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Another Week 34 - #blinddate, #Arts and Entertainment, Gao Qianbo, #VW camper van., Carol and Willie Fowler,

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Equinox to Equinox



A Soap Box

It was different for sure and definitely a move in a direction., however, it had that feeling of oppression (yet again)..; it was dark, noisy.., smelly and the whole organization deal's a bit off (yet again) man..- sorry.. I guess I just don't need anymore dark unorganized sh*t baby.. and not to mention that those things got stuck., I got man handled by a heavy handed high viz yellow jacket wearing security person who was so far up their own importance for nothing more than.,  'cause as we ALL know, a parade can walk right through a big assed post structure thing that holds up a bloody great big bridge... Now., to correct address that, I'd suggest travel and a more positive and a more worldly use of that experience rather than 'the steel' view.., or simply hire someone who knows that a long assed thingy can't navigate and cruise the tight ? 'green barrier' and low trees and stuff.. and hey isn't a procession., according to (Wikipedia)

 A procession (French procession via Middle English, derived from Latin, processio, from procedere, to go forth, advance, proceed) is an organized body of people walking in a formal or ceremonial manner.

I wouldn't worry though 'cause I admittedly just don't get it, so you're not trying to 'please' me.., fortunately..  It goes way over my simple head.. 

It's like turning up under the impression you're going to see a rocket launched to the moon but ending up watching a firework  fizzle miserably.., or excitedly looking forward to the unseen Van Gogh., only to see a piece of pavement art (as rockin' as pavement art is., but it's no Vincent baby) being washed away in the rain., for me..  Thank god for the stranger.., a photog. and a family and the old couple.. and the group of foreign students... and a participant (who seemed responsible for the running order) who all agreed.. I guess rather than being spotted standing alone on the periphery., I'd have been in and amongst it, sleeves rolled up an' checking on stuff.., along with my trusty fire extinguisher..; for fires to put out.., incase you were wondering., but man, come on dude.. That's three in a row..- I'd also move the info bit from the center of where a natural traffic jam takes place to help with flow and ease congestion.. and this is free advice.. and geez., the poor dudes in the Beetle were just thrown out there for all the wacky late nighters..; kinda like a skinny gladiator thrown in for the lions..
I do wonder if thought goes into this gig.., other than 'hey, let's get them in, treat 'em like crap and leave them hangin'..' - Pat me on the back now Mr. Councillor..

 Now what

Do we know why the merry-go-round wasn't on and working., or the spinning thingy that goes "really fast ride".., or why there wasn't a concession stand or two in the specifically built new thing., or why there weren't lights, music and why wasn't that new little 'under the bridge' cafe thingy open.. and I'm sure the announcer was a personal friend., but man..,
Somabien., AmbeSleep or RestAid., is not the way to go before ya go live on air.. and neither is sucking on a boiled sweet.. Cute accent and dialect though..
A million people., a million strangers and how is it possible to bump into., totally unplanned., a few people ya know..! Weird man..- My battery's charged, the custard creams are digested.. and limbering up for another day's adventure.. What.., cough.., and ouch, I just bit my tongue.. fun..

.. and what was good.?, well.., I only saw one bunch of balloons., YEAH., there was a cartoon being shown on a screen.., I found some chips/fries .. and an actual open men's restroom.,  in the end.. ; there were a few families wandering around until the witching hour of about 8.00pm.. The dude in the band was a perfect over-acting front man.. and the rolling pianist rolled along very nicely..; The Tea Ladies were fun, especially the one overflowing with personality.. and I thoroughly enjoyed the wandering Italian Minstrels.. I got to sit and have my sole measured for., soul..

The atmosphere changed dramatically at, so it was time to get outta dodge.. If it's going to change and be a place to wander after dark., I'd say 'lights'., rangers and cartoons man.. Thank god for cartoons.. and that jingle..

The disco thingy (and last dance) amongst among in the trees proved something..., but did someone really approve the Mobile Cinema to go there..! I'm in with the very, very minority (of one., being 'me') with the whole wedding gig as I didn't like to hear someone shouting "tighten up", "quicken up", "no GAPS", "louder.." it made the spectacle a bit cheesy and under rehearsed. Earpieces and wireless 21st century communications would've helped as would working out where the long trains were, cause then they could have all gone towards the rear to keep it all tighter ..; I also didn't really care for his 'gruff Eminence' person deal as that bit 'went on'.. and on.. and on.. ; also., the standing around 'before' lacked something authentic and traditional.. I'd have done it in eerie silence and edited the dude's unnecessary speech thing right WAY down..; while the red wearing megaphone gig., was a let down too.. I mean a couple of totally unnecessary aspects of probably 'filling in' in the hope of making it more of a deal.., when less and understated stuff works better.. I just wanted to hear the 'shuffle' and 'rustle'..- but hey, that's just me.. and geez, whadda I know.. baby..

As Opposed to Egoism

Ok., so  Margaritas and Pirates.. ducks an' clean glasses.. Personal wardrobes can be kinda innerestin'..; I jus' don't care.. I do care about altruism

"I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike."..
Willie Nelson

I'm also way too sick for work,
but I should be fine for happy hour..

.. an' you can keep daytime lights where the sun don't shine..

I think everything, as in the stuff  yer actual money was on.,  was running late.., or so it seemed.., but I managed to get some dinner in eventually.. although now I believe I've developed a shin splint in my right one.. 's' good to introduce myself and meet a new face, bump into a proud, excited and smiling old one.. and a couple of familiar ones..; there was a great conversation with a couple of camera wielding people..

But let's look at it from the other way.. and hey., it was different to last weekend..   You know when you're a chef and you go shopping for the best and freshest ingredients.. and you cut them up with best utensils.. and you're in the throws of producing the menu of  your life.. and you under cook the effing thing.., or perhaps burn it..; in the end it doesn't really matter how good the ingredients were/are, if you can't cook 'em'., you've got diddly squat for a meal.. That's how I felt my weekend went down... The main meal was burned.. man..

I had an epiphany and have come to realize that it's also about the flora and fauna..  Palm trees in boxes/planters just don't quite carry the same kind of 'feeling' that the ones growing naturally outta the ground do.. Another reminder of faux..




"I don't always say something stupid.., but when I do., I keep talking to make it worse.."


it's all about cats and dogs

We Still Play In The Rain

Thanks this week go/goes to Irv Gordon -  Tico Torres - Nick Handler - Sarah Silverman - Copper Beech Farm - Robin Wright - Jennifer Salvage and Butch the Siberian husky

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