Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Another Week 6 - Today's News.., Journeying., Tsongkhapa., Tenzin Gyatso.., Doin' the John Terry..

.. and
Watching the Last Time


Pardy Time
Cake., love and laughter

Dinner & Cocktails

The sun has got his hat on

Forecast Summary

  • Today

    Scattered showers across the region. Some showers may be heavy with the risk of hail and thunder. Sunshine too, and overall much brighter. Still feeling cold but lighter winds than yesterday.
  • Tonight

    Cloud clearing to leave a mostly dry night with prolonged clear spells. As the winds are easing this will lead to a widespread ground frost and some mist or fog.
    Grey Cloud

The sounds of locks being opened and doors being closed..; plastic bags have their own unique sound when crushed and it's a new day.. I know this because it's light out..

It's probably really easy for you to work out how to correctly mix the shower taps faucets for the right temperature., but not me.. and the sounds of the BBC sharing it's news, kettles being clicked on prove that it's today and not yesterday.. What day is it.?

Let's go fly a kite


So I decided to shave today..; you know how it is., people judge., we judge and if I 'go out' like this, I'll probably be offered a blanket and hot cup of coffee.. and as I intend going into a store too, I figured I'd better not alarm the security guy who is resident in the local supermarket..
Let's talk think about this for a moment.. A supermarket has it's own resident security dude.. I don't see one in the UK's leading (?) department store., or SuperDry., or Boots., NEXT., or WHSmith's., I don't see one in Primark., TK Max., Wilkinsons., or any of the banks.. I don't see one in any of the other leading department stores.., SpecSavers., or the Sporting Goods store.. I don't see one in Starbucks., SuperDrug., or T-Mobile.; nor do I see one in Vans., Lidl or HMV., but I sure as heck see 'em in Tesco.. I see 'em standing there looking menacingly down and glued to their screens by the door just incase I make a run for it with my apple one day., or 500ml bottle of water another..
What's happened to this place..; it's just become another pothole with balloons to dress it up now and then..

I don't know

I Scream Comfort

I woke up confused., then became scared., felt heavy and couldn't get a handle on it.., until I received an e-mail.. I wonder if 'we' know stuff.. The air's different.. the light's duller., greyer.., the sounds are more subdued., distant.. almost gentler..

Puddles & Perfect Circles

I did three new things yesterday..; I even filled my water bottle up.. It's good (for me) to see a new word., be in a new car park., , drive a different lane on a new freeway , highway, motorway..; but man, if I have to listen to that (in my opinion) repetitive garbage stuff on the radio much longer, I'm going to end up believing Arsene Wenger.. INXS were pretty cool (?) in the eighties., but there was some really crappy pop sh*t going on then too.. and if you are too young to have lived it., believe me, it wasn't all that.. Now I have to go find 'Good Times' (with former Cold Chisel's Jimmy Barnes joining Michael Hutchence and the INXS boys) on YouTube.. Thank you Seattle for changing it up.., thank you..; thank you for garages too.. 'Normalcy' was returned..

Sound and Vision

Ear phones or head phones..? Life means seeing white cords dangling from strangers ears now.. People habitually pulling their screens from their pockets to check on the 'how ya doin' dude.?'., or 'where ya at man.?'.., or 'OMG Trace., WTF.!'.. 

M & S

Listen with your Eyes

Uh oh., closed the windows.. and stocking the standby Ark.. What did we do before cookies, doors.. and Jimi Hendrix.?  What did we do before sheds, storage units and car boot sales..? What did we say before.., 'where are you.?'
Doors, windows., gates, fences, locks, windbreakers, tall hedges, curtains, dark glasses and baseball caps..
Roberto this., Roberto that..; winning Roberto., loosing Roberto..; easy going Roberto., difficult Roberto..; smiling Roberto., miserable Roberto. Hello Roberto., goodbye Roberto..

Tums., coffee and early mornings

Ocean water..., Fiji water and ice cubes..; waves., palm fronds, hibiscus and bananas.. History, geography, flora and fauna..; tropical rainforests and... not an amusement arcade in earshot

Dream it big
Dream it small
Dream it
at all

Were, are old people ever young.. & how old is young.. old..?

Politics., skimmed milk and Levis..- Skype., 2.00pm and Westminster..; why give in to them.. and BBC headlines.. Last chance to get an extra 20% off.., the Gallery and New York.., but there's always Toto - Africa..


"I bless the rains down in Africa"

jus' NOT here..

When If I lose my mind., or if  when  if I develop alzheimer's,  I hope someone (out there) will remind me of these blogs and take the time to show them to me, 'cause it'll be cool to 'get it'. , or at least think I get it..  all over again - Maybe..

You know., I have to admit something.; 
I don't., I don't know.
Who does know
Who knows

Sometimes I wear a belt - I should always wear a belt
Sometimes I speak - I should think
Sometimes I write - Sometimes I should edit

A little red on a wet day., in honor

Did You

Did you go out in the rain today, did you did you
Did you go out in the rain today, did you
Did you go out in the rain today, did you did you
Did you go out in the rain today, did you

Did you walk through a puddle today, did you did you
Did you walk through a puddle today, did you
Did you walk through a puddle today, did you did you
Did you walk through a puddle today, did you

Did you get wet today, did you did you
Did you get wet today, did you
Did you get wet today, did you did you
Did you get wet today, did you

I did, did you


If There is Something

I would do anything for you
I would climb mountains
I would swim all the oceans blue
I would walk a thousand miles
Reveal my secrets
More than enough for me to share
I would put roses round our door
Sit in the garden
Growing potatoes by the score

Shake your hair girl with your ponytail
Takes me right back (when you were young)

Bryan Ferry








done & dusted

Pride in the Name of Love

It Ain't Easy
David Bowie

Suited & Booted

I'm sure

I see John Terry had another great game.. getting changed just in time specifically for his walk up the stairs to lift a trophy.. AGAIN
The dude's a clown


Thanks this week go/goes to - Bryan Ferry - David Bowie - Paul Scholes - Sisters - and Anyone Who's Traveling - 

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