Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Image 52 - Week 33.. Hollywood., Royal Nipples and Honey Bees...

Vegas baby..

I don't care how big your daddy is sonny.., I ain't moving.; now go find your own seat..

Who ever designed the laptop was brilliant..; I can actually sit, type ... and do stuff .. and it's all at my fingertips. - nice..

Instigate .. and breaking habits..

Hey., I can put an empty glass under a 'thingy' on the fridge, press it and hey presto.., 'cold' water.. Does anybody else think about this stuff (?), 'cause I love and can't help noticing the bits we take for granted.... Freaking miracles..

I really enjoy warm croissants.., but not tiny motorbikes racing past your window..; why do they always seem to want to rev and race when you're trying to get sh*t done..

Nickleback - Rockstar.."and the coolest bars"..

There's good and there's good.. and while good's ok., good is better..

The Eiffel Tower is valued at $546 billion

.. and how can all these people find the time to play on-line games, answer on-line quizzes and yet not find the time to talk.?

The Sainsbury's I've gotten to know has the longest lines at the check-out counter but the most car parking spaces.. and I get to park under cover..; two outta three ain't bad..

I went to the bottle bank and got to smash a lot of bottles., mostly green ones.. and mostly ones with beer labels on them..; totally fun dude - I think I need a beer now after all that hard work..; damn it., that means that I'll have to go back again.., burp..

Working from the inside out..

Sitting on feather cushions is comfortably fine until the feather pokes out (pointy end) right in your butt.., then it becomes a case of what was once warm and comfortable., to be a total pain in the ass...

Is it just me., or does anyone else have trouble just eating a couple of cashews..? When my hand dips into that container baby, I can't seem to stop myself from grabbing a handful..; damn it.. and how can you excitedly enjoy the seasonal change when your knees and toes are cold..?  

The first games of the new season are under way and already it kinda takes my mind to those 'buzzed' guys in a bar when you get to overhear their interesting  'conversations'..
"uhh., arghh.."
"Yeah dude., ughh., wow"
"she's hottt., grrr"
"Oh yeah., I'll have another" 
"Man., I got some new chrome 20 inchers"
"high five dude"..
"Shots.., arghh"..
"get outta my face man"..
"Wanna take it outside.?"

Where the shorts go for another year..
Not sure where summer goes., or has gone., but it's gone.. I've rearranged the wardrobe and cleared a couple of drawers out that had 'that' extra and collected paper stuff.. I either seem to save., or throw out.. and throwing out is where I've been..

Texting and the lost art of actual conversations.. I see mums, couples and families.., friends doing their daily thang of walking with their heads down.. and noses in their most prized possession.., but the mum who was ignoring her young child, telling her to 'shut it', while posting a new Facebook headline and engaging in a text conversation., was a little too much.., for me to understand..

Austin Powers, Hugh Grant and ...

"yes, I'm wearing black loafers and standing on the wall..; you can't miss me."

.. back to that customer service that we are so known for..; finally my glasses were ready for picking up.., several frustrating weeks later I was ready for picking them up, only to find that they had been stolen from behind the national chain's counter.. Ahh, what's another couple of weeks when you've waited a couple of months already..

I'm now in possession of a rail card.. and used it.., know where Soho is and visited Covent Garden..

and woke up to this sitting on the bed.., staring at me..
There's this Tesco offer that's killing me at the moment..; three Galaxy's for 1.20..; I've got to nail that before it becomes too much of a habit.., but then there's also the darn M&S's jam thingies.., but shh, don't tell anyone., or judge me too much..

I've also broken my duck and finally got something off Amazon..; damn it..- It's so effing easy too..

The 'prom' is different now.., but really, why would you choose to visit here..? I mean, other than the sand and coast.., why..? 

Cliff's what..?

Week 33 is a done deal..

but not before I add a few small thanks

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks., thanks., thanks....thanks and thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks.. Thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks..

Gotta hit the diet..

Here's my controversial thought.., jus' incase you've actually read this far..
Oh.. and to me, they're just nipples..; we all have 'em.., although I do have to admit, some are definitely cuter than others.. and if you don't want to air 'em.., simply hide 'em.., or make sure you're not visible from a public road when you're whipping them out.. Isn't it that simple., especially if you have a crew on the payroll..?


Thanks this week go/goes to Cavo -  Terry O'Neill - Irma Zamora - Neil Armstrong - Kate Middleton - Sir Paul Smith - The screaming toddler in row 6 - London's Tower Bridge and Blackfriars - The Tate and Galaxy offers - M&S's apples and again, the Zambezi Express., but not the drunk cusser who managed to yell out the 'C' word in public more times than I've ever heard it ever at one time.., before

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