Friday, 24 May 2013

Another Week 8 - Henri Cartier-Bresson., Social Documentary., Personal Shopper., Yuichiro Miura and Bayern Munich..

Acapulco's in Mexico
tuxedo's an' margaritas

How a Pull Up can get you fit

The Daft Punk review by Dashiell on Yahoo titled - Daft Punk - Random Access Memories: Review and dated

"but from this evidence I'm not certain many would agree that looking into the past is the best way for us to move forward. "

Nervous People

I was sat down somewhere and just shivered.. I had one of those moments when I couldn't remember putting my glasses down.; did I put them down..? They weren't in my pocket, or resting on my forehead.. The second or two that plays games with your mind were confusing me.. I look after my glasses..; I don't lose things., so what had I done with them.? I had put them on a cord when I went into the meeting and recall taking them off the cord when I left. I do that because of the way they rest on my ears.. I checked my pockets again.. and finally scratched the imaginary itch on my nose... and there they were. I was actually wearing the damn things..


Clean pages and hot water
level paths, distant signs & stillness
Depth, blue and great smiles
Spontaneous laughter., flowing words and jeans that fit
travel, adventure and punctuality
Time., today and Islands


I walked by one of the local homeless guys and he looked me right in the eye, said "hi bud"., smiled and totally convinced me that he actually knew me.. I was pretty shocked.. and now worried.. He recognizes me.? Geez., that's a scary thought.. I just wish the Big Issue guy recognized me too.; I mean why would he keep asking me if he knew I kept saying "no thankyou"..

Work It Out

Inconsiderate people, outdated milk.. and how do I turn off Spotify & Candy Crush so I can't see what everybody is listening to, or playing (?) every minute of the day..

Socks work., if you have to wear them, otherwise they can get in the way (and look kinda odd) when wearing flip-flops - f8 again - Frank Sinatra.. The path east, is best taken traveling south., the path west, is best.. I avoid North unless my bags are packed..

Totally Imune

Holy Sheet

"'it 'er.". (hit her), I heard her 'say' to her partner..; they were young and looked as though they were a couple., although that's just an assumption on my behalf.., however., I definitely heard what I heard.. and what I heard definitely wasn't cool..
 The Pier, 2013

"Love is a wish that hides in your heart
and nobody knows but you"
Willis - Thornton - Blanchet

Can we forget about XFACTOR.. and check out Sharon Stone will ya dude.. 5G and bike night man..

Best B

Blue Flags and trashy streets
rust, decay and flapping awards
Walk on the sand.. sure
but ignore the faded glory, amusement arcades
and strange supported visions
Stay in and watch your televisions 

'The Blue Flag 55-beach total for 2013 is down on the 79-beach total for last year ..  '.  Apparently there's a Roadshow going down.. ; groovy.., I'm sure - Let's hope Elvis doesn't turn up.. There were cars everywhere Rik- Shake It Up... & Let The Good Times Roll...

I see.. and hear., the three tree guys are at it.., one leaning on his (already) broken pick.. and one of 'em is busy secretly , privately, discreetly  texting behind his company Land-Rover, but the young dude is the one being 'delegated' to do the work... I can see the whole dynamic from 5 floors up.. Workmanship at it's most predictable.. The bigger, biggest dude eventually works the stationary machine, pulling and pushing all the levers.,  'cause it's his toy., he can't, or won't bend, or work the spade and besides., he pushes and pulls those levers with more authority..; the young guy shovels more.. and I sit here writing about it.. - which means I'm just watching.., Batman..
and they're gone

Today's a day.., just as I suspect, tomorrow.., will be tomorrow..; I'm on a mission., my water bottle's filled an' ready, my laces are tied and my achilles are stretched., although I did just yawn..

 Smoke on the Water
I've seen clouds come and I've seen clouds go today.. I've been sun'd on., and I've been rained on..; infact I've even been hailed on too.. I set off., came back, set off and figured WTF.., I'm outta he AH.. If I were a cloud kinda geezah., I'd have seen every kind of cloud formation (there is) within a couple of hours late afternoon/evening. Exciting stuff uh..!

Is that Weird

I tried to find somewhere to donate the shoes I was wearing today, but I couldn't find a shoe bank.; I walked into (the open/unlocked) St.Peter's to see if someone was around., but no one was, so I came out with them still on my feet and the thought still in my head.. In the end I just left them in a dumpster I knew I'd seen a (homeless ?) guy regularly looking through in the hope he may come across them before the trash collector did..
It's good to walk a mile (or two., or three) in someone else's footsteps

It's one thing claiming., but it's quite another..

Oh gawd., the fencing company is out and at it again..; the square is looking like a state penitentiary.. I'm sure it'll feel like it too when it's all done and dusted.. Style and imagination means the architect/designer/event planner must have been up nights tossing and turning with this pretty humdinger - Location, location, location., a lil' ole merchandising eye & understanding the flow is proving to be a consistently consistent page missed., but with the best of intentions. Lame.

Must do better 

It was kinda cool to see the dog being forced to swim by it's owner who was also thigh deep in the 10 degree ocean.. I completely understood once I saw the size of it..  I had spag bol for dinner.. and got quite a buzz from it..; the red vino plonko may have been a tad much..., but no complaints from this fork juggling diner.. 

It's amazing to go back and watch something on an original Punk..; I just did and took in A  Sid Vicious thingy..; things are so different now.. and as shocking as it was way back when, it don't seem all that now dude.. I mean man., the guy didn't even have a tattoo.. ; he just spat.. & cussed..  Why do soccer players spit so much (?).. and in unison..; scratch that itch boys., spit that spit..

.. and let's get back to that good ole boy stuff..
it sure is funny..; no, really..

Okay people

I'm signing off




Thanks this week go/goes to Ray Manzarek - Tanita Tikaram - Bruce Willis - The Cardigans - Boris Becker - Thanet and Vowels

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