Friday, 24 August 2012

Image 52 - Week 32.. Lady Gaga., The 9.18 a.m..., Prince Harry nude.. and Have I Got News For You..

The Javelin 
and Five Rings

Bucket lists..

I don't know what it is about trains and London trains in particular., but those stations are full of people going places.. Platforms are another of those things that fill me full of dread.. I put it down to people going to those places.., in a hurry..

I won't look if you don't...

Rush, rush.., but the experience this time was really different and it was different 'cause I was looking for the Javelin and it was different because there were uniforms providing actual friendly assistance.., in addition to the giveaways.., smiles and the huge sense of excitement filling the air.. 

Today., but not today..
Yep., it's been awhile. I got lost in the time and recent happenings.. The whole Olympic deal threw up a whole different attitude around town for a few weeks and now the news is back to normal, but hey., I was there dude.; I got a ticket and I got to wander the Village. I thought the day was the motivator., but within the day itself were lots of moments, seconds and blinks that worked too..  and thanks to Matt Lauer, AL and the gang for reminding me about Lauren Scruggs.. Thanks too for the thousands of smiles and cool sounds., but I was there..

I've now ridden a Boris bike around town, been bitten by a spider and just lost a five set thriller to a tennis ball machine.! 
I've also proved to myself that I can hit a great golf ball on the driving range, but not on the damn course itself.! and there ARE opportunities out there to enjoy..

Alarm sytems

I've loved watching plants respond immediately to being watered and followed with calm excitement the new leaves showing their gratitude., but an empty pool looks kinda sad in a weird way..

I've gotten to see a tail wag with excitement just because I placed a bowl on the ground., just because I called out a name and just because I threw a ball.. I like wagging tails..

Paul's place..
I can't wait to get back into London.. The whole train deal isn't all that bad or daunting when you get right down to it.. and the pay off is huge.. I guess it's a culture thing., maybe. I got 'told off' for taking just a couple of photos in St.Paul's and., come to think of it., just as I was entering the Village too..; hmm..
I also got to stand at Charlie Chaplin's front door.. and play boule before riding the streets of London..

In the pizza box dude...
 I wonder how many paragraphs I can begin with I.?

I don't like my friends to be in pain.., or very far from me.. and I do know the difference between a friend, an acquaintance  and someone you just know.. Someone you just know nods and offers up one those closed mouth smiles while an acquaintance will call only when there is a deal or number required., but a friend., a friend shares dinner, space.. and time.. I like friends the best..

Strangers playing the same tune..

What's with the whole innit.? and what's with the whole commitment deal.. and why do some people just stop their cars., park them up, lock the doors and walk away when they haven't looked just how they've parked and the consequences of their inconsiderate parking..?

3 Doors Down - Landing in London

 My choc' digestives melted last week., I woke up every morning.. and I watched 'Beginners' and crushed after Melanie Laurent..

English summer only has a few more weeks before..

I'm not ready to pack my shorts away, nor ready for hiding the skin away for another 'eleven' months.. and there's only so much baggage a man can travel with to his destination..

Oh and I ate pizza, pasta and a pear, drank a beer, a cab' and juice.., washed a car., or two.. and unravelled the longest garden hose evah.. Man., it worked those arms out for sure..

My glasses need tweaking., my tooth still isn't fixed.. and gas prices scare the sh*t outta me..

Eccentricity is really tiresome

.. and it looks like the 7 time Tour de France hero Lance DoDa may have had some help.., allegedly..; personally, I'd have gone the 'engine' route if I wanted some extra help.., but hey, each to their own..
.. and hey., the new soccer season's begun.. and whadya know., it's gonna be another 4 years before the next Olympics..; that's four more soccer seasons before I get to enjoy trying to juggle the time difference., unless I go to Rio.. As a huge soccer fan, I can only tell you how much those overpaid athletes really disappoint me.. I've tried to watch a couple of games only to find myself cringing when I see a player 'go down' like he's been hit by a truck.. and then what's with all this blatant holding..? Now., didn't a Team US sprinter run in an Olympic final with a broken leg..? Hmm., soccer heroes uh.!

Oh... and Curiosity is roving the world..
London sunlight..

 Week 32 out man..
and now for 33., quickly 

Sick Puppies
You're Going Down

Thanks this week go/goes to David Rushida - Matt Lauer - Mo Farrah - Lauren Scruggs - Tony Scott - JD - Linda Alred and for frozen Mars bars..

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