Friday, 7 June 2013

Another Week 14 - Roland Garros., Wild Onion., Moral Codes., Paul Gaugain and a

Dangerous Age

It's Written

Like Jupiter and Mars
I really did just see a Long Cool Woman In  A Black Dress

"there's not enough time"

 The Horizon
There's a corner I approach regularly when  where  when I'm able to see everything

Things I've Heard
.. and 'yes'  we are lucky.. and yes., I DO know

"ow d'ya ge'(t) bak up thur then.?"

"you still need to put some shoes on my love."

"sorry darlin'"

"yeah,, yeh., cheers my love."

"a pint of Carlsberg shandy.."

"saaf end mate., saaf end.."

"awright my love., awright..?"

"Chardonay please.".. "in a wine glass.?"

"ba'(t) an' bawl." (as in 'bat and ball')

Reserved Traditions. & Trash


Your high level of openness suggests that you are imaginative, creative, and comfortable with variety and change. But you can also tend towards individualistic behavior and impractical thinking.

New Beginnings

“sweet home” for the blues
Robert Johnson 

How many footsteps does it take to get there..?  I'm energized.; there's an Art District to visit.. 18th and Halstead..

Thata way >

and space

Awakening to 12 cylinders, planes and motorbikes.. A plane landing without wings, slides & lamb.. Windy City conversations, dreams, goals., intentions.. and should I..? I should.. Will I..?, if but maybe sorta kinda., YES..; in a heartbeat.. I can't get a handle on nights.., days.., sleep.. and time..

at the gate 

Is there ever a right time.? and When is that right time..? Is it when the right time
wrong., or right..?

 Closing the windows and reaching for the umbrellas again; it's that all too familiar sound you don't hear on clear days..
From flip flop to drip drop
when will it all stop

Open Window

It's Not

It's not a day for Coppertone
it's not a day for shorts
It's not a day for a BBQ
it's not a day for a walk

It's not a day for sitting outside
it's not a day for driving with the roof down
It's not a day for a sandwich
it's not a day for the beach

It's not a day for horizons
it's not a day to for a terrace
It's not a day  for swede shoes
it's not a day for smart phones

It's not a day for note pads and pens
it's not a day for plein air
It's not a day for Oakley's
and it's not a day for freedom

but it is a day to dream


So., this is my deal..; cosy fires are great when you know you can hear another voice.., but they're not all that when there's a 30' inch screen staring back atcha... It's people man.., people maketh the fire..


Staring, jus' staring.. I caught myself staring off into a corner..; it was just a corner.., but "I saw her standing there".. The Jam., Clampdown (Live at Fridays) & Joe..

Songwriters: LYNCH/ SHUMAN 

 Sha La La La Lee
Small Faces

Secrets and Process
Palette knife

for another week

Moo., snare drum., guitar..; rift..., bass.., vocals., message.. Steady As She Goes..


Vincent Willem van Gogh
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin
Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse
Joan Miró i Ferrà
 Marc Zaharovich Chagall
Gerhard Richter

Thanks this week go/goes to Men At Work - INXS - The Windy City - OMD - Kiev - Flip Flops - Island Records - Me - 1:11 - The Passenger and Adventurers

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