Sunday, 27 October 2013

Another Week 42 - #cheapflights, #LouReed, #Halloween, #secretescapes, #Lists and #DrMartens

Three words to live by

Never Stop Learning


Survey the 'landscape"


Thinking takes a lot of thinking.. and reflecting takes a lot of looking at images but the thing that gets me is that despite looking, I still can't see..  I  guess it's back to wandering with my eyes wide shut

Reflecting and nostalgic thoughts mean fewer words
It's all in the head and heart this week..,

Scary uh..; the wind's are a blowin' as Robert Zimmerman wrote.., or didn't.. The leaves are a rustling.. an' life's moving on up.., as Primal screamed....


bed's just too big
when you're alone
and sometimes
mind's too full
when you're alone
night's too long
when you're alone
and sometimes
the sometimes are just too long

Pink Floyd

Rock of Ages

Edvard Munch’s The Scream was sold in New York for $119.9 million

I had a mild curry for dinner.., with nan bread.. and washed down with a beer of some kind..  I crunched the gravel, fed the quadruped and helped lift a big heavy assed radiator into position.. I posed The iconic Maxell tape advertisement dans the chair that Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy 'made famous'..

  Storm in a Teacup

John Lennon

So., I'm about a 6 hour 23 minute drive.. by car according to Google Maps..; apparently 384 ish miles.. from where I lay my hat to Paris..
386 miles to the Louvre Museum.., which is a 6 hour 25 minute drive.. From where I'm sitting right now.., it's a case of being just 350 miles and 5 hours 55 minutes to drive.. man.. - I could of course fly from where I am now to Paris and that would take a mere hour and 25 minutes..- I'm THAT close.. Just a sociable distance to check out some Art., grab a little dinner, a glass of vino (or two)., take a walk and hey., return.. Barcelona's only approximately a 1000 miles and 15 hour drive.. Carcassonne.. & Perpignan, 12 and a half to 13 heures drive..!
I've been waiting for a special reason to do the trip, but now figure I may as well jus' DO IT..


 I still have to write and notify 'cause that's how it was done in the school I went to.. 


I wonder if I can get my Facebook 'friends' down to about a dozen., or two
 I wonder if I can go cold turkey too..
 I wonder if I can be strong..
and I wonder if..
I'll ever fully understand


The gates opened today and I ventured forth..; I ventured fifth yesterday.. I scouted locations at some point .. and., I counted pumpkins at, another point..
It's spreading faster than wild fire.., and I've seriously no idea what's going down, but it looks as though I'm surrounded on all sides with just the narrowest of escape routes outta it.. Thank goodness for rural networks .. They do say it comes in three's.. ; let's hope there's not a fourth it..

 It's how I hang.; calm & unquestioned loyalty..


Perfect Day
Mr. Reed

< >

ee ah


keeping quiet
walking the journey alone

scratching an itch

Thanks this week go/goes to Velvet Underground - Isabella “Bella” Weems - Phil Lynott - Gary Moore - Ringo Starr - 3D Print - Buzzes and White

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