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Another Week 10 - Interns., NASCAR., Keith Urban., GMA and...

Long assed

Two Piers
a garden
some Construction

The IC

A pier., any pier, or just this pier.; this Pier has three kiosk size type 'establishments' at it's gated entrance.., one of which'll enable you to buy an ice-cream, a 99 perhaps (?), another will offer up the days edition of  The Sun, local Echo or bucket & spade., while the third., the 3rd will provide you with the fish and chips you'll no doubt be starving for.. Should you venture onto the pier itself, you'll find it without any activities, or conveniences other than a deck chair that you'll have to obviously pay to use.. Once at the end of this local pier, be warned., you may become excitedly distracted, or indeed, entertained by any one of the sometimes (up to) three local fishermen on any given day.. The views of the coast in all directions (on a clear day) are worth the two or three minutes it'll take you to explore said pier, so a momentary pose for an obligatory photograph while enjoying your kiosk purchases will offer up the chance to delay leaving the oft photographed magical 'roof and center piece' for a few further minutes.. This will max out the experience until you leave the gated entrance behind you for a seat on the concrete steps from where you can watch the people who buy their ice creams and eat their fish and chips.. But, again be warned, the concrete steps are  usually for the younger crowd who like to just 'sit'., kick and rattle their skateboards and flirt with each other..

If all this excitement becomes too much for you, you can of course retreat the ten meters (or so) and walk the few steps to nationally chained and group pub/inn thingy, the heady., the exciting, the one & the only., THE Harvester pub/restaurant thingy; or whatever it is.. Once you've walked past the smokers sitting by and claiming the entrance, there will be a most welcoming (? perhaps, maybe kinda) beer eventually for your enjoyment.. Staff shortages will probably mean you only have to wait a few minutes in the line/queue.., but, you can do it man..
But Not even a stones throw away you can become part of the local Cannes scene and sit at the rather hipped out kinda place to be seen kinda scene clique clique thingy do da.. The casual locals armed with their dogs are often seen dressed in their beached out uniform of Uggs and camp out at the colorful tables with their fancy and specially ordered coffees, snacks., or the very in demand and extremely healthy fried fatty breakfasts, depending on the time of day.; even though the sand is a mere hop, step and jump from the slightly raised and open hip eatery.. The beach pods surrounding the tables are mostly fortunately empty, but the comings and goings in the beach toilets next door will provide you with any distractions you'll need while waiting to be seated and ultimately served.. Putting aside a few hours will provide you with just enough time for your ordered refreshments to arrive though..
Bikes, walkers, runners, families, buggies and children all add to the view of activity from the front and center on the 'prom'/boardwalk, although if you've brought your glasses and camera, you'll be able to see (and document) a standard of beach volleyball unlike any you've ever seen before from any one of the front row tables.. If there isn't any volleyball being played, have no fear, there is usually some form of great and totally  fun beach sport/entertainment going on.. On any one given day, you're more than likely to see someone navigate the art of beach dressing., or undressing and the way they keep that towel together (or not) for the hundreds of spectators is an art to be admired and congratulated.. Infact., I have on very good authority that this IS THE spot on the entire south coast for people watching and highly recommended.., although there is a nasty drain spewing out drain type fluids right infront too.., but hey, we can forget that bit.. If you're lucky, there might well be a low fence protecting you from stepping into the discoloured and unsavoury looking drips and expanding pool... 
I have actually been forced to use a first aid type thingy there, but not for the fluid deal, but rather when I cut my neck open and was bleeding profusely.. A very kind, fast working and highly trained first aid person people person fixed me within minutes hours using a small band-aid; I hobbled faintly on my way..

I highly suggest a camera, or fully charged cell phone because you'll find a row of extremely colorful beach huts to photograph, but be prepared to accept., sadly, the fact that your pic will be just one of millions like it.; no matter how original you think you've composed your shot, it WILL be one of many, however, it is a cute and brightly painted 100 meters..
The beach path/prom/boardwalk is flat (tarmac'd out man) and if you've got a spare few hours, I'd totally suggest you set off walking to the furthest point you can see (in da easterly direction dude., or over there > to you).. I'd take a bottle of water because there's only a couple of ice cream type kiosks on route other than one 'cafe', that may., or may NOT be open.. I think there might be two or three (?) restroom facilities that are evenly spaced along the way, but once you make it to the 'headland'.. there are only low bushes man.

whether you need them or not
The walk will eventually take you off the beach path and sand and take you along a well worn grassy do da till you gently (at first) climb from where you can rejoin regular tarmac paths. You'll get to enjoy a spectacular and photo op'd view in all directions from it's 'peak'.. and from it's peak. It's peak.?, it has a PEAK.! Yeah, I suppose it does have a peak.., so, you'll no doubt be seduced further to wander through the 'nature reserve' and historic area to take in the weird and wonderfully cheerful beach huts that will take up even more of your camera's eventual battery life... It's a healthy long walk of several miles, but well worth it.., but., but there is a cheaters way IN should you prefer to do the last bit by land train..; it spoils the experience, in my opinion., but hey, if you aren't able to navigate the gentle climb on foot, you'll still get there by train.; you just have to wait for the darn thing and hey,  I'm just uber fit, uber healthy and use mucho uber artistic license whenever I can.., although I do walk it myself.., so there..
To add to the adventure, you can jump on a tiny, casual and very local  walk-on ferry..; it's a little boat type thing that floats., go figure and that takes only a moment to cross the fast flowing current that separates the beach huts from the 'other' side mainland.. Are you following this crap so far..?


 I'd do that little trip (& ferry ride) and make the most of the historic walkable English town on the other side... and hey, you can always catch A frequent bus back to base camp once you've wandered the picturesque lil ole town and it's quaint Church, river and harbor type offerings.. If you time it correctly, there may even be something actually open (or going on) for you to enjoy..; again, beware, this is the UK and places shut for tea.., so they say - I'd suggest packing some aloominum wrapped cheese sandwiches to go with the flask of tea, china cup, rain gear, gloves, fleece, sunglasses, sun lotion, sweater, change of clothes, car keys, camera, spare battery, fully charged phone, compass, beanie, whistle, vitamin tablets, toothbrush and  the 20 liter daypack you're going to have to carry.. - The ferry does stop ferrying it's ferry passengers, so beware of that bit of ferry news..

You could end up taking this little adventure in and spending just as little dosh/$ as the return bus fare it'll cost you to return to the damn pier from whence ? you came.. My guess is though, you'd want to do this with yur actual feet (innit man) that can take in the walk & some fun type, groovy company that isn't going to whine with that whole gig, "are we there yet.?" ., or "I'm tired"., every minute of every step of what should be an absolutely fun, fun fun, ramble on dude.. You can, of course, take in the recommended enjoyable walk back and instead (of opting for the bus and/or meandering the raised nature walk that you came in on), walk round the flat headland from the expensively tiny huts you'll have seen and passed by and take in the pebbled beach from which you can see the 'Polar Bear' deal, gig., effort.. I'd sooo recommend you to time this walk back later in the day when the chance of a sunset was a possibility 'cause you'll be heading into the dying light and be able to see the sun actually going down with every step you take.. as well as taking in the stunningly curved (ten mile or so) coastline which will offer up even more photo opportunities for the sunset loving walker, rambler, adventurer, geek..
Oops., i should go back a bit and offer up the fact that the bit you've just seen, read, or passed is completely dog friendly.., or so it would appear.. and there is another casual cafe type place once you've made it to the ? beach huts, house type deals.; just the one of course, this IS England. Other than a bush or two, you'll have a long walk to use a restroom..
You can also top up your water bottle too while photographing the funky little beach houses.., which I'd recommend you doing..

The walk back is much longer than the walk in don't forget; those old legs of yours are getting, or gotten tired, but it's all flat until you get back to the damn Pier.. From there (the damn Pier) you're going to have to  put on climbing shoes to head up the bloody hill, if it's UP you wanna go dude..; it's not really worth the climb, but hey, there's a Sainsbury's, Mickey D's and Boots there if that rocks your boat..; there's also a street from where you can take in the eclectic ambiance., or you can count the rehab houses to gain a better understanding of decay..

If you're not into the hill climb, I'd keep on walking man..; it's still flat.. and by keeping on the flat and narrow,  you'll eventually make it to another damn Pier.. It shouldn't take you much more than a leisurely 45 minute walk.. You could either do the walk on the sand and athletically jump over the groynes., or simply stick to the slightly fascinating boardwalk/prom.. There will be a couple of Porta type facilities along the route, some funky accents and fashions to enjoy, including a surf school that goes out in any wave size in the off chance that there will be an actual wave big enough to ride.. and in addition, there will be another two or EVEN 3 exciting ice-cream kiosks to spend your money., while the town's supportive council has provided it's visitors with a couple of benches to rest A weary ass on and eat the toffee thingy you've just bought.

Groynes baby
If you're feeling upto a diversion, try taking in a Zig-Zag (or 2) an' workout and burn those thigh muscles.. The glutes will be happy for it too, eventually.., but don't do it with a miserable partner because you'll never hear the end of it.. "I'm tired." .. "is there not another way up.?"..."whine, whine, whine.".. puff pant puff...
The cliff top is kinda., sorta worth the climb to enjoy a different coastal perspective.; it's a case of climbing, descending., climbing, descending.., unless you wanna stay flat and safe., baby.. and if that's your choice, keep the low road..


Ahh, the second Pier., or first, depending totally on which direction you're hitting first.. The other pier.. has all you could wish and hope for when you dream of visiting a Blooming, Colourful ALL year round resort., amusement arcades, penny slot machines, fish & chip shops, public toilets, monokini wearing stag partying grooms.., drunks emerging from the bushes zipping up their flies.., people apparently aiming for, but missing overflowing trash cans., rattling bottles rolling around on the ground...- bouncy castles, deck chairs and old ladies vying for attention and benches.. The sounds of Chuck Berry doing his thang reverberate around the congregating masses ., and the forward thinking and dynamic local authorities have supported the resort by showing their approval of., a fantabulous new sitting/picnic area just under the thunderously busy road that leads everybody into (and out of) the resort by road.. It'll work out much better of course when it rains because the overpass will act as convenient roof to those racing for shelter.., but with trees, gardens, even a stream and more picturesque views a mere 100 meters away, why on earth wouldn't you want to prioritize and develop that particular inviting area..! Just think, if you're lucky, you may actually get someone's trash landing on your head as they pass by overhead... Let's just hope the car passengers don't spit..- Urghh..

Rollin' Over Beethoven

Thank god for the BID
and it's visionaries
I think


It's now taken several months to put up two tiny kiosk type structures that will sell even more ice-cream, donuts and soft drinks for the lucky punters.., but thankfully, they've (the people responsible for making the decisions have) waited for the spring and holiday season before making a start on constructing them.. It's always a good idea to wait for the holiday weekend to be able to show visiting visitors just what your intentions are, so they know just what they're missing out on..Who knows, perhaps they'll be back to put on more and more lbs

close enough

While stopping by this pier, please take in the venue place you can't sit out (with your tea, pastry and/or cheese sandwich) to enjoy the coastal views, but you can choose to sit out and enjoy the busy road and it's traffic coming into the resort; the buses make for a very pretty sight. Back to the venue itself and I'd suggest you make sure you've packed a flash light/torch because it seems they're saving on electricity.. and staff.. It feels closed, but I managed to get into the lobby through the open doors leading me to believe that it IS actually open for business.. There is a coffee shop area in there too, hidden somewhere in the darkness of corners.,  but without lighting and ambient music of some kind, the atmosphere can only best be described as 'dark' and reminded me somewhat of a visit I recently made to the local laundrymat when I didn't need to do any laudry.. If you can deal with that whole sense of intrusion that they're (the management are) obviously trying to generate create, you'll find it truly an... ... experience.. Yep, a wonderful experience; kinda dark., kinda quiet, kinda got that whole closed vibe going on.. Cool man..



Save the best for that truly memorable walk through the picturesque and historic gardens where, if you're lucky, you can listen to the repetitive tunes from a bygone era; it's been duly noted that you can see Elvis here., on many, many., many occasions., infact, you see him so many times it's rather  a lot; well, at least we know where he is.. He's here guys ..- or you chose to entertain yourself with that stunning of all stunnings, the fun, fun, fun golf thingy.. I'm not sure what it is other than a par 3 ? deal.., maybe.. I know you have to use a putter and colorful ball.; there are slopes and curvy bits and a water wheel.., a dead looking tree and a couple of benches to add to the need to stand in line.

Job's Worth.

Once you've hopped over the six inch ish high railing that health and safety have obviously forgotten about... and then chose to ignore the signs posted around informing you of not to play any ball games., you can then ask
Mr. Joe Public if you can join in the other ball playing people.., or simply sit crossed legged on the grass from where you can eventually leave your trash right there for the passers by to digest.

It., like me, is year round.. and like me, it don't seem to change

I know I need to
Shame about the sponsors though

Out and About
for more news

Coffee Shop


Sometimes., you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.: and sometimes in the middle of nowhere., you find yourself

Yours positively

Some Geezer

I'm sure it was all an act/or he was really pleased to see me


My Feet Are Cold
It Must Be Summer


Harold MacArthur

Courtesy of  Ryanair

Thanks this week go/goes to Scott Weiland - Carrie Underwood - Gold Fields - Brad Carter - Mr. & Mrs. Rigby - Gisele Bundchen and Honey Boo Boo

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