Friday, 18 October 2013

Another Week 40 - #surf, #Rio, #LondonFilmFestival, Davion Navar Henry, #Hollywoodactressesover40 and #Malala



I was inspired to throw some paint onto a canvas & work it.. and it was fun., again.. Color and texture (as you now know) rocks man..  - Middle aged women can be like a fine wine even though 'they' rarely see themselves that way., thanks to social media.. I like fine vino.., but then again, I like rouge vino., period.. There's something that happens to the bottle when it ages.. It carries a maturity, the dust hides a story.. and it swirls around in the glass with a totally majestic and seductive grace about it..  and man, it's smooth when you have the right vino del plonko, it tastes like a million dollars.., whatever a million dollars tastes like.. Middle age..; graceful, mature, experienced and stunningly beautiful..

I've got an itch on my left clavicle.. The hills beat me up today.. I don't know what to do about tomorrow., but I do know that I need to explore a gallery again.. and soon..  I'm feeling sculpture and modern.., South America and Marsanne noir..

I've got several months before celebrating a birthday, but what the hell., I think I'll make it a party kinda weekend.., just incase.. I could've taken my gloves out today, but instead I wore a knee support... I'm ok in a straight flat line but if someone expects me to take avoiding action, it's bloody painful and slow to react.. and people expect stuff..

I still get off on Bittersweet Symphony..

Two Cousins
The Plague
 The evening started off with a bang., or fizzle..; turning your back on someone ain't cool baby., but sure as hell, I was on the receiving end of that rather lame and ignorant action.. Here's to all the folk who've had a back turned on them..; we rock man and much love and support to ya'll.. I thought a LOT in those moments and came to a careful but reluctant decision and one that would mean leaving via the spiral staircase that lead me to that point.. The sun was going down spectacularly in many ways.. SO I hobbled my sorry ass down the stairs and made a phone call searching for a support.. Two offered themselves and I was able to come to a another pretty damn difficult decision.. It's time to move on.. and I'll do so minus three.. NO more will 'they' hear the sound of my voice and no more will they share a space with me.. I'm far too weak to go through all that sh*t again.. and besides wearing a crisp white shirt with links rocks the place like a shooting star lighting up the dark skies.. My star rocked for that split second and then moved on..

Secret Messages and Earthquakes 

I saw Hendrix coming alive., a car being sprayed, poets poetically sharing their stories in a basement far from the feet and rain.. I sat on a blue bench and listened., watched a bottle of red being passed around angry men before the tall and young police officer displayed a local strength..  I spoke to artists., bought my fifth umbrella.. and learned  a little more about #Steampunks..
There was a young community team of dancers., very hot Thai street food.. and graffiti art ... I noticed a miniature 'bottle' left on a store front window proving that someone couldn't get through the day without a hit...
I wandered the Victorian street, listened to a miked up street vendor selling his stuff and was a willing participant to street magic.. I love and totally believe in magic.. Santa rocks.., but man, watching magic hands making stuff move and doing it right infront of yer very eyes, is a treat..; thanks Chris..; Thanks too to Mr. Cooper for your spoken words and thanks too to Peacocks for the umbrella at closing time..

Red, read

Under The Pier
The Morning Hug That Kissed

 There ain't no room for snobbery
and there ain't no space for bad 'tude'
and there ain't no time for late
but thankyou for the eyes that sparkled
the smile that smiled
and the walk with a beautiful surprise

 Tracks.., Sir Richard Branson and modern day

Costume Drama
Street Protests

'valley overgrown with spiky plants'

I'm so far removed from costume and drama
The time has gone and while there was obviously a place for it
It's now just dated and without a qualified colorist following every step.,
the costumed drama doesn't carry any weight other than being a minor spectacle
for a camera phone and parochial newspaper

dandy words
dandy highwaymen
Adam Ant
did we take him seriously

"17 people per hectare.  The Borough as a whole has an average population density of 35 persons per hectare.  This compares with an England and Wales average of 3.6 persons per hectare."

 Safety in the Rain

Where is the quality


Northern Lights and Husky Sledding.; I also got to the garden just in time to watch a car or 2 drive through.., which was strangely weird in a totally fun kind of way.. The Doors played it., Jim sang it and 'People are.." man.. I guess if all you've got is Primark., then Primark is all you've  got..
How do you get a hold of people


I remember sailing The Bay.., thanks to dr.; it was the weekend when I visited a vineyard, watched an NZ band and drove across the Bridge.. man. Just one of those days and weekends that you'll never forget
I got one of those cool Social Media surprises ..; a few friends ran a European Marathon.. and I woke up, reached for my glasses and was able to see.. I think I got bitten on of the top my head by a spider..; the trouble is., I can't see it.., 'cause I don't have eyes in the top of my head.., just incase you were wondering..


Language can be just plain ole weird man.. and 'People are Strange' - The Doors..; going back, is like., going back.
 and why are peeps afraid of honesty..?, why do they hide and the world's much clearer when I put my glasses on.. RayBans, Oakley's
I see performances going down everyday - people try..  and trying loses some ALL  some (!) degree of authenticity in my book.. It's funny man, but when I saw Percy at the cash point and checking out the fresh fruit he wasn't wearing his tight jeans while walking down the street and nor was his shirt slashed open and neither was he strutting.. I guess some folk know THE when, where and why.. Performances are for the stage, shopping is for the streets.. Kinda like Roger and Pete too..; I never see those guys coming out of the local stores doing the windmill, or swirling the mike around ...- Language uh.!


I was reminded of a cake.; I'm a piece of work.. , but hey.. Paradise, I'm discovering, is anywhere outside of a ten (ish) mile (ish) radius of two of the basic shapes in geometry..  My face goes all squishy when I stand upside down..; don't ask., but it rules out any horizontal dancing from now on..

 40 and done

but can anyone tell me why I missed out on  #38 ?

an' I don't need no pink Lamborghini

Thanks this week go/goes to PJC - KW - MM - AS - Walt Whitman - Richard MontaƱez - Paul Scholes - Rosie Hardy - Melissa Smith - Veneno Roadster - Sister Antonia Brenner and the L.A. Times

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