Thursday, 12 September 2013

Another Week 31 - Stunt, Tesco Hudl, Phone Walmart and Santa Claus called for jury duty



“Someday I’ll find the right words and they’ll be simple..” ~ Jack Kerouac

Britain's Leading Ladies



I like stretching out my toes.. ; there's a sense of psyche freedom when wandering barefoot.., but now my feet are getting cold.. 


New Trends


Yeah., I know the ocean's thatta way.. and yep, I know the beach is thatta way too... and YES, I know the coastline is thatta way also.. and yes., yes, I know the bootiful countryside is thatta way.. and YES< YES< YES., I know the horizon's thatta way...., but I wanna go thatta way dude and NO, NO, NO, I don't have a cigarette.. and NO, NO, NO., I don't have a spare 50p..; look dude., you just asked me if I wanted a Big Issue when I went into Tesco's and I'm out within two minutes AND you're bloody asking me again.. If I'd have bought a Big bloody Issue each time I've been asked., you'd have been able to BUY your own place to live..; Hmm., now there's a thought..

NOT pretty
I could've looked the OTHER way
at the stunning coast line of course
which is what everybody else was doing

Oh crap., I walked by a couple screaming at each other from inside their car..; I could hear it coming from somewhere and wondered where at first, then all of a sudden, I could hear her.., shouting at him to "f--king get out of the car." so many times I couldn't possibly keep count.. He wasn't budging.. She floored the gas pedal a hundred yards and I could still hear this screaming going on.. She parked right in the middle of the junction and screamed at him to "f--king get out of the car., I'm done.".. He didn't budge, but then I saw him punch, slap and scream at her 'you f--king --nt., I'll make sure you're as good as ..".. - I was already speaking to the operator by this point.. and these calls seem to take so long as I calmly told the services that while she was asking me my phone number,  I'm watching this girl get smacked around.. I'd given the registration number, descriptions and watching this dude go about hitting this woman about the head while calling her a 'f--king --nt..".. The operator told me the car and license didn't jive.., so I told her "then the police have got a bigger problem than just a domestic that could turn deadly.., but I'm watching and not seeing any police here yet.." - I still haven't found out 'anything', but man, it was pretty damn fecking ugly.. I don't like that shit man...


 I dunno., I jus' dunno

I sat across the desk from someone today..; I spoke, she typed - An hour later an' I was crossing the street after a blue bus drove by... Funny thing about blue buses.., they're blue.. I sat on a blue chair too., the sky was blue.. and I wore a blue shirt.. Holy toledo Batman..  I did see a windsurfer using a red sail though, now I come to think of it..

and sometimes all ya gotta do is Google it 

Phew., that mouthful was hot..; my chest is burning , man..; NOT 'Burning Man'., jus' burning., man..  and hey., let's have EVEN more tattoos.. dude...

Uv er., uv eh.., or uv ah.., but more commonly written and understood as being  'other'.., yet apparently wildly spoken in these them parts as any of the formers

.. and I s'pose England's going to win the (soccer/football) World Cup in Rio.., but not before I pilot a rocket to the sun.. and immediately after I've won the lotto.., married my first Supermodel and moved into the South Pacific Island I'm going to buy tomorrow.. ; I'm also thinking of running for King., President and develop a cure for cancer..- GO Woy., er Roy ( I mean)., you're full of excitement and the team plays full of flair..; now where is that lotto ticket..


People Are Strange and National Anthems are even stranger.., but I'm still going to take my multi-vitamin pills and park between the lines.. I'm looking for some new music., but failing miserably, so I'll have a beer instead.. My alarm's set and I think I'll christen a new toothbrush..

I found a new path today., I also committed to the Z.. and I took a photograph.. I like harbours and inland waterways..; boats rock.. I also took in some old ruins complete with trash.., listened to some blues and was introduced to some new music.. I drove with my windows open for as long as I could before the rain forced me to use the wipers.. and I found a mausoleum that was home to a woman buried alive.., apparently..

There's a clique and there isn't..; I'm not.., but if you like a lot of stuff., drink a lot of tea and smile a lot, I guess it's out there.. I don't drink tea, don't smile a lot and only like some stuff.., but I love the blues man., I love the horizon and I love me a good tune.. I listened to the Wave today and man, , bouncy old pop definitely had it's time.., but  now, it sure sounds dated..., to ME.. The blues lasts, jazz lasts., rock lasts., but disco and pop is stuck in that part of the 70's that also provided us with strikes, blackouts, flares, polyester.., skinheads.. , bad/ questionable architecture and Ford Cortinas... I had a red Cortina.. and a red Capri (with an electric aeriel.!) and a silver 8 track..; I much prefer a Fender Strat' and a neat engine..

I overheard two women talking about the 1950's., I heard my folks talk about dying and I found a good parking spot..

I've decided

an' I jus' dunno
How soon is soon and when is when..?  and sometimes I am better watching paint dry.. 'We' have perqueuelier/odd tastes.. I wonder who designed/built the first spade.?  and driving might be a challenge if they switched the pedals around..

"There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another."
Edouard Manet



  This is NOT a quote., but.. 'hi'

from ME

I'll wear my dark glasses today






“Anyway, I wrote the book because we’re all gonna’ die.”

Jack Kerouac


 Phuk dude., that was a day

My laptop's acting up

Thanks this go/goes to Jared Leto - Gerald Buck - Jack Kerouac - Jay Leno - Time Travel - Rusty Combs - Paul and Margot Brockmann and Robert Avery

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