Thursday, 20 September 2012

Image 52 - Week 35.. Black skies.., Muses, Kate Moss., Robbie Williams..,

Icons & friends

No more bloody yum yums.., or rambling ramblers..; no more skinny., or tapered jeans.. and where are the low rise, boot fit relaxed Levis when ya need 'em anyway.! and who's idea is it to think that guys should be in those short, tight shorts with huge cuffs on them..? I mean, come on.. and while I'm starting this one with a rant., doesn't everyone have a mirror these days..?, 'cause some of 'these' 'hipsters' may look pretty good on a photo shopped supermodel, but when you're not a photo shopped supermodel, check that mirror out before I see your ass hanging out.. an' if you catch me looking., let's be honest.., I'm not looking 'cor'., but more likely 'wow, no mirror uh.!'..
I'm free and available for consultations.. and honesty..

Hmm, light, color and a simple smile can make all the difference..

Walking outside at night is different..; there was a time when doing so meant walking under a clear, midnight blue sky full of twinkling stars.. an' close to the sounds of a silent ocean., whereas now, the sky is black and the sounds are kinda eerie and sorta spooky.. I lived in hope of seeing regular shooting stars.. and now I live more in hope of seeing the moon.., occasionally..

I don't think that chat up line's going to work dude.., but hey..
Love smiles.. and happy faces..
To keep people in., or out..?
I got mentioned on Facebook.., got liked too.. and suffered being deleted..; damn it., how will I ever survive the indignity of that button being hit..! I charged up my phone., again., visited the wheelie bins with a box of trash and saw a totally fun looking seven/7 seater bicycle being ridden in all directions.. I've never seen one before, but surely there has to be more of 'em.. If you get to see one, you'll know it when you see it..

Told ya..
Songs, tunes and walking sticks..; holy crap, I've seen more walking sticks than ice-creams in the last week.., to add to the rolled up trousers and knotted handkerchief thingy action do da.. - style is going out of fashion.. and this from a total scruff bag content in living his days out in faded Levis and a pair of New Balance on his feet..

The Changeling

The latest on my prescription sunglasses is., there's no latest..; come on Oakley.. I came across a Mexican restaurant today.., at last.. and walked right by a really happy (sic) looking Festival Director..

Really missed the boardwalk and bike trail today..; I'd have given anything to walk my bike out on Surf City's pier.. Would've loved one of those bottles covered in condensation sitting right besides a Cadillac margarita along with a cheap taco and salsa.. Missed a flag and sounds of outgoing accents full of positive stuff.. and where's Mark and Brian (and JM) when ya'd like to tune in for a laugh.. This shit doesn't get any easier when you've got sticks clicking frenetically away..

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I had Salmon for dinner., listened to the White Album.. and remembered a smile..; ahh, that smile.. I saw a great, great pic of a cool couple on a sunset beach.., watched a video of a fantastic painter sharing her talents and cute generous dialogue.. I checked out a check-in from an airport by another travelling artist who's work is right by me.. and let's not forget.., erm.., er..; let's not forget.., uh, mmm..; damn it., I've forgotten..

 .. and why don't soccer players simply step up to a penalty and kick the crap out of it instead of trying to be cute..? Just hit the bloody thing already... Geez.., smack that ball...; BAM.!!
"I've got blisters on my fingers"

Dontcha get it..! There's a spell checker smackeroo on these here 'puters..! and if you're not sure., play safe and stay away from ticky, trikey, trickly., confusing words that ya can't spell..  I can't help you with the whole grammar gig, 'cause I've got my own problems wid dat...

 I thought a lot today
 and wrote a little too..

35 out

Stories, old friends.. and time
To artists and spectacular peeps, I'm thinkin' 'bout ya..

Thanks this week go/goes to Sexy Sadie - L & B - SW - KU - JT - MF - JD - Helter Skelter - Dann the Man - Onyx - S.Bay Fr - Marine and the VI - Female legs - Ali Wentworth - Jim Morrison - Mirrors and all who know

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