Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Another Week 3 - #Sharon Stone - A New Week - A Fergie XI., Traveling Man., Fanbase and Relationships..

Some time, some day., somewhere, it's shining..
and it's now

Shedding a little blood this week

So., today's the day..; the first day of the year.. and first day in several months that I'm going wild baby..; throwing caution to the wind and jumping in with both feet.. The sun's actually out and I'm going to go.... gloveless and if that's not enough, I'm ditching the heavy fleece and choosing a slightly lighter one, still black of course, duh.., but lighter.. AND.. and, I haven't stopped yet.., but.. AND routing around for., wait for it., two., yep, yes, a pair of two season socks.... I just hope I'm not pushing the envelope too much.., but I'm also cleaning my dark glasses.. I haven't seen anything on the local news yet, but hey, I'm going for it.. and living dangerously - Livin' wild, wild, wild baby..
Oh crap., let's open the windows for the sheer fun of it too.. 

I can see for miles
as Peter Townsend wrote., Roger Daltrey sang..
and The Who performed

I did

I've taken some skin off my first knuckle and have absolutely NO idea how I did it..; have 'we' worked out yet why toe nails grow.. and for what benefit exactly.?

Leaf blowers should be designed to hum in tune rather than that droning and whiny noise they come out with.., or at least sound as if they have some grunt and power.. Nyyehhhh, just sounds like a child who can't have any ice-cream..

A 90 minute wash cycle just seems long and unnecessary.. and where's a breakfast burrito when you want one..!

Groupon's offering an oven clean service.. alongside helicopter flying lessons..! and I've seen open windows..

Dunno why, but I just thought.. pizza.., which is kinda weird (for me) as it's not even 9 yet.. and my word of right now, the very moment I'm writing this, is ridiculous.. 

Opinion is a strange one..; given, offered without experience or particular knowledge on the subject is an opinion I either ignore., or challenge.. 
Fan base fanbase, fan base and time..; desert islands and OJ.. Abrasive noises, sounds or actions don't work for me.. and neither do heavy footprints..- Impressions do

and altitude

I have a favourite pair of socks, I just decided.., but I don't wear them all the time.. 'cause that would be really weird.. and as weird as I am., I'm not that weird.., although..

Reese Witherspoon is "deeply embarrassed"., Dracula (bite me) Suarez sinks his teeth into an opponent for a taste of European football (finally)...and Kate shows off her baby bump..


Which way is up.? 
and how many hills can you climb

It's always good to look into the eyes of a soul.., especially those that are alive.. and I was lucky to have looked into a pair and heard them speak with the warm something they spoke with - proving one thing.., that I'm  one lucky SOB..


I guess they're busy polishing the silverware.. and attaching the red, white and black ribbons..; it's going home to the theater where dreams are performed and knights rule..

Right Now

It's amazing when you actually think about it., but hey, Ramble On man.. Bias urks me.., unlike shower gel., which I really like..

If I wandered lonely as a cloud, I would wonder.: Weetabix and shoe laces..
So., does sunshine = summer, heat, warmth, or merely a cloudless sky.. and at what temperature is it when we regard summer as being here.?, 'cause if summer is 54 degrees.., I'm screwed..

Today's deal ain't

Weeks and counting

Time to check out the flasks., Primark bags., secondhand smoke.. and see what the Big Issue guys are up to..  and NO., I don't want, need a gym membership Fankyou..

"How years ago in days of old when magic filled the air"..

Are pillows meant to fill the cases.. and I'm on the search for a new lead 'cause this one keeps falling out.. Adventure and jus' traveling.. man..

"What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours"

I crossed the road and took off my fleece today..; I even scored a few points, ate a salad and had a thought I put down on my cell phone's voice recorder..

 Accents, dialects and attitudes

Standing -in line- isn't all that it's made out to be..; the waft of salt & vinegar drifted along the boardwalk.., while the dreadlocked postman looked ever ready to walk his orange wire., the jiggly muffins spilled out for all to appreciate..
Cameras clicked, people cussed and husbands offered up their predictable (and usual) moans and groans.. Beer bellies reigned and style was left wayyyy behind baby..; welcome to the change dude.. and welcome to the jungle..

Why do soap scripts always have appear to be combative, angry and depressing AND never changing..? 50 years on and they're still churning out the same ole stories with screechy voices acting the drama out.. & people/viewers actually buy into this sh*t..
"You're my brother.!"
"and she's your niece..!"
  Lord help me

The light's perfect.., sounds like a Harley gurgling past., NICE.. and then there's analysis., the art (?) of LIFE., (analysis); "breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it"

Richie sang about it
on August 15, 1969


Even just a little bit

Looking through the window
at another week


Thanks this week go/goes to #St. Pancras - The Northern Line - #Elle Macpherson - A.J. Clemente and British Red Cross

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