sports bottles.. and what are we doing here..

"Life is one big road with lots of signs,
So when you riding through the ruts, don't you complicate your mind:
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy!
Don't bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality, yeah!

Come on, man!
How is it feelin' over there?
(Wake up and live now) All right!
(Wake up and live!) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on, man!
You gotta wake up and live!"

Bob Marley

Facebook posts
1. Here is some computer generated liquid I have been working on... 
2. Don't forget to bring the kids along to see The Elves and the Shoemaker on Saturday afternoon.
3. The wait is finally over!
4. ♥ ♥ ♥
5. Hawaii, Four Seasons resort Maui at Wailea.
6. hysterical!
7. Xo ♥ Xo
8. YAY USA!!!!
9. Project: Unusual banality
10. Shivers down me spine....
 I just placed a, an., ? a'n # and got an immediate response..  So., this is it.., uh.. and does one really need to get up and out of bed on a lazy weekend morning..!
Maa err., or is it Mah uh..?

and does it

Does it

 I can hear a distant siren..; repeat wail.. I think there's an elephant on the roof.., or a really big seagull.. and sometimes., I just want to lock the door.. from the inside..

Sunlight's so cool
Vitamin D rules
I'm in need of some morning fuel

That Sunshine riff .. man..; it's gets me every time.. Bruce had the bass line..; Eric played it up here in D .. and back to the bass line.. It was just a riff.. , so powerful and heavy.. Jack's wailing vocal and that chorus.. Ginger's drumming always routing it..
Sunshine Of Your Love
turn it up and play it loud

It's getting near dawn

Climate Change 

Some days just suck.., some don't.. & I can't get a handle on why that is, but it's probably got something to with age.., although without it, there wouldn't be any.. getting older..

I love reading handwritten notes.. and then there are those moments when you hear that Roy Orbison tune - It's Over..


 Week 7
this door's now shut
a new one's
I now know why I live behind dark Oakley's and under a low slung faded out black baseball cap with my black fleece collar pulled up high...; it works for me.. The alternative doesn't

"They would kick their granny at the moment"
Gary Johnson


Embrace a hug
right now


Thanks this week go/goes to - Ginger Baker - North Dorset Trailway - Gary Neville - Doris Long - Corinthians of Brazil - Tite - Alexei Balabanov - Peter Mawanga and Africa Beats

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