Friday, 11 October 2013

Another Week 39 - #BrandBeckham, #National Parks Open, #TJSmith, Obie the Dachshund, Banksy, #RomeoandJuliet..

Good Days



Fingers of Love
Crowded House

I struck a chord..  and the beat goes on.. ; it's today and today ain't yesterday no mow ah.., baby.., but it is a different time somewhere else., I guess..


 The light's different this morning..; oh., no it's not..; yes it is.-  Damn clouds.!

Ok, this is looking good..; I wasn't asked to buy a Big Issue., nor was I asked for 20p., or a cigarette.., or even a light.., however., I WAS asked for directions., and if there was a tea room nearby.., which was more than fine as I had absolutely no clue being that I was somewhere new and different..  A few miles outta town and the landscape changeZ D R amaticall EE baby.., that's dramatically for you and I.. Oh my GOD.., today was mighty fine... and all because I left town.. Man, that square mile or so around the square is da coal mine, the picket line and the job center all rolled into one .....; well, I lived today.. My eyes sparkled and the breath I sucked in went all the way to the back of BOTH my lungs..; even my toes felt alive and curled up..

To., too, but not two
literary stuff

So., I got my phone's navigation turned on and "told" it to take me somewhere; "take me somewhere., anywhere", I said to it..... and it certainly did just that.. Thank you Ms. Navigation unit.., you did good.. I hiked down a bloody big assed hill.. and THEN clambered down some rocks and cliffy type thingies until I touched the pebbles and watched the waves crash man.. I crunched along and sank into the pebbles, I saw caves with candles in 'em.., rocks and two guys swimming in the furious waves.. I saw army type dudes yelling 'stuff' as they jumped into the crashing tide and waves.. There were lots of cameras., couples., dogs.. and then I turned up.. and bumped into the 'direction' asking person who had earlier asked me where the tea rooms were.. I guess I gave the wrong directions., 'cause they sure as heck wasn't anything here other than the bush to hide behind.. The outdoors store must have done a killing with hiking boots, those cargo type pants, checked hoodies .. and scarves.. Nikon and Canon being the next most popular accessory to 'wear'..

It sure was a good day..

Getting Cultured

Imagination, missed opportunities., acting like a tourist and looking forward with faith..
Oh crap., sometimes the things that make us the most uncomfortable, are the one's that offer up the most growth.. Destiny, distraction and doing..

Oh good grief., not another good day; TWO of 'em baby.. Marathon days, lots of folk looking healthy, wearing colour., actually moving around and doing so withOUT a flask or cheese sandwich.. NObody sitting on a bench, but actually moving man.. Smiles., good noises, questions and not an angry person within earshot.. I saw people/strangers actually helping others.. There was cheering, support, encouragement., water bottles.. and volunteers.., applause.. There were people moving ALL over the ole place and even the security was pleasant..; they actually 'asked'.. and allowed photos.. Smiles and hugs are a good day.. There were fund raising causes.. and big assed medals proving one's achievements.. The proof of a different organization bringing it was also in strong and healthy evidence as I couldn't see any dark stuff poorly executed anywhere.. This was cheerEE man..: Yep, smiles are better than scarves..

Best day within half a stride of the pier so far., by a long way..

I celebrated a Diamond Wedding Anniversary.. ; there was 'a' glass of champagne, high tea with a view of the sunny, but chilly garden and ocean beyond.. There was a silver ball type thing and Tolkien.. There was chatter of the old days and of bringing back a memory I'd long forgotten..  I heard all about a female Spitfire pilot and flights purely for lunch, of drinks with foreign dignitaries and playtimes on tropical islands.. I learned about South Pacific Tuesday VIP golf rounds, Downton Abbey and a hotel.. There were African picnics, relatives and talk of Hong Kong and distant cocktails - I'm lucky..

Inflammation of the Prepatellar bursa

I've developed housemaids knee.., which in layman's terms is one sucky S.O.B.. The doc said it was probably as a result of all the moving I do with my camera.., but I think it's got more to do with keeping the house clean and tidy.. I'm now available for hire if you provide the duster..

There were conversations with a florist that got me thinking, new running shoes and chats that resulted in a parking ticket.; my first.., but it was worth it for the great conversation.. I hobbled, observed and ate a donut.. There was even a pretty special light... I read, scratched my head and figured out how to answer my phone..

There was a walk along a new beach, a ramble along a cliff that had slid, there were castles, hills and an art exhibition.. There were installations, sightings of James Marshall and of learning about GT6's.. and there was a roof.., signs.. and just how and why do we 'bump' into people we know in the weirdest of places..

There was a case of crashing an 1812 Sunday lunch and listening to live music., talk of studios and of recording, there was a new voice to hear., a new sound and laughter.. and I met someone born in the same hospital (and just a year apart) as I was.. and that takes some doing considering where I was born, but "jambo" dude.... All in all, quite a few days and not even a Big Issue, balloon or flask in site..  Even my license photo isn't quite THAT bad as it turns out., although...

Summertime Sadness
Lana Del Rey

A Romantic Poet
 "You know how you're kind know...sensitive? There's a good reason for that. Long, long ago, you were a romantic poet - the kind that made all the ladies swoon with your sexy sonnets.

 Even if you're not much of a poet now, you've still got a lot of creativity brewing in your soul. And you've got a strong ability to notice details and understand other people's emotions.

 If you ever have writer's block or just need some creative inspiration, try to harness some of that poet power in your soul's past."

'cause I don't have anything better to do with my time right now, than take free quizzes.; but I can deal with that

Faux pas


I guess I just enjoy nature
simple pleasures

John Lennon
said it

"Being honest may not get you many friends.,
but it'll always get you the right ones.."


poetic grammar

Thanks this week go/goes to R. Newton - Michael Palin - TJ Smith -David Bowie - John Lennon - Maria de Villota - Julianne Hough - Harrison Ford - Joe Bell and Nicole Kidman

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