Sunday, 23 September 2012

Image 52 - Week 38.. #The Endeavour., #Gangnam style., PSY and

.., is it absolutely necessary..
and how is it gotten away with..?

It's over 20 years since.., something..; infact it's over 20 years since, for a lot of things.. and who knows where it's at..?

Found it., thanks
I'm apparently due for an upgrade soon., the new goggles are working out... and it's Super duper thingy today..

78 caps but no tears for John Terry

I picked up a couple of pairs of those extra warm, fast wicking, underfoot cushioning, comfort fit socks in readiness for the seductively long winter ahead..; trouble is, I can't fit them both on at the same time while wearing my shoes.. and damn it., I may have to simply give them away already to the next homeless person I see; they'll need them more than I will.!

It's a tough day
I wonder what homeless people do on days like this.., where do they go.;  I assume to somewhere as dry as poss' and simply 'sit'..? and I was just thinking to heck with the shower and making an effort today..

Yep., that leaf definitely turned brown before my very eyes..; I'm sure of it.  Sirens going., wind blowing, rain hammering the window, wet roof tiles, heavy grey sky., puddles full of dancing dots.. and sounds of a day alone.. - What are you doing..?

How about the t-shirts, baseball caps and sweatshirts/hoodies with Venice Beach, Surf City, CA., UCL., Manhattan Beach., Hollister., San Diego..? I see them almost everyday here.., but., but I don't see ones with Coventry., Highgate., Boscombe., Grimsby., or Crewe being worn with pride..; jus' PCH, Malibu., UCI..! Where are all the ones with Sheffield., Luton Grammar School.., East Ham, Bournemouth Gardens or Milford-On-Sea .? Hmm., not quite as romantic eh..; jus' a wet day's thought..
An Evening at the Pavilion., not
 The baseball caps with US logos on 'em kinda fit better than  Rochdale's coat of arms.., or Gosport's proud and stunning logo.., or the National Bus Service's motto.. How about one for Sunrise Homes.., or Puddletown., no..? Hmm..

Après moi, le déluge

There's going to be copious amounts of tea drank today., no doubt., but not by me; more socks worn, newspapers read and huge savings on hot water too., is my guess.. and not to mention all those old movies on permanent play.. and bacon bread thingies.. All those exciting words like sweaters, heaters and useless umbrellas.., but it's the originality and usage of the word tea, that's taking up most of the space..; yawn..

I never understand the appeal of a fatty, greasy bacon breakfast being cooked, fried., burned, or whatever you do with it.., but hey, I like chocolate.. and cereal with none fat milk., so who am I to talk..!

Lille is in France., the A109 goes through Jinja  and Skegness is just Skegness..; isn't it.?

Divertissement., tricoteuse and other such rock an' roll words..

I haven't been to a wedding since the last one..
 Aren't creatives generally supposed to be inspired by their surroundings and stuff..(?), 'cause it's certainly difficult (for me) to find the thing when all you hear all effing day is the sound of a miserable season changing..; infact, I'm not so sure that two seasons didn't change today.. There, I said it.. and damn me for doing so.., although I have made an extreme effort NOT to use the actual word..

Look., here's the deal..; if I was happy., I'd be happy., duh.., but all I've seen and heard today are puddles.. and the sound of coldness, from the moment I woke up., to now. I've heard nothing but the sound of rain, wind and done it all with cold feet.. and this is inspiring to who..; tea drinkers.? I say, thank God for that penalty finally going in... and as I mentioned/suggested before.., hit the bloody thing.. BAM..!

Exciting times ahead
Ahh., I've driven along Devil's Point Road and Kumul Hwy.., via the Rte to Mele.. and along Queens Road to the Naviti.. seen turquoise bays and sugar cane blowing in the balmy Pacific air.. and now made it to., to, to the County  Gates .., where I've died a little..

..and have a bench to look forward to..
Holy cow...; I just checked the time and saw that the time piece was showing 7.29/19.29 and had to double check 'cause I would've gone to Vegas and put money on it being about 11.30., tomorrow night..!! What the .... do I do now..?

Today's not a good day
but now for some Marmite on toast

I just received a pic..; friends have a great habit of understanding the art of timing..
Franz Ferdinand 'Take Me out'.,
Foster The People's 'Pumped Up Kicks'..
The Vaccine's "No Hope'..
Muse 'Survival'..
Cage 'Around My Head'..
Weezer 'Perfect Situation'..

The toast's not doing it.., but thanks to Death Cab for Cutie's Soul Meets Body
I could be somewhere else.. 

Hmm., inspiration eh..; today it's about as mediocre as it gets.. It's that real.. and as mediocre as that is, it's a whole lot better than that homeless guy who's probably as wet and cold as I could never imagine..; so in the weirdest of ways evah., thank you to him, the strangers out there, for keeping me real..

all yours

to those 'we' avoid.., thank you for reminding me

'Cause I'm done 
 for those of us who accept mediocrity
.., shame

The Stones'
Paint It Black

The White Stripes
We're Going To Be Friends

Thanks this week go/goes to sofa beds - Hobit - The Space Shuttle -Dreams - Strangers - LAX - Tomorrow - 96 - PTeezer - Radiohead - Santa Monica and Palisades  

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