Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Another Week 16 - # De Rosa Planet., Moschino., San Francisco, Make-A-Wish.. and

The Swan


It's good to talk movie locations with the guy in charge.. and it's good to talk commercials with the guy in charge.. and thanks big time for keeping me in the loop sir.. - I'm 'in' and ready to rock an' roll man.. Sitting outside on the steps in the warm dying sun while everyone takes a shower, proves creatively inspiring dude.. Dunno the how's., or the why's., but I'm one lucky Moph Uker.. The Satay worked it's magic and so did the bungee..; everything was where it should have been..

19th Century

The suite and upgrade was a cool eye opener., but man., those elevators sure were dark & tiny.. and I managed to get out of town., eventually.. I've just discovered that I'm into Regency..; I guess that was one of the reasons I ended up walking the wide boardwalk dude., but can someone tell me why there was a lifeguard there.. There was space, wide roads, a way in and The Kinks..

I just downloaded an app making me somewhat hip., cool & trendy..- OMG - NOT T.. Saluting and stilts are all well and good., but crashing on the finishing line while high fiving isn't..

I dreamed of having some loose change in my hand.., the gravel's up to it's usual  early morning sounds of activity.. My fav'  Levi's are shot.. and now for the next pair that have been on the go in readiness for this sad, sad day.. - Ok, I've got rid of the sleep in my eye.. I need to pump out the daily five crunches and two push ups in the gym thing deal....

Tried explaining the taste of water..and what's so wrong about staying in bed.. Damn that guilt man.. Laguna is a rockin' and the ferry is a crossing..  and without vitamin D., we'd be without vitamin D...


& research..- I plugged in a vacuum and took it all the way to the end of it's cord.; I wonder if there's a 'sit on' vacuum somewhere.. Putting the chairs back was easy.., but now I've come down a set of stairs, I've got to go back up another set..

I took some homemade caffeine down to the guy servicing the pool.. and despite not making the best stuff around., he drank it..  I came back, opened a few e-mails, completed a few documents, popped a couple of choc' chip cookies and inhaled a glass of l'eau minĂ©rale..

I think there must be a tyrannosaur wandering around outside by the sounds of it..  and I'm putting together some lyrics on some black and whites.. Fenders rock.. and so do competitive medals achieved for excellence.. 


Influences, titles

sked ules


The Eiffel Suites at the five-star Plaza Athenee Paris
The Penthouse Suite of the Corinthia Hotel in London
Ritz-Carlton Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore
The Oriental Suite (presidential) at the Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco
 The Pangu 7-Star Hotel in Beijing, China
Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India
Hotel Salto Chico, in Patagonia
The Presidential Suite (top floor)  in Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
Five-star Trump Hotel Chicago., with luxury rooms overlooking the Wrigley Building Clock Tower
The Penthouse and Planetarium Suites at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria
The five-star Samling Hotel in Lake District, UK, looks onto Lake Windermere

I'm not sure if it's the charger, or the car thingy, but I couldn't charge my phone on route today, so I've dropped it off and left it with the Orange guys who have proved to be a lifesaver.. The begging on bended knee  may have helped, but I do love life when customer service works it's magic.. Thanks guys..

German engineering helped me while in the great parking lot circulating London this morning.. I passed signs for Wembley, Heathrow and a few stately  homes..  I put it down to heading out fifteen minutes later than I planned and hoped.. and man, that fifteen minutes proves to be a matter of rolling the wheels ., or parking them.. I crawled alongside a black van carrying a dozen passengers who were all leaning against the glass drooling while listening to Chris Evans tell me how he wasn't going to Le Mans but his car was..; geez, that guy can talk..

I'm now listening to someone tell someone how they'd 'Like to', while the person sat next to me is chewing her nails.. I can also hear someone talking of 'the old days'.. and someone else chatting about Milan..

In at 10
A Harley just went round the round-about..  and the window's open making the traffic noise coming from it, kinda loud baby,, I've also got some fluff (and smudge) on my glasses which reminds me about the stone chip on the windscreen..

I'm not sure if I talk to myself, but the woman next to me sure does.. AND hums too.. Uh oh, she's banging her glasses case together now  and beginning to tut.. and sigh.; she's  needing some attention..


SO., I've got a long weekend ahead keeping an eye on some bike riders while also getting in some new coastal towns, villages and maybe cities.., not to mention a stately home or two, a National Trust property, Royal residence., a few hills .., winding country lanes and one or two rest areas.. There will be a stop here.. and stop there.. and lunch here, break there.. and dinner will no doubt be enjoyed with a little 'refreshment' of some kind.. The clips are checked, the batteries charged and the gas tank ready to rock 'n' roll., baby..
The roadside hedges better beware,  'cause I'm on my way

I unraveled the longest garden hose I've ever unraveled today.. and man, those 'knots' at the beginning worked out my arms..and four hours later I coiled it back up..

Been There

Done That


Thanks this week go/goes to John Nash - CC - Alcatraz - Campagnolo - Mumford - Orange and Ghosts

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