Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another Week 5 - David Moyes., Coppertone., Saturday and Groovin' It..

Being Aware

Changing of the Guard., Eras., 26 Years, 1500 Games.. and Ferguson's Trophies..

A Knight Retires

Bomo's Bobos
.. really.?

"am 'eadin' sahff.. an' stayin' at 'aven an' 'earin' summat ovah weekend, innit.", was what I overheard.., I fink..

Factor 8

Do we know why we can't find Coppertone Sun Lotion in the UK.. Why can't I seem to be able to buy it..? Is there an ingredient that's outlawed in the UK in it..? Is the thought of just two summer days a year a factor for not marketing the UK..? Have the English people stuck their noses skywards at that great summer lotion smell..? Are the bottles too big for the summer shelves..? Does Coppertone translate and mean something not cool..? Does it (Coppertone) not travel well..? IS there a stock pile at the English docks waiting to be unloaded.? Does Coppertone employ just one person to ship, pack and export to other parts of the world and because we're the Uk mean being a U, puts us towards the end of the alphabet line.?  I miss me some of that great Coppertone action..; me wants some Coppertone.. Coppertone, I miss your cute lil brown bottle.. BAH.., I even like your Facebook page..; whatevah..

The Important Thing
is to venture into unfamiliar territory..
and Good People

Balloons are back in vogue town..., the prices, tickets are confusing.. and what's the reason., the purpose., the theme.. When you go into a fish and chip shop., expect to see fish and chips scribbled on the blackboard menu.. and expect to come out of one with.., yep.., an analogy fish and chips..
I missed a 6 am call (drat).,  but the message traveled the globe well and was embraced with a warm smile.. 

In Motion

My Thoughts Are In The Sky

I dreamed of a window.. a tall modern narrow window set in an old stone wall.. with a white rotten/loose frame that swung open from top to bottom.. I was actually stood infront of the one to it's right, a perfectly good frame and window . I was supposed to be sketching the view (or something) from the inside of my window looking out., however, I lent over and tried fixing the broken window next to me.. I should say that I was in an art class (?) and up against the clock and time to finish my own piece, but this damn window had me distracted and I needed to fix it.. and just as I turned, I saw the 'teacher' coming down the line, so I completed my drawing quickly that included a short four poster bed set infront of my window.. A couple of quickly scribbled pencil scratches saw my scene completed pretty well.. and looking as though I'd spent ages with it..
The dream moved on to an image where the rest of the class were invited for dinner.. Dinner was on two giant, heavily carved square tables.. set with name tags and a sense of formality, although my name was written and shown as an informal first name only..; white linen, several glasses and silver flatware.. I went to table one..., kinda expecting/hoping I was seated on the cool table only to find myself not on it.. I was on table two., with my back to table one.. I didn't sit down and before everyone began to gather and sit, I removed my silverware and stacked it on another table that had surplus table settings neatly left on it.. I then woke up to my missed 6 am call.. 

I've looked through that window., in better, newer condition before..; it belonged to a beach home I lived in and I remember fondly how it opened magically in all manner of mysterious ways., but it did require a jiggle occasionally .... I now look through windows set in stone and they feel broken even though they're not always., but they certainly feel it.. I look through windows a lot.. I used to be surrounded by artists too.., but now I'm seated at a different table.., so I've removed the setting and won't commit to sitting down... I participate only with a loose, distant stand point view of it all now.. 
Am I supposed to fix the effing window.., or hope that someone sees that the window obviously needs fixing, but is apparently ok with it's broken-ness.. Am I supposed to be happy with table number two., or am I supposed to be on table 1.., or is it all simply a view or perspective of life I'm now working on..?
I don't know, but I do know I need some sleep..

Air Temp: 53F
Water Temp: 48F
Wind: SWS24 km/h

I followed a LifeGuard today..; he was dressed in his new red uniform of red sweats, red windjacket thingy (with high collar pulled up) and Mickey Dees sunglasses, yellow floaty thingy under his arm and first aid bum bag.. At about 6'1", red ish hair, a couple of soft pounds heavy and a day or two old designer stubble., his ensemble was finished off with a pair of cheap ZZ Tops flip flops.. Yep, the life guards are cruising the beach..; the life guard stations are up and the deck chairs stacked to the sky.., but.. and but.., in a forty minute walk along the chilly and very windy boardwalk., I didn't see one single person actually on the sand.., or even close to the water.., and just a mere couple of handfulls of NORTH FACE and berghaus clad walkers along the uneven tarmac'd boardwalk.. There was sand flying, frowns., hunched shoulders and deep pockets filled with hands.. and eyes glued to that spot just a meter or two infront of the stride.. I suppose the hunched shoulders MUST help to repel the wind.., as well as, I assume, the whole look.., 'cause everyone was adopting it.. I find walking upright and looking straight ahead with relaxed eyes and forehead, just as windy.. Thank god for Life Guards..; the old folk were beginning to look restless as they took in the cold crashing waves that were thudding onto the shallow beach.. Their flasks itching to be opened and benches waiting to be sat on..., alas.., not today.. There was the one cloud I noticed that was moving way faster than I was.., so I gave up on it and chose another one to keep me entertained..; that too left me behind..

Movin' on Up

The local commercial fence company must has got to be doing great business.. I just ate a donut.. and have no clue why.. and

We'll be back in just a moment

Scraps., expertise.., the confusion of a seasonal day.. and just keep the darn music going man..; is it really that difficult..


When you find and have own a pair of shoes that fit just perfectly.; they look perfect., are as sexy as hell.. and from the moment you put them on, they fit with a comfort leaving you feeling ten feet tall.; you know what I mean don't ya.? Or maybe you're looking for a pair and you see them in the store and think, "hmm., oh yeah."., you try them on and BAM., wow., they're working that mirror and your feet are screaming., "buy me, buy me.".. Why on earth would you buy another pair that didn't fit properly..! Why on earth would you go back to your wardrobe to put on a pair that were past their sell by date..? Why on earth would you put on a pair that didn't 'match' the outfit.., why on earth would you even keep the scuffed pair that you'll never ever wear again..?! For sentimental reasons., for nostalgic reasons..
It's ok to come to terms that that particular pair were hot., in their day., even for a day or two after their day., but there comes a time when you've simply 'outlasted' those shoes.. Style.. and fashion have has changed, your feet have changed.., you're older, they're now looking tired, old and other than taking up nostalgic space in your wardrobe, they're simply taking up space man. Memories of those shoes are cool to have., but hey, it's time baby.., time to find a new pair.., cause as we all know, a new pair that really, truly fit da feet., really  feels great..
The old ones are just old
Life .. Analogies., LIFE uh..!

Won't Get Fooled Again
The Who
You Better You Bet
My thoughts are still traveling around somewhere in the sky 



Emotional intimacy is way cool..
Kinda scary, but fun and exciting
Is it possible to feel someone's energy before you've ever even seen them.? Then., once you've seen them from across the proverbial crowded room.. and before you've officially met, your mind becomes immediately mesmerized.; your eyes cover every inch of their body.. (perhaps that's a guy thing).. and then you hear the voice., if you're lucky.. and it speaks with the type of interest you'd only ever subconsciously heard., perhaps in your dreams..
It speaks with an instinctively comfortable warmth, calm excitement., vulnerability and adventure..; every word could take you along for a ride into the distant future.; the smile is open, her eyes have just the correct combination of mystery, fear and spark..; there's a story there..
So then what..?
If you're lucky., you get to look into those eyes and hear her heart beat
I'm lucky
that's why emotional intimacy is way cool

Crossing the Equator
International Dateline
in my mind

I couldn't give two hoots for either Superman or Ironman., or infact, the new sci fi adventure fantasy deal Star Wars (number 82.?).., but I'll make some small effort for Mud..

Crystal Balls
Aren't hinges kinda amazing.. and who'd a thunk that tiny little switches can alter affect power.. and hey., while we're on it., I love clothes hangers.. a wacky triangle with a hook on them..

I just want a pair of simple flat front stone shorts, not pleated, or got cuffs on them., not cargo shorts, not linen.. and definitely not those new short short ones either.., or those tight ones.., both of which should be outlawed.. I just want a pair like my old Target  bought Mossimo's 100% cotton AN 17730.., VN3688335's 32 inch waist that also have a little 'tie' thingy in them.. They fit like they should, looked like they should and wear like they should.. - TARGET man.. and 20 bucks.

Why do folk buy gates when they appear to have been left discarded, forgotten, prop'd, or forced open by the growing weeds and sloping driveways/paths.. and do they think leaving their trash rubbish bins permanently by their front door offers up a much more pleasing bit of kerb appeal.., or to add to the wonderfully exciting general aesthetic appearance does the smell and basic appeal of thrown out foods, etc., greeting their visitors, who may stop by and have to wait a moment for the knocked door to be answered and opened, a thing of feng shui.,.; great thought and imagination... DO tell me if I'm wrong..; I'm sure you will..

The Market

The whole style gig is a strange one..; I was following a pair of jeans along the boardwalk and sooo wanted to stop, mention and share just how unflattering and wrong they looked from the back., but I'm sure she wouldn't have appreciated it., I mean, who would.., but I was thinking it!.. AND she was a cutey who had everything else in place and was working it., but man, from the back it looked as though her ass was being dragged along on the floor in that denim..

May., my fav' month.. Some of us get older, the season's changing, the year seems to start..; the days are longer, lighter., a little warmer.. There's colour., on a good day.. A little more skin to be seen.. Things are open.., people move.. and artificial heat can be turned off.., or way, way down at least.. I can drive with the window open, there's fresh air as opposed to cold air.. There's more fruit on the shelves., more things to do, to see.. I don't need gloves.. and can bend down to fasten my laces comfortably as a result of much less layering.. I'm almost/about the furthest point from the middle of winter.. I can sleep with the windows open..I get to actually see a bit of actual blue sky., well., occasionally.. There's often an horizon to see.; people throw their heads back and laugh., occasionally.. and Britain can bask in the sales of aluminium foil, white "trainers" and cans of Calsberg

Ok., done deal


The Bridge
There's superior.. and there's inferior

It's especially fun to operate alongside
a far sighted

Please do not smile at strangers.. 

Thanks this week go/goes to Wigan Athletic - Epecuen - Sir Tom Jones - Washing Machines -  Liquid Soap - Grey's Anatomy and Gurston Hillclimb


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