Sunday, 15 September 2013

Another Week 32 - #Dating, #Wrecking Ball videos., Frank Sinatra, Colorado Flood, Japan Typhon


A high clearance 4x4 Dodge Ram

Welcome to the resort


"I don't know why I carry my cereal bowl in my left hand.., but I can't seem to be able to do it with my right..; now that's just plain weird.."
The Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons hotel in New York



So., I went out on a date..; yeah, one of those things.. I haven't been on one in a few decades and had signed off from wanting to again, however., she was/is cute.. and, can you believe., way younger than me., which was totally unplanned., or aimed for., but hey, these things happen.. an' I wasn't saying no.; look., I'm no George Clooney, but man here's this chick who's totally chasing me down and not taking no for an answer.. I felt like a total rockstar..
So this cute young thing seemed to have as much fun as I did.; we walked, hung out, ran and frolicked for what felt like ever., she seemed genuinely interested in what I rambled on about and she was just the best kind of company ..; naturally I can't say for sure., but .., I think it went well.. I love understated and fun company..
She's spontaneous, athletic, really natural.. and didn't take long to get ready either, so I didn't have to wait and pace forever..;  I eventually made dinner., nothing special, but I threw something together and she ate my lame and hastily put together attempt., seemed to enjoy the 'liquid refreshment' I poured too.. Her eyes were/are alive and sparkled with an energy I hadn't seen in a while..
There was no pretense..; she wasn't bothered what kind of car I drove., or didn't... She couldn't care less about where I lived., or what I was wearing.. She didn't appear to be bothered about whether I was wearing a labelled watch., or what kind of job I have.. 'We' only have an instinct and what's shared, so I guess I'll never truly know, but man, she was warm and soft..
We snuggled on the sofa where we eventually fell asleep.. and on the first date, yet it felt right..; I woke up to see (and feel) her head resting on my chest.. and man, that feeling totally rocks.. It was all so comfortable and I'm 'here' wondering what I'd done to deserve all this love and attention..; I'm just a guy.., just a guy.. and hey, we kinda picked up where we left off..; I love a female who can just wake up, shake it all off and is ready to hit the road.. Life's an adventure to be lived and sometimes., you've just gotta stand up, be ready and move.. and man, she was ready.. I was really pleasantly surprised.. It's so cool to meet up with someone who loves the same things.. and I love to be outdoors at a moments notice where the sense of freedom satisfies my soul and she was all for that too..; perfect..
I ended up treating her to something to wear.. I know it was kinda forward and presumptuous, but man, she was all over it and wore it immediately.. and looked good in it too I may add..
My first date ended up being a full on weekend and I can't wait to see her again..; I just hope this age thing won't become an issue., but..
I do love #Border Collies
Thank you Meg., I'll bring a ball next time

No takers today

Being popular is not worth sacrificing your independent thinking

Bottom right

long-tailed rodents
I'm not equipped to watch Sliding Doors.. I saw an actual rat rat in the Gardens and right where I know people lay out, smooch, have lunch, read, study, play with their babies and sunbathe..; the big little bleeder scurred across the path and hit the stream swimming across it and into the plants.., but I saw it..-

True love

Son Doong, in Quang Binh, Vietnam


's'good to think that I won't be seeing any speedos., or men in capri pants for another several months..; phew., cause that hurts the ole eyeballs.. 
'k so I've switched the lights on
turned the artificial heating on
found my gloves and next season socks
The heavier fleece and waterproofs are front and center
The windows are now shut
 and shorts packed away
There will be months of irritated dry skin to look forward to
bitter winds and watery eyes
There will be cold wet feet, knees and shoulders
Shivering morning bathrooms, dreary days and empty streets
Long dark nights, hunched shoulders and plenty of frowns
There will be bedding so heavy it'll be difficult to turn over
There will be dead and rotting leaves, puddles but plenty of car parking spaces
Lots of coughs, sniffles and aches
The stars will hide along with any colour
but not to worry, it'll only be for several months
Day after day
Sneezing., spluttering, sniffling and coughing
Ahh, low single digits, chills and constantly looking for shelter
I've now had three seasons in one day
and it's still only mid morning
It's warm, sunny, clear and colourful somewhere
just not here


English Colloquialisms., dude..; belts, Perq's... an' bias..  It's all about travel and if you have., you have., whereas if you haven't., you haven't.. and if you haven't, it's all balloons man.. - I picked up a book and it has pages and yer actual words in it.., innit..
Leaf blowing in the rain with head phones on..  

Kino Pionier in Poland
Cine Thisio, Greece

It's much too highbrow for me..; I'm lost on it as it goes right way WAY over my head..  I'm still laughing at the banana skin thing.. and yearning..

and warm cakes

I found something., but not the thing I was looking for.. and that's how this thing works.., or doesn't..  It's not funny being written off.., but it is if your ice cream's melting all down your hands an' arm.. - Balance and man., there sure are a lot of smokers and spitters around..

I Actually Met Harry
I took in a debut Fringe Festival that included a performance of the stunningly well written Fridge.. an' all taking place on a rainy night to a locally packed 'house' and vocally appreciative audience.. An excellently shot short movie containing familiar hands and a total scene stealer greeted me and now for SIX and another night I remember well.. Live stuff., creative stuff just rocks the house down., baby.. - How can one NOT like experiencing culture and something new..!, ahh well, back to the coffee house for a coffee with an f arty thing sculpted into the froth that I can't even pronounce, let alone understand., or fortunately.. 'drink'.. But, The Fridge man., wow..

Single Cutey 
It's the day after Friday and I just read an article..; mornings are much better after you've had a shower and drank a bottle of water..  I like blueberries - cereal and socks are sorted and I've planned a new day's adventure.., spontaneity rules..


What were they thinking with the whole Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet., or maybe it's a whole styling genius type gig that I'm missing.!, but there again, the back of a bus may appeal to some folk as a piece of prose..; whada I know.. I know about men's Bruno Magli Chelsea Boots..
I also know that Bruno Mars !! is doing the half time SuperBowl '14 thing in New Jersey.., but what I don't know is 'why'.! and where is the startup guide when you need one..; I'm totally confused..- Inept is a good word...

I'm not sure about this smartphone technology., but it's taken me 'a few' minutes to work out the black pin needed 'extending' before I finally learned that it was infact the correct plug.., but man.. AND then I had to find out where to plug it into the damn phone.. and that took me a 'few' too... AND THAT'S just the bloody power lead to charge it up.. I think I maybe in over my head here.. , but I've actually worked out how to plug the plug into both the power point and the phone.. and turn it on., but from there on in, it's an adventure baby.. I've gotta swipe this way and that., press here and tap there..

too late
'That's Life'

DONE deal

Jus' grab it while you can
'cause it's


Thanks this week go/goes to Gwyneth Paltrow - Howard and Deb Limbert - Walter Trout - Ray Dolby - Cal Worthington - Anthony Cerniello - Janice "Lokelani" Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele and Home Depot

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