Friday, 21 September 2012

Image 52 - Week 36.. Nook Touch, Obama., Cecilia Gimenez., Paris Hilton, Alchemy.,. Spam.. and

 The Crying Game

"I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer.."
Douglas Adams

The seasons go by way too fast..
 How do 'we' learn to spell.., to tie our laces.. and why do drivers pick their noses..?

What's the point of our nails growing.. and why is it that I have more difficulty cutting one particular toe nail than all the others..?

I had a bowl of cereal this morning..

Go Placidly

Before security got to me..

Little Things

London2Brighton Challenge 100km - walk or jog is in the 2013 calendar...

There are times when you've just gotta sit and hold tight....

YouTube's great for those tunes you forgot all about.. and fully understand why..
Plug sockets are a miracle..; I mean, you plug something in.. and hey presto, you've got power, music, dry hair, e-mail.. and whatever happened to Dave Clark and his Five.?

 Places I dream about.. and fun thoughts

The touch of a soft and gentle hand., sight.. and the sense I get when I hear the first time.. People who GLIDE rather than thump.. and those who don't feel the need to control..

Good water tastes really good.., but what is good..? I see doppelgangers everywhere.. and why are there so many fish and chip shops..!

My feet are starting to feel the cold and the t-shirts have grown sleeves.. and I've been tempted to thrown my lightweight gloves into my pocket.., just incase that ocean temperature blows in it's unexpectedly expected way..

I know.. 

Geez, how do they get all that information onto, into something the size of a pin head.! and I have a lot of questions.. and a gratefully inquisitive mind..

A bit of light reading

 You know what I don't like(?).; fop.., phhh O Pppp., FOP.. The whole word sounds 'wet'., like getting your favourite Bruno Maglis wet, or a slimy handshake; it just isn't cool to me.. and this is my blog, however., I do get off on sincerity.. and I'm going in search of it today.. It may come in the guise of how someone simply points their finger, but I will find it.. and report back to ya..

 Tommy James & The Shondells' Hanky Panky

I like Courier to go with the excessive amount of punctuation I use.. and I lived to see a Brit win a major and if he took some PR lessons, he'd become an absolute hero, icon and legend.. As much money as they have, I simply don't see City dominating like the other team has.. and for fear of ruffling a few feathers, they also don't have the sense of globally romantic tradition either.., but few do..

 Norman Greenbaum's Spirit..

I could've worn gloves today.., the leaves are falling.. and there was mention of 'heating' too..

 Traveling along the same path
Hmm, 36 and counting..
Oh.. and I just burned the roof of my mouth 

and... there's the lively proof..

I got my glasses.,  finally... YEAH for something to see.. 

Special thanks., as always, to faraway people
who're never faraway from my thoughts

Thanks this week go/goes to Dave Berry -  The Lakers - Emma Watson - Dorothea Lange - Walker Evans - Cadmium - 92662 - Shoe laces - Marc Bolan - Taurian monkeys - Canterbury's 21" painted double yellow lines and the Tour de France., for being held every year in France..

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