Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Image 52 - Week 34... London Fashion Week., Elaine Tettemer Marshall.. and the f*#king NHS

Somerset House., the Thames and a few bridges..

Shopping style..

I got to see the inside of a Knights office and sit in the chair.., take in Usain Bolt's green jacket., Bradley's bike and quite a few pieces of material.., not to mention the striped socks.. an' I was wearing some too..; but as I just said, let's not mention the socks... The shirt sleeve garters got noticed by the man..; which was kinda cool.., but as I'm not big on attention, I'd totally forgotten I was wearing them

The office...
I crossed London's Tower Bridge while it was carrying the Paralympic Logo.., to add to the Golden Gate one.. and the Sydney one to make three good bodies of water I've crossed in this lifetime... But there again, I've crossed Datelines, Equators and oceans too.., so whats a few bridges between friends..

In full view of the Tower..

Rode a Boris bike, checked out a commercial and saw a grand piano fall from the sky for Robbie's new video.., but I'm back to where the Triangle is trying to suck the life outta me., giant deck chairs rest on the sand.. and where dour officiates..; infact the program is looking kinda convoluted., to me, but there's always the Tate..

The Turbine Hall

Haven't mentioned the Tate's Turbine Hall and Tino Seghal's "These Associations" yet., but I guess now I have. Go see it, take it in and ask yourself., "Hmm.?".. and while I'm on it., I can share the couple of signatures I saw on the far wall in room 1 on level 4... and this stuff's for free dude.. - thank you Henri.

The Tube's a funny ole place.; not funny haha., jus' funny.. The doors open., then they close., whoosh.. and eventually, you have three escalators to navigate while wondering how the heck you managed to be so far underground.. and man, people are in a hurry..

I'm on my way..
Not sure if I mentioned that I saw a Stones exhibit also.., but if I have, you've heard it twice now.. and there's one of those weird coincidences I've become aware of., or perhaps not.. and maybe it's all a devious plan..; but I will get to the bottom of it.., eventually..

The coach was an hour late., the train on time.. and the Soho studio where I watched a colourist edit., a great experience..

.. and if I get to the whole Parade gig, which I will, after a break, I can let you know about the medals I saw.. and I saw a lot of 'em from my vantage point of across the road from St. Paul's..

Jessica and David's golds..

 Oh geez., I spilled some red vino.. I forgot to twist the bottle after pouring..; damn it..

Homage to a photographer
Playing catch-up means I'm going to have to use a little artistic license which means some of this order may get mixed up.., but I blame the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu .. and time..

So.. Week 34 is done.. finito
with thanks to

cool Directors, Producers,
camera folk, editors,
fashion peeps..and

Thanks also go/goes to Ellen - Jay Leno - Greggs - iPhone 5 - Robocop - Christiano Ronaldo - VW - Bush - Steve Sabol and SAF..

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