Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Another Week 9 - Crucial Fashion Lessons., Temperate Textiles., Concerns and Zinedine Zidane

"Fast & Furious 6"

Dear Dorothea Lange
Thank you

The Writing's On The Wall

Good Job

I guess sleep is something you usually do with your eyes shut, unless you're biased.., then it's an all day kinda gig..
Leaving footprints in the day


Not to discard/leave/throw away,
or do
on the
beach, pavements/sidewalk, road/street,
shopping centers, car parks, stairwells
dog crap
plastic bags
chewing gum
beer Cans
cigarette packs
bottle tops
food wrappers
car parts
a sock, a shoe, worn underwear


to avoid in the street
manhole covers
poorly repaired sidewalks 
repair services
window frames
broken wine bottles
supermarket trolleys

Hotter with Age
& you


I need to see a Sunflower.., an art signature., pure colour.. It's sometime between waking up and going to sleep hours... and an Echo moment..

Waves come and go, but oceans stay for ever

I've decided that if I'm going the distance, I need to be fit for the hills., the blind corners and the beach car parks.. New grips are the bomb., dude..  and if we need to pack for adventure, we've gotta carry the can man.. Rain forests have lots of trees in them.. and it rains a lot..

Got to learn to learn
warm feet are better than cold ones

Did you see anyone

There's this great road out there
I'm on it baby 


I don't know when we're doing it., or where., but when it's done, I'll tell ya

Sometimes you've just got (?) to throw the text dictionary textbook away and revert to good ole written English (please),like what I right., otherwise you can read (and end up spelling) like a kindergarten student..

I looked at a sign today., it showed me there was a round-about ahead..; I took the third exit and saw a horse.. The horse didn't speak to me.., just shook his head and flicked it's tail..; I, of course., waved., smiled.. and drove on..

In a meeting., two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics.. I guess that means I had a meeting with two or more people, who discussed one or more topics..

A Meeting

How come I can receive a phone call in a service restricted area.., or one when I'm not showing any bars, but can't take the call, return the call.., or do anything other than just look at my cell phone and shake my head..?  annnD.,  and how come when I come out of one of those areas, my cell phone goes crazy with a list of missed calls, messages and flashing warning that my battery needs charging..! Damn thing..

"Are you sure about that?" Doreen asked. "Doesn't really feel like it."
page 207
1st sentence

I've now completed several (several) world tours (and have the t-shirts to prove it)..; the first was way back then, while the last one was just then.. I've lost days, gained days, woken up tomorrow and gone to sleep under a palm tree., so, I know..; I know that when you stick something in the middle of A walkway, you're going to have to go around it..; it's NOT a rocket science guys.. I also made a huge compromise yesterday.., HUGE..  YAhooGah.. So, if you wanna talk 'courage' & fears., let me tell ya..; "courage & fears baby.."

 The Journey
Boots' Bank Holiday and Mega Points? Best weekend ever!, has got me all excited..; I'm camping out baby.. What does one need for such occasions.? Is there a number we should stop at when eating cookies..? and how many slices of bread make up a loaf.?  To butter., or not to butter..; I don't..

 It's A Fast Ride
Orange Drainpipes
Chuck Berry is still providing the Pier approach with tunes... I'm kinda paranoid.., in a totally laid back sorta way - I blame Ozzy.. Infact I'm going to blame all heavy metal., punk, rock and roll..; those mods and rockers have to shoulder some of the blame too.. I'm about to do a double take and throw a wobbly though if I hear Billy Fury's Halfway To Paradise..
I'm sure I actually smelled Brylcreem..

 Blackwell's Island - Edward Hopper, 1928

Young mum holding son's hand (today)., "JOSH., we're going to a toy shop.; SHUT up.!!"

The gloves went back ON.., I closeD the windows and tweaked the heater all just in time for the holiday weekend..

DO we know the way to San Francisco

 There are still buds to bloom..; Victoriana., Victoria.. My bags are packed, I'm on my way.. My mind, observations and poetry..


 Au Revoir
for this week
 'cause I'm done 



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