Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Week 41 - #ladybugs, #Mistakes, #clocks, #RussellBrandvJeremyPaxman

voici la chose

The Latest Insight
A Man's Mind

Despite the cost of living., it still remains popular

It's just a fact.. and that's a fact.. and when it rains, you've just gotta shut the windows and when the windows are shut, all you've got is the air inside and artificial heat..; no outside sounds, NO fresh air.. an' it's that simple..

I've Decided
It's countryside, rural stuff, history, heritage, spring and autumn, otherwise it's Costa, Nero's., Debenham's, Tesco's and Big Issues.. It's a total no brainer when you think about it.. There's castles and shit., or there's faded beach huts., some of which, MAY be considered charming, but most are rotting, rusting, fading, peeling and gaudy.. There's the limiting and oftly biased Echo., or there's a Heritage guide & site.. There's sitting in Raleigh's seat or there's a Garden style bench (complete with accompanying empty 'cans') overlooking  a big assed balloon full of hot air.. There's fresh air, or there's a blast of stale alcohol.., fries, crisps, chips and/or pies (?) with that sir, or there's a tank of gas..- History .., or couldn't give a rats ass..., smiles, or frowns., "hello., good morning"., or "f*ck you, what you looking at.!" - Authenticity.. and air.. I have experience of the New Hebrides., but I wonder what the Outer Hebrides are like. The highlands, lochs, peace, tranquility and a lil' ole natural beauty or "NO (!), I don't want a Big Issue., or gym pass.; thankyou.."


check out
The Richie Quain Trio
+ guests 

There's this place dude.. and this place has the best kinda music played and performed by the best kinda musicians.. Monday evening at the Beacon you'd see and hear instruments being played like they're designed to be played and none of that programmed computer stuff  eeevuh but yer actual plugged in, miked up akTchewal instruments deal thingy.; there's even people who can sing, no less.. Guests of all shapes, sizes, age and sex and all with one great common denominator.; they're pretty damn good., people.. AND they're totally cool too.., so if you know it, go to it and support the local music; it's even free for f*ck's goodness sake.. These folk are out there and working it, but they make an effort to get together for 'us' fan type peoples man.. There's funk, blues, jazz., rocked out rock and depending on who's there, ya never quite know, but geez, don't all flock to the place though 'cause I don't wanna lose my table., OR worse, NOT even get in.

No wonder I'm not on the guest lists for dinner., or any lists other than the 'to be avoided, at all costs'.; I have frown lines too., but they're hard earned as a result of age and stress... and not for any other reason.; well, maybe because I listen intensely 'cause my left eye needs a little help .., unless you're inexperienced and use balloons..,  but my god, you should see how people react when they see 'em.., man.., dude.. I'm the devil.., apparently..  Boo., ARGH.. It'll soon be Christmas..

Daily Distractions

I can't drink Kronenbourg... and these darn pints are killing me..; just a little too much for moi.. It's how it's done here though..; pints, pints and more pints.. PINTS, PINTS and pints.. - pints, bloody pints.. Pints here, pints there, pints everywhere.. I can say 'no'.. though..

I wonder why we lean in when having our pics taken.. Geez., I hate 'off milk'.. I love lakes and water walks.. Paths alongside water really does rock dude.. If I can't see an horizon, then I need to see a silloooette of something.. 17 is ok, I can deal with 15 too, just as long as it's dry and not windy... I can probably push out 10 even, but from then on down, it's a slippery slope.. I'm much better around 19 to 29...

Faux Pas

Steve Gerrard is a hoot a minute.. 

Invitations & Choices.. and why they're important., 'cause without 'em., you're basically up the creek without a paddle and excluded.. When you're last to be picked on the school playground., or worse., you're NOT picked at ALL, it leaves an impression.. - Cliques.. and observing from beyond the gates.. is almost as obvious as the language one picks up.., man..

 Massive Attack

   I think today's probably just about the most dreary and most miserable day .., most grey and most., mostest since.., well.., since Noah.., or at least since the last one..; but it's all good when you think about it.. The light's on (for those wanting to actually see) and people will be drinking copious amounts of tea (Gwen Stefani) while remaining in their 'jammie dodgers' all effing day.. The TV's will be on.., the kettle, permanently hot.. and the blankets accompanying the sofa will mean that those tiny rooms looking out onto a picturesque wall will also be heated artificially with that heat causing whatever air there is, to be dry.., man.- put the kettle on dear.. and let's watch the afternoon sport on TV while reading the Sunday's..; fish, chips an' ice-cream darling..(?), or wouldya like more bread with that sugar..? "Ya what..?, you want more arteries clogged..?" - then let's fry that pan., man..


Tea., tea and more tea
or not to be 


 Warm Embrace

The clean, fresh smell of drying laundry
The full moon playing hide and seek
Racing, racing clouds
A smooth glass of vino rouge reminding me of a moment
Sheltering from the rain on a wet and windy beach
and friends who teach
Paintings that move; written words that emote
Memories to visit and tomorrow's adventures
to explore; looking for a new door
Footpaths to cover and stairs to descend
Backs to bend and
notes to send
All in a day, an' even today
James Alexander
or not

"I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out"
Oscar Wilde
Biggles, Rubert the Bear., Beano and Austin Powers... all live as a colloquial traveling pedlar.; a chapman.., "cheap", "common"... and as a lot of 'low' words., it became fashionable.., > dude <

There's history here
I'm just not sure where the future is
The towns are either dead or dying
like the castle ruins that once stood tall and strong

41 &

Sometimes your stuff's simply outta reach and outta your control

Have a great week
'cause my bags are packed

7 Seconds
Dido & Youssou N'Dour


I'm desperately disappointed


I guess I just travel and think differently 

Thanks this week go/goes to Robert Capra - Hannah Price -Steve McCurry - Wholly Joe's Chicago Eatery - Apple’s iPad mini and the Peninsula

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