Saturday, 7 September 2013

Another Week 30 - #MickeyRourke, Rhona Mitra, Cogito ergo sum, #Apple Injunction, #Pope Francis, Piper Perabo


"Farewell is a Lonely Sound"

Maybe I should just get greedy selfish., but I'm not.. 

If you lived in an area known for it's high number of care homes and nursing homes., here's a question for ya..; what would you expect a lot of..?
If you lived in an area known for it's high number of drug and alcohol rehab centers., here's a question for ya.; what would you expect a lot of.?
If you lived in an area known for it's high number of bars and clubs., here's a question for ya.; what would you expect a lot of.?
If you lived in an area known for having a high number of fish and chip shops., here's a question for ya.; what would you expect a lot of.?
If you lived in an area., here's a question for ya.; what would you possibly (allegedly) have a lot of.?  Jus' sayin'..


"Moon River, wider than a mile"..,  I've got a plan..  baby.. Here there and everywhere..


Banana Pancakes
thank you
Jack Johnson 

So I threw a blanket into a bag, grabbed a couple of chilled screw tops and squeezed a handful of Dutch cans into a small bag and cruised down to the sand through a chine type thing. Timed it to perfection as I came across a parking blue car opening it's doors and from then on it became an evening of laughter and stories.. Beach bbq's roark., man.. Sandy sausages, dips, getting to know new smiles and a lil ole distant jazz too.. Cool and fun.., but no, I'm not Bollywooding it..- Neighbors..

I woke up sometime while it was dark (and really early.!) to hear that it was raining and the windows were wide open., which meant trying to navigate the obstacles to close the bloody things.

Alan Hansen is retiring MOD after 22 years..; I mean., what the eff am I going to do now.. I'm devastated man..  The guy's a total laugh a minute decade kinda geezer

I suppose I'll just have to pack my whites away for the next several months..; oh no.., not quite, not just yet.. Gotta be fast here and make the most of it.. I just heard a guy say that he "was going for a swim, in the wah-eh (water).."., which got me thinking.."hmm., I wonder where else he would swim.?"
"wiv er".. (with her)

A Place Called Home

Someday I'll go where there ain't no rain or snow
‘Til then, I travel alone
And I make my bed with the stars above my head
And dream of a place called home

Kim Richey

The StoryTellers
Cute., fun., alive..  and distracting.., however, there's cute everywhere.. but when you touch the real cute., you'll feel it baby.. I only got asked 4 times today about THE Big Issue.., twice by the same dancing guy.. I saw a woman take on a group of guys and beat their sorry asses.., in double quick time..  I asked a few questions..

I paid my money, took my shoes off and ventured into an inflatable maze type thingy thing... Colorful, weird and yet calming.. I sat in a couple of bubbles and watched the reactions (of fellow bubble ees) for twenty minutes or so., then left.. and my shoes were in exactly the same place where I left them.. I also saw the same person twice..

Today is today.., right now., is right now.. and I'm looking for new old new..


I took a meander home in the dying light and along the beach and came across a party crowd...; a deal was struck and in order to capture the wacky group I had to slow dance with the dude on the left... The things some of us do.., but it was good to laugh with fun strangers celebrating a 30th birthday...

I took in an artist finishing off a window.,  watched a new sport, for me.. and will now go away and Google it.., saw a butt cheek., a couple of weddings..  and drank a Pepsi..  

Walked on a Pier, again.., but this time a different one., although aren't they all kinda the same really.? They  just go out over the water and usually have plenty of carbohydrates chips for sale at the entrance of 'em and usually somewhere close to some black ornate wrought iron gates.. I also digested an Artisan Market.., of sorts.. and I had to turn down yet another Big Issue.., twice.!  There were people I know.. and people I didn't don't.; lot's of 'em were eating ice-creams.., one was opening an aluminum foil wrapped sandwich.., and 'yep', a flask by her feet.. The bikes are out in force and require eyes in the back of your head..- I read a program, walked up a hill and came across a shopping trolley..; I mean., how does a shopping trolley end up on the top of a cliff and the other side of a fence..? It takes some form of studious individuals ('cause one couldn't heave that sucker over that fence) to work out how strong and clever they are to be able to hoist a trolley up a bloody great hill and over a fence.. I assume one takes further education, perhaps an A level or two, or even a higher form of education to understand the enormity of said achievement.. I bailed on that year at school and subject., but it's an eye opener to see how some peeps get their kicks., man.. I'm just proud to be .....admittedly  weird. I'm weird & proud.., man

I turned around to take in the view and noticed that I had a dark cloud hanging over me., which kinda sucked a little as it came as a bit of a surprise..., considering I was feeling kinda cool baby..

You cannot be serious, Johnny Mac

I do read this stuff back eventually and at some point and even I scratch my head at this stuff... and I'm living it., but man, I've read some heavy crap recently, what with Twitter people tweeting, Facebookers Facebooking., Instagramers..,  Instagraming.., Bloggers Blogging and iPhoners, iPhoning their happy Apps away.. I blame The Sun and deckchairs.. What is it with your, you're and there their..? Is it that difficult., really.. and spell check is right there their there for anyone who can't spell definatly defenately def' definitely.. Long live rock and roll.. and bad grammar ... and heavy duty punctuation..

So Proud

Livin' It
and no turning back

maybe., jus' maybe you're not walking where I walk, 'cause I tend to mix my walks up and go where the paths are.. and some of those paths are off the beaten coffee shop path.., man.., but they're there.. and full of empty crisp/chip packets., cigarette packs., beer and cider cans.. and worse..

Artists, writers and autotrader

The planes, the planes have gone boss.. The concession area is now an area enjoyed by skateboarders clipping, jumping, flipping and falling..; thanks must go to the council for their foresight in developing a skate area.. and turning the volume off..
I'm thinking about tickets

I crunched through a bunch of fallen leaves today, crossed a road and walked right through a carpark.. and the fountain's been turned off..
It looks like the town's shutting down

As indeed
I am 


"An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips."
Proverbs 24:26 

Thanks this week go/goes to Jimmy Ruffin - René Descartes - Jack Johnson - Aaron Arias - Jamal Harris and Steve McQueen

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