Thursday, 3 October 2013

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Chic, effortless and sexy



Chips, fries...., fries, chips..; crisps, chips., chips...., crisps..; queues., lines., lines elevators.. lifts...
Bed., Diet Coke, chips/fries., ice-cream, bread and inactivity does., in my unqualified opinion contribute towards keeping you soft in the places you check out in the mirror and would 'privately' (and secretly) love to see firm/tighten up..; but until then, could you please pass me another cake.., I need to sit down when I get out of bed ...
"go on., have another one.." - "You haven't got enough there.!"...- "want some more.?"  - tea, cake and fry-ups.. Beer.., sweets/candy., and would you like more sugar with that fork full..

Sizes and spreads..., portions and waist lines..; excuses and lifestyles.. Well, I walk a few miles every once in a while weekend but I'd never (no, no I wouldn't) sit down and have a cup of tea and 'no', I'd never have an ice-cream while sauntering along my few miles meters from the car park..; I pump those miles out man.. Smile for the camera.. and geez, why am I 'spreading out'.. I only had one diet coke today and only 7 this week and they ARE 'Diet'., after all.. Damn it, these benches are hard and uncomfortable..; they're not like my car seat..

Fish and chips today.. and how about I throw some more butter in the pan..; slap it on baby.. How many sugars do you take with that donut.., doughnut sir..

Somewhere there's a heaven
and somewhere the sand's warm under foot
somewhere the breeze is warm and pleasant
and somewhere there's a hug..

but today I'll probably stand on (and brutally murder) a simple slug innocently hidden away under the wet leaves covering the sodden path I'll be walking on, leaving it's broken body squeezed into the grips of my soles until I walk it into the carpet of some unsuspecting 'room'..


I know there's a sky up there., somewhere.. and even though it's hidden for most of the day., I just know it's there..; now., 'color'..(?), well there's wet dark red brick to spruce up any grey and dreary day.. and 'wet red'., as we all know, goes well with the dark greens, browns and patchwork style grey.. I'm forgetting what a primary color is now..- Light.., light is a thing you turn on with a switch, isn't it..; daytime light is now more or less a need for artificial thingy... "No More Light"., sang to Alice Cooper's School's Out..

How Far Can You See
have you been there 

Whine., or fact..; honesty., or ... Views from a window .. and the horizon from this point is approximately just 17 miles..; just 17 miles dude..  I much prefer seeing Catalina.. and those twinkling lights when the sun goes down behind it..or that 15 man.. The 15 is the one road you can see for miles and miles on.... and that energy..; the desert.., the desert at sunrise., the desert at sunset.. The desert sky., that desert sky is huge, massive and twinkles with a magic..; someone waves their wand over that scene for sure..- Now, where was I.(?), oh yes, slugs, Big Issue guys.., brown and grey..

Hemisphere's and Datelines

North, south.., east and west..; jetted, hovered, submerged and propelled.., sailed, floated and glided.. ; chugged., drove and rode.. Walked., ran and hobbled.., in bare feet, covered feet and done 'em all in dark glasses.. and I'm back to stepping on slugs and stubbing my toes  and walking into spiders., where I'd least expect to..- Color.., councils, chips and crisps..., man..

 Pass the foil
and let's spread the spread

There's a look to a palm tree that screams out atcha., "hey man.., cool, I'm here, you're here.. and guess what., you're not there" .. Cool and totally groovy how palm trees can do that to you... Those damn clever mothertruckers.., whereas a rotting, peeling and faded beach hut kinda screams, whimpers , yells.,  "you're effin' here.."

Wet feet, wet cash an' a dry belt..
who'd a figured that fresh air would be a luxury 

Oh hang on., let me shut the window..
Yep., yes, I think that's definitely 45 degrees.., uh, oh, hang on.., no, no, it's horizontal...., oh on, hang on, it's more like vertical now..; oh crap., sorry., it's back to being about 45 degrees..; just let me put the lights on and I'll be able to see better - damn it..., 10.45 am.. and artificial light, artificial heat., but I'll look the other way..



I just want a taco., baby



Manly man kinda stuff


work-out pants

Thanks this week go/goes to Palmae - doodling - Joe & The Juice, Copenhagen Airport - The Red Lion, London Gatwick Airport North Terminal - Concourse F food court, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the Truth

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